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A trial package

Ripper's World 4.0
For those who just dropped in and want to try out LW, Ripper has made an all-in-one package that is easy to install, containing an exe, the scripts and worldfiles.
NOTE 1: the package does NOT contain the latest versions of exe and scripts. But it should give you an idea of how LoneWolf works
NOTE 2: the configuration used in this package is NOT recommended for running a full-sized shard. Use this configuration only for single PC and private LAN shards.
NOTE 3: Account 0 is set to NAME admin and PASS admin

All you need

LoneWolf 13.1 Scripts
WARNING: This zip contains samples for accounts.adm and server.scp. So *before* unzipping into an existing directory, BACK THEM UP !

13.1 release Windows executable
Extract this to the same directory as the scripts.

13.1.22 beta Windows executable
If you want to try the latest fixes.

13.1.22 beta Scripts

13.1.13 beta Scripts
As 13.1.14 scripts are not perfect, let's keep 13.1.13 script as a backup for a while.

Use Lord Binary's tool to make the client forget about encryption ;-).

FreeBSD and Linux binaries
If you're not using Windows, you will probably find a recent executable at usul's page.

All you should have

WPWorld 1.0
Unless you want to build your shard completely from scratch (not recommended), you can use a pre-made worldfile like this one. Thanks go to Ripper :)

Ripper's world
This is another world made by Ripper. It has the decorations (from FCC's world) in the worldfile, but all the spawns are done via spawn.scp .

Djeryv's world (0.9 MB)
This is the famous Djeryv Worldfile converted to LoneWolf (by Djeryv himself). It is a plug-n-play world that you can start playing right away. It's *fully* populated via spawn items and spawn.scp .

This is the official GM-tool for LoneWolf. Created by Briant & Thrawn.
A GM-tool greatly helps you to create or modify your LW world.

LoneWolf rarely crashes, but IF it ever does, this tool provides information for the devs that are needed to find the reason for the crash. Furthermore it's a server restart manager.

13.1 release symbol file for X-Wolf
Extract this to any directory and make X.ini point to it.

13.1.22 beta symbol file for X-Wolf
If you want to run the latest beta.

Even if you use a pre-made worldfile, you will want to modify it. Use InsideUO to find out about item-IDs and such.

All you may want

punt's toolbox
These are the recommended tools for editing worldfiles, renumbering scripts and such. For more tools please visit the tools forum.

Children patch
It will readd the artwork for the 4 children into your verdata.mul.
Note: there are no combat animations for the when they looks strange...but they look cool just as background filler.
Thanks go to Pereo for finding it.

Ya_muU 2
Use Lord Binary's tool to run multiple clients on one computer. If you also use UO_RICE, you'll have to run Ya_muU *first*

Docs & files necessary to upgrade from pre-12.6.3 beta
Extract this to a temporary directory OTHER than the one with your scripts. READ the contained DOCS BEFORE starting 12.6.3 !!

13.1 release (source only)
Only useful for people who know how to compile.
If you need the source of the latest beta please get it from our SVN server.
I can provide the source of older versions on demand


Every OS sucks
Currently one of my favourite songs. (mp3, 4.5MB)


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