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About LoneWolf


What is LoneWolf ?

LoneWolf is a free open source emulator for the Ultima Online server. It allows you to play UO on a single machine, in a LAN or on the internet.


LoneWolf was derived from Wolfpack 12.6, which was derived from UOX-pi, which in turn was derived from UOX3 V69.xx, which in turn ....Well, everything started with Cironian who created the first emulator back in 1997.

Statement of direction

    LoneWolf will strictly adhere to the *migration* path, ie. there will be *no* major rewrites that could reduce the quality of the server for several months.

    Priorities will be bugs, performance and features. In THAT order. Restructuring, revamping, redesign and the like will happen as necessary for fixes and features.

    LoneWolf is intended to become an *integration platform* for similar emulators. We will introduce and encourage coding techniques that will allow your emulator to be different while still being able to benefit from the others.



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