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LoneWolf - affiliate sites

FreeBSD and Linux binaries
If you're not using Windows, you will probably find a recent executable at usul's page.
This will also lead you to punt's toolbox.

This is the official GM-tool for LoneWolf.

Scripts, QSF-files, tools and more for LoneWolf.

is a sharing and help site for UO scripts. At present the site is primarily sphere orientated, with some Wolfpack and RunUO scripts.

Sayro set up this site for people who want to learn C/C++ based on LoneWolf.

Method emu
An emulator based on LoneWolf.

Another emulator based on LoneWolf.

Wolf-kind emulators

Wolfpack The parent of LoneWolf.

NoXWizard is an italian emulator. The page is bilingual (english/italian) though. I think it's dead now :(

Other emulators

UOX is kinda grandpa of LoneWolf. There are several variants of UOX. Better go to the 'Smithy's Anvil' to find out about them.

Sphere is capable of running shards with 400++ players online.

POL is probably the emu with the highest flexibility.

RUNUO An emulator based on M$'s '.net'. Started recently, but developing fast


Shardwire is kinda newspaper for the UO emulator scene.

Tanjiers, another newspaper for the UO emulator scene.

UO stratics is a valuable source of info if you want to know how OSI does it.

Sir Cabirus is the place to go when you're not only interested in Ultima Online, but in the whole Ultima series. The page is partially bilingual (english/german).


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