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Sunday, July 02, 2023

Development Build available: UOX3 v0.99.6-RC6!

A development build of UOX3 0.99.6 is now available in the form of a cutting-edge development build based on the latest updates to the development branch on GitHub. In fact, this is so cutting-edge, the PR it's based on has not even been merged to the develop branch yet! Keep in mind, this is still work in progress, and there are rough edges to smooth out, bugs to fix and testing still to be done, but a proper release is inching ever closer.

Jump into the unfiltered development build changelog for all the details, or just skip straight to the Downloads page and try it out!

Some highlights: Thief revamp, improved combat target tracking, Young Player System, Adaptive Performance System, better server stability and performance, facet pvp rulesets, bulk order deeds, UO era settings, new AI types, more JS Events/Functions/Methods and Properties, and much much more!

Monday, January 24, 2022

UOX3 v0.99.5a Released!

This update to 0.99.5 is on the smaller side, but contains some important fixes and performance improvements, in addition to several gameplay and JS engine improvements!

Additional Performance Improvements

  • NPC Pathfinding performance improvements (up to 60% more efficient)
  • Optimized system for activating NPCs in map regions around online players; instead of all 9 map regions surrounding a player being active, now only 3 to 6 will be active, based on the player's position within these regions - leading to fewer overall NPC pathfinding request
  • UOX3 now adapts the time between each time it checks Spawn Regions based on how "full" the Spawn Regions are on average - the nearer they are to max capacity, the longer time between each time Spawn Regions are checked
  • Reloading spawn regions will now "unload" already spawned NPCs and items as part of the reload process
  • Fixed an issue where information on newly spawned characters would get sent twice to each nearby player
  • Adjusted default values for some INI speed/timers settings for improved server performance

JS Engine Updates

  • Extended the amount of JS events supported by UOX3's JS engine from 96 to 192
  • Added new JS Events:
    • onHelpGump() - override default gump menu when pressing Help button in paperdoll
    • onWarModeToggle() - return false to prevent war mode toggling
    • onAICombatTarget() - return true to select current target, or false to skip and look for another
  • Updated JS Events and Methods:
    • onDamage() - can now return false to override and prevent damage dealt to a character. Must return true to allow damage
    • onSwing() - also works for characters with no weapons equipped
    • .KillTimers() - now also works for Characters (previously Items only)

Gameplay Improvements

  • NPCs can now engage other NPCs in combat if setup as racial enemies. Ophidians vs Terathans have been setup as an example of this.
  • Fixed an issue with initialization of wander areas for NPCs spawned via object spawners, which caused NPCs to not stick to their assigned areas, but wander according to their own free will. Can't have that!
  • Fixed some issues with itemlists pointing to non-existing items (a turnip and 10 of each magical reagent)
  • Updated Provocation skill to disallow directing provoked creatures at targets with the custom tag provImmune present
  • Added script that allows Tinkerers to craft golem followers via Clockwork Assembly items
  • Misc fixes to DFN entries for Bascinet, Helmet, Sai weapon, Wands
  • Reduced the default amount of town folk, poor folk and rich folk NPCs spawning in Britain
  • Misc fixes to JS scripts (NPC speech, moongates)
  • Players can no longer gain Anatomy skill from targeting themselves

Misc Other Stuff

  • Added reusable scripts that renders characters immune to either physical or magical damage
  • Added pre-defined book: A Welcome, by Blackthorn
  • Added definitions (and scripted special abilities) for additional NPCs:
    • Orc Brute - throws orc lords at nearby targets
    • Orc Chopper - basic attacks deal AoE damage
    • Betrayer - Colossal blow, AoE poison
    • Golem - Colossal blow
    • Golem Controller
    • Crafted Golem - Tinker-crafted version of golem
    • Exodus Overseer - magical shield that makes NPC immune to physical damage
    • Exodus Minion Lord - magical shield that makes NPC immune to physical damage
    • Exodus Minion - magical shield (like above), periodic AoE burst
  • Skill titles no longer show in paperdolls of characters turned into Counselors and GMs
  • Default titles of Counselors, GMs and Admins can now be customized via commands.dfn
  • Fixed a client crash on first login caused by issues with the admin welcome gump
  • Minor console cleanup

Grab your copy of UOX3 0.99.5a for your preferred platform - Windows, Linux or macOS - while it's still hot!

Monday, January 12, 2022

UOX3 v0.99.5 Released!

This update has been a year in the making, and contains many new features, some serious performance improvements under the hood and bugfixes galore. Check out the highlights below, or dive deep into the full changelog for all the juicy details!

Massive Performance Improvements

  • Substantial reduction in server startup time for large worlds due to updated handling of multi initialization
  • Worldfiles now load ~73% faster than before on startup!
    • Previously: ~206 seconds to load 1 million items. Now: ~56 seconds. Tested on Windows, results may vary.
  • Worldfiles now save ~11% to ~99% faster than before!
    • Actual time depends on amount of changes since previous world save. If no changes have taken place, world saves will be instant. Note that first save after startup is a full save.
  • Performance improvements for seeking in map, statics and multis
  • Several improvements to NPC pathfinding to address functionality and performance
  • Regional spawning system improved and optimized, with much higher success-rate for finding valid spawn locations on both land and water (also self-improves over repeated spawn cycles)

Improved Server Stability

  • Several server crashes fixed, including some deep-rooted, hard-to-debug issues with JS timers, temp effects, object handling in regions, etc.
  • Hardened server against worldfile corruption by adding some measures to prevent UOX3 from being shut down/closed in the middle of a world save

Object Refresh/Update Improvements

  • Fixed long-standing (20+ years old) issues with objects not updating/refreshing properly, where those objects would vanish from view and appear to have "gone missing"
  • Fixed issues with objects moving between different worlds/instances not updating properly

JS Scripting Engine Improvements

  • JS engine is now more robust, after a ton of fixes, improvements and additions
  • Support added for attaching multiple scripts to individual objects, which makes it much easier to do modular (and third party/custom) scripts
  • Lots of new JS events, functions and object properties have been added to increase the flexibility of the JS engine
  • Many existing JS events updated to support return values from script
  • Revamped JS Docs with updated syntax, examples, search function
  • TriggerEvent JS function updated to support returning a value (int, string, bool, array) or object from the called upon script
  • Exposed crafting system to JS engine to give scripters access to entries in create DFN files and associated properties
  • Added support for specifying custom target cursors as neutral, harmful or helpful
  • Temporary custom tags can now be set on objects via JS; these tags are not saved along with other object properties, and only last until server is restarted (for NPCs/items) or until a player logs out (for Player characters)
  • Revamped, searchable JS Documentation with up-to-date details and examples for each Event, Function, Method and Property in UOX3

Modernization and Cleanup of Code Base

  • Many parts of the source code modernized to make use of c++11/17 features, especially with regards to string handling, conversion between strings and numbers, usage of standard filesystem, null pointer handling and more
  • Cleanup of several areas of code to reduce complexity, fix logic errors and improve readability
  • Addressed numerous compiler warnings on all supported platforms
  • Fixes to long-standing issue with UOX3 console not resetting terminal properly after shutdown on Linux

Easier Shard Setup Process

  • The setup process for new UOX3 shard has been simplified; the serverlist in ini file has been done away with, and UOX3 now automatically accepts and responds to connections on both local and LAN IPs, with a new optional setting to specify a shard's external IP
  • A new welcome gump now displays for fresh shard admins, allowing them to choose between starting with a blank slate or to load world templates and/or enable spawn regions for specific (or all) facets, for a smoother first-time-user-experience
UOX3 Admin Welcome Gump - part 1UOX3 Admin Welcome Gump - part 2

World Templates

  • A new command ('decorate) allows saving/loading of world templates, text files that contain the bare minimum amount of details needed to decorate an entire game world, facet or specific area of a facet.
  • These world templates can be saved and loaded on the fly without impacting existing data on a shard.
  • A default set of such world templates with decorations (doors, signs, basic decorations) for Felucca, Trammel and Ilshenar - with associated dungeons - are bundled with UOX3
  • An additional feature of this command is the ability to save, load and unload event-specific decorations - for instance for Christmas, Halloween or shard-specific events - based on a new item property (.event) that can be used to associate items with such events

Doubling down on Dictionaries

  • UOX3 has doubled down on its custom dictionary system, and every system message in the game has now been converted from raw strings to dictionary entries which can be displayed in different languages
  • A new ini setting has been added allowing shard admins to specify a default language for their server, which will determine the language of dictionary messages sent to connected clients, instead of the default option, which is to use the client's specified language
  • Due to improvements for UTF8 character handling in the dictionary system, UOX3 now comes bundled with language support and dictionary files for the following languages: English (default), Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish

Customizable Network Budgets

  • Shard admins can now assign a "network budget" to connected clients via UOX.INI, specifying the max amount of traffic each client is allowed to send/request from the server, with temporary account bans for players who exceed these limits repeatedly in the same session.

Revamp of Boats

  • Greatly improved handling of boats, with all known bugs fixed and some previously missing features implemented (like collision with other boats and dynamic items). Note that the boat implementation is based on the ~Publish 15 era of UO
  • All classic boat commands implemented (including aliases, as it's based on triggerwords from client)

Fish as Server-Tracked Resource

  • Fish has been setup as an additional server-tracked resource, in addition to the existing ore and logs, with new ini settings to allow specifying the amount of fish resources per resource-region, and how often this resource "respawns"

Revamp of Fishing Skill

  • Fishing skill has been moved out of code and into JS, and updated to support all functionality present in ~Publish 15 (LBR/pre-AoS era), including things like shallow vs deep water fishing, magic fish, big fish, sea serpents, special fishing nets, messages in a bottle/SOS and shipwreck treasures - with valid shipwreck locations being definable in a new, special regions.dfn section

Revamp of Taming skill and Pets

  • Animal Taming skill updated to match functionality and ruleset of ~Publish 15 era of UO, with some additional options that go beyond that era
  • Pet ownership now works as players expect it to, with fully functional pet commands, ownership restrictions, controlslots, friend-lists, secure pet trading, pet loyalty and "orneriness" and a ton of bugfixes
  • Taming restrictions have been put in place for certain creatures like Unicorns, Ki-Rins and Cu Sidhe

Revamp of Cooking Skill

  • Cooking skill has received an overhaul to ensure players can cook all food-items available in ~Publish 15 era of UO
  • Flour mills are now animated, and take a few seconds to grind wheat into flour

Revamp of Crafting Skills

  • Crafting menus have been revamped and "modernized" via JS for skills like Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking, Fletching, Tailoring and Tinkering - with new features such as resource-requirements, crafting chances, and more
  • Create DFNs updated with additional craftable items, including house-addons
  • Crafting tools now come with limited amount of uses per tool (optional feature, enabled by default)

Other Improvements to Skills

  • Skill delay can now be specified per skill, which overrides the global skill delay from uox.ini, and the delay for all skills have been updated to match ~Publish 15 (LBR/pre-AoS) era of UO
  • Enhancements/fixes to several skills, with implementation now being closer to pre-AoS era: Animal Lore, Animal Taming, Cooking, Healing, Tailoring, Tracking
  • Item Identification skill has been ported from code to JS, and received some updates
  • Remove Trap skill has been implemented in JS, and allows players with appropriate skills to remove traps from containers, depending on skill vs difficulty of trap
  • Herding skill has been implemented in JS, and allows players with a Shepherd's Crook and appropriate skills to herd non-tamed animals
  • Players can now heal various humanoid monsters with bandages using the Healing skill
  • UOX3 has a system that allows a player's stats to affect the chance of success when performing a skill check. This system is no longer in effect by default, but has turned into an uox.ini setting for those who wish to use it

Enhanced Context Menu Support

  • Support for context menus has been greatly improved, with ~publish 15-era (pre-AoS) context menu functionality fully implemented for players, NPC bankers, pets, hirelings, stablemasters, escort NPCs, NPC trainers
  • New ini setting added for enabling/disabling context menus
UOX3 Context Menus

Improvements to Magic Systems

  • Delay between casting a spell and damage/effects being applied can now be specified per spell in spells.dfn, replacing a similar global setting from uox.ini, and all relevant spells have been updated with appropriate delay timings based on ~Publish 15 (LBR/pre-AoS) era of UO
  • Recovery time from casting a spell until being able to cast another can now be defined per spell in spells.dfn
  • New ini setting toggles whether player spellcasting gets interrupted upon equipping/picking up items. Defaults to enabled
  • Overhauled rules for spellcasting, so reagent checks and skill-checks take place at appropriate times
  • Overhauled casting times, SFX and VFX for all spells
  • Fixes for several spells (Magic Trap/Untrap, Magic Lock/Unlock, Telekinesis, Summon Creature, Dispel, Mass Dispel, Reveal, Earthquake, Field spells)
  • NPC spellcasters now make more informed decisions on what type of spells to cast in combat, based on the situation

Updated Combat Mechanics

  • Various combat mechanics (parrying, damage calculations) have been updated to be in line with ~Publish 15 (LBR/pre-AoS) era of UO
  • A new optional combat system has been added allowing shard admins to define armor classes and have specific weapons be more effective against some armor classes than others
  • Damage tracker that keeps track of damage being dealt to a given creature/player now also tracks the type of damage being applied, and this information has been exposed to the JS engine. Damage() method and onDamage() event have also been updated to provided an optional parameter to specify the type of damage being done.
  • Special JS-based AI behaviour (like fire breath, damage auras, spell reflection, basic pack behaviour) have been added to numerous monsters
  • Based on research from UO patch notes, an accuracy bonus has been implemented for the Archery skill, which can be defined (or disabled) via a new ini setting
  • Archers now have to stop and stand still for a minimum amount of time before they can fire their ranged weapon. This delay has been added as a new ini setting

Pre-AoS Magic Items

  • A new JS script has been created which can generate magic items (weapons, armor, wands/staffs, rings) of the pre-AoS variety as loot for NPCs with the script attached, or created on demand with GM commands
  • The quality of the magic items generated depend on the fame of the NPC, with higher fame resulting in improved chances of magic loot, as well as higher quality of said loot
  • The type of magic properties that can be generated for a given magic item match up with those that could be found in the pre-AoS era of UO. Examples:
    • supremely accurate katana of vanquishing
    • substantial silver spear
    • durable ringmail tunic of guarding
  • Magic items can also receive spell enchantments, which come with a limited number of charges that activate on successful hits in combat for weapons, on equip for armors and on use for jewlery/wands/staffs. Examples:
    • surpassingly accurate dagger of power and Wounding
    • substantial axe of force and daemon's breath
    • platemail arms of protection
    • wand of identification
    • ring of teleportation
  • A new ini setting allows controlling whether item stats for unidentified magic items are hidden (default) or always shown

Upgraded Add/Item-menus

  • The GM add-menu has received some updates to increase usability and flexibility while adding items. GMs can now choose from various settings such as adding items at a location instead of in backpack, automatically reopen the last menu that was open, enabling "repeat add" to add same item over and over, and adjust the default decay/movable state of items added, overriding whatever values they might have in the DFNs
UOX3 Add Menu - part 1UOX3 Add Menu - part 2

House-Addon Extravaganza

  • Improvements have been made to how house-addons are added, to prevent scenarios like multi-item addons extending beyond the allowed space in a multi
  • Additional house-addons have been implemented and are available from the GM add-menu, or crafted by players:
    • Loom (south)
    • Small Forge
    • Large Forge (north/south/east/west)
    • Anvil (south/east)
    • Spinning Wheel (north/south/east/west
    • Small Bed variant 1 (south/east)
    • Small Bed variant 2 (south/east)
    • Large Bed variant 1 (south/east)
    • Large Bed variant 2 (south/east)
    • Training Dummy (south/east)
    • Pickpocket Dip (south/east)
    • Abattoir
    • Flour Mill (south/east)
    • Sandstone Oven (south/east)
    • Brick Oven (south/east)

Misc Updates to DFNs

  • All NPCs (including townsfolk, shopkeepers, monsters and animals) in UOX3 have had their stats, skills, loot and other settings updated to match the state of these according to the official LBR guide (~Publish 15/pre-AoS) in combination with data from the stratics network from around the same time
  • New itemlists and lootlists have been added, and existing ones have been updated with more variety and more randomness
  • Item and NPC DFN sections can now inherit a random parent, if more than one parent is defined when using the GET tag
  • Named aliases have been added for all definitions of weapons, armors and clothes, to allow adding items with GM commands using the names of these items
  • Definitions for weapons and armors added from AoS to ToL UO expansion added, with stats balanced for Pub15
  • Races can now be setup with functional combat damage modifications based on weapon skills, so different races can have bonuses/penalties with different weapon types
  • Races can now be setup with equipment restrictions, either as whitelists or blacklists, that can allow/prevent certain races from equipping certain gear

Spawn Containers and Dungeon Chests

  • Spawn containers can now spawn more than one item per container - in fact, by default they now spawn every item in a specified itemlist in a given container
  • Default spawn files provided with UOX3 spawns locked and trapped chests and containers in dungeons on a regular basis. The contents of these chests varies (4 levels), as does the skill required to unlock and/or remove the traps associated with the chests.

Various Hard-Coded Functionality Ported to Scripts

  • Tweak command has been ported to JS, and has been overhauled with a new UI, improved usability, support for additional properties for Characters, Accounts, Skills, Items, Multis and Regions
  • The ability to split in combat now exists as a stand-alone JS script that can be attached to any NPC, and is thus no longer the exclusive domain of slimes
  • Implementation of sextants moved from code to JS, and updated to return proper longitude and latitude coordinates
  • Various skills ported to JS: Fishing, Item ID

Many Additional Improvements

  • Hireling AI! A variety of NPCs can now be hired with gold and commanded like pets via commands or context menu options
  • Thirst system added to complement the existing hunger system
  • Blood splatter effects now spawn in combat!
  • Improvements to spawn containers and traps on containers in general
  • Accounts now have a firstLogin timestamp property that is set the first time a player logs in to their account. This property is accessible via JS.
  • Player characters now have a createdOn timestamp property that is set when a character is created. This property is accessible via JS.
  • Added interior decorator tool for houses, hairstyle deeds
  • Tents can be demolished and converted back to deeds by chopping the tent chest with an axe
  • Dictionary files can now be reloaded with a new command ('reloaddictionaries)
  • Fixes for Line-of-Sight code to address issues with LoS checks between different floors of buildings, through terrain, etc
  • Improvements to skill training from NPCs (now triggerword based)
  • Improvements to interactions with banker NPCs (now triggerword based)
  • Fully functional Runebook script has now been integrated into UOX3
  • Several human NPCs added to DFNs, npclists and spawners for more variety in the type of NPCs that spawn in towns when using something like the community-based spawn files
  • Fixes for feature negotiation system to ensure the options work as intended, and to avoid players being disconnected without delay before assistant tool had a chance to respond to negotiation request
  • Items are now layered in containers by the order in which they are added, with latest added items shown on top of older items
  • Support added for responding to server polls from UO shard portals
  • Custom tag support added for multis, which can be set with in-game commands or via DFNs
  • Support added for New Character Animation packet, for improved character animations in client v7.0.x and beyond
  • Better client compatibility with both regular UO client and open-source clients
  • Improvements to teleport.scp, both with regards to content and organization; entries no longer required to be sorted in file!
  • All known issues with in-game bulletin boards resolved, and players can now view, post and reply to messages properly. Bulletin board maintenance has been re-enabled to clear out deleted player messages and/or NPC escort quest entries.
  • Quick-access to any object property using 'get [propertyName] command
  • Playable chess and checkers-boards (with enforced rules and turn-handling!)
  • Numerous fixes to healthbar updates and character flagging
  • Improved object tooltip support, with UOX3 responding to new client requests for object information, support for custom object tooltips via JS, and more
  • Exposed additional Region/Townregion properties to JS
  • Exposed account system and account properties to JS engine, allowing server admins to view and/or modify account properties of players from in-game
  • Improved accounts system to support time-limited or permanent account bans
  • Improved handling of NPC AIs in combat; NPCs will now look for new targets nearby if they are unable to reach their current target
  • Support for "sub-regions" that can be used to override which music is playing in a given area (useful for locations like taverns)
  • Pets will now teleport along with the player when moongates, recall spells, object-based or hard-defined teleporters are used.

Grab your copy of UOX3 0.99.5 for your preferred platform - Windows, Linux or macOS - while it's still hot!

(Check News Archive for older news)


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UOX3 Shards

UOX3 Test-shard

Banner for UOX3 Test Shard

Public test shard for UOX3, running on the latest publicly available source from GitHub.

Port: 2593
Discord | Shard Status


Banner for UOMoons Shard

Custom Pub 15 Era Shard with Custom map. Come and join the real fun of killing/stealing/and all above.

Port: 2593

Distant Land

Distant Land is a Shard best on Pub 15 ruleset, no custom items or anything custom will be added. this will be purely pub 15 shard.

Port: 2593


About UOX3 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is UOX3?

UOX3 stands for Ultima Offline eXperiment 3, and can basically be described as an Ultima Online server-emulator.

It allows anyone and everyone to run their own private Ultima Online shard (either offline or online) which they may then connect to using either the official UO Client or a custom one.

UOX3 Logo
What is the purpose of UOX3?

One of UOX3's goals is to emulate the functionality of official Ultima Online servers and allow anyone to run a UO server of their own.

At the same time, we aim to enable shard creators to tweak all aspects of their shard, and to create new functionality altogether - whether through UOX3's scripting engine or through UOX3's open-source code.

Why should I choose UOX3 over [insert other emulator]?

Each UO server emulator have their own pros and cons; some are easier to setup out of the box, some are better at emulating current day UO, some are better at giving shard admins the tools to create their own unique shards. Some of UOX3's strengths:

  • Quick to get up and running with only a few easy to follow steps - see the UOX3 Quick Start Guide
  • High-quality documentation that improves with every update
  • Open Source (C/C++)
  • 64-bit cross-platform support across Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Easy-to-learn JavaScript-based Scripting Engine
  • DFN Files - easily editable textfiles that act as blueprints for items, NPCs, regions, skills and more
  • Dynamic reloading of scripts and DFNs at any time in seconds for faster iteration
  • Custom object tags that can persist across server restarts
  • UO client support from 4.x to the latest 7.0.x series
  • Custom language dictionary system that supports English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Extensive Log System - UOX3 comes with an extensive log system that tracks server errors, warnings, network packets sent and received for each client, commands used, spells cast, combat events, player speech and more.

For a more complete feature list that includes customization options and gameplay features, check out the Feature Highlights in the UOX3 Docs.

How much does UOX3 cost?

Nothing! UOX3 is free to download and/or modify, and anyone who wants to can run their own UOX3 shard.

Some shards accept donations to help keep the lights on and server costs under control, but there's always a risk that the involvement of real-world money might bring very real lawyers into play, and what the individual shard owner does after downloading UOX3 is not under our control.

Is UOX3 Open-Source?

Yes. UOX3 is Open-Source. Anyone can download, modify & re-distribute it at will, as long as they follow the terms of the GNU General Public License AND the specific addition for UOX3 saying:

"In addition to that license, if you are running this program or modified versions of it on a public system you HAVE TO make the complete source of the version used by you available or provide people with a location to download it."

What? I have to share my shard?

Technically, yes. According to the UOX3-specific portion of the GPL license we use, if you're operating a UOX3 shard on a public system, you are obligated to make the source (and scripts required to run your version of it) available for the public to download. If you run a private shard that is not available to the public, this does not apply.

The reason for UOX3's amendment to GPL license is to encourage shard owners to share their specific enhancements, fixes and innovations with the wider UOX3 community, so we can all grow together. Of course, this being an open-source project ran by volunteers, we cannot force anyone to abide by the license. In the end, it comes down to each shard owner's own morals and ethics.

Where's UOX and UOX2?

UOX was the first ever UO server emulator, and was created by Jaegermeister (Denny Zuko). However, it was short-lived, and Cironian aka Marcus Rating rewrote it from scratch and released it as UOX2.

Later on he rewrote UOX2 completely and released UOX3 - which he eventually also open-sourced. That is essentially still the same version we're using now, though quite a lot has changed, and a lot of people have contributed to the project in the decades that have passed since then!

Where can I get help with UOX3?

If you need any help with UOX3, you have several options:

  • You can peruse the UOX3 Documentation and help files (also available in your local UOX3/docs folder).
  • You can post your problem on the UOX3 forums, or look up the solutions to similar problems experienced by other users.
  • You can come visit us in our Discord server and talk with users and developers of UOX3 directly.
  • You can check out Xuri's UOX3 Guide, which contains information on how to use many of the features available in UOX3.

UOX3 History and News Archive

UOX3 History 101

The UOX3 Story

The original background story for the UOX3 project - tells the story about why you wake up in a new world with a clean slate when installing and/or playing on an UOX3 shard for the first time! A MUST read :)

History of UOX3

The History of UOX3 section of the UOX3 documentation contains a breakdown of virtually all UOX3 versions that have been released since the first public release of UOX3.

The UOX3 Hall of Fame

An unofficial list of people who have contributed to UOX3 codewise over the years. If you have done any coding for UOX3 that has ever been in the "official" UOX3 releases and your name is not on this list, let me know!

General UO Emulator Timeline

A general timeline of all known (to me) UO Emulators/Servers, including who started each one, and when. (Text-only version here)

UOX3 Changelogs (Oldest first)

Updates from 0.37 to 0.70.02

Contains all source-changes made from version 0.37 to 0.70.02

Updates from 0.70.03 to

Contains all source-changes made from v0.70.03 to v0.70.03.24b, which was the last released version of UOX3 before the JavaScript-Engine was implemented.

Updates from 0.95.00 to 0.97.00

Contains all source-changes made from v0.95.00 to v0.97.00

Updates from Feb 2003 until present day

Contains all source-changes made from February 2003 to present day. UOX3 version number uncertain, but estimated version at start of this file is around News Archives

July '05 -> May '06

Archived news from July 2005 to May 2006

Feb -> July '05

Archived news from February 2005 to July 2005

Sept '03 -> Jan '05

Archived news from September 2003 to January 2005

May -> Aug '03

Archived news from May to August 2003

Jan -> April '03

Archived news from January to April 2003

Sept -> Dec '02

Archived news from September to December 2002


UOX3 Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Download the UO Client

First, download and install the UO client, as well as either ClassicUO (open source client) or Razor (assistant tool with encryption removal), or both if you want to use them together (setup instructions here).

Note: While ClassicUO is available for Linux and macOS platforms, the UO client's data files are still needed. Try installing UO using Wine, or bring over the files from an existing install on Windows.

Step 2 - Download UOX3

Next, if you haven't already done so, go ahead and download UOX3:

Step 3 - Configure UOX3

Adjust UOX.INI Settings

Extract the downloaded UOX3 package, then open UOX.INI and modify the following settings:

  • SERVERNAME - Name of your shard
  • EXTERNALIP - Your shard's Internet IP (if any)
  • CLIENTSUPPORT# - Client ranges allowed on your shard. Keep as specific as possible.
  • DATADIRECTORY - Path to UO Client folder, or UO data files

Setup Admin Account

Next, open UOX3/accounts/accounts.adm and change the default NAME (username) and PASS (password) of account 0 to something other than admin/admin, and save the file.

Example of account setup
Step 4 - Starting up UOX3

Start your shard by double-clicking UOX3.exe (Windows) or running terminal command ./uox3 (Linux/macOS).

Step 5 - Start UO Client and Login

UO + ClassicUO

Start ClassicUO, add a new profile with your shard's IP, path to UO client, etc. Save and hit "BACK", then select newly added profile and start UO!

Guide to ClassicUO profile setup

UO + Razor

Right-click on Razor.exe, choose Properties > Compatibility tab > Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Apply and close file properties, then start Razor.exe. Load the default profile, then enter your shard's details (name, IP, port), the path to your UO folder. Hit "Launch UO" to start UO!

Guide to Razor profile setup

Logging in to your shard

Finally, with the client open, enter the username and password you set in accounts.adm, login and create your first character!

What's Next?

Additional resources to look at to get you going with your shard administration:

  • First Five Minutes - Short guided tour of UOX3 found in the UOX3 Documentation (Recommended)
  • UOX3 Command List - List of commands usable by Admins/GMs
  • Feature Documentation - Section of UOX3 Docs that provide details about the various features supported by UOX3
  • Community Forums - Browse thousands of posts by other users for inspiration, extensions and support
  • Discord - Connect with other UOX3 users (and devs) in the UOX3 Discord server

General UO Emulator Timeline

About the Timeline

(Go here for a text-only version of the timeline)

Here follows a quick timeline of UO emulators, based on facts, fiction and wild guesses, numbered from first to last. I've included any dates I've been able to dig up, as well as the current (when I checked) homepages that exist for the various emus. Feel free to point out any flaws by contacting me at

Image overview of UO Emu History

Timeline - Outline
(1)UOX -> (2)UOX2 -> (4)UOX3 ->




			|->(11)AUOX -> (12)AUOXCON



			|	|

			|	|-> (15)Sunshine/Sushix

			|	|

			|	|-> (17)NOX-Wizard

			|	|

			|	|	|-> (26)Revelation

			|	|	|

			|	|	|-> (37)equinox

			|	|	|

			|	|	|-> (32)Hypnos

			|	|

			|	|-> (18)Lonewolf

			|	|	|

			|	|	|-> (21)UO-Inside Out

			|	|

			|	|	|-> (22)Method

			|	|

			|	|	|-> (41)Werewolf

			|	|

			|	|-> (19)Shard Emulator






			|->(20)UOX Classic

			|	|

			|	|-> (30)UOX:NG


			|->(25)Middle-Earth Custom UOX


			|->(29)UOX3 "Unofficial"





    |-> CFuse


    |-> Thayland's Fuse


    |-> FuseX



(7)Grayworld -> TUS -> SphereServer
	|-> 56d (Main branch)
	|-> Sphereserver X
	|-> 1.0 (Dead end)


    |-> (Swords, never finished?)


(10)Trespasser -> Hellfire -> Hybrid






    |->(37) RunUO-RE (later renamed RuOSI)


    |->(39) SunUO

    |	|

    |	|-> (??) GeNova Project


    |->(44) ForkUO (later renamed ServUO)


    |->(47) JustUOa>


    |->(48) XRunUO


    |->(50) ModernUO


    |->(51) ServUOX







(40)Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy Server



(46)JPhex Server


Timeline - Details


1.) Jaegermeister (Denny Zuko) creates the first version of UOX (Ultima Offline eXperiment) for the pre-alpha UO client. According to Wintermute on the Exult forums, Jaegermeister originally got the decryption key for the client from some friends at OSI and worked from there. The project was then abandoned in light of the upcoming beta/release version of the client.
2.) Marcus Rating / Cironian creates UOX2, rewriting UOX from scratch
3.) Fallo (Erik McClenney?) creates FUSE, a server expandable by user-made DLL-addons, such as CFuse, Thayland's DLL, and FuseX (by Craz).
4.) Cironian redoes UOX2, and the first public UOX3 version (0.37) is released Oct 22. 1997.
5.) UOR - Ultima Online Revisited, by Marc A. Pelletier / Coren. A newsgroup message from Feb 27, 1998 (archived on Google Groups) indicated the author had at that point been working on UOR for three months, i.e. started at the tail-end of 1997. UOR ran on UNIX, but was written with portability in mind. Like UOX3, the intention was to allow connections to UOR with official UO accounts.


6.) A bunch of other UO servers that never really took off generally come to a halt when Cironian releases source for UOX3, including; New World Order, UOAWE - started Feb 9, 1998, by Gabriel, and An unnamed UO Server by Erwin S. Andreasen.
7.) Menace creates Grayworld early in 1998. It eventually evolves into TUS (The Ultimate Server), which again evolves into Sphere (aka SphereServer) around April 2000). A fork (SphereServer X) has been maintained alongside the main branch since 2016. For a more in-depth look at the history of Sphere, check out History of Sphere by Soulless!
8.) Sheppard creates UOOS - the first object oriented UO emu, or something.
9.) Eric N. Swanson, aka Syzygy, creates POL in the summer of 1998.
10.) What was later to become Hybrid was started sometime in 1998, around the time when the source for FUSE was released, and back then it went under the name Trespasser. Later it changed name to Hellfire, before being renamed as Hybrid.
11.) Armageddon makes his own version of UOX3, named AUOX, causing the first "branching" of any UO emu to occur :P
Some other people start working on another branch of UOX3, which they call "UOXGold".
12.) SpaceDog continues Armageddon's AUOX through "AUOXCon"(tinued)


13.) Lord Binary does his own version of UOX3, called UOX-pi - later to be merged into Wolfpack.
14.) Ripper's customized UOX3 code grows into Wolfpack, while Chaos's customizations become Legions of Chaos
15.) Sunshine, a derivate work of an early Wolfpack version, is started by M. Strobl sometime in 2000. In 2003, version 3 of Sunshine is reforked from Wolfpack, because of memory restraints/unreadable codebase in the original fork. The successor of Sunshine, Sushix, is never officially released.


16.) Epsilon is started by Kair in May 2001
17.) NOX-Wizard is created by xan using Wolfpack as base (25. June 2001)
18.) Wolfpack development splits in three (see below) as some WP devs pack up and start Lonewolf on November 9th, 2001.
19.) Shard Emulator, a Wolfpack v12.6 based emu, is started at the same time as Lonewolf.
20.) As the main UOX3 codebase drops the trigger-system and goes to a javascripting engine, spearheaded by Matthew Randall (EviLDeD) and Daniel Stratton (Abaddon), Sargo decides to continue the trigger-based UOX3-source under the fitting UOX Classic-name, on Nov. 17, 2001.


21.) UO-Inside Out, a Lonewolf derivate started by Skyfire?, releases it's first version in early January.
22.) Method, a project derived from Lonewolf, is started by Melchir in early February 2002.
23.) Atum, a russian developed UO Emu, has it's first release in February 2002. It's closed source, and has no released packages.
24.) Version 0.1 of Tupi, a server written in Java, is released on the 4th of February 2002 by speka/dalzhim.
25.) Middle-Earth Custom UOX, a fork of UOX3 by Sargo, sees its first release on February 11th, 2002.
26.) Revelation, based on NOX-Wizard, enters the scene, on Aug 21st, 2002.
27.) Krrios reveals RunUO in early september 2002 - the first UO emu written in C#. Official development ended in August 2014, after nearly 12 years.
28.) Shadowlord starts working on SteamEngine, an open-source UO emu mimicing Sphereserver's functionality, on Sept. 29th, 2002.


29.) punt starts up UOX3 "Unofficial" on the first day of 2003, intending to rewrite the "JS"UOX3-version.
30.) UOX:NG - derivate work of UOX-Classic, started with big-endian 64 bit machines in mind, by Generic Player
31.) MyUO is created by Fabrizio Montesi, in October 2003.
32) Hypnos: UO Server Emulator, a fork of NOX-Wizard by Diego Elio Pettenò (Flameeyes), has its first CVS commit on 28th of December, 2003. Goals: To combine the power of UOX and the ease-of-use of Sphere, with a dynamically loaded, python-based scripting engine.
33.) Psychotropic - A successor project to Hybrid, is started in December 2003 by Ian McNealy


34.) The initial revision of the source for AUOE (Advanced Ultima Online Emulator) is submitted to SourceForge on the 2nd of March, 2004, by f0xfire
35.) Athena - started March 10, 2004 by Kair
36.) Canera-Project - closed source project started 03-15-2004 by Sargo
37.) equinox - spin-off from NoxWizard makes it appearance on SourceForge on the 19th of September 2004
38.) Initial version of RunUO-RE (Russian Edition) is released to the public on New Year's Eve in 2004 by Wyatt, as a fork based off of 3rd party decompiled sources for the then closed-source RunUO, though it was later migrated over to the open-source version of RunUO. Eventually, from version 1.5.0 (with UO:SA support), it was renamed to RUOSI. Supports enhanced client and all expansions.


39.) Max Kellermann forks SunUO from RunUO on February 5th, 2005. It runs on Mono 1.1 (Linux, FreeBSD) out of the box.
40.) First release of Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy Server occurs on May 30th, 2005, by Maximilian Scherr (Max), though it had been under development on/off since summer 2002, and included a rewrite from scratch in 2003. It's intended for the Alpha version of the Ultima Online client.
41.) Zagyg starts Werewolf - based on Lonewolf - on December 7th, 2005.


??.) GeNova Project receives first commit on Google Code on January 8th, 2008, by souzaemarcal. It's a Brazilian SunUO/RunUO fork with focus on UO:KR support, Mysql databases and more. Last commit on November 12th, 2008.


42.) UO:98 is released on December 7th 2011, by Batlin. It is a port of the UO Demo server into a fully functional multiplayer UO server.


43.) JUOServer makes its appearance on SourceForge on January 22nd 201, as a Java-based Ultima Online server.
44.) uoOS (uo Old School?), puts up the first public version of its source-code, which is a branch off of UOX3 0.9x
45.) ForkUO (Originally called WalkUO?) is forked from RunUO at Google Code on September 5th 2012 and then later moved to Assembla. On March 19th 2013 the project was renamed to ServUO


46.) JPhex Server - a combined server and client emulator for Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy (UO Pre-Alpha version) - was created and committed to Google Code on Oct 13th, 2013, by Folke Will. Can now also be found on GitHub.


47.) JustUO, a fork of RunUO by Dian, is uploaded to github on October 17th, 2014


48.) XRunUO - Forked from RunUO by Pedro Pardal (ppardalj/Semerkhet) in late 2005 and originally developed for the UO Legends shard with expressed intention of having full support for Stygian Abyss expansion. Source released to the public on July 22nd, 2015.
49.) UltimaPHP - an open-source UO Server written in PHP 7 - has its first code committed to github on Aug 8th, 2015, by João Escribano


50.) ModernUO -a fork of RunUO by Kamron makes it debut in 2017. The goal of the fork was performance, the elimination of classical "world saves" and support for millions of objects and thousands of players.


51.) ServUOX - a fork of RunUO by Frazurbluu and Malroth, receives its first commit on GitHub on March 26th, 2020

Servers not placed in timeline as of yet(any info about these will be appreciated!):
?.) LCUOSE, based on UOX3, lives a short life and decays quickly.
?.) LOP makes a short entrance, but doesn't stay for long.
?.) UO:Genius
?.) UO Free
?.) Orb
?.) Ethereal Void was a project to create a server for the pre-alpha version of UO. Information about how successful this was is lacking.
?.) RUOSI - a Russian-based fork from RunUO.
?.) UWE - Ultima Worlds Emulator, scripting module in python, active around March-April 2001? Jeff Gass/Cyborstinger?
?.) BK-UOX/Quetzal16 - Offshot from UOX3, customized for the Italian shard Britannia Kingdom. Eventually evolved into Quetzal16, then replaced with Quetzal32 (non-UOX based).

Timeline - Summary of Dates/Years

UOX3 - 22.Oct 1997 - by Cironian (Markus Rating)
Grayworld - Early 98 - by Menace
UOAWE - Monday Feb 9, 1998 - by Gabriel
POL - Summer 1998 - by Syzygy
Hybrid - 1998 - by McNealy, Sean Rose and Cycline3
UOX-pi - 8th Jan 2000 - by LB
Epsilon - May 2001 - by Kair
NoX-Wizard - 25.June 2001 - by xan
Revelation - August 21st 2001 - by ???
Lonewolf - 9th November 2001 - by LB & ???
Shard Emulator - 9th November 2001 - by frazurbluu
UOX-Classic - Nov. 17, 2001 - by Sargo
Method - February 10th 2002 - by Malchir
Atum - February 2002 - by Ramsess
Tupi - February 4th 2002 - by Guilherme Lanius (speka)/Gabriel Abut-Lussier(dalzhim)
RunUO - September 2002 - by Krrios
SteamEngine - 29. September 2002 - by Shadowlord
UOX3 "Unofficial" - 1st January 2003 - by punt
UOX:NG - September 2003 - by Generic Player
MyUO - October 2003 - by Luxor (Fabrizio Montesi)
Hypnos: UO Server Emulator - December 28th 2003 - by Diego Elio Pettenò
Psychotropic - December 2003 - Ian McNealy
AUOE - March 2nd 2004 - f0xfire
Athena - March 10th 2004 - by Kair
Canera-Project - March 15th 2004 - by Sargo
equinox - September 19th 2004 - by prisonernumber7
RunUO-RE/RUOSI - December 31st 2004 - by Wyatt
SunUO - February 5th 2005 - by Max Kellermann
Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy Server - May 30th 2005 - by Maximilian Scherr (Max)
Werewolf - December 7th 2005 - by Zagyg
UO:98 - December 7th 2011 - by Batlin
JUOServer - January 22 2012 - by daneel_olivaw
uoOS - July 11th 2012 - by Xantier
ForkUO - September 5th 2012 - by AugmentedInsanity. Renamed to ServUO on March 19th, 2013
JPhex Server - October 13th 2013 - by Folke Will
JustUO - October 17th 2014 - by Dian
XRunUO - July 22nd 2015 - Pedro Pardal
UltimaPHP - Aug 8th 2015 - by João Escribano
ModernUO - 2017 - by Kamron
ServUOX - March 26th 2020 - by Frazurbluu and Malroth


UOX3 Downloads

UOX3 - Development Builds
UOX3 v0.99.6-RC6 (01/07/2023)

(Changelog for this version)

Clone the develop branch of UOX3's GitHub repository to get the source, or download it from this mirror in zipped form.

NB! Remember to check out the UOX3 Docs, which can be found online or locally in your UOX3's docs folder!

UOX3 - Release Builds
UOX3 v0.99.5a (24/01/2022)

(Changelog for this version)

Clone UOX3's GitHub repository to get the source, or download it from this mirror in zipped form.

NB! Remember to check out the UOX3 Docs, which can be found online or locally in your UOX3's docs folder!

UOX3 Extensions/Addons
The JScript Vault

The The JScript Vault is a section of the UOX3 Community Forums dedicated to sharing JS scripts with other UOX3 users. Here you can find many interesting and useful scripts, any of which you can download and use for your own UOX3 shard.

The DFN Vault

The The DFN Vault is a section of the UOX3 Community Forums dedicated to sharing DFN files (blueprints/templates for items/NPCs/other content) with other UOX3 users. Here you can find many interesting and useful DFN files, any of which you can download and use for your own UOX3 shard.

UOX3 Related Utilities
Xuri's WorldBuilder

Xuri's WorldBuilder
v0.23 - July 20th, 2008

Xuri's WorldBuilder is a combined GM-Tool and worldbuilding utility for both UOX3 and UOXClassic, with limited functionality for Lonewolf.


Created by Charles Kerr on 7/6/21

A command line tool that can scan section-based files such as DFN and INI files in UOX3, and check for syntax errors such as misplaced/missing brackets and braces. Check included readme.txt for details on available command line parameters and examples.


Created by Charles Kerr on 9/22/20

A command line tool that can freeze items (and multis) with TYPE=255 from UOX3's 0.99.x .wsc worldfiles into staidx#/statics#.mul files based on the worldnumber of the items in question. At the same time, it will remove affected items from the wsc files. Updated files are saved with .frozen file extension, and original files are not modified.


Other Downloads

Other Downloads

Created by Charles Kerr on 9/20/20

A command line tool that can adjust the size of any map#.mul and staidx#.mul files to a user-specified new size - smaller or larger. Resized files are saved with .resized file extension, and original files are not modified.

WorldForge (RadStart Edition)

RadMap WorldForge (Mirror)
(RadStar Edition of WorldForge)

RadStar's Edition of WF builds on the below versions and includes support for maps 0 through 5, an UNDO function(!), new fast-move overview map, 64-bit support, performance improvements and many other quality of life changes.

WorldForge (grimson Edition)

(v6.4r4 - Aeon Edition/grimson Edition)

Same as above, except grimson has added support for map-sizes of 7168x4096, and has also included some small fixes to the overview map.

WorldForge (POL Build)

(v6.4r4 - Aeon Edition/Pol Build)

WorldForge is a tool originally written by Ridcully(Jan Luëbbe), and it's main purpose is to help you edit the three UO Client files MAP0.MUL, STATICS0.MUL and STAIDX0.MUL. Through a map-editor and some other useful tools you can change every aspect of how the UO client's mapfiles appear ingame.

After Ridcully put the WF source on the shelf, he open-sourced it resulting in a number of improvements through additional releases from various people (6.0 Xuri/Kasreyn, 6.1-6.2 Infymus, 6.3-6.4 Welf, 6.4r4 Shinigami/Birdy), and even some other custom versions. The mapeditor now features extras like... zooming, different "brush"-sizes (+ ability to set up your own brushes; there are for instance some helpful brushes for cave entrances!), tons of random draw modes(+ ability to set up own random draw modes), can use ALL texture ids(including swamps!) copy parts of one map-file from/to locations within the same map-file or to a different map-file, overview-map for speedily moving about, selecting texture id from map by right-clicking, random-altitude option, altitude-color-map, generate OSI-Diff-files, and more! (View update-log)

UOX3 Worldfiles / Spawns
Default UOX3 Worldfiles (OUTDATED)
(Replaced by in-game world template system and default world templates that ship with UOX3!)

dl-iconDefault UOX3 Worldfiles v0.16 (11/03/2012)

Currently contains basic decorations, doors and signs for all mainland Britannia towns, plus Nujel'm, Moonglow, Serpents Hold, Magincia, Ocllo, Jhelom, Papua, Delucia and Buccaneers Den. To use, download and unzip to the UOX3/SHARED/ folder, overwriting any existing files there.

Note that this will also overwrite any existing worldfiles you may have, including characters and any items placed in your world either manually or by a spawner.

Linux/MacOS users: When downloading this zip file, be sure to run the files within the zip through a quick "dos2unix *" to convert line breaks in the files to the proper format for your platform, or UOX3 might not be able to load the worldfiles properly on startup. This only applies when downloading the zip file, if you got these through cloning the UOX3 repo on GitHub this should be handled automatically.

Note that you can also find this in the UOX3 Resources GitHub repository!

Community-made Spawn.dfn (OUTDATED)
(Now bundled with UOX3, but disabled by default, with ini settings controlling whether to spawn objects from spawn regions or nott!)

dl-iconCommunity-made Spawn.dfn v2.0 (10/07/2005)

This community-made spawn.dfn file was originally created by Grimson, and was then based on Ripper's World for Lonewolf. Since then it has received several updates from both Grimson and other people, and now offers a world filled with all kinds of NPCs (monsters, animals, shopkeepers, townfolk) as well as reagent spawns.

Linux/MacOS users: When downloading this zip file, be sure to run the files within the zip through a quick "dos2unix *" to convert line breaks in the files to the proper format for your platform, or UOX3 might not be able to load the spawn-files properly on startup. This only applies when downloading the zip file, if you got these through cloning the UOX3 repo on GitHub this should be handled automatically.

Note that you can also find this in the UOX3 Resources GitHub repository!

Archived/Old Downloads
PkgInstaller (OUTDATED)

(Works with UOX3 0.99.x, but might be unstable - use at own risk!)

v0.02 - March 12th, 2006

PkgInstaller is a utility created to make it easier to share and/or install custom script packages (JS, DFN or both).

  • Takes a zip file and installs the JS/DFN details appropriately
  • Will display a readme.txt if it is included in the JS file
  • Ability to peruse the contents of the package before installing it

NOTE: PkgInstaller requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

UOX3 Account Manager (OUTDATED)

(Works with UOX3 0.99.x, but might be unstable - use at own risk!)

UOX3 Account Manager
v0.4 - May 6th, 2007

Account Manager is a utility built specifically for UOX3 to help shard admins easily add, remove, and manipulate Accounts entries from Accounts.adm.

NOTE: UOX3 Account Manager requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

UOX3 Character Viewer (OUTDATED)

(Works with UOX3 0.99.x, but might be unstable - use at own risk!)

UOX3 Character Viewer
v0.7 - Aug 1st, 2006

UOX3 Character Viewer is a .NET utility that lets you load UOX3 worldfiles, view all Characters in those worldfiles, and then export said characters (and their belongings) to an external file, which can later be imported back into a different set of worldfiles (for instance). Features include:

  • Load UOX3 Worldfiles, Displaying any Characters (and the items they contain).
  • Save UOX3 worldfiles as a single file, which UOX3 will load.
  • Export Selected character, with optional items, to an export file.
  • Import character files checking for valid Serial numbers to a loaded worldfile.

NOTE: UOX3 Character Viewer requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.


(Not compatible with UOX3 0.99 and above)

UOX3 INI Editor
v0.3 - May 4th, 2007

INI Editor is a utility built specifically for UOX3 to help shard admins do the following:

  • Load UOX3-generated UOX.ini files
  • Easily modify all the various ini file settings
  • Save modified ini files in a format readable by UOX3

NOTE: UOX3 INI Editor requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

cluox 1.4 (OUTDATED)

(Not compatible with UOX3 0.99.3 and above)

dl-iconcluox 1.4

dl-iconcluox 1.4 Sourcecode

This is a Windows-GUI Wrapper for UOX3 originally created by knoxos. It lets you minimize UOX3 to the sys-tray, and gives Win9x users a scrollbar in the console (Win2k/XP has this by default). It also contains a "watchdog"-feature, which can check at specified intervals to see if the UOX3 server is still running properly, and will automatically restart the UOX3 server if not. By default it looks for "uox3.exe", so if you're using UOX-Classic or a version with a different filename, either rename the EXE-file or change the default filename in the cluox-sourcecode yourself.

Updates in versions 1.3 & 1.4 were done by ShadowBranch.

UOX3 GumpStudio Plugin (OUTDATED)

dl-iconUOX3 GumpStudio plugin

This is a (probably outdated) plugin (.dll) for GumpStudio which enables the exporting of gumps from this tool to UOX3's JavaScript format. It's not included in the default download of GumpStudio.

UO3D Map-Viewer/Editor v6.0

dl-iconUO3D MVE 6.0


A mapeditor in full 3D! View and edit your landscapes (and to a limited extent, your statics) from a 3D perspective! Though it can be slightly buggy if you're unlucky - it's a damn impressive program nevertheless. The sourcecode is fully available, and it's in C++ - so there's no reason why someone couldn't pick it up & continue the work of the original author... A good mapeditor that has a lot of potential if someone dedicate themselves to improving it...

-= 24/01/2022 - UOX3 0.99.5a  =-
Contributors: Xuri, punt

Source Changes/Fixes:
	Adjusted values of _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL and _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING in ConfigOS.h to better support debug mode in VS2022
	Added support for a new TITLE tag to the command privileges section of commands.dfn, to allow customizing the title added in front of a character's name when they become an Admin, GM or Counselor
	Updated .gitignore, and removed redundant jaspi.h (use the one in spider monkey, no need to duplicate the header).
	Removed a prototype that had no implementation
	Added parenthesis on some simple logical and/or to make clear precedence (and eliminate warnings)
	Replace int with auto for some results to prevent size casting, across the different platforms (and eliminate warnings).
	Improved overall performance of NPC pathfinding (by nearly 60%!) by eliminating some double-work done when checking for blocking dynamics and statics
	Optimized how the system for determining which internal map regions should have active NPCs; instead of there always being 9 active map regions surrounding any given player who's online, that number will now vary between 3 to 6 map regions, depending on how far the player is from boundaries between such map regions. This should reduce the amount of NPCs active and trying to pathfind at any given point when players are online.
	UOX3 now adapts the time between each time it checks Spawn Regions based on how "full" the Spawn Regions are on average - the nearer they are to max capacity, the longer time between each time Spawn Regions are checked
	Fixed an issue with reloading of spawn regions where UOX3 would forget about previously spawned NPCs/Items and respawn everything all over again. As part of the reload process, UOX3 now iterates over previously spawned objects and deletes these where appropriate
	Added support for NPCs engaging other NPCs in combat if they are marked as racial enemies via races.dfn
	Extended the amount of JS events supported by UOX3's JS engine from 96 to 192
	Added new JS Event to allow overriding behaviour from Help button in paperdoll:
		onHelpGump( pChar )			// Overrides default gump menu when pressing Help button in paperdoll
	Added new JS Event to allow preventing characters from toggling on/off war/combat mode
		onWarModeToggle( p Char )	// return false to prevent war mode toggle
	Added new JS Event to allow overriding target selection in combat for default AI behaviours:
		onAICombatTarget( pAttacker, pTarget ) // return true to select current target, or false to skip and look for another
	Updated JS onDamage() JS event to allow returning false to override and prevent damage dealt to a character. Event must now return true to allow damage to go through
	Updated JS Event onSwing to work for characters with no weapon equipped (iSwinging will be null, in this case)
	Updated JS Object Method .KillTimers() to also work for Characters, not just Items
	Fixed an issue with initialization of wander areas for NPCs spawned via object spawners, which caused NPCs to not stick to their assigned areas, but wander according to their own free will. Can't have that!
	Fixed an issue where information on newly spawned characters would get sent twice to each nearby player

JScript Changes/Fixes:
	Fixed a client crash caused by the admin welcome gump being too large! (js/server/misc/admin_welcome.js)
	Fixed a bug with the Anatomy skill that allowed gaining skill from targeting self (js/skill/anatomy.js)
	Fixed an issue with default NPC speech where a variable mySocket was not properly defined (js/npc/speech/speech_001.js)
	Fixed an issue with the moongate JS script, which would not work reliably (js/item/moongate.js)
	Updated Provocation skill to disallow directing provoked creatures at targets with the custom tag provImmune present
	Added JS script that renders characters it's attached to immune to physical damage (js/npc/special/physical_immunity.js)
	Renamed shadow_elemental.js to magical_immunity.js, as it's generic script that can be attached to any NPC
	Added script that allows Tinkerers to craft golem followers via Clockwork Assembly items (js/item/clockwork_assembly.js)
	Added script for mask of orcish kin, which when worn prevents all orcs from attacking the wearer (js/item/orcish_kin_mask.js)
	Added AI script for Exodus clockwork NPCs, which amongst a few other things makes them spawn with a magical shield that prevents physical damage being dealt to them until the shield has been brought down by magic damage (js/npc/ai/monster/exodus_clockwork.js)
	Added AI script for orc NPCs which prevent them from attacking characters wearing masks of orcish kin (js/npc/ai/monster/orc.js)
	Added AI script for orc brute NPCs, which makes the NPCs toss orc lords (up to 10 in total) when attacked by magic spells (js/npc/ai/monster/orc_brute.js)
	Added AI script for orc chopper NPCs, which makes the NPCs hit all nearby valid targets with their melee attacks (js/npc/ai/monster/orc_chopper.js)
	Added script for NPC special ability Colossal Blow, which both stuns and adds a temporary peacemaking effect to targets (js/npc/special/colossal_blow.js)

DFN Changes/Fixes:
	The 'make command will now strip clothes and hair/beard from characters that are turned into Counselors (dfndata/command/commands.dfn)
	Adjusted default privileges for Admins, GMs and Counselors to not show skill titles in paperdoll (dfndata/command/commands.dfn)
	Fixed incorrect section headers for base_bascinet and base_helmet (dfndata/items/gear/armor/base_armor.dfn)
	Fixed incorrect ID in item definition for Sai weapon (dfndata/items/gear/weapons/fencing.dfn)
	Fixed incorrect get tag value for a wand definition (dfndata/items/gear/weapons/wands.dfn)
	Reduced the amount of townfolk, poorfolk and richfolk NPCs spawning in Britain (dfndata/spawn/spawn.dfn)
	Added two new races to races.dfn - Ophidian (RACE 25) and Terathan (RACE 26) - which have been setup as racial enemies
	Updated the race ID of relevant Ophidian and Terathan NPCs (dfndata/npc/arachnids.dfn and dfndata/npc/reptiles.dfn)
	Added more pre-defined books to dfndata/misc/books.dfn (and dfndata/items/misc/books.dfn):
		A Welcome (a_welcome)			// Book by Blackthorn, dropped as loot by Betrayers
	Added definitions for additional NPCs, with scripted special abilities where applicable:
		Orc Brute (orcbrute) 			// Throws Orc Lords, cannot be targeted by provoked creatures
		Orc Chopper (orcchopper)		// Attacks deal AoE damage to nearby targets
		Betrayer (betrayer)				// Colossal Blow (stuns and peacemakes), AoE poison (2m range)
		Golem Controller (m_golemcontroller/f_golemcontroller)
		Golem (golem)					// Colossal Blow (stuns and peacemakes)
		Crafted Golem (craftedgolem)	// Crafted version of golem
		Exodus Overseer (exodusoverseer) // Magical Shield (immune to physical damage until shield down)
		Exodus Minion Lord (exodusminionlord) // Magical Shield (immune to physical damage until shield down)
		Exodus Minion (exodusminion)	// Magical shield (immune to physical damage until shield down), periodic AoE burst
	Fixed some issues with itemlists pointing to non-existing items (a turnip and 10 of each magical reagent)

Misc Changes/Fixes:
	Changed default value of NPCFLAGUPDATETIMER ini setting from 5 to 10 seconds
	Changed default value of NPCMOVEMENTSPEED ini setting from 0.38 to 0.5
	Changed default value of NPCRUNNINGSPEED ini setting from 0.2 to 0.3
	Changed default value of NPCFLEEINGSPEED ini setting from 0.3 to 0.4
	Changed default value of ACCOUNTFLUSH ini setting from 0.0 to 5.0 seconds

-= 12/01/2022 - UOX3 0.99.5  =-
Contributors: Xuri, punt, dragon slayer, giwo

Source Changes/Fixes:
	Updated UseDoor() JS function - now called UseItem() instead, and now supports both socket and character as first argument, to allow NPC use.
	Improved JS NPC methods WalkTo()/RunTo() so path is recalculated when blocked by other characters after original calculation took place. Only applies while advanced pathfinding is enabled in uox.ini.
	Added new JS event that triggers when pathfinding comes to an end after using WalkTo/RunTo JS methods:
		onPathfindEnd( mNPC, pathfindResult ) // pathfindResult returns result of pathfinding (-1 = failure, 0 = partial success, 1 = success)
	Disallowed invulnerable players/admins from attacking other characters, with a complimentary system message explaining why they can't attack
	Fixed a bug where NPC's original npvWander mode could get overwritten if multiple pathfinding actions overlapped
	Fixed an issue with NPC trainers where they would list incorrectly the available skills players could train
	When NPCs in wanderTypes WT_BOX, WT_CIRCLE or WT_FREE are blocked too many times from moving by other characters, they will now pause for 60 seconds before attempting to move again
	Exposed .oldWanderType NPC property to JS engine, and updated 'set command to also update this property when manually changing NPC wanderType
	Reduced max attempts at calculating path for NPCs in wanderTypes WT_BOX, WT_CIRCLE or WT_FREE to 25 steps, unless they are evading and attempting to move back into their original wander box/circle
	NPCs who enter "evasion" state because they are unable to find a valid path to an attacker will now have their health reset to maximum, to prevent an exploit to take down any NPCs without risk of taking any damage in return
	JS Methods WalkTo() and RunTo() now actually make use of the provided maxSteps parameter when advanced pathfinding is enabled; previously it would default to 500 steps.
	Added new JS event that triggers when an NPC enters evasion state in combat due to being unable to reach their target
		onEnterEvadeState( mNPC, enemyChar ) // enemyChar would be the character they are unable to reach
	NPCs of same race will no longer attack one another if hit by each other's AoE spells
	Fixed an issue with NPC pathfinding in combat that prevented ranged NPCs from closing in on their targets when losing LoS
	Spellcasting NPCs that cannot pathfind all the way to their target in combat will now attempt to pathfind to an area near the target instead
	Fixed an issue that prevented tiller-men from being correctly associated with their boats after a server restart
	Fixed an issue with combat where ranged characters could shoot bows further than the allowed max range for archery specified in uox.ini
	Fixed a compiler issue with GCC versions below 9.x in various Linux distros, by including iomanip library in UOPInterface.cpp and adding -lstdc++fs to the Makefile
	Exposed Item properties to JS Engine:
		.dexterity // dexterity required to equip item
		.intelligence // intelligence required to equip item
	Fixed issue where changing worldnumber of an item via tweak command would not remove the item from sight of nearby players in the original location
	Fixed issue where characters teleporting to a new world would sometimes not be removed from sight of nearby players in the original location
	Fixed issue where being released from jail cells to a location in a different world would not send map change packet
	Fixed issue where changing worldnumber of a player character via tweak command would not send map change packet
	Fixed issue where teleporting GM/Counselor to a player's location when responding to a help request would not send map change packet
	Fixed issue where recalling off a recall rune in a different world would not send map change packet
	Fixed issue where using travel menu or 'go place # command would not send map change packet when going to a location in a different world
	Tooltips for recall runes will now show the name of the facet they were marked in, with facet names being pulled from entries 1975 to 1980 in the dictionary files
	Added new option in UOX.INI under [settings] section:
		MAPDIFFSENABLED=0/1 // If enabled, server will attempt to load diff files, and send "Enable Map-diff files" packet to client to also load these. Disabled by default.
	Server no longer loads map/statics diff files by default, nor does it send packet to client to request loading these files, as only client versions below will actively load these files. Can be re-enabled with new UOX.INI setting mentioned above!
	Fixed incorrect ID for gargish dagger in CHandleCombat::getWeaponType()
	Added missing weapon entries in CHandleCombat::getWeaponType(): bladed whip, barbed whip, spiked whip, gargish talwar
	Fixed an issue that would show the end part of some tiledata names as garbled text instead of cutting off the text(!) at 20 characters
	Fixed an issue with advanced character creation template when using ClassicUO client, which sends a profession value of 255 instead of 0 when no profession template has been selected.
	Fixed an issue where clones of NPCs that can split in combat didn't get the NPC flag correctly set
	Guild titles are now removed for players who leave their guilds
	Enabled closing some hard-coded gump menus using right-click (howto, guild, towns, wholist, addmenu, craftmenu, info)
	Fixed an issue where adding base items using 'add [itemID] would sometimes get false positive hits from harditems.dfn, depending on the length of the itemID
	Fixed an issue where items added using 'add [itemID] would not get names applied properly from harditems.dfn
	Item/NPC DFN tag GET can now inherit a random parent by adding additional values separated by spaces. Syntax:
		GET=parent1 parent2 parent3 (etc)
	Fixed an issue where NPC backpacks would not have the max item capacity set properly
	Added new properties for CItem objects (also exposed as JS Item Properties):
		maxRange // max distance a ranged weapon can fire at (replaces ARCHERRANGE ini setting)
		baseRange // base distance throwing weapons (when implemented) can be used at
	Added support for new Item DFN tag that replaces global UOX.INI setting ARCHERRANGE:
		MAXRANGE=# 				// Specifies max range of ranged weapon
	Added support for new Item/NPC DFN tags to support randomizing elemental resistances:
		RESISTFIRE=#/# #		// Set NPC's poison resistance; fixed or random value
		RESISTCOLD=#/# #		// Set NPC's poison resistance; fixed or random value
		RESISTLIGHTNING=#/# # 	// Set NPC's poison resistance; fixed or random value
		RESISTPOISON=#/# #		// Set NPC's poison resistance; fixed or random value
	Added support for two new DFN tags in dfndata/race/races.dfn that can be used to allow/ban lists of equipment for specific races
	Added support for new section in dfndata/race/races.dfn - [EQUIPLIST #], which can be used to define lists of equipment that is whitelisted or banned for specific races.
	Fixed a bug that would report incorrect weight in tooltips for Item/NPC spawner objects
	ScriptSections are now reapplied for items bought by players from NPC vendors
	Fixed an issue where players could drop an item on the ground and other players would still see the item after it was picked up, because of a failed distance check vs old location coordinates (in pack) instead of vs current location on ground
	Fixed a bug with players being able to use last-target macro to target objects picked up and held by other players on their cursor
	Updated all references to "devinelock" to be "divinelock" instead - this includes the name of the JS Item property
	Fixed house commands triggering (useless) targeting cursors for players onboard boats
	Changed default statcap in UOX.INI from 325 to 225
	Fixed a out-of-range error for players attempting to combine ore inside their own backpack
	Fixed various issues with distance checks and container checks when using/target objects
	Added optional 4th "hue" parameter to AddGump JS method
	Added JS Function to get total amount of accounts on server - GetAccountCount()
	Added JS Function to get total amount of players online - GetPlayerCount()
	onSwing JS Event can now trigger in scripts attached to items, not just items attached to characters
	Added some JS Functions to expose some hard-coded constants to JS scripts:
		BASEITEMSERIAL() // Base item serial
		INVALIDSERIAL() // Invalid serial
		INVALIDID() // Invalid ID
		INVALIDCOLOUR() // Invalid colour
	Fixed an issue where JS character property .colour would modify origSkin property instead of colour
	Fixed an issue where JS character property .guildTitle returned the name of the character instead of the guild title
	Character JS property .poison can now also be used to set a character's poisoned level, not just read it
	Exposed Item property to JS engine:
		.ac // armour class for item (0-128). Primarily used for setting race-restrictions for equippable items, i.e. race X cannot equip items of armour class Y.
		.def // defensive value of item (Physical resistance post-AoS, AR in older UO)
		// NOTE: The following properties don't actually do anything yet, but can still be used in custom JS scripts if desired
		.resistCold // Cold resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistHeat // Heat/Fire resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistLight // Light resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistLightning // Energy/Lightning resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistPoison // Poison resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistRain // Rain resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.resistSnow // Snow resistance of item 0-1000, where 1000 equals 100.0%
		.damageHeat // Weapon deals Heat/Fire elemental damage (true/false)
		.damageCold // Weapon deals Cold elemental damage (true/false)
		.damageLight // Weapon deals Light elemental damage (true/false)
		.damageLightning // Weapon deals Lightning elemental damage (true/false)
		.damagePoison // Weapon deals Poison elemental damage (true/false)
		.damageRain // Weapon deals Rain/Water elemental damage (true/false)
		.damageSnow // Weapon deals Snow/Ice elemental damage (true/false)
	Added new UOX.INI setting under [server] to enable/disable shard response to ConnectUO server polling (disabled by default)
	Sub-commands are no longer included when registering packets to be overloaded via RegisterPacket function, as that part was never fully implemented. Packet-hook scripts can be setup for specific packet IDs, but any sub-command checking will need to be done in the script itself
	JS Packet Method GetDWord() now uses JS_NewNumberValue instead of INT_TO_JSVAL to read from the socket buffer, to better handle large numbers, which could previously be returned with wrong values.
	JS Function CalcItemFromSer() now uses a JS_GetStringBytes() and str_value() combo instead of JSVAL_TO_INT() to read the data provided in the function argument. This allows JS scripts to provide item serials to the function directly without needing to split it into four parts first (though that still works)
	Fixed issue where JS properties for multis didn't always return correct values
	Custom tags can now be set for multis in dfndata/house/house.dfn via the DFN tags CUSTOMSTRINGTAG and CUSTOMINTTAG, which can be read later for a placed multi via JS Item method GetTag( tagName ). Syntax is identical to custom tags in Item/NPC definitions:
		CUSTOMSTRINGTAG=tagName stringValue
		CUSTOMINTTAG=tagName intValue
	Definitions for multis in dfndata/house/house.dfn now support the COLOUR and COLOURLIST tags, which will (if present) be applied to new multis that are added in-game. Colour for existing multis can be modified via the 'tweak command.
	Re-implemented DoStaticEffect() as a stand-alone JS function that takes a location as a target instead of an object
	Fixed an issue with potions where entire stacks of potions would get consumed instead of just one potion
	Added new UOX.INI settings under [combat] to control the bonus damage modifier in explosion potions:
		ALCHEMYBONUSENABLED=0/1	// enable/disable bonus damage, defaults to disabled
		ALCHEMYBONUSMODIFIER=5 	// bonusDamage = alchemySkill / alchemyBonusModifier
	Exposed speechType as an additional 7th optional parameter for the JS TextMessage function, and the other optional parameters (speechTarget, speechTargetSerial, speechFontType) can now be supplied as -1 if one just want to use the default values. Supported speechTypes:
		TALK			= 0,	// normal system message
	    PROMPT			= 1,	// Display as system prompt
	    EMOTE			= 2,	// : text
	    SAY				= 3,	// character speaking
	    OBJ				= 4,	// at object
	    NOTHING			= 5,	// does not display
	    SYSTEM			= 6,	// text labelling an item
	    NOSCROLL		= 7,	// status msg, does not scroll
	    WHISPER			= 8,	// only those close can here
	    YELL			= 9,	// can be heard 2 screens away
	Added support for packet 0xE2 (New Character Animation, used to play animations in client v7.0.0.0+) via cEffects::PlayNewCharacterAnimation( CChar *mChar, UI16 actionID, UI16 subActionID, UI08 subSubActionID )
	Added support for new animation packet in JS Character method DoAction() using a second parameter that specifies animation variation, which if present forces server to send new animation packet instead of old. This means the 'action/npcaction commands can now be used to play animations on gargoyles/humans in client v7.0.0.0+ using the following syntax: 'action [action subAction]
	Created new enums for character actions and sub-actions, and updated code to refer to these instead of using "magic" numbers
	Added new options in UOX.INI under [settings] section:
		FORCENEWANIMATIONPACKET=0/1 // If enabled (default), forces the use of the new animation packet for playing various character animations for both NPCs in general and for player characters connected with client v7.0.0.0+
	Updated various actions performed by players and NPCs to use new animation packet (combat, spellcasting, mining) if connected with client v7.0.0.0+ and ini setting to force new animation packet is enabled
	Added basic support for gargoyle flying ability. Can now use flying ability itself to enter/exit flying state, and the state change will also get sent to nearby players. Flying players are treated the same way as mounted players; polymorph spells will auto-dismounts mounted/flying player, same rules for stealth applies to flying as riding, etc.
	Exposed Character property to JS engine:
		.isFlying // returns true if character is flying
	Fixed an issue where moving items around within a container at max item capacity was not allowed
	Exposed Item/Character properties to JS:
		.oldX // Previous X coordinate for object
		.oldY // Previous Y coordinate for object
		.oldZ // Previous Z coordinate for object
	Exposed Character properties to JS:
		.mana // Character's current amount of mana
	Updated version of Winsock requested by UOX3 from 2.0 to 2.2
	Exposed timer for updating NPC flags to [timers] section of UOX.INI:
		NPCFLAGUPDATETIMER=5 // Interval in seconds between each time NPC flags are updated. Default adjusted down from 30 to 5 seconds
	Fixed an issue where UOX3 was trying to output some debug/warning messages to console using the wrong console method
	Made some small tweaks to NPC pathfinding to make NPCs more likely to pick a new target location when their old one is blocked
	Removed -lstdc++fs from Makefile and replaced with special instructions for users of gcc below v9.x
	Fixed a buffer overrun issue with tiledata item names
	Eliminated a bunch of compilation warnings in VS2017
	Updated JS Method CreateDFNItem to allow creating items without referencing a socket/character. Syntax:
		var myItem = CreateDFNItem( null, null, itemSectionID, amount, "ITEM", false, worldNumber, instanceID );
	Option to define how much memory JS engine should be allowed to allocate before last-ditch GC kicks in has been moved from engine.dat to a new UOX.INI setting under [system]. Note that too low values can lead to server instability, especially if doing a lot of JS engine reloads, so default value has been increased from 16 to 256 MB per JS Runtime:
		JSENGINESIZE=256 // gcMaxBytes limit in MB per JS Runtime. Must be between 16 and 4095
	Reduced stackchunksize value provided for JS_NewContext from 0x500000 to the recommended default of 8192
	Updated how players are paid for completing NPC escort quests; instead of hard-coded random amount between 0-600 gold, the reward is now based partly on the NPC escort's fame, and partly on the amount of gold the NPC is carrying. The formula for quest rewards thus look like this: rewardAmount = (( totalFame / 100 ) * 50 ) + ( totalGold * 0.25 )
	Fixed healthbars of nearby characters not showing correctly for players who have just logged in. Cause seems to have been UOX3 reading more bytes from network buffer than required when (not) handling packets 0xB5 and 0xFB. Added basic handling of these packets to avoid that problem.
	Fixed an issue where UOX3 would send full status updates (packet 0x11) for each character on the screen, rather than just sending the minimum required for each character. Client doesn't need to know the weight of an NPC, or how much gold an opponent player is carrying!
	Fixed an issue with tooltips for characters and/or items not always appearing, caused by UOX3 not responding correctly to certain tooltip requests (packet 0xD6)
	Fixed a casting issue that prevented SEFunctions.cpp from compiling on Linux
	Added additional Region/Townregion JS properties. These (and other properties) can be viewed and modified using the 'tweak command, but changes are not permanently saved and will only be valid as long as the server stays running:
		.id 				// Region ID
		.scripttrigger 		// Script-trigger associated with region
		.numGuards 			// Number of guards associated with town (if any) in region
		.taxes 				// Gold reserves of town (if any) in region
		.reserves 			// Resource reserves for town (if any) in region
		.appearance 		// Appearance - 0 = Spring, 1 = Summer, 2 = Autumn, 3 = Winter, 4 = Desolation, 5 = Unknown
		.music 				// Music assigned to region in regions.dfn
		.weather 			// Weather ID assigned to region in regions.dfn
		.owner 				// Name of owner of guards in the region
	A JS function was added previously, but not mentioned in the changelog:
		GetTownRegion( regionID ) // Takes one parameter, regionID, and returns a region object
	Fixed long-standing issue with UOX3 console not resetting terminal properly after shutdown on Linux, after updating cConsole.cpp/h to conform to standard unix terminal commands/settings for certain features (punt)
	Fixed an issue that could cause a crash on Windows when attempting to broadcast system messages from the UOX3 console (punt)
	Fixed an issue that prevented text input in UOX3 console for system broadcasts from being displayed on Linux and MacOS (punt)
	Added support for new JS Object - IUE_ACCOUNT - which can be accessed via character property .account. The following account properties have been exposed to the JS engine:
		.id 				// Account ID (Read-Only)
		.username 			// Account Username (Read-Only)
		.flags 				// Flags set on account (Read-Only)
		.comment 			// Comment/contact info
		.character1 		// Character in account slot 1 (Read-Only)
		.character2 		// Character in account slot 2 (Read-Only)
		.character3 		// Character in account slot 3 (Read-Only)
		.character4 		// Character in account slot 4 (Read-Only)
		.character5 		// Character in account slot 5 (Read-Only)
		.character6 		// Character in account slot 6 (Read-Only)
		.character7 		// Character in account slot 7 (Read-Only)
		.currentChar 		// Currently logged in character (if any) (Read-Only)
		.lastIP 			// Last IP used to connect to account (Read-Only)
		// Flag shortcuts
		.isBanned 			// Is account banned?
		.isSuspended 		// Is account suspended?
		.isPublic			// Is comment/contact info to be considered public info?
		.isOnline			// Is account online?
		.isSlot1Blocked 	// Is character slot 1 blocked?
		.isSlot2Blocked 	// Is character slot 2 blocked?
		.isSlot3Blocked 	// Is character slot 3 blocked?
		.isSlot4Blocked 	// Is character slot 4 blocked?
		.isSlot5Blocked 	// Is character slot 5 blocked?
		.isSlot6Blocked 	// Is character slot 6 blocked?
		.isSlot7Blocked 	// Is character slot 7 blocked?
		.unused9 			// Unused flag
		.unused10 			// Unused flag
		.isSeer 			// Is account marked as Seer account?
		.isCounselor 		// Is account marked as Counselor account?
		.isGM 				// Is account marked as GM account?
	Fixed 'addaccount command - can now once again be used to add a new user account to the server from in-game. See accounts.adm for info on available flags. Syntax:
		'addaccount [username] [password] [(optional)flags]
	Updated AI for AI_HEALER_G and AI_HEALER_E to check for multi-ownership and line of sight before resurrecting dead players
	Added new helper function to get amount of minutes that have passed since midnight 01/01/1970 UTC - GetMinutesSinceEpoch()
	Converted wTimeBan property of CAccountBlock from UI16 to UI32
	Added check during login for timeban account property. If a timeban is in place, player will be unable to login until after the ban is over.
	Added JS property for Account JS Object:
		.timeban 			// Time in minutes that user is banned
	Completed implementation of onDecay JS event, which was not actually hooked up to anything! Can now be used to interrupt decay for items. Returning false will prevent code from deleting the decaying item, while returning true will continue running the decay code as normal.
	Fixed an issue with .brkPeaceChance JS Character property, which erroneously called on the GetBrkPeaceChanceGain()/SetBrkPeaceChanceGain() functions instead of GetBrkPeaceChance()/SetBrkPeaceChance()
	Fixed issue with loading of UOP map files that was introduced in a previous commit while attempting to get rid of some warnings when compiling UOX3 on Windows!
	Exposed a (read-only) JS property for characters to fetch their hunger rate. Uses race's hunger rate if defined, otherwise uses HUNGERRATE form uox.ini:
		.hungerRate 		// Seconds between becoming hungrier
	Added some details to console during UOX3 startup about which IPs and Ports UOX3 is listening to
	Added new JS event that triggers when a player clicks on the Quest button in the paperdoll. Triggers from character script if present, or global script if not:
		onQuestGump( pUser )
	Added new JS event that triggers when player toggles a special move from a combat book. See packet 0xBF, subCmd 0x19 in packet guides for details on the special moves, whose IDs range from 0x00 to 0x1D:
		onSpecialMove( pUser, abilityID )
	Updated FileSize() function in regions.cpp to fetch file size using std::filesystem::file_size() instead of creating an input stream, opening a file and then trying to seek the last position in the file
	Added findNearbyObjects() function to findfuncs.cpp, to find all objects (characters and items) of CBaseObject class near a specified location
	Improved performance when initializing multis on startup; now checks for items near multis, instead of checking for multis near every single item!
	Improved performance when loading items and characters from worldfiles during startup; around 33% faster for release builds, around ~50% faster when running in debug mode through visual studio (punt)
	Updated createSection() in ssection.cpp to use std::string and StringUtility functions instead of UString, and added some error handling (punt)
	Updated a bunch of casts to use UOX3-specific typedefs for consistency
	Startup performance is now faster by an additional 70% over the previous commit, primarily due to modernization of HandleLine() functions in cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp and cMultiObj.cpp (punt)
	More UString instances replaced by std::string and associates (punt)
	Additional work done to modernize string handling in CPacketReceive.cpp, CPacketReceive.h, CPacketSend.cpp, CPacketSend.h, cScript.cpp, gumps.cpp (punt)
	Additional work done to modernize string handling in gumps.cpp, commands.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.h, CJSMapping.cpp, scriptc.cpp and scriptc.h (punt)
	Fixed an issue with check for allowed/banned equipment for races; if a list of allowed equipment existed, it would never check the banned list
	Additional string handling modernization in cHTMLSystem.cpp, cRaces.cpp, gumps.cpp, townregion.cpp and uox3.cpp (punt)
	Increased default timer for worldsaves from 5 to 10 minutes
	Fixed an issue where the tile command could spawn items with incorrect ID because tempInt2 wasn't reset properly
	Additional string handling modernization in cAccountClass.cpp, cHTMLSystem.cpp, CResponse.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h, cWeather.cpp, Dictionary.cpp, effect.cpp and uox3.cpp (punt)
	Fixed an issue where using JS Method PopUpTarget with ID 12 could crash the server
	Additional string handling modernization in magic.cpp, JSEncapsulate.cpp, jail.cpp, house.cpp, fileio.cpp, network.cpp, msgboard.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, scriptc.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp (punt)
	Removed ustring.h and ustring.cpp and references to these from the project as they have now been completely phased out by the move to std::string and the use of StringUtility.cpp/hpp
	Finalized string handling modernization in cRaces.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, ssection.cpp, ssection.h and targeting.cpp (punt)
	All teleport locations in teleport.scp without a source/target world specified will now work for both Felucca and Trammel facets
	Deleted ustring.cpp/ustring.h from repository and removed last few straggling references to these
	Teleport locations from teleport.scp are now sorted upon initial load, and no longer require being sorted in the file itself (punt)
	Modified handling of CONT and PACKITEM tags loaded from worldfiles to no longer corrupt pointers (punt)
	Randomized initial position of items added inside containers via DFN tag PACKITEM
	Fixed various issues with in-game bulletin boards; posts can now be made, read and replied to using both regular client and ClassicUO client
	Fixed issue with bulletin board post removal that could cause infinite loops
	Fixed issues with and re-enabled bulletin board maintenance. Should no longer cause infinite loops, nor corrupt bulletin board posts when removing posts marked for deletion! This also fixes NPC escort quests not appearing on bulletin boards after initial quests were accepted and related posts removed.
	Fixed an issue where bulletin board posts submitted from client with lines of text longer than 255 bytes were stored with no null-terminator at end of the such lines, since they got cut off in wrong place
	Fixed server crash related to JS timers/other tempeffects by replacing the use of CDataList (which uses std::deque) in tempEffects with GenericList (which uses std::list), which is more optimized for removing records in the middle of the array
	Updated Sort() methods in GenericList to use std::list member function sort instead of std::sort (Xuri)
	Applied some code style changes for consistency :art: (Xuri)
	Replaced CDataList with the new GenericList class throughout UOX3, and removed CDataList from the project files
	Reverted an earlier change where scriptsections were supposed to be reapplied to items bought from NPC shopkeepers - didn't actually work!
	Fixed issue where total gold and armor rating of player was not getting sent for status window updates
	Updated LeaveBoat() function to use ValidSpawnLocation() instead of ValidMultiLocation() for more reliable disembarking from boats
	Added support for the following boat commands (and their triggerword aliases):
		raise anchor 		// Raise anchor, allowing boat to move
		drop anchor 		// Drops anchor, preventing boat from moving
		forward one 		// Moves boat one tile forward
		backward one 		// Moves boat one tile backward
		left one 			// Moves boat one tile in port direction
		right one 			// Moves boat one tile in starboard direction
		forward left 		// Moves boat forward left diagonally
		forward right 		// Moves boat forward right diagonally
		backward left 		// Moves boat backward left diagonally
		backward right 		// Moves boat backward right diagonally
		forward left one 	// Moves boat one tile diagonally, forward left
		forward right one 	// Moves boat one tile diagonally, forward right
		backward left one 	// Moves boat one tile diagonally, backward left
		backward right one 	// Moves boat one tile diagonally, backward right
	Added new enum BoatMoveType to keep track of all the additional boat movement types, and changed moveType from UI08 to SI08, in order to use -1 as a representation of an "anchored" and immovable boat
	Boats now start out with anchor dropped when initially placed, and must also have anchor dropped before they can be packed up into model ships, while anchor must be raised in order for tiller man to accept orders to sail
	Added support for two new DFN tags in houses.dfn, primarily for the use of boats/boat holds:
		MAXITEMS=#			// Max items that can be stored in a boat's hold
		WEIGHTMAX=#			// Max weight that a boat's hold can... hold (40000 = 400.00 stones)
	Fixed an issue where large dragon ships would be spawned with incorrect names due to server assuming they're houses
	Fixed an issue where it was not possible to turn a boat around under certain circumstances
	Tiller men on boats will now be named "a tiller man" if the boat is unnamed, and "The tiller man of [ship name]" if the ship has been named
	Boats now cannot be dry-docked if there are items in the hold
	Boats now cannot be dry-docked if either of the planks are open
	Names of boats are now stored in the title property of ship models, and is used to reapply the boat's name when unpacking the boat, while the ship model itself is named after the boat with a [Dry Docked] tag slapped on at the end.
	5/05/2021 - Xuri (0.99.4m)
	Fixed a long-standing (20+ years old) issue with objects not being sent/removed consistently when players login, teleport or move around, or when items are being removed, areas wiped, etc.
	Added new class RegionSerialList to store serial references to objects added to/removed from regions (both on worldfile load and when objects move in-game). This allows for faster lookup, insertion tests, etc. and results in worldfiles loading up to ~41% faster
	Fixed an issue where characters in different world instances could shove each-other when moving
	Fixed server crash related to using incorrect argument for REGSPAWN command
	Fixed an issue where characters would not get world changes updated properly in some older (5.x) client versions
	UOX3 will now attempt to resist being closed if a world-save is in progress, to avoid corruption of worldfile data
	Added TryParseJSVal() helper function in cScript.cpp, used to parse jsval values returned from script events. Provides results matching 0 (0, false), 1 (1, true) or any specific int value returned from script.
	JS events updated to use new TryParseJSVal helper function (no change in behaviour):
		onDecay, onResurrect, onCommand, onBuyFromVendor, onSellToVendor, onPickup, onCharDoubleClick, onSkillGump, onUseBandageMacro, onCombatStart, onCombatEnd, onDeathBlow, onBuy, onSell
	JS events with slight change of behaviour after update to use TryParseJSVal:
		onDrop, onDropItemOnItem, onDropItemOnNpc - previously, a blank or non-existent return value would be treated the same as a return true. This will now be treated as a return false. Update scripts accordingly!
	JS events updated to support return values from scripts:
		onCollide, onTalk, onSnooped, OnHungerChange
			Return false or nothing to prevent hard code from running
			Return true to allow hard code to run like normal
		onStolenFrom, onAISliver, onLightChange, onVirtueGumpPress, onQuestGump, onSpecialMove, onSwing, onClick, onHouseCommand, onSellToVendor, onSkillCheck, onSpellGain, onSpellLoss
			Return false to allow hard code and other scripts with event to run like normal
			Return true to prevent hard code and other scripts with event from running
			Return false or nothing to allow hard code and other scripts with event to run like normal
			Return true to prevent hard code and onStolenFrom event from running (theft failed?)
			Return 2 to prevent hard code, but allow onStolenFrom event to run (theft succeeded, but handled in script?)
		onLeaving, onEntrance, onEquip, onUnequip, onEnterEvadeState, onSoldToVendor, onBoughtFromVendor, onSpellSuccess, onSpellTarget, onFlagChange, onDeath
			Return false or nothing to allow other scripts with event to run like normal
			Return true to prevent other scripts with event from running
	Added new JS events that run prior to items being equipped/unequipped, with support for return values:
		onEquipAttempt( pEquipper, iEquipping )
		onUnequipAttempt( pEquipper, iUnequipping )
			Return false or nothing to reject attempt to equip/unequip item, and prevent hard-code or other scripts with event from running
			Return true to allow hard code to run like normal
	Added new JS event that runs prior to onSnooped event, for character doing the snooping:
		onSnoopAttempt( snooped, snooper )
			Return false or nothing to prevent hard code and other snooping-related events from running
			Return true to allow hard code and other snooping-related events to run like normal
	Updated onSnooped JS event to accept return values:
		Return true when success state is true to prevent other scripts with event from running
		Return true when success state is false to prevent hard code and other scripts with event from running
	Added second parameter to onCommand() JS event to match it up with the documented version. New syntax:
		onCommand( socket, cmdString )
	Updated onClick JS event to also run for characters with event attached (return 1 to prevent showing hard-coded name for whatever object is clicked)
	Updated onSteal JS event to include a third parameter, an object reference for the target of the theft
	Fixed an issue where the JS function TriggerEvent() didn't restore the original JSContext and JSObject of the calling script after calling an event in a separate script, causing timers to be associated with the wrong script when both TriggerEvent and StartTimer were used in same script
	Updated KillTimers JS method to support an optional argument specifying the timerID of the timer to be killed. If no arguments are provided, it will - as previously - kill all timers for the object
	Added support for assigning multiple JS scripts per object (item, multi, char, region).
		Any time a scriptID is added to an object, the list of such IDs for that object will be sorted from lowest to highest scriptID, which also determines the execution order for the scripts. Note that if the same JS event is present in several scripts assigned to an object, each of those events will trigger, unless the rules about return values for said event prevent this
	DFNs for Items, Multis, Characters and Regions can now contain multiple SCRIPT=scriptID tags per definition. Each such SCRIPT tag will be applied to the object in question, then sorted from lowest to highest scriptID by server.
	Added new JS property for Items, Multis, Characters and Regions:
		.scriptTriggers 		// If used to get property, will return array object with all script IDs assigned to object. If used to set property, will add script ID to existing list of script IDs for object.
	Modified JS property for Items, Multis, Characters and Regions, which for backwards compatibility functions similar to in older versions:
		.scripttrigger 			// If used to get property, will return last script ID in list of script IDs assigned to object. If used to set property, will clear list of script IDs and assign only the new ID
	Added new JS Methods for Items, Multis, Characters and Regions:
		.AddScriptTrigger( scriptID ) 	// Adds a new scriptID to list of scripts assigned to object
		.RemoveScriptTrigger( scriptID ) // Remove a specific scriptID from object (0 = remove all)
	Removed all traces of SETSCPTRIG and TWEAK commands from source. These commands are now entirely handled in JS.
	Stats and Tweak buttons in list of online characters ('WHOLIST) will now execute the CSTATS or TWEAK command respectively, with target automatically set to character being viewed in list
	Fixed an issue with TWEAK command where items equipped on a character's paperdoll could not be targeted
	Replaced UOX_MIN and UOX_MAX with std::min and std::max (punt)
	Moved StringUtility functions into a new namespace: strutil (punt)
	Unified duplicate tile/multi seeking code for HS/non-HS versions of tiledata & multis (punt)
	Updated MsgBoardMaintenance() to use standard filesystem directory listing (punt)
	Fixed return value logic for onUseChecked/onUsedUnchecked JS events - was reversed by mistake!
	Initiated start of revamped mul/uop handling, with some new files added to project: (punt)
		MultiMul.cpp/hpp, IDXMul.cpp/hpp and UOPData.cpp/hpp
	Updated code for loading and seeking in multis (punt)
	Added new files to VS project and project filter
	Added new files to source/CMakeLists.txt
	Added support for MultiCollections.uop. If present in the specified datafolder, this file will be preferred over the traditional multi.mul/idx files, and will enable access to the new multis contained within (punt)
	Added dependency for static library of zlib-1.2.11, of which a minimal version is included in a subfolder alongside spidermonkey in the root UOX3 project folder. This is needed for compression matters related to UOP files and certain UO network packets
	Added VS Solution (zlib.sln) to compile static-library of zlib-1.2.11 for Windows. Makefile for Linux/macOS also included.
	Updated CMakeList.txt to include zlib references
	Adjustments to source/CMakeList.txt in attempt to fix build issue with CMake
	Updated debug/release configurations for Win32 in VS solution to include required references to zlib
	Removed RemoveFromSight() from CItem::Update() in cItem.cpp, to address flickering issues with animated items, and for smoother updates of items on boats when sailing.
	Added new flag in CBaseObject - damageable - which determines if an Item or Multi should be considered a damageable object.
	Added new DFN tag for Items and Multis to mark objects as damageable objects
		DAMAGEABLE=0/1 // If enabled, allows client to display healthbar for object, using object's hp/maxhp values as basis. Note that any changes to a damageable object's health will not be reflected in the client until a stat update has been sent.
	Added new JS Property for Items and Multis and Characters to get/set an object's damageable flag
		.isDamageable // 1 or 0
	Added new JS Method for Items, Multis and Characters to force an update of the object's health bar to nearby players:
		.UpdateStats( statType ) // statType can be 0 (Health, only one that works for items), 1 (Mana) or 2 (Stamina)
	Updated updateStats() in uox3.cpp to work with CBaseObject instead of CChar
	Updated statwindow() in CSocket.cpp to work with CBaseObject instead of CChar
	Updated CPUpdateStat in CPacketSend.cpp to work with CBaseObject instead of CChar, to support sending packet 0xA1 to client for Items/Multis
	Updated CPStatWindow in CPacketSend.cpp to work with CBaseObject instead of CChar, to support sending packet 0x11 to client for Items/Multis
	Fixed an issue with outgoing packet 0x11 where a character's current HP might sometimes incorrectly be displayed as zero
	Updated CPNewObjectInfo in CPacketSend.cpp to send object information packet 0xF3 to client with datatype set to 0x03 for Items/Multis marked as damageable objects, to enable the client's ability to display health-bars for these items.
	Fixed an issue with JS Method for Items - .Refresh() - which previously did nothing, but now instead sends an update of item to all sockets in range
	Cleaned up some warnings caused by 64 bit/32 bit difference between macOS and Windows (punt)
	Fixed an issue that could cause player characters created in older versions of UOX3 to end up with backpacks without max item capacity set, thus being unable to add any items to their backpack
	More warnings cleanup, and some fixes to address size_t differences between Windows and Unix platforms (punt)
	Reverted changes to jsapi.h, which were causing some unwanted behavior
	Fixed some errors reading in UOP files in UOPData.cpp, and made some tweaks to other related files (punt)
	Fixed an issue with return values for onDrop JS event where not all return values would work as intended
	Added -Wno-shift-negative-value flag to CXXFLAGS in Makefile to potentially suppress some JS-related warnings when compiling on Unix platforms (punt)
	Added thirst system that works similarly to existing hunger system, where characters (and optionally, pets) grow thirsty over time, and gradually draining their stamina (down to a minimum of 1) if too thirsty
	Added new settings to uox.ini under a new [thirst] section to control thirst system:
		THIRSTRATE=6000 	// The rate at which characters grow more thirsty
		THIRSTDRAINVAL=2 	// The amount of stamina drained per thirst cycle when too thirsty
		PETTHIRSTOFFLINE=0 	// Enable/disable whether pets grow more thirsty over time while owners are offline
	Added new JS event that triggers when a character's thirst level changes.
		onThirstChange( pChanging, newStatus )
			Return false or nothing to prevent hard code from running
			Return true to allow hard code to run like normal
	Added new JS properties for Characters related to thirst system (Xuri)
		.thirst 			// Get/Set current thirst level of character
		.thirstRate 		// Get character's thirst rate, based on racial properties or global settings
		.willthirst/ 		// Get/Set whether character will get thirsty
		.tamedThirstRate 	// Get/Set tamed pet's thirst rate
		.thirstWildChance 	// Get/Set tamed pet's chance at going wild if too thirsty
	Added some error-checking to JS function AreaItemFunction() to avoid potential server crash
	Fixed an issue introduced in 0.99.4m, where objects being added to/moved to specific worlds or instances were still visible to players in other worlds/instances
	Fixed issue with loading SCPTRIG tag with value 65535 in older worldfiles, now treats these as if the value was 0
	Updated JS Methods .AddCheckbox() and .AddRadio() to support specifying the gumpImageID to display when button is checked/selected.
		Updated syntaxes:
			.AddCheckbox( topHeight, topLeft, checkImage, defaultStatus, unk2 )
			.AddCheckbox( topHeight, topLeft, checkImageOff, checkImageOn, defaultStatus, unk2 )
			.AddRadio( topHeight, topLeft, radioImage, pressed, id )
			.AddRadio( topHeight, topLeft, radioImageOff, radioImageOn, pressed, id )
	Added new Socket JS Method to close a specific generic gump:
		.CloseGump( gumpID, buttonID ) // gumpID is normally equal to 0xffff + scripttrigger of script gump is created in, while buttonID is the buttonID response we want the client to send when gump closes
	Added new Gump JS Method to end a group of radio buttons started with AddGroup():
		.EndGroup()	// Ends previously started group element
	Re-enabled Gump JS Method MasterGump(), in case someone can use it for something
		.MasterGump( masterGumpID ) // Define master gump of gump?
	Fixed an issue with getTileName() in uox3.cpp that could cause a server crash when fetching the names of certain items
	Added entry for a new directory path in uox.ini:
		SCRIPTDATADIRECTORY=./js/jsdata/ - dedicated to generic data read/written by JS scripts, data not directly linked to live content, which should not live or die by the state of the SHAREDDIRECTORY. Existing scripts will continue to write/read files in the SHAREDDIRECTORY if no changes are made.
	Updated JS File Method .Open() to support an optional fourth argument (requires third argument):
		useScriptDataDir (boolean) - when this fourth argument is included as true, UOX3 will look for the file in the SCRIPTDATADIRECTORY instead of the SHAREDDIRECTORY. Third argument - folderName - is required for this fourth argument to be used. New syntaxes:
			.Open( fileName, fileMode )
			.Open( fileName, fileMode, folderName )
			.Open( fileName, fileMode, folderName, useScriptDataDir )
	Updated JS File Function DeleteFile() to support an optional third argument (requires second argument):
		useScriptDataDir (boolean) - when this third argument is included as true, UOX3 will look for the file in the SCRIPTDATADIRECTORY instead of the SHAREDDIRECTORY. Second argument - folderName - is required for this third argument to be used. New syntaxes:
			DeleteFile( fileName )
			DeleteFile( fileName, folderName )
			DeleteFile( fileName, folderName, useScriptDataDir )
	Updated Item JS Method Dupe() to support passing NULL instead of a socket, for duplicating items without needing to place them in a player's backpack
	Fixed an issue with appending folder names to paths in File JS Method .Open() and JS File Function DeleteFile()
	Renamed default UOX3 server name (was too long) to My UOX3 Shard
	Rewrote server IP handling (new files: IP4Address.hpp/cpp) and did away with the need for the [play server list] section and SERVERLIST entries in uox.ini. UOX3 now automatically accepts and responds to connections on both local and LAN IPs, as well as an optional external/WAN ip defined in uox.ini tag EXTERNALIP, with server name defined by the existing SERVERNAME tag in the ini (punt)
	Following changes made to ensure compatable with some of my other projects
		Switched over to ConfigOS.h from Config.h
		UOX_PLATFORM to PLATFORM (and the corresponding platform types)
	Replaced NULL with nullptr
	Fixed an issue with how UOX3 lists out IP addresses it's actively listening to (punt)
	Some fixes to IP4Address code and output to console of which type of IP being listened (punt)
	Added cEffects::SpawnBloodEffect( UI08 worldNum, UI16 instanceID, UI16 bloodColour, BloodTypes bloodType ), which can be called upon to create blood splatter effects for things like death, bleeding, combat hits, etc.
	Added random blood effects that spawn when a character dies, and decays according to new ini setting
	Added new UOX.INI settings under [timers] to define how long blood effects take to decay:
		BLOODDECAYTIMER=3 			// Smaller blood effects spawned during combat, defaults to 3 seconds
		BLOODDECAYCORPSETIMER=450 	// Larger blood effects spawned upon death, defaults to half the duration of the default corpse decay timer
	Changed default value of MSGREDISPLAYTIME in [tracking] section of UOX.INI from 30 to 3, so tracking arrow will actually follow the target when it moves (every 3 seconds)
	Fixed an issue with the Tracking skill where attempting to left-click on the tracking arrow would cause client to freeze up
	Fixed an issue with the Tracking skill where right-clicking tracking arrow to dismiss it would not always work, especially if target had been killed/deleted
	Fixed an issue with the Tracking skill where the tracking arrow would not be automatically dismissed if the tracked target was killed/deleted
	Fixed an issue that prevented clients in 6.0.5 - range from connecting even though CLIENTSUPPORT6050 was enabled in ini
	Fixed an issue where client was being mis-classified as a T2A client, and not the first of the SA clients as it should be
	Changed how Race damage modifier is applied to damage dealt in combat - it's now a direct percentage bonus (or penalty) applied to the base damage dealt
	Updated default item decay timer from 300s to 1800s (30 minutes)
	Updated default corpse decay timer from 900s to 420s (7 minutes)
	Updated default blood decay timer for corpses from 450s to 210s (3.5 minutes)
	Added new UOX.INI setting that determines decay timer for NPC corpses (previously used regular decay timer):
	Updated onDecay JS event to support triggering in global script
	Fixed an issue that snuck in with regards to fetching server setting for BLOODEFFECTCHANCE in JS engine
	Fixed a potential server crash issue with OnUnequipAttempt JS event
	Added additional parameter to onCombatDamageCalc JS event - hitLoc, which contains the hit location calculated by code for an attack. New syntax:
		onCombatDamageCalc( pAttacker, pDefender, fightSkill, hitLoc )
	Moved CalculateHitLoc() and DoHitMessage() out of CHandleCombat::calcDamage(), so these can still happen if JS scripts override damage calculations using onCombatDamageCalc event
	Hairs/Beards inside corpse containers now not movable, even if displayed in client for some reason
	Fixed an error introduced with previous commit that caused some issues with the handling of items upon player death/resurrection
	Fixed an error where items that had AR/resistances with values lower than 10 would lose those values after a restart (for instance wooden buckler)
	Updated Character JS Method .Follow() to allow optional null parameter to clear follow target for an NPC
	Added new Character JS Method .Dupe(), exposing code functionality to duplicate a character and returning the new character object to scripts. Example:
		var newChar = myChar.Dupe()
	Removed old and outdated UOG response code from network.cpp, along with UOXMONITOR response (an old tool no longer found in the wild)
	Extended packet overloading to include packets received on first connection, to allow custom responses to things like UOG server poll and other early incoming packets
	Adjusted code that spawns blood effects when taking damage to only happen for damage values higher than 1% of max health, or 1 (whichever is higher)
	Adjusted code that prevents stamina regen from taking place if a character is thirsty to allow generating up to 25% of max stamina, to prevent characters from being unable to move due to thirst!
	Added new settings in uox.ini to enable/disable the hard-coded hunger and thirst systems, with thirst system being disabled by default:
		HUNGERENABLED=1 // defaults to 1. Affects hunger of players, tamed pets, animal AI
		THIRSTENABLED=0 // defaults to 0. Affects thirst of players, tamed pets, animal AI
	Responses to UOG/CUO server poll requests are now enabled in uox.ini by default
	Fixed an issue with CChar::RemoveAllObjectsFromSight(), which failed to remove nearby multis from sight, leading to ghost images when changing worlds/instances
	Added check for other multis when sailing - boats will now collide with other boats!
	Added check for dynamic items when sailing - boats will now collide with blocking objects
	Added "wrapping" support for maps 0 and 1 when sailing, meaning a ship can sail around the world in both N/S and E/W directions.
	Added new [magic] section in uox.ini with the following settings:
		TRAVELSPELLSFROMBOATKEYS=1 		// Toggle being able to travel via Recall and Gate spells directly to a boat via its key
		TRAVELSPELLSWHILEOVERWEIGHT=0 	// Toggle being able to travel via Recall and Gate spells when overweight
		MARKRUNESINMULTIS=1 			// Toggle being able to mark runes while inside multis. If enabled, runes marked inside multis will be associated with the multi in question, rather than a specific set of coordinates. If multi no longer exists, travelling to it via Recall or Gate will be impossible
		TRAVELSPELLSBETWEENWORLD=0 		// Toggle being able to travel via Recall and Gate spells from one facet to another
		TRAVELSPELLSWHILEAGGRESSOR=0	// Toggle being able to travel via Recall and Gate spells when marked as an aggressor (if attacked an innocent first, or if criminal)
	Fixed an exception that would only rear its head when running UOX3 in debug mode, by adding new function void CBaseObject::RemoveFromRefreshQueue(), which when called from the end of the Cleanup() process for an object will ensure it's removed from the refreshQueue (thanks giwo!)
	Fixed several issues with the regional spawning system:
		NPCs would quite often get created, only to be deleted shortly after because the system failed to find a valid spawn location. This part of the system has now been rewritten to look for a valid spawn location before actually spawning the NPC, to avoid unnecessary creation/deletion of characters
		Spawn system would not continue looking for a valid spawn location past the first failure (when it was supposed to make 100 attempts before giving up)
		Spawn system would not look for valid water tiles for ocean-based/amphibian creatures if valid land tiles could not be found. As a result, amphibian creatures that could have spawned on either land or water would only ever spawn on land.
		DoesMapBlock() function checked for TF_BLOCKING tile flag before it checked if waterwalking was allowed and if tile had TF_WET flag. As a result, no purely ocean-based creatures would spawn at all because no valid spawn locations could ever be found
	Fixed an issue with JS Function DeleteFile(), which would stop calling script from working if no file was found for deletion. Could break demolishing of houses, amongst other things
	Fixed an issue with DoSEErrorMessage() function that prevented JS function error messages from being displayed in UOX3 console if message size was below 512
	Fixed a bug that allowed players to place items on the same slot of walls when using a client that doesn't automatically restrict this
	When dropping items, UOX3 will now look for a valid surface to drop them on, and move the item to said valid surface if applicable
	Fixed an issue with loading of MultiCollections.uop where max boundaries of each multi was not set on load, preventing features that relied on finding corners of building from working (like automatic ban location detection for houses)
	Added new function in mapstuff.cpp to check flags on dynamic items, and exposed it as a JS Function with same name and parameters:
		CheckDynamicFlag( SI16 x, SI16 y, SI08 oldz, UI08 worldNumber, UI16 instanceID, TileFlags toCheck );
	Fixed an issue where items were not always properly added to/removed from map regions when picked up or dropped
	Added new helper function in dist.cpp to find 3D distance between two points:
		getDist3D( point a, point b )
	Added JS Function - DistanceBetween() - to find distance between two sets of coordinates, or two objects:
		DistanceBetween( x1, y1, x2, y2 )
		DistanceBetween( x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2 )
		DistanceBetween( sourceObject, targObject )
		DistanceBetween( sourceObject, targObject, checkZ )
	Added Item JS Method - GetTileName() - to get name of an item directly from tiledata
	Added new UOX.INI setting that defines the lower limit for when a purchase will withdraw money from bank instead of backpack:
	Split the UOX.INI setting CONSOLELOG into three parts, to enable/disable different forms of logging:
		CONSOLELOG=1/0 	// Toggles logging of console messages, warnings and errors
		NETWORKLOG=1/0 	// Toggles logging of network traffic
		SPEECHLOG=1/0 	// Toggles logging of player/staff speech
	Exposed crafting entries to JS engine, along with associated properties from the crafting DFNs:
		New JS Object types
			CreateEntries	// Global JS object containing all item entries loaded from create DFNs
			CreateEntry		// A specific create entry retrieved from global object. Example:
				var createEntry = CreateEntries[7] // Fetches item entry #7 from create DFNs
		New CreateEntry JS Properties
			id			// itemID of item to craft
			name		// name of item entry from create DFNs
			addItem 	// section header of item to craft from item DFNs
			colour		// colour of crafted item
			sound		// sound played when crafting item
			minRank		// minimum rank value used by rank system to provide variable stats to crafted items
			maxRank		// maximum rank value used by rank system to provide variable stats to crafted items
			delay		// delay in milliseconds for crafting to finish
			spell		// spell ID primarily used when inscribing magic scrolls
			resources	// list of resources needed to craft item.
				resources[n][0] // amount of resource needed
				resources[n][1] // resource colour required
				resources[n][2] // list of IDs accepted as resource material
			skills		// list of skills requirements to craft item
				skills[n][0]	// skillNumber of skill required to craft item
				skills[n][1]	// minimum skill at which player will always fail to craft item
				skills[n][2]	// maximum skill at which player will always succeed to craft item
			avgMinSkill	// average minimum skill required to smelt item
			avgMaxSkill	// average maximum skill required to smelt item
	Fixed a bug with tracking menu that could cause UOX3 to crash when cancelling/closing the menu
	Added new UOX.INI settings under [speedup] section to control global speed of mounted NPCs:
	Added new NPC DFN tags to allow overriding global mounted movement speeds:
	Corpse parts carved from human corpses will now have weight, and decay - as they're added as script items instead of base items
	Fixed some memory leaks in CMultiObj::GetBuildTimestamp(), CMultiObj::GetTradeTimestamp(), CWorldMain::SaveNewWorld() and cEffects::tempeffect()
	Misc smaller code cleanup
	Fixed an issue with ItemID skill where using the skill on a crafted item would not output a result if creator of item was unknown
	Command logs now also include any parameters used with a command
	Fixed an issue where messages used with CustomTarget JS function would not get truncated properly if longer than the allowed maximum length
	Fixed some instances of potential buffer overrun and/or out-of-bounds memory access
	Fixed some potential null pointer dereferences
	Fixed a couple instances of missing breaks in switch cases
	Added [[maybe_unused]] attributes in places where return values are intentionally unused
	Added [[fallthrough]] attributes in places where switch case fallthroughs are intentional
	Fixed some issues with converting account data from older (pre 0.99) versions of UOX3
	Misc minor code cleanup
	UOX3 now sends the appropriate packets (0x85 and/or 0x86) in response to client requests to delete a character from the char selection screen
	Fixed an issue with fetching create entries in JS - was incorrectly limited by number of registered spells!
	More code cleanup
	Updated how UOX3 handles more, morex, morey and morez properties:
		DFN tags for these properties can now handle data in multiple formats. Example:
			MORE=1285, MORE=0 0 5 5, MORE=0x00 0x00 0x05 0x05, MORE=0x00000505
		JS command 'set more/morex/morey/morez now accepts any of the above formats
		JS command 'get will now display both the decimal value for these properties, as well as the hex one
		JS command 'tweak will now display hex value for these properties in a tooltip
	Fixed an issue with target-based spells (like Magic Lock/Unlock, Magic Trap/Untrap, Telekinesis) that used the inverse result of a distance check to determine if players could cast such a spell at an item
	Fixed an issue where players could keep spawn containers open on screen to access items respawning inside without having to unlock/untrap container again after a respawn
	Locked containers (and spawn containers) will now show [Locked] in the item tooltip
	Spawn containers will now be re-trapped when new items spawn, if they were trapped originally. To trap a container:
		MOREZ=0x01 0x32 0x00 0x00 // 0x01 marks container as trapped, 0x32 says "deal 50 damage" when trap is set off
	Fixed trapped spawn containers not dealing damage when trap is set off due to magic damage function in source requiring a valid attacker (now no longer does)
	Updated source and scripts to use cliloc id 1050045 for custom tooltips rather than 1114778, as 1050045 is available in all client versions that support tooltips
	Added new JS Function to force-trigger a trapped item, as if the player tried to open a trapped container:
		TriggerTrap( pChar, iTrap )
	Fixed a server crash related to casting of spells
	Fixed some issues with Line-of-Sight checks related to items under/above ground, LoS checks between different floors of buildings, etc.
	Updated handling of skill-training keywords to be based on language-independent keyword IDs rather than trying to match player-input text to specific skill-names
	Added new NPC AI type to source - AI_STABLEMASTER (9) - and assigned this to animal trainers. This is used to identify this type of NPCs for the purpose of displaying relevant context menus
	Removed remaining hard-coded banking functionality - all handled by script anyway
	Added new context menu option for NPC bankers - Open Bankbox
	Updated code handling of context menus to only show context menus when relevant:
		Open Paperdoll - Shows for all characters with a paperdoll
		Open Backpack - Shows for player's character, pack animals and hirelings
		Open Bankbox - Shows for banker NPCs (if within 8 tiles)
		Buy/Sell - Shows for vendor NPCs (if within 8 tiles, and if they have anything for sale/are buying anything)
	Added new context menu entries for pets, which can be used if player is within 12 tiles of pet:
		Command: Kill
		Command: Stop
		Command: Follow
		Command: Stay
		Command: Guard
		Add Friend
		Remove Friend
	Added new context menu entries for stablemasters/animal trainers:
		Claim All Pets
		Stable Pet
	Added new context menu entries for Escort Quest NPCs
		Ask Destination (if within 3 tiles)
		Accept Escort (if within 3 tiles)
		Abandon Escort
	Added new context menus for NPCs that can teach skills to players (limited to max 10 per NPC)
		Train [skillName]
	Added new NPC DFN tag used by code to detect hireling NPCs for the purpose of displaying context menus:
		HIRELING 	// No additional value/data needed for tag
	Added new context menu entries for Hireling NPCs, in addition to the ones for regular pets:
		Hire 	// Can be used within 3 steps of the hireling, who will respond with cost to hire them
		Dismiss // Replaces the "release" command for pets, will dismiss the hireling
	Added new UOX ini setting to enable/disable context menus
		CONTEXTMENUS=1/0 (defaults to 1)
	Added new Item JS Method to check if an item's ID is on a specified food list
		.IsOnFoodList( foodList )	// Returns true/false if item's ID is on specified foodList
	Added new Character JS Properties
		.isGuarded 		// Gets/Sets whether character is guarded by a pet/hireling
		.guarding 		// Gets/Sets the object (if any) being guarded by a pet/hireling
	Fixed multiple issues with health bars, flagging and character highlighting
	Added some crash protection for invalid data used with CUSTOMINTTAG and CUSTOMSTRINGTAG DFN tags for Items, NPCs and Multis
	Fixed an issue which prevented hard-coded checks from running when using items
	Added new global js object (Timer) to make the use of character timers in JS more robust, with properties matching timer names from enum in source.
			.TIMEOUT 		// Time until next attack can be done in combat
			.INVIS			// Time until invisible character becomes visible
			.HUNGER			// Time until character grows more hungry
			.THIRST			// Time until character grows more thirsty
			.POISONTIME		// Time until next tick of poison damage
			.POISONTEXT		// Time until next message about suffering from poison
			.POISONWEAROFF	// Time until poison wears off
			.SPELLTIME		// Time until spell cast is completed. Can be set to 0 to interrupt
			.ANTISPAM		// Time until next speech message can be sent (for anti spam purposes)
			.CRIMFLAG		// Time until criminal flag runs out
			.MURDERRATE		// Time until next murder count decay
			.PEACETIMER		// Time until character can re-enter combat after being affected by peacemaking
			.FLYINGTOGGLE	// Time until next time flying ability can be toggled for gargoyles
			.MOVETIME		// Time until NPC can move again
			.SPATIMER		// Time until next time NPC can cast a spell
			.SUMMONTIME		// Time until a summoned NPC will vanish
			.EVADETIME		// Time until an NPC will exit evade state
			.LOGOUT			// Time it takes for a player char to vanish after logout
		Examples of use:
			var hungerTimer = myChar.GetTimer( Timer.HUNGER )
			myChar.SetTimer( Timer.HUNGER, 15000 )
	Added new Character JS Methods to add, remove and list friends of a pet/hireling:
		.AddFriend( playerToAdd )		// Adds player to friend list
		.RemoveFriend( playerToRemove )	// Removes player from friend list
		.GetFriendList()				// Gets list of friends
		.ClearFriendList()				// Clears list of friends
	Added new Character JS Method to fetch a player character's list of pets/followers
		.GetPetList()		// Gets list of pets/followers
	Added new persistent NPC property to keep track of a pet's previous owners, whether those tamed the pet or had it transferred to them. Every time a pet is tamed, or is transferred to a new owner, this list is updated:
		GenericList< CChar * >	petOwnerList
	Added new Character JS Method to check if a player is on a pet's owner list as a previous owner:
		.HasBeenOwner( mChar )
	Previous owners of a pet can re-tame it with guaranteed chance of success
	Updated JS Method Refresh() to be usable with both items or characters, to send updated state of object to nearby players
	Added character tooltip [Guarded] for characters being guarded by a pet/hireling
	Pets/hirelings that are transferred will now immediately start following their new master instead of wandering freely
	Pets/hirelings can no longer be transferred between players as long as either party is flagged as a criminal
	Pets/hirelings can no longer be transferred to dead players
	Pets/hirelings can no longer be transferred to NPCs
	Summoned creatures can no longer be transferred to other players
	Summoned creatures can no longer have friends
	Friend lists of pets/hirelings are now cleared when the pet/hireling is transferred to another player
	Added new UOX.INI settings to control how many pets players can have active:
		MAXCONTROLSLOTS=0 	// Maximum number of pet control slots available to player. Disabled if 0
		MAXFOLLOWERS=5 		// Maximum pets/followers a player can have active at the same time. Used if control slots are disabled
		MAXPETOWNERS=5 		// Maximum number of different owners a pet can have over its lifetime before it becomes impossible to retame
	Added new NPC property and NPC DFN tag that keeps track of how many pet control slots an NPC would take up if owned by a player:
		UI08 controlSlots 	// source property
	Added new Character JS properties:
		.ownerCount		// Get the total number of owners a pet/hireling has had, based on NPC's petOwnerList
		.controlSlots 	// Get/Set number of pet control slots an NPC will occupy
		.controlSlotsUsed // Get/Set the number of control slots used by a player
	Increased the max distance from player that onSpeech JS event will trigger from 7 to 12
	Updated how "all attack" and "all follow" commands for pets are handled. Now loops through all pets owned by character and executes command for each eligible pet
	Fixed an issue where NPCs could follow characters in different worlds/instances than them selves
	Updated default max amount of items that can be sold to NPC vendors from 5 to 250
	Guards can no longer train players in skills
	Pets now inherit the karma of their owners, but revert to their original karma upon release
	Pets and hirelings will no longer follow the ghosts of their dead owners, but stay to guard their corpse
	Added optional 9th parameter for JS Function CreateDFNItem to specify a color for item created. This comes before the other optional parameters - worldNumber and instanceID (which are only used if character is NULL):
		CreateDFNItem( mSock, mChar, sectionName, inPack, iAmount, itemType, iColor, worldNumber, instanceID )
	Added ID of Giant Beetle to various pack animal checks
	Pack animals will now drop any newbie/blessed items stored in their packs upon death
	Added new NPC properties to track pet loyalty, and exposed these as Character JS properties, and NPC DFN tags:
		JS Properties
			.maxLoyalty 	// Defaults to 100
			.loyalty 		// Starts at 25
		DFN Tags
			MAXLOYALTY=# 	// Defaults to 100
			LOYALTY=# 		// Starts at 25
	Updated TriggerEvent JS function to support return values (int, bool, string, object) from called script
	Added new UOX.INI settings under [pets and hirelings] section related to pet control and loyalty:
		CHECKPETCONTROLDIFFICULTY=1 	// Enable/Disable pet control difficulty system
		PETLOYALTYGAINONSUCCESS=1 		// Amount of pet loyalty gained on successful pet command use
		PETLOYALTYLOSSONFAILURE=3 		// Amount of pet loyalty lost on failed pet command use
		PETLOYALTYRATE=900 				// Amount of seconds between each time pet loyalty is automatically reduced by 1. Takes 25 hours to deplete completely from max
	Added new persistent NPC property that keeps track of the difficulty of taming and controlling a pet, and exposed it as a Character JS property:
	Every time a tamed pet is released or goes wild, its "orneriness" increases, making it more difficult for other players to tame, and more difficult for anyone to control.
	Updated CBasePetResponse::canControlPet() function to use pet control difficulty system if enabled, which checks player's animal taming/animal lore skill vs a pet's "orneriness" to determine chance of pet accepting a given pet command
		On successful use of pet command, increases pet loyalty by value defined in PETLOYALTYGAINONSUCCESS ini setting
		On failed use of pet command, decreases pet loyalty by value defined in PETLOYALTYLOSSONFAILURE ini setting
	Added new Character JS Method to calculate chance of a player successfully controlling the pet:
		.CalculateControlChance( mChar )	// Returns value between 0 and 1000 indicating chance of success
	Feeding a pet will now restore its loyalty to maximum
	Pets will now lose loyalty on hunger checks when at maximum hunger
	Pets that are maximum hungry will now only have a chance to go wild if loyalty has dropped to zero
	Added secure pet trading. Players who trade pets will now see a pet transfer deed appear in a secure trade window with the name and type of creature, and upon completion of the trade the associated pet will be instantly transferred to the other player
	Updated code to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Fixed incorrect spelling for UOX.INI setting HIDEW(H)ILEMOUNTED and updated hiding skill (js/skill/hiding.js) to actually allow/disallow hiding while mounted based on this setting
	Added new Character JS Method to make it easier to make one NPC initiate combat with another:
		.InitiateCombat( targetChar )	// Character attempts to initiate combat with target character
	Updated parrying portion of combat code to be in line with Pub15/pre-AoS parrying mechanics. High AR shields now absorb more damage on a successful parry, while low AR shields have a higher chance of parrying. Shields are also now more effective against archery attacks (full absorption potential) than melee attacks (half absorption potential).
	Updated combat damage calculations to be in line with Pub15/pre-AoS damage calculations
	Adjusted default value of COMBATNPCDAMAGERATE ini setting (damage divisor when target is a player) from 2 to 1 to account for these changes.
	Removed dictionary.UNK, and made dictionary.ZRO the default dictionary used for all unsupported languages
	Added dictionary support for additional languages: Portuguese, Italian, Czech
	Updated default dictionaries for the following languages: English, French
	Added new UOX.INI setting to allow specifying a default dictionary language for server, which if set will force that language for all dictionary messages, regardless of client settings:
		SERVERLANGUAGE=0 	// Set default server dictionary language. Supported languages: 0 - None/language used by each client, 1 - English, 2 - German, 3 - Spanish, 4 - French, 5 - Portuguese, 6 - Italian, 7 - Czech
	Added new function in combat.cpp - AdjustArmorClassDamage() - which adjusts the damage dealt in combat based on whether armour class (AC DFN tag or .ac JS property) of weapon and armour equipped on hit location of target match up. A weapon with armour class 1 would essentially be doubly effective against armour of armour class 1. Allows setting up things like piercing weapons being better against some armor types than mace weapons, etc.
	Added new UOX.INI setting under [combat] to enable/disable double damage from armour class bonuses:
		ARMORCLASSDAMAGEBONUS=0/1 //defaults to 0)
	Fixed a bug with PACKITEM tag which seeped in with previous commit, which could cause a server crash due to incorrect handling of the tag data
	Blank recall runes will no longer have a tooltip with the world the runes were marked in
	A west-facing rune with item ID 0x1f17 has been added to represent blank, unmarked runes. This is now the rune that vendors sell, and which can be added through the magic-portion of the 'add menu. Upon being marked by a Mark spell, the rune will change ID to the north-facing one with ID 0x1f14. This is to accommodate the Inscription crafting skill, which will use the blank 0x1f17 runes as a crafting resource.
	Added new item type - IT_RUNEBOOK (49)
	Newbie/blessed items will now have [Blessed] displayed in the item tooltip
	Ghosts can no longer "speedhack" by spamming the tab button to go in and out of combat rapidly
	Fixed an issue with NPC titles in paperdolls
	Added new Character JS property to detect if a character is running, which also accounts for sprinting while mounted, or fast flying for characters who can fly (Xuri):
		.isRunning 		// Returns true if character is running, false if they're walking
		Added Fish as another resource type (in addition to logs and ore) for UOX3 to keep track of and respawn based on resource areas
	Added new UOX.INI settings to control the availability of and respawn times for fish:
		FISHPERAREA=10 			// Maximum number of fish in a given resource area
		FISHRESPAWNTIMER=600 	// Amount of time it takes for 1 single fish to respawn in a resource area
		FISHRESPAWNAREA=10 		// Number of fish-areas to split the world into
	Exposed the fish resource type to Resource JS functions, which now take "FISH" as an additional resource type on top of "LOGS" and "ORE:
		ResourceTime( resourceType ) 		// Return respawn timer for specified resource type
		ResourceTime( resourceType, int ) 	// Set respawn timer (in seconds) for specified resource type
		ResourceAmount( resourceType ) 		// Get max amount of resources per resource area for specified resource type
		ResourceAmount( resourceType, int ) // Set max amount of resources per resource area for specified resource type
		ResourceArea( resourceType ) 		// Get number of resource areas that world has been split into for specified resource type
		ResourceArea( resourceType, int ) 	// Set number of resource areas to split the world into for specified resource type
	Updated Resource JS properties with properties to get current amount of fish in a region, and the current respawn timer for fish:
		.fishAmount		// Returns/Sets the amount of fish in given resource object
		.fishTime		// Returns/Sets the respawn timer of fish in given resource object
	Added support for new Skills DFN tag:
		SKILLDELAY=# 	// Delay in seconds before another skill can be used after using this skill. Overrides global delay from UOX.INI
	Updated skill cSkills::SkillUse() to use skill-specific skill delays if set for a given skill, or global delay from ini if not. Also added a check to see if skill delay timer has been modified by onSkill JS event before attempting to set a default timer
	Updated skill delays to better match ~pub15 era:
		Reduced global SKILLDELAY setting in UOX.INI from 2 to 1 second
		Detecting Hidden skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Herding skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Hiding skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds, with shorter delays (global skill delay) for trying to hide while in combat or for successfully hiding
		Meditation skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds, with shorter delays (global skill delay) for failing due to hands being occupied or already being at max mana
		Peacemaking skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds for failed skill checks, and 5 seconds delay for successful ones
		Poisoning skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Provocation skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Remove Trap skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Stealing skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Stealth skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Tracking skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
		Veterinary skill now has a default skill delay of 10 seconds
	Fixed an issue with global JS Timer object that would reference the wrong timerIDs
	Extended global JS timer object to include timers from socket as well (marked with SOCK_ prefix):
		.SOCK_SKILLDELAY	// Delay before the next time player can use another skill
		.SOCK_OBJDELAY		// Delay before next time player can use another object
		.SOCK_SPIRITSPEAK 	// Timer that tracks remaining duration of player's Spirit Speak
		.SOCK_TRACKING		// Timer that tracks remaining duration for player's Tracking skill
		.SOCK_FISHING		// Timer that tracks remaining duration for player's Fishing skill
		.SOCK_MUTETIME 		// Timer that tracks remaining duration a player remains muted
		.SOCK_TRACKINGDISPLAY 	// Timer that tracks interval between each time tracking display is updated
	Updated Persecution ability for player ghosts to use the skill delay of the Spirit Speak skill, if set
	Updated Persecution ability to base mana damage primarily on player's Spirit Speak skill rather than their Intelligence
	In order to cut down on the amount of messages sent from server to players trying to spam-use objects/skills, UOX3 now only sends a maximum of one message for object use delay and one message for skill use delay while the delay timers for these are in effect. This resets on the next successful use of an object or skill. This is tracked via bools in cSocket class:
		bool objDelayMsgShown
		bool skillDelayMsgShown
	Converted DELAY tag in spells.dfn to use seconds (with decimals) instead of tenths of a second, which was not precise enough. This controls the cast time of spells. What would previously say DELAY=10 (10/10ths of a second) now says DELAY=1.0 (1 second)
	Added support for new Spells DFN tag to control delay until damage takes place after casting a spell, replacing UOX.INI setting COMBATEXPLODEDELAY, which is no longer used:
		DAMAGEDELAY=# 		// Delay in seconds (decimal) until a direct damage spell deals its damage
	Added support for a new Spells DFN tag to control cast recovery time, during which additional spells cannot be cast:
		RECOVERYDELAY=# 	// Delay in seconds (decimal) until player can cast another spell
	Added new setting in UOX.INI to control whether player spellcasting gets interrupted upon equipping/picking up items:
		ITEMSINTERRUPTCASTING=1 	// If enabled, spellcasting gets interrupted by equipping/picking up items. Defaults to enabled.
	Reagent checks and skill-check now take place AFTER the spellcast animation, not before!
	Players can no longer cast spells while holding items on the cursor
	Fixed Magic Trap, Magic Untrap, Magic Lock and Magic Unlock not being usable on containers in one's own backpack
	Fixed an issue that caused Magic Trap to deal between 50 to 100 damage to the player. New damage: 5 to 10, depending on Magery skill
	Fixed an issue where Magic Untrap spell would completely remove traps from spawn containers instead of disable them
	Fixed an issue where Telekinesis spell would not set off traps on containers properly
	Added additional FX for Teleport spell played at player's original location before the teleport took place
	Fixed a bug where creatures summoned with the Summon Creature spell were not dispellable
	Fixed an issue where the Reveal spell would not reveal players hidden using the Hiding skill
	Dispel and Mass Dispel spells are no longer guaranteed to succeed at dispelling summoned creatures. Instead, the chance to dispel is based on the following simple formula, with dispelChance capped at 95% to always leave some chance for a creature to resist a dispel:
		dispelChance = ( 50 - ( targetResistSkill - casterMagerySkill )) / 1.5
			The targetResistSkill is based on the highest value of the summoned creature's spell resistance skill and the spell resistance skill of its summoner
	Fixed an issue where the Create Food spell attempted to create an invalid item
	Fixed issue where code that checked for valid drop locations for items didn't allow negative z values (Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed issue where players could drop items on blocking map tiles like water or mountains (Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed issue where some JS functions like CheckStaticFlag, CheckDynamicFlag, DoesStaticBlock, DoesDynamicBlock and DoesMapBlock would not work correctly when passed negative Z values
	Fixed issue where context menu were listing skills to train from NPCs based on effective skill rather than base skill
	Fixed issue where NPCs would offer skills for training even if those skills were not above the minimum 60 skillpoints
	Updated clilocID used for Gump JS Method AddToolTip - as well as for some item/character tooltip data - from 1050045 to 1042971 for improved client compatibility
	Human/Elf/Gargoyle NPCs with spellcasting capabilities will now play a casting animation and briefly stop moving when they cast spells
	Updated NPC spellcasting code to help NPCs make a bit better choices of what spells to cast during combat. Now they take their own health percentage into account, and cast more offensive spells when at near full health vs more defensive spells as their health drops
	Fixed an issue where Hirelings wouldn't always immediately start following their new owners
	Fixed a bug where the Earthquake spell could incorrectly add NPC characters marked for deletion to the refresh queue
	Added support for an optional third parameter for Character/Socket JS Method .CustomTarget() to allow highlighting targeting cursors as neutral (0, default aura), harmful (1, red aura), helpful (2, blue aura). A value of 3 will cancel the currently active targeting cursor. New syntax:
		myChar/mySock.CustomTarget( targetID, txtToSay, cursorType ) 	// supported cursorTypes: 0 = neutral, 1 = harmful, 2 = helpful, 3 = cancel current target cursor
	Various target cursors triggered by code (like hard-coded spells, some pet commands) also make use of these cursorTypes
	Fixed a bug that caused segmentation fault on Linux, related to item tooltips and socket language
	Fixed an issue where AF_ALL option in [disabled assistant features] of UOX.INI would override (duh) the setting for all the other assistant features, essentially leaving the shard admin with only two options (all features disabled, or none). The AF_ALL option has now been removed entirely.
	Extended support for negotiating with assistant tools to disable these additional assistant tool features (from UOS) via the [disabled assistant features] section of UOX.INI:
		AF_AUTOBANDAGE=0/1 			// Automatically apply bandages when low on health
		AF_ENEMYTARGETSHARE=0/1 	// Share enemy target in party/guild/alliance chat
		AF_FILTERSEASON=0/1 		// Force client to display a fixed season
		AF_SPELLTARGETSHARE=0/1 	// Share spell target in party/guild/alliance chat
		AF_HUMANOIDHEALTHCHECKS=0/1 // Check health of nearby humanoid characters?
		AF_SPEECHJOURNALCHECKS=0/1 	// Check journal for specific messages sent from server
	Applied a potential fix for an issue that could cause players to get disconnected immediately without delay before assistant tool had a chance to respond to feature negotiation request
	Addressed a couple of minor code issues that caused some warnings
	Extended Character JS Method DoAction() to support two additional parameters - frameCount and playBackwards - which define the length of the animation (defaults to 7) and whether the animation should be played backwards (defaults to false). Note that this only works for old-style animations, and thus is not available for Gargoyle characters. Updated method syntax:
		.DoAction( actionID ) // Old animation packet
		.DoAction( actionID, null, frameCount) // Old animation packet with frameCount
		.DoAction( actionID, null, frameCount, frameDelay ) // Old animation packet with frameCount, frameDelay
		.DoAction( actionID, null, frameCount, frameDelay, playBackwards) // Old animation packet with frameCount, frameDelay, playBackwards
		.DoAction( actionID, subActionID ) // New animation packet
	Renamed ORERESPAWNAREA ini setting to RESOURCEAREASIZE (it's also used for ore, and logs) and reduced it from 10 to 8 to divide each world into 8x8 sized resource areas
	Fixed a bug where the new fish resource type was not getting regenerated or saved properly
	Added INSTANCEID support to INSTALOG section of regions.dfn, and added default WORLD and INSTANCEID entries to all areas
	Fixed a bug in handling of the LOOT tag for NPCs where server would crash if a number was specified behind the item/itemlist to add as loot
	The DFN tags PACKITEM and LOOT are now handled similarly when used for NPCs and Items respectively. PACKITEM can be used for adding items with specific IDs, or "list objects" from itemlists.dfn, while LOOT can be used to add items from lootlists.dfn. One big difference between these is that if the optional amount parameter is specified for either tag when used with itemlists/lootlists (PACKITEM=listObject,amount vs LOOT=lootlist,amount), PACKITEM will add the specified amount of the specified/randomly chosen item, while LOOT will add X amount of random items.
	Updated implementation of ITEMLISTs and LOOTLISTs to support an optional weighting system, which can be used to adjust the probability of some items being chosen from these lists over other items. In the below example, specialfishingnet has a weight of 10, while the blank entry has a weight of 90, making it 9 times more likely for the blank entry to be chosen than the specialfishingnet! Note that higher weighted items should be sorted first for this to be accurate:
		[LOOTLIST shipwreck_treasure_special]
	Extended functionality of JS Function DoMovingEffect() to allow a set of coordinates as source location, without having to specify a character as either the source or target of the effect
	Fixed an issue with sea creatures being unable to pathfind in shallow water due to underwater land tiles being treated as blocking
	Fixed an issue where the color of NPC corpse names would not always match up with the NPC's flag color
	Fixed a bug where the baseRange and maxRange properties of ranged weapons would not get saved to world files. These values are now saved in the format of RANGE=baseRange,maxRange
	Changed the way items are added to containers, to ensure that the order in which the items are displayed to the player always reflects the order in which they were added; now the most recent item added/moved in a container will always be rendered on top of older items.
	Made adjustments to how items are randomly added to containers; should use more of a given container gump's available area now
	Exposed Item property to JS engine, which contains serial of the creator of an item:
		.creator 	// contains serial of the creator of an item. If set, maker's marks will show up in the item's tooltip
	Fixed an issue where JS engine would lose track of script context if one script used CreateDFNItem() or SpawnNPC() functions and the new objects had events that triggered upon creation. UOX3 now restores the original script context at the tail end of these functions.
	Added new JS Event to allow inserting custom tooltip text for objects, which will be displayed in tooltips right after the object name. Any text returned from the event will be displayed, and the text can make use of the same HTML tags as gumps to make changes to color, font, etc.
		onTooltip( myObj ) 		// Triggers for objects right before the object's tooltip properties are sent to client
	Fixed an issue with NPC vendors and items bought from players not being properly removed from the vendor's "bought container" when players buy them again
	Fixed an issue with CustomTarget where the target message would not be displayed if the cursorType parameter was provided
	The feature that allows stats like Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence to provide bonuses to skill checks has been turned into a UOX.INI setting, which is disabled by default. The bonuses have also been nerfed; they will no longer contribute more to the success of a skill check than the actual skill being checked!
		STATSAFFECTSKILLCHECKS=0/1 	// If enabled, stats can provide bonuses to skill checks based on the weighting for those stats as setup in dfndata/skills/skills.dfn
	Updated damage tracking code to include the type of damage that was dealt (PHYSICAl vs HEAT vs COLD, etc)
	Updated Character JS Method Damage() to include a new parameter that can specify the type of damage that was dealt to the character. The new parameter must always be included if other optional parameters are used. Note that updates might be required for scripts making use of this method.Updated syntax:
		.Damage( amount )
		.Damage( amount, damageType )
		.Damage( amount, damageType, attacker )
		.Damage( amount, damageType, attacker, doRepsys )
		Supported damageTypes:
			PHYSICAL 	= 1
			LIGHT 		= 2
			RAIN 		= 3
			COLD 		= 4
			HEAT 		= 5
			LIGHTNING 	= 6 // magic damage
			POISON 		= 7
			SNOW 		= 8
	Updated JS Event OnDamage to include an additional parameter that describes the type of damage that was dealt. New syntax:
		onDamage( damaged, attacker, damageValue, damageType )
	Updated JS Event OnSpellTarget to allow rejecting a spell being cast on a target by returning a value of 2 from the script
	Split the character priv flag for magic reflection into a temporary one (one-time magic reflection spell) and a permanent one (innate permanent reflection ability). The temporary effect is put in place by Magic Reflection spell, and is removed after a successful spell reflect. The permanent one is an innate ability of a character and is not removed even after a spell is reflected.
	Added new Character JS property to get/set state of a character's permanent magic reflect ability:
		.permanentMagicReflect 		// 0 = disable, 1 = enable
	Removed an ancient piece of code that prevented corpses from being generated for various elementals and blade spirits on death. This was originally put in place because these creatures had no corpses, and would replace it with a backpack instead, but these creatures now all have corpses in all client versions supported by UOX3
	Fixed a bug where creatures (and humans, if FORCENEWANIMATIONPACKET was disabled in uox.ini) would play animations with wrong frame count, causing the animations to either freeze for a few frames at the end, or get cut off a couple of frames early
	Implemented bonus hit chance for Archery skill, based on mention of such a bonus in Publish 5 patch notes and related UO House of Commons chat. This has been exposed as a UOX.INI setting where this bonus can be tweaked:
		ARCHERYHITBONUS=10 	// Bonus hit chance for Archery skill added to regular hit chance in combat. Defaults to 10%
	Implemented optional extra delay between moving and being able to shoot with ranged weapons in combat (in addition to whatever delay is there due to speed of the ranged weapon). This is exposed as a UOX.INI setting:
		ARCHERYSHOOTDELAY=0.5 // Minimum delay in seconds from a player stops moving until they can start to fire their ranged weapon. Defaults to 0.5s
	Fixed a bug where players who never entered combat mode could fire ranged weapons while moving
	Updated Add-menu with some improvements for usability:
		Menu now directly on the Objects (previously "Shard") tab for quicker access, with a small welcome text and quick-link button for UOX3 docs
		Settings tab contains some (persistent, will be saved with character) options for how the Add-menu behaves, along with a few quick-access buttons to some useful commands. Available options:
			Option to add chosen item at specific location instead of in GM's backpack
			Option to add chosen item repeatedly until cancelled
			Option to automatically reopen Add-menu on last menu that was open when a selection is made
			Option to force decayable state of all added items to either off (doesn't decay), on (decays) or nothing (use item default)
			Option to force movable state of all added items to either off (not movable), on (movable) or nothing (use item default)
		Added a Home button at the bottom of the menu, that takes the user back to the front page of the Add-menu regardless of which menu page they're on
	Updated Character/Socket JS Method SysMessage() with an optional parameter to specify the color used to display the system message. Updated syntax:
		.SysMessage( "Text" ) 									// Display "Text" to user as a system message with default system message color from ini
		.SysMessage( "Text %s %s", txtArg1, txtArg2 ) 			// Display "Text" to player with string arguments injected into text
		.SysMessage( txtColor, "Text" ) 						// Display "Text" to user with a specified color
		.SysMessage( txtColor, "Text %s %s", txtArg1, txtArg2 ) // Combination of text color, text and string arguments
	Fixed a bug where hair/beard items could show up inside corpses
	Fixed a bug where items could sometimes vanish (visually) from containers when bouncing back because player was not able to pick them up
	Fixed a bug where players would be unable to pick up a freely movable item from a locked down container
	Updated handling of item bouncing on pickup to use UOX3 dictionary messages instead of hard-coded client messages
	Added support for new Dictionary language:
		dictionary.POL - Polish (SERVERLANGUAGE=8 in uox.ini, or client language 83 if SERVERLANGUAGE is set to 0)
	Added new Item/Character JS Methods to get/set temporary custom tags which don't persist across worldsaves (or across reconnects, for players):
		.GetTempTag( "tagName" )
		.SetTempTag( "tagName", tagValue )
	When applying HPMAX, STAMINAMAX AND MANAMAX DFN tags to new NPCs, their current HP, STAMINA and MANA properties will now be automatically updated to match
	Fixed a server crash caused by empty speech messages sent from certain clients
	Fixed a bug that prevented teleport locations in Felucca/Trammel from working properly
	Updated calculations in code for duration and damage of existing poison strengths (1 - Lesser, 2 - Normal, 3 - Greater, 4 - Deadly) to match with ~Publish 15 (LBR/pre-AoS), and added another poison strength for monster usage (5 - Lethal)
	The strength of the Poison and Poison Field spells is now based on the average of the caster's Magery and Poisoning skills, the distance from the target (Poison spell only) and the target's Resisting Spells skill. If caster is further away than 2 tiles from target, the poison strength always equals Lesser Poison, otherwise the following rules apply:
		If caster's combined skill is higher than 100.0, poison strength equals Greater Poison, with 5% chance of Deadly Poison (if Poison spell) or Deadly Poison (if Poison Field spell)
		If caster's combined skill is higher than 70.2, poison strength equals Greater Poison
		If caster's combined skill is higher than 30.2, poison strength equals Normal Poison
		If caster's combined skill is 30.2 or lower, poison strength equals Lesser Poison
		If target resists spell, poison strength is reduced by 1 level, unless it's already at the lowest level
	Fixed an issue that would would let players move faster than they should have been allowed to
	Fixed misc issues with Party System:
		Mana and Stamina should now update for Party Members when added to the party, when going in/out of range and when their stats update while in range
		Players who get disconnected or relog should now find themselves back in the same party they were in previously
		Added system messages to inform party members about updates to their party, and to let invited players know they've successfully joined a party (or rejoined, if relogging)
	World saves now operate on the principle of only saving changes done since the last world save. Combined with the fact that NPCs in UOX3 are only active if there are players in the same/neighbouring map regions, shard owners may expect to see a decrease in world save times ranging from ~11% to ~99%, depending on how active and how spread out their player base is. If no changes have taken place since last save, saves are virtually instantaneous!
	Fixed some lines of text in new 'add menu that would display incorrectly in regular UO client
	Fixed bug where player might get stuck as frozen in ghost form and unable to move if dying in the midst of casting a spell
	Fixed two broken timer references in JS: Timer.SPELLRECOVERYTIME and Timer.LOYALTYTIME
	UOX3 console should now show 100% when done saving, regardless of the amount of data it has to save
	Earthquake spell can no longer harm invulnerable characters
	Fixed issue where NPC would evade instead of change to a different nearby target if unable to pathfind to current target
	Damage dealt by Fire Field spell is now determined by BASEDMG tag (defaults to 2, if resisted, half of that) in spells.dfn
	The rate at which the effects of field spells (Fire Field, Poison Field and Paralyze Field) are applied is now determined via the DAMAGEDELAY tag in spells.dfn, which defaults to 1.0 seconds
	Adjusted how updates are sent to clients when TurnToward JS Method is used, to prevent an issue where animations triggered immediately after would not play properly in the client
	Added new system that lets shard admins assign a "network" budget to connected clients, which determines the maximum amount of bytes clients are allowed to send to/receive from server over a period of ten seconds. If a client exceeds these limits three times in the same connected session, they'll receive a temporary ban and get kicked from the server. The following new UOX.INI settings under the [system] section can be used to control this feature:
		MAXCLIENTBYTESIN=25000		// Max bytes client can send to server over 10 seconds
		MAXCLIENTBYTESOUT=100000 	// Max bytes client can receive from server over 10 seconds
		NETTRAFFICTIMEBAN=30 		// Duration (in minutes) of temporary ban for exceeding these limits
	Fixed an issue that prevented GMs from using CSTATS and TWEAK buttons in 'wholist
	Increased MAXBUFFER size for socket operations from 2560 to 4096
	Minor code cleanup
	Finalized implementation of GetTempTag and SetTempTag (Xuri)
	Fixed an issue with DoTempEffect JS function which prevented compilation on macOS (and potentially had unintended consequences)
	Cleaned up a warning in sound.cpp
	Updated onSkillGain, onSkillLoss and onSkillChange JS events:
		Additional parameters now supported by events - skillGainAmount and skillLossAmount
			onSkillGain( player, skillID, skillGainAmount ) 	// skillGainAmount is always positive
			onSkillLoss( player, skillID, skillLossAmount ) 	// skillLossAmount is always positive
			onSkillChange( player, skillID, skillChangeAmount ) // skillChangeAmount can be negative or positive
		The return value from onSkillGain and onSkillLoss events can now be used to control behavior:
			return true - skill gain/loss is allowed, and server will go through with the skill update
			return false - skill gain/loss is not allowed, and server will prevent the skill update, but will not block additional scripts with same event from running
		onSkillChange will now run as long as onSkillGain or onSkillLoss events return true, and if those events are not defined
	Shifted [directories] section of UOX.INI further up in the file, to make it easier to find
	Added new UOX.INI setting to control for which facets spawn regions are enabled (defaults to none):
		SPAWNREGIONSFACETS=#	// # is a bitmask that determines which facets to enable spawn regions for. Supported values:
			0 = No facets enabled (default)
			1 = Felucca
			2 = Trammel
			4 = Ilshenar
			8 = Malas
			16 = Tokuno
			32 = Ter Mur
				Examples: A value of 1 = only Felucca is enabled, value of 3 = Felucca + Trammel, 10 = Malas + Ilshenar, 63 = all facets enabled, etc.
	Updated CSpawnRegion::doRegionSpawn() function to only spawn objects in spawn region if world associated with spawn region is enabled in SPAWNREGIONSFACET uox.ini setting
	Stackable items given to newly created characters will no longer by default be marked as newbiefied/blessed items
	Added new Character JS Properties
		.actualDexterity 		// Returns the actual dexterity (minus temporary mods) of the character
		.actualIntelligence 	// Returns the actual intelligence (minus temporary mods) of the character
		.actualStrength 		// Returns the actual strength (minus temporary mods) of the character
	Fixed an issue where NPCs would be stuck not moving if they ended up trying to flee from non-existent targets
	Providing an invalid spellID with CastSpell() Character JS Method will no longer crash the server
	Fixed an issue where ranged weapons bought from NPC vendors would not have their baserange/maxrange properties set properly
	Updated onStatGained, onStatLoss and onStatChange JS events:
		Additional parameters now supported by events - statGainAmount and statLossAmount
			onStatGained( player, statID, statGainAmount ) 	// statGainAmount is always positive
			onStatLoss( player, statID, statLossAmount ) 	// statLossAmount is always positive
			onStatChange( player, statID, statChangeAmount ) // statChangeAmount can be negative or positive
		The return value from onStatGain and onStatLoss events can now be used to control behaviour:
			return true - stat gain/loss is allowed, and server will go through with the stat update
			return false - stat gain/loss is not allowed, server will prevent the stat update, and will prevent additional scripts with same event and/or hard code from running
		onStatChange will now run as long as onStatGain or onStatLoss events return true, and if those events are not defined
	Fixed an issue where players would experience higher than expected delays for firing ranged weapons after moving
	Updated item stacking code to disallow stacking items that have different more, morex, morey, morez, buyvalue or sellvalue
	Fixed issue where monsters would erroneously show context menu entries with skill training options
	Added new Item property that can be used to associate an item with a custom server event:
		DFN Tag:
			EVENT=eventName	// Name of event in one word, with no spaces
		JS Property:
	Added a code-check when placing house-addons to see if there's space in multi to place addon at selected location, starting from coordinates of target location and checking tiles east and south of that location based on the addon's SPACEX and SPACEY settings in house.dfn
	Changed how house addons are marked as addons; they will no longer have their item type set to 201 (IT_HOUSEADDON), as this would override any existing item type functionality of the items being setup as addons (like the dresser, which is a container). Instead, house addons are now marked with a custom tag "addon", which is used by scripts like axe.js to identify them as house addons instead of relying on the item type.
	NPC shopkeepers now spawn with full stocks of goods, instead of the bare minimum
	Fixed item weight tooltip for pileable items appearing in vendor shoplists
	Fixed an issue where selling items to NPC shopkeepers would sometimes not visually remove the items from player's backpack
	Fixed missing base_item inheritance and missing restock property for mount statues sold by animal trainers/stablekeepers, which prevented them from being presented for sale
	Hairs and Beards no longer count towards the total item count showing for corpses
	All leather containers are now dyable
	GM/Admin characters can now drag immovable items out of their own backpack even with "allmove" disabled
	A tip to enable "allmove" or modify item's movable property now shows for GMs attempting to pick up immovable items from the ground
	Hungry creatures with AI type 6 (AI_ANIMAL) will no longer suicide by indiscriminately attacking creatures with AI type 2 (AI_EVIL), but will instead only attack "peaceful" animals, or - if really hungry - other types of predatory animals (including humans...)
	Added new JS Item Methods to get/set the value (0-255) for specific parts (1-4) of temp variables ("more", "morex", "morey", "morez"):
		.GetMoreVar( moreVarName, moreVarPart )
		.SetMoreVar( moreVarName, moreVarPart, moreVarValue )
	Updated inRange JS event to also trigger for Items with this event attached, when player characters come within update range. Updated syntax:
		inRange( srcItem, pCharInRange )
		inRange( srcChar, objInRange )
	When UOX3 retrieves data from the onToolTip() JS event to potentially display custom object tooltips, it will use the ID specified in a temporary JS tag ("tooltipCliloc") on the object as the clilocID being sent to the client with the tooltip text returned from the script. If no such tag exists on the object, it defaults to cliloc ID 1042971.
	Added new JS event that triggers _after_ an item has been removed from a container (no return values supported):
		onContRemoveItem( iCont, objRemoved, pChar )
	The JS Function SpawnNPC() can now spawn NPCs from NPCLISTS if provided with a boolean parameter flag (useNpcList). Updated syntax:
		CChar SpawnNPC( npcSection/npclist, x, y, z, worldnumber, instanceID, useNpcList )
	Added new JS Event to allow detection of movement near an object (items only, for now). Distance at which it triggers determined by part 1 of the item's MORE property. Use long ranges with care! Syntax:
		onMoveDetect( srcObj, pChar, rangeToChar, oldCharX, oldCharY )
	Item and NPC definitions can now make use of randomization for the ID tag, for more variety. Syntax:
		id=[id1] [id2] [etc] // Example: id=0x0e42 0x0e43
	Updated code for spawn containers to allow spawning more than one item per container; by default, a spawn container will now spawn every item from an itemlist if set as the spawnobjlist property for that spawn container. These itemlists can contain direct item references, references to other itemlists or even lootlists
	Updated Unlock spell to check for existence of morey property value on lock. If there's a value, and the second part of the value is not 0x01, Unlock cannot be used to unlock the lock. By default, dungeon treasure containers level 1 and 2 are unlockable with the Unlock spell, while levels 3 and 4 are not, and require Lockpicking skill to unlock.
	Fixed an issue where player characters would "skip a step" when moving under certain circumstances (like coming out of hiding)
	Players flagged as criminals or non-innocent aggressors in PvP combat can no longer use public moongates
	Pets will now teleport along with the player both when using moongates (public or spell-based), recall, object-based teleporters or hard-defined teleport locations from teleport.scp
	Fixed an issue where the music set for a given region would not play for characters upon login, but only after exiting/re-entering the region
	If player moves between two guarded regions with identical GUARDOWNER, they will no longer receive a message saying they're protected by the guards of the new region (since there's no change in guarded status)
	Regions marked with PARENTREGION=# (# refers to parent region number) are loaded by UOX3 as "sub-regions". Entering or existing such a sub-region will not change the actual region a player is in, but they can be assigned a different MUSICLIST that will play instead of the music in the actual region the character is in. Sub-regions like these must have a lower region number than the region they're contained within
	Fixed a bug that snuck in when adding in PARENTREGION support in previous commit, that resulted in all regions being seen as sub-regions upon loading regions from regions.wsc
	Fixed an issue where Socket JS Property .account did not properly return an object reference to the account associated with the socket
	Updated JS Character Method .ResourceCount() to support -1 as value for the color argument, which will cause UOX3 to count all items of the specified ID, regardless of color
	Optimized portions of new crafting menus and added some additional features (Xuri)
		Updated Character JS Method .CheckSkill to support an optional fourth parameter - isCraftSkill. This is a boolean flag that, if set to true, will use an alternate formula for skill-checks that give players at least 50% chance at success if they at least meet the minimum requirements. The formula used:
		successChance = 500 + ((( playerSkill - minSkill ) / ( maxSkill - minSkill )) * 1000
		Fixed an issue where the Rank System for crafting could mess with stacking of items; stackable items now default to max rank
		Added new Item DFN tags:
			usesleft=# 	// The current amount of uses remaining for an item with limited use
			maxuses=# 	// The maximum amount of uses for an item with limited use
		Added new JS Item properties to match DFN tags:
	Crafting and gathering tools bought from NPC vendors will now support a random and limited amount of uses (between what is defined as "current" and "max" uses)
	Crafting and gathering tools created by player crafters will support a limited amount of uses based on the quality of the item crafted
	Added new JS event that triggers for characters right after an item has been crafted (or failed to be crafted):
		onMakeItem( socket, crafter, craftedItem, createEntryID )
	Fixed an issue where negative values could not be used with Race DFN tags STAMMOD and HPMOD
	Fixed an issue where messages about being unable to equip race-restricted items would only appear properly for the first three races in races.dfn
	The 'make command can no longer be used on dead player-characters; the character must be alive before its status can change!
	Added support for an additional optional parameter in the RESOURCE tag in Create/Crafting system to make it easier to distinguish between resources with same ID, color but different name - moreValue. This can be set for a resource using the Item DFN tag MORE=#. Syntax:
		RESOURCE=id/resourcename amount color moreValue
	Updated ResourceCount() and UseResource() JS Methods to support optional paramter moreValue
	Updated internal quantity functions (GetSubItemAmount, GetItemAmount, DeleteItemAmount, DeleteSubItemAmount, GetBankCount and DeleteBankItem) in code to also compare against moreValue, if passed in.
	The above functions will now also prioritize reducing remaining uses on an item (if any) over consuming the item itself
	Fixed an issue in HandleGumpInput that prevented compiling UOX3 properly on Linux
	Added new uox.ini setting that determines if item stats on unidentified magic items are shown or hidden:
		HIDESTATSFORUNKNOWNMAGICITEMS=0/1 // Toggles whether item stats for unidentified magic items are hidden from tooltips. Defaults to 1
	UOX3 now stores a timestamp for when an account receives its first login, which can be accessed via the new (read-only) JS Account Property .firstLogin.
	UOX3 now stores a timestamp for when a player character is created, which can be accessed via the new (read-only) JS Character Property .createdOn. For legacy player characters, the creation timestamp is set the first time UOX3 loads the characters after this update.
	Fixed an issue on Linux where pressing the arrow keys in the console would cause UOX3 to shut down
	Modified tooltip for armors to describe the physical defensive value as Armor Rating instead of Physical Resist
	Updated console key input handling with a more robust approach for Linux (punt)

JScript Changes/Fixes:
	Fixed an edge case with 'time command that would not display time correctly (UOX3/js/commands/time.js)
	Fixed an issue where house key could not be used to open locked doors if key was not contained in root of player's backpack (UOX3/js/item/doors.js)
	Added a new command - 'cure - that can cure a targeted character of any poisons (UOX3/js/commands/targeting/stats.js)
	Fixed an issue with the 'tweak command that would set an item's movable property instead of type if used on non-spawnerobjects
	Fixed an issue with the 'tweak command that would trigger the wrong gump dialog when attempting to set an item's name, name2 and creator properties
	Fixed an issue with the 'tweak command where clicking ok in gump dialog with no value entered would reset chosen property to default value
	When marking recall runes, they will now get a hue reflecting the facet they were marked in (UOX3/js/commands/targeting/magic.js)
	The 'set command can now be used to set the armour class of items ('set ac #)
	Reimplemented 'tweak command in JS engine (js/commands/targeting/tweak.js) - can be used to view and modify properties of characters, character skills, items, multis and regions (target ground)
	Added placeholder packet-hook script (js/server/network/0xf1_connectUoServerPoll.js) to handle responses to ConnectUO server polling. By default this script does nothing, but serves as a placeholder for drop-in replacement scripts generated specifically for each shard by the ConnectUO service.
	Updated some commands to support an alternate STATIC keyword (can also be ommitted) to add base items:
		'add static itemID
		'tile static itemID
	Updated some commands with support for randomization. Provided itemID will be randomized based on provided rndValue:
			'add itemID rndValue
		cmdtable.cpp and targeting.cpp:
			'tile itemID rndValue
			'tile itemID x1 x2 y1 y2 z rndValue
	Updated js/commands/custom/repeatingcmds.js to support 'm delete as an alias for 'rremove
	Added 'props as an alias for the 'tweak command
	Added 'teleport as an alias for the 'tele command (js/commands/targeting/tele.js)
	Added 'shavehair and 'shavebeard as aliases for 'kill hair and 'kill beard (js/commands/targeting/kill.js)
	Added 'noinvul and 'mortal aliases for the 'invul false command (js/commands/custom/misc-cmds.js)
	Added 'immortal and 'invul (without parameter) as aliases for the 'invul true command
	Added 'bringtopack as an alias of 'movetobag command (js/commands/targeting/movetobag.js)
	Updated check for cancelling of target cursor in various JS scripts
	Minor updates to various JS scripts
	Moved countdown and explosion handling of explosion potions from code to JS (js/item/potion.js)
	Added LoS and Z distance checking for explosion potions
	Added optional randomization of countdown timer for explosion potions. Can be enabled via a boolean at the top of the potions script
	Added optional Alchemy skill bonus damage modifier for explosion potions, defaults to 1 additional damage per 5 skillpoints
	The GM command 'set can now modify a character's current mana using 'set mana #
	Added JS command to get specific object property values (using same property names as 'set command):
		'get [objectProperty]
	Added functional chessboard that operates on standard chess rules. Pieces cannot be removed from the board, snap to the chessboard grid when dropped, are subject to movement restrictions per chesspiece, will capture opponent pieces if landing on their square. Board can be reset by dragging king-piece off to the side of the board (js/item/gameboards.js and js/item/chesspiece.js)
	Added functional checkerboard, with pieces that cannot be removed, can only move in diagonals, can jump across opponent pieces to capture them. Board can be reset by either side moving one of their own pieces off to the side of the board (js/item/gameboards.js and js/item/checkerpiece.js)
	Using the 'go command without any additional parameters will now open the GM travel menu (js/commands/go.js)
	Updated 'get command to allow retrieving certain account properties for targeted player characters:
		username, flags, comment, character1, character2, character3, character4, character5, character6, character7, lastIP, isBanned, isSuspended, isPublic, isOnline, isSlot1Blocked, isSlot2Blocked, isSlot3Blocked, isSlot4Blocked, isSlot5Blocked, isSlot6Blocked, isSlot7Blocked, unused9, unused10, isSeer, isCounselor and isGM
	Updated 'set command to allow setting certain account properties for targeted player characters:
		comment, password, isBanned, isSuspended, isPublic, isOnline, isSlot1Blocked, isSlot2Blocked, isSlot3Blocked, isSlot4Blocked, isSlot5Blocked, isSlot6Blocked, isSlot7Blocked, unused9, unused10, isSeer, isCounselor, isGM
	Updated 'tweak command to allow viewing and modifying of certain account properties for targeted player characters
		Note that any changes to account properties will not go into effect until a worldsave or manual save of accounts via console has taken place.
	Updated .get command to allow retrieving timeban value from account of player characters
	Updated .set command to allow setting timeban value on account of player characters. If set to higher than 0, player will also be marked as banned, and disconnected
	Added two new commands in js/commands/targeting/disconnect.js:
		'ban [durationInMinutes]	// Ban targeted player for specified duration in minutes, or for a default 24 hours if no duration is specified
		'unban 						// Unban targeted player
	Updated 'tweak command (js/commands/targeting/tweak.js) to support viewing and modifying .timeban account property
	Updated 'get command to allow retrieving a character's hungerRate property
	Fixed an error in tweak command (js/commands/targeting/tweak.js) when attempting to use it on characters with no backpacks
	Fixed an issue where 'get command attempts to retrieve incorrect property when isonline parameter is provided
	Fixed an issue where 'set weightmax # would fail because script used an incorrect property name
	Fixed issue with wipe command (js/commands/targeting/wipe.js) not working because script was referencing wrong name for socket
	Fixed issue with get (js/commands/targeting/get.js) and set (js/commands/target/set.js) commands where wrong property name was used for getting/setting old npcwander type
	Added new GM command in js/commands/msgmod.js:
		'msgmod on/off 		// If on, GMs who open a bulletin board while using ClassicUO client will be able to remove any individual message
	Moved SETSCPTRIG command from code to JS (js/commands/targeting/scptrig.js), and supplemented it with some additional commands:
		GETSCPTRIG				// List out all scriptIDs assigned to object
		SETSCPTRIG scriptID 	// Clears list of scriptIDs for object, then assigns the specified scriptID
		ADDSCPTRIG scriptID 	// Adds specified scriptID to list of scriptsIDs assigned to object
		REMOVESCPTRIG scriptID 	// Removes specified scriptID from list of scriptIDs assigned to object (0 = remove all)
	Fixed issue where sub-commands would still execute despite cancelling target cursor when using AREACOMMAND, just without being limited by such pesky things as coordinates (js/commands/targeting/areacommand.js)
	Updated AREACOMMAND to support adding/removing script triggers (js/commands/targeting/areacommand.js)
	Updated CSTATS command to support showing all script triggers attached to an object (js/commands/targetin/gumps.js)
	Updated GET (js/commands/targeting/get.js) and SET (js/commands/targeting/set.js) commands to support adding/removing script triggers from objects
	Updated the following JS scripts to use AddScriptTrigger() method instead of .scripttrigger property:
		kindling script (js/item/kindling.js)
		key script (js/item/key.js)
		pitchers script (js/server/resource/pitchers.js)
		houseSign script (js/server/house/houseSign.js)
		banker script (js/npc/ai/banker.js)
	Updated DFN entries for training dummies (dfndata/items/houseaddons/house_addons.dfn) to include DAMAGEABLE=1 and HP=100 tags, and also updated script for training dummies (js/item/trainingdummy.js) with some extra features for dummies marked as damageable:
		Show damage numbers over the training dummy when hit
		Update health of training dummy based on damage received when hit
		Restore health of training dummy to max after 4 seconds of inactivity
	Updated 'fullstats and 'heal commands (js/commands/targeting/stats.js) to support restoring the health of a damageable object
	Updated 'get (js/commands/targeting/get.js) and 'set (js/commands/targeting/set.js) commands to support getting and setting the damageable flag on objects
	Updated JS script for drinks (js/server/resource/pitchers.js) to reduce character thirst when consumed, with appropriate system messages displayed based on character's thirst level (Xuri)
	Updated JS commands get (js/commands/targeting/get.js), set (js/commands/targeting/set.js) and tweak (js/commands/targeting/tweak.js) to support getting/setting character hunger levels (Xuri)
	Added facet support for 'wipe and 'iwipe commands (js/commands/targeting/wipe.js). Updated syntax:
			Brings up target cursors. Wipes all objects in area between target locations, on same facet as user
		'wipe/iwipe x1 y1 x2 y2
			Wipes all objects in specified area, on same facet as user
		'wipe [objType] [facet]
			Wipes all objects of specified type. If facet is specified, wipes only on that facet.
			objTypes: items, multis, boats, npcs, spawners or all
		'wipe all
			Wipes ALL objects, on ALL facets, regardless of object type
		'wipe all force
			Wipes ALL objects, on ALL facets, regardless of object type and whether wipeable flag is set
	Added new admin command (js/commands/decorate.js) to allow saving/loading world templates. These templates are essentially text files (with .jsdata file extension) that contain the bare minimum amount of details needed to decorate an entire game world, a facet or even a specific area of a facet. The files can be bundled with UOX3 for a smoother first-time-user-experience, can be easily shared with other people as blueprints for world decoration, and they can be saved and loaded on the fly without impacting existing data on a shard. By default, the command will save/load items to/from different files per facet based on the following item categories: doors, signs, lights, moongates, teleporters, misc (everything else).
		Command syntax:
			'decorate save
				Save all items to the default templates, based on each item's objectCategory and facet
			'decorate save [objectCategory]
				Save all items of specified objectCategory, regardless of facet
			'decorate save [facetName]
				Save all items on specified facet, regardless of objectCategory
			'decorate save [customFileName]
				Save all items of all objectCategories on all facets to custom template file
			'decorate save [objectCategory] [facetName]
				Save all items of specified objectCategory in the specified facet
			'decorate save [customFileName] [facetName] x1 y1 x2 y2
				Save all items within specified coordinates on specified facet to customFileName
			'decorate load
				Load all items from the default templates, regardless of objectCategory and facet
			'decorate load [objectCategory]
				Load all items of specified objectCategory, regardless of facet
			'decorate load [facetName]
				Load all items on specified facet, regardless of objectCategory
			'decorate load [customFileName]
				Load all items from file named [customFileName]
			'decorate load [objectCategory] [facetName]
				Load all items of specified objectCategory in the specified facet
			'decorate copy [sourceFacet] [targetFacet]
				Copy all items from one facet to another
			'decorate clean
				Clean up duplicate decorations that might have been loaded/added by accident.
		Note that world templates are by default stored in and read from a subfolder named "worldtemplates" under the new SCRIPTDATADIRECTORY (which defaults to UOX3/js/jsdata/)
	Added welcome gump that is displayed automatically for characters on the admin account (account 0) on first login. This welcome gump gives new shard admins the option to either start with a blank and empty world, or to load the default UOX3 world - based on the default set of world templates provided with UOX3, if any. It also provides a few tips to get started, as well as links to various documentation pages, forum and Discord server. The welcome gump can also be re-opened at a later stage using a new admin command: 'welcome
	Updated decorate command to support two additional object categories - containers and spawners - and the properties needed by these to function
	Added missing world template file (js/jsdata/worldtemplates/felucca_containers.jsdata)
	Fixed an issue with Forensic Evaluation skill (js/skills/forensics.js) not giving correct info on age of a corpse, because it incorrectly tried to check a .tempTime property instead of .tempTimer
	Added onDecay event to default global script (js/server/global.js), which detects when player corpses are about to decay, turns them into bones, and resets the decay timer back to full
	Updated GM command 'dupe to work with characters as well as items
	Moved splitting of NPCs in combat from hard code to JS (js/npc/ai/splitting_npcs.js). It relies on the onAttack JS event to trigger, but otherwise works identical to the previous hard-coded variant. The script has been assigned a default script ID of 3203
	Fixed an issue where UOX3 would attempt to update health bar of training dummies not marked as damageable (js/item/trainingdummy.js)
	Added packet-hook script (js/server/network/0x7f_uogatewayServerPoll.js) to handle responses to server polling by shard lists like UOGateway, ShardPortal, etc.
	Added script for rotating furniture via interior decorator tool or via dropping item
	Merged furniture rotating functionality into existing smartturn script, and expanded on the selection of items. Supported furniture can now be turned by double-clicking the item (if no other double-click functionality exists), picking up and dropping the item, or via the interiordecorator tool (Xuri)
	Updated js/jse_objectassociations.scp with furniture IDs supported by the furniture_smartturn script, so rotating will work for any supported furniture without needing to add scripts to each individual furniture DFN (Xuri)
	Added script for handling hair restyle (js/item/hairrestyle.js) and added it to jse_fileassociations.scp with ID 5028
	Updated hair restyle script with some coding style changes, added system messages to dictionary files and added gump tooltips (Xuri)
	Added JS command to reload dictionaries
	Updated animal-trainer/stablemasterscript (js/npc/ai/stablemaster.js) with several changes:
		Fixed an issue where the same pet would be stabled in all available slots if payment was taken from player's bank account instead of their backpack
		Fixed an issue where stablemaster would not pause walking for a while when a player interacts with them
		Converted all system messages and text messages in stablemaster script to dictionary entries
	Reworked banker AI script (js/npc/ai/banker.js) to use triggerwords from client instead of hard-defined strings, to work better with multiple languages (and work with all relevant triggerwords)
	Fixed a bug with banker AI script (js/npc/ai/banker.js) that prevented players from using the "withdraw" command
	Added new AI script for NPC hirelings (3204=js/npc/ai/hireling.js), who can be hired to follow the player around for a limited amount of time, and function the same way as pets. In addition to the regular pet commands, these speech commands are supported:
		hire 	// The hireling will respond with the cost to hire them
		dismiss // Replaces the "release" command for pets; will dismiss the hireling
		patrol 	// The hireling will patrol between it's current location and a second targeted location nearby
		move 	// The hireling will try to shuffle out of the way
		fetch 	// The hireling will try to fetch a targeted item
		drop 	// The hireling will drop to the ground all loot they're currently carrying
		report 	// The hireling will report on the remaining time they're hired for
	Updated get (js/commands/targeting/get.js) and set (js/commands/targeting/set.js) commands to support getting/setting the following character properties:
		ownerCount (read only)
	Updated various JS scripts to make use of new TriggerEvent functionality and reduce reliance on custom tags:
	Updated archerybutte script to use dictionary for system and text messages
	Updated archerybutte script to support increased range, distance penalty and dex/str bonuses when calculating score
	Updated resource JS scripts (js/server/resource/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated skill JS scripts (js/skill/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated housing JS scripts (js/server/house/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated item JS scripts (js/item/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated magic JS scripts (js/magic/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated NPC AI JS scripts (js/npc/ai/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages
	Updated command JS scripts (js/commands/*) to use dictionaries for all system messages, gump tooltips, etc
	Implemented Remove Trap skill, which depends on player's detect hidden and lockpicking skills being at least 50.0, and removes or fails to remove traps based on trap difficulty vs skill checks. Trap difficulty is set in the last part of a 4-part MOREZ value, using the following format:
		MOREZ=0x01 0x32 0x11 0x37 	// First part is trap enabled/disabled, second part is damage dealt by trap, third part is minimum remove trap skill required to remove trap, and fourth part is minimum skill required for guaranteed removal success
	Updated Animal Lore skill with more details, more options. Defaults to showing UOX animal lore gump, but alternate gump with additional details for AoS and beyond can be enabled
	Integrated a version of the Runebook JS script rewritten from scratch to support all the features that ~pub15 era Runebooks did, including dropping runes and Recall scrolls on the books, recalling/gating directly from the spell icons in the Runebook, and more.
	Max charges for a newly crafted Runebook ranges from 5 to 10 depending on the Inscriber's skill (if rank system for crafting is enabled), and is stored in the book's direction property
	Updated various JS item scripts to unhide characters when the items are used (Dragon Slayer)
	Added AOS Bone cutting to create bones
	Added AOS toggle switch for the bone cutting.
	Fixed So cutting clothing up will give back cloth and not bandages.
	Fixed so the material will keeps its color when cut up.
	Added Scissor sound to cutting up the material.
	Made 5 new functions for ids so it can easily be expanded on to without having to edit any of the main function.
	Added a Newbie Check so you can not cut up your starting items.
	Updated scissors script to verify that scissors still exist and are within range upon targeting an object, and a check to ensure characters cannot use scissors while running (Xuri)
	Updated scissors script to base the amount of returned cloth/leather from cut up clothes/leather armor on the amount of resources used to craft the items, as well as on the player's Tailoring skill. The higher the player's skill, the more resources returned, capped at half the amount of resources used to craft the item. If the item was not crafted by a player, it returns 1 resource only. (Xuri)
	Updated Tailoring script (js/skills/tailoring.js) to accept cut leather as a valid tailoring resource
	Updated various JS scripts to use the new Timer.TIMERNAME with .GetTimer()/.SetTimer() JS Methods for Characters and Sockets
	Moved fishing skill out of code and into js for more user friendly control
	Added js/item/magicfish.js for the magic fish food
	Extended fishing JS script to include:
		Fishing special fishing nets, big fish, messages in a bottle/SOS messages and associated shipwreck treasures, with chances of attracting sea serpents, deep sea serpents, water elementals and krakens while fishing.
		Enhanced detection of fishing in shallow vs deep water, with deep water now being defined as any water tile that's 16 or more tiles away from the nearest land area.
		Updated timer system, LoS checks,
	Implemented SOS messages and shipwreck locations, with areas valid for potential shipwreck locations being defined in a new section of regions.dfn named [SOSAREAS], which follows the same syntax as the INSTALOG section in the same file. Once a message in a bottle is opened, a SOS message is generated with coordinates for a random shipwreck location, which players can sail to and fish near in order to find a sunken treasure (and other items).
	Implemented shipwreck treasures, which come in 3 levels of quality (with an optional 4th quality level available), with increasing amount of gold, gems, scrolls, reagents and magic items (coming in next commit!) per quality level of treasure
	Implemented special fishing nets, which can be used to fish up a variety of sea creatures (sea serpents, deep sea serpents, water elementals, kraken), which have a high chance of having SOS bottles on their corpses when defeated
	Fixed an issue with Runebooks (js/item/runebook.js) where the coordinates of a rune location would not be displayed properly
	Separated map coordinate function from Runebook script to its own script (js/server/data/map_coordinates.js), which other scripts can call upon to get map coords using TriggerEvent() JS function
	Ported sextant implementation from code to JS (5033=js/item/sextant.js), and removed the hard-coded version of this.
	Using bladed weapons on stacks of fish will now cut the entire stack at once, instead of one fish at a time
	Updated 'tweak and 'set commands to refresh item being modified if movable state of item changes, so the change is reflected in nearby clients
	Ported Item Identification skill from code to JS (js/skill/itemid.js) and removed hard-coded version
	Implemented magic item generator in JS (js/item/magic_item.js). When this script is attached to an NPC, it has a chance to generate magic weapons, armors, wands/staffs and rings as loot on the NPC's corpse when slain. The chance of getting quality magical items increases with the fame level of the NPC in question. The types of magical items generated follows the pattern of such items as implemented in UO prior to the AoS expansion.
			exceedingly accurate war hammer of vanquishing
			substantial, accurate axe of power and Daemon's Breath
			silver long sword
			massive platemail arms of Protection
			metal shield of defense
			durable ringmail tunic of guarding
		All magic items have a chance to have spell effects attached (with rings/wands being guaranteed to have these), with a limited amount of charges available. For weapons, these effects activate on successful hits in combat, while for armors they activate on equip, and then periodically as long as the item is worn. Rings and wands/staffs have to be manually activated and targeted - with the exception of rings of invisibility, which activate the moment you equip them!
		Related scripts:
		The magic item loot generation script has been attached to a number of different NPCs, all of which now have a chance to drop magic items as loot when defeated.
	A bonus magical item - the glacial staff - has also been implemented (js/item/magic_glacial_staff.js), and has a chance to drop as loot from Giant Ice Serpents!
	Fixed bug with 'rename command, which referenced a non-existing variable that caused a script crash
	Added additional object properties to 'get and 'set commands:
		.shouldSave 		// Determines if an item should be saved in worldfiles or not
		.baseRange 			// Determines the base range of a ranged weapon, less than which it becomes less effective
		.maxRange 			// Determines the max range of a ranged weapon, beyond which it cannot reach its target
	Added special abilities/effects for the following NPCs:
		Acid Elementals now have a chance to damage the melee weapons of their attackers
		Dull Copper Elementals now explode on death
		Shadow Iron Elemental is immune to targeted spell damage
		Copper Elementals have permanent magic reflect, and reflect some physical damage back at their attacker
		Bronze Elementals deal passive area damage to nearby players every 5 to 10 seconds
		Valorite Elementals have permanent magic reflect, reflect some physical damage back at their attacker
		Snow/Ice Elementals deal passive area damage to nearby players every 5 to 10 seconds
		Lava Serpents deal passive area damage to nearby players every 5 to 10 seconds
		Phoenixes deal passive area damage to nearby players every 5 to 10 seconds
		Pixies have a chance to cast a random spell upon receiving a death blow:
			Bless (target)
			Curse (target)
			Explosion (target)
			Greater Poison (target)
			Greater Heal (self, prevents death)
		Ethereal Warriors will now resurrect dead players with positive karma
		Ethereal Warriors now have a chance to drain target's health, stamina or mana on hit
		Fire Breath special ability added to the following NPCs, with the random ability damage scaling with the NPCs current health:
			Hell Cat, 5 to 8 dmg at max health
			Fire Steed, 6 to 9 dmg at max health
			Hell Hounds, 8 to 11 dmg at max health
			Lava Lizard, 8 to 11 dmg at max health
			Predator Hell Cat, 9 to 14 dmg at max health
			Sea Serpent, 11 to 17 dmg at max health
			Swamp Dragon, 15 to 22 dmg at max health
			Armored Swamp Dragon, 15 to 22 dmg at max health
			Fire Gargoyle, 20 to 30 dmg at max health
			Deep Sea Serpent, 21 to 32 dmg at max health
			Serpentine Dragon, 22 to 32 dmg at max health
			Drake (Gray), 22 to 32 dmg at max health
			Drake (Red), 22 to 32 dmg at max health
			Nightmare, 26 to 39 dmg at max health
			Dark Steed, 26 to 39 dmg at max health
			Silver Steed, 26 to 39 dmg at max health
			Kraken, 39 to 59 dmg at max health
			Dragon (Red), 41 to 62 dmg at max health
			Dragon (Gray), 41 to 62 dmg at max health
			Shadow Wyrm, 50 to 75 dmg at max health
			Reptalon, 51 to 77 dmg at max health
			Skeletal Dragon, 52 to 77 dmg at max health
			Ancient Wyrm, 60 to 90 dmg at max health
	Updated potions script (js/item/potion.js) with updated formula for amount of hitpoints healed by healing potions, and added restrictions for using them when at full health and/or if poisoned (Dragon Slayer)
	Added taming restrictions for Unicorn, Ki-Rin and Cu Sidhe (js/skill/taming.js)
	Added modification of some creatures stats after they've been tamed (js/skill/taming.js)
	Added restrictions for who can ride certain creatures (Unicorn, Ki-Rin, Cu Sidhe)
	Removed some debug messages from pixie_death.js
	Disabled tooltips for admin welcome gump; too much for regular UO client to handle
	Fixed a bug where players could gain points in Evaluating Intelligence skill by targeting themselves (js/skills/evaluateintel.js)
	Updated Evaluating Intelligence skill to show more detailed information about targets (js/skills/evaluateintel.js)
	Fixed some issues with sound effects in JS based spells
	Added missing reference to wand_item_id.js in jse_fileassociations.scp
	Removed debug message from magic item generation script
	Fixed an issue with fishing script that prevented fishing up random sea serpents
	Fixed pitcher of water so it can be poured onto the bag of flour and remove one content and set 20 contents for flour bag
	Fixed four bag can be double clicked and target water and use one content of water. and give it self 20 uses for dough
	Added all dough baking
	Added all meat cooking
	Added Heatsources
	Fixed Flourmill to have animation and give bag of flour when double clicked
	Cleaned up baking and cooking - not every thing needed a skill check
	Misc style cleanup and bugfixes (Xuri)
	Tweaked flour mill usage and animation setup to make it more resistant to breaking (Xuri)
	Added tooltip with uses remaining for pitchers of water and sacks of flour (Xuri)
	Randomized the type of bread created when baking dough (Xuri)
	Healing someone with bandages now unhides player
	Updated calculations for duration it takes to heal self/another target, and for the amount of health healed
	Added karma gain for healing innocent players
	Added ability to heal various humanoid monsters with bandages and Healing skill
	Added ability to heal various animals with bandages and Veterinary skill (Xuri)
	Added chance for healer's fingers to slip if taking damage while healing (js/skill/healing_slip.js), with amount of health healed being reduced with each slip, though this effect is countered somewhat by healer's Healing skill and Dexterity stat (Xuri)
	Added some opening effects to some containers like armoires, chests of drawers and dressers
	Added new command to allow shard admins and GMs to quickly add signs to their world: 'addsign
	Added new Admin commands to enable/disable spawn regions in specific facets (note that this does not affect already spawned objects):
	Updated 'get command (js/commands/targeting/get.js) to support fetching actualDexterity, actualIntelligence and actualStrength properties for Characters
	Fixed an issue where 'wipe command could wipe NPCs and/or multis despite those being set as "unwipable"
	Added missing maxrange DFN tags to Item definitions for ranged weapons (dfndata/items/gear/weapons/archery.dfn, aos_weapons.dfn and se_weapons.dfn)
	Removed some dummy data that snuck into dfndata/items/gmmenu/spawners.dfn
	Fixed an issue where Healing script (js/skills/healing.js) would break because Math.Round() was used instead of Math.round() (Thanks, HeyYaNITO!)
	Added baseRange and maxRange to 'tweak menu (js/command/targeting/tweak.js)
	Updated 'get, 'set, 'tweak and 'areacommand commands to support the new event property
	Extended 'decorate command with some additional features to support saving, loading and unloading event decorations (example: xmas, halloween, etc):
		'decorate saveevent eventName	// Save all items with event property matching eventName to event_[eventName].jsdata
		'decorate loadevent eventName 	// Load all items from event_[eventName].jsdata and assign eventName to their event property
		'decorate unloadevent eventName	// Clear up all items associated with eventName
	Added new script (js/server/house/houseAddonUse.js) that will restore the double-click functionality of some house addons that would lose their regular functionality in the process of becoming house addons, as their item type changed. The same script also adds some extra functionality to a couple of other house addons (looms and spinning wheels), allowing players to choose between using the addons and then targeting materials like yarn or wool or using the materials and then targeting the addons
	Fixed an issue with the interior decorator tool that would allow using it outside one's house
	Updated 'decorate save command to not save items that are inside multis (the multis themselves are not saved anyway!)
	Fixed some issues that would crash decorate script when attempting to use event subcommands without event names
	Renamed 'fixcontweight command to 'fixcont and updated it to also fix maxItems property for containers that don't already have that set
	Updated container world file template for Felucca with containers with proper maxWeight and maxItems seet
	Updated admin welcome gump (js/server/misc/admin_welcome.js) to also include containers (previously missing) and disable facets that don't have any decorations yet. Anyone who already used the admin welcome gump to place default decorations for their shards can use 'decorate load containers to add the missing containers.
	Updated Remove Trap script (js/skill/removetrap.js) to make use of GetMoreVar() and SetMoreVar methods
	Added new JS script (js/server/misc/dungeon_traps.js) for handling trap mechanics in (primarily) dungeons. The traps all trigger on collision, and use different parts of the "morez" property to determine enabled/disabled status, damage, min skill required to disarm, max skill at which player can still gain skill from disarming. Disarming renders trap inactive for 60 seconds. Implemented trap types:
		Spike Traps 		// Active for ~5 seconds after triggered, deals damage every 1 second.
		Giant Spike Trap 	// Active for ~1 second after triggered, deals high instant damage one time
		Saw Traps			// Active for ~5 seconds after triggered, deals damage every 1 second.
		Gas Traps			// Active for ~5 seconds after triggered, applies poison to target every 1 second
		Fire Column Trap 	// Active for ~5 seconds after triggered, deals damage every 1 second after initial delay of 1 second
		Stone Face Traps	// Active for ~3 seconds after triggered, deals damage every 1 second after initial delay of 1 second
		Mushroom Trap 		// Active for ~2 seconds after triggered, applies poison to target every 1 second after an initial delay of 1 second
	Added new commands to make modifying IDs of items (and NPCs) easier:
		'incid #	// Increment/decrement ID of target by specified amount
		'rincid #	// Repeatedly increment/decrement ID of target/multiple targets by specified amount
	Updated 'add and 'radd commands with new, optional syntax to make adding trees easier (potentially with GM tools/macros), as it will add both trunk and leaf at same location with a single command:
		'add tree [trunkID] [leafID]
		'radd tree [trunkID] [leafID]
	Updated AreaCommand GM command to include support for setting the .decayable property on multiple items at once. Also updated the script with appropriate system messages throughout, which now also show how many items were affected by use of the command
	Added new item script (js/item/gate_opener.js) that can be used to make switches/levers raise/lower multiple nearby gates. See script comments for details on setup
	Updated various JS scripts that used GetSByte() to retrieve Z of last targeted location from Socket to manually add height of targeted tile for client version below 7.0.9 only
	Fixed an issue where items created with 'decorate load command could be set as decayable
	Fixed an issue where multiple timers could be running on a single door by manually opening and closing it repeatedly. Closing a door will now kill the associated timer on said door.
	Updated Lockpicking skill to check for the existence of skill difficulty on locks, and use those to perform skill checks when attempting to pick those locks. Difficulty on a lock can be setup using the morey property using this syntax:
		morey=[0x00] [0x00/0x01] [0x##] [0x##] // the first part is unused, the second is used with Unlock spell, the third and fourth are the minimum skill to unlock and the max skill that can be gained from picking the lock
	Added new decorations in default world templates for the following areas:
		Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Fire, Hythloth, Ice, Shame, Wrong, Hedge Maze, Wind (city), Terathan Keep, Orc Caves, Ilshenar facet, Ilshenar dungeons
	Updated decorations in default world templates for the following areas:
		All cities in Britannia and the Lost Lands
	Updated decorations in default world templates to address issues like missing water/swamp tiles, floor/roof tiles, etc. in various places
	Added special behaviours in some areas:
		Lever puzzle in Covetous
		Monster-spawning brazier in Deceit
		Switch/portcullis behaviour in Hedge Maze
	Updated teleport.scp with teleport locations for:
		Hedge maze, Hythloth lvl 2 teleport maze, Wrong dungeon, Buccaneer's Den to/from mainland, various Ilshenar teleport locations
	Added sound-effect for when lockpicks break (js/skill/lockpicking.js)
	Misc fixes to default world templates (some missing doors, a few duplicate decorations)
	Fixed an issue where incorrect property name for max health, max stamina and max mana were used in taming script (js/skill/taming.js) and fire breath script (js/npc/special/fire_breath.js)
	1/2022 - DragonSlayer, Xuri
	Crafting skills (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fletching, Tailoring) have been updated with new JS-based menus, up-to-date create DFNs with additional craftable items and extra features to fit the Pub15 era of UO (DragonSlayer)
	Updated getWeaponType() server script to support getting weapon type directly by ID instead of looking for item equipped by character
	Fixed an error with wheat.js that could cause flour mills to get incorrect IDs assigned
	Added some missing doors in a Serpent's Hold building to default world templates
	Players can now demolish a tent multi and convert it back to a deed by chopping up the tent's (empty) chest with an axe
	GMs can now force the removal of a tent multi by using the 'remove command and targeting the tent's chest (whether empty or not)
	Fixed some issues with 'wipe command that prevented some items (including multis) from being removed
	Added a new admin-command to force the removal of a targeted multi and all items contained within: 'removemulti
	Some minor updates to crafting related scripts
	Implemented Herding skill in JS (js/skill/herding.js) (Dragon Slayer)

DFN Changes/Fixes:
	Fixed issue where some item definitions in dfndata/harditems/harditems.dfn and dfndata/items/building/lighting.dfn used comma instead of space as delimiter for the VALUE tag, which thus never got applied
	Updated all NPC definitions to let NPCs spawn facing in random directions
	Added missing entries for normal and greater explosion potions to dfndata/items/magic/potions.dfn, and added them to the item menu
	Potions are now marked as stackable in dfndata/items/magic/potions.dfn
	Damage of explosion potions is now defined via DAMAGE/LODAMAGE/HIDAMAGE tags in Item DFNs, and the time before exploding is defined via the SPEED tag
	Moved Orc and Ratman races from RACE 1 and 2 to RACE 22 and 23 in dfndata/race/races.dfn to make room for two new player races, that are applied to new player characters during character creation:
		[RACE 1] - Elf
		[RACE 2] - Gargoyle
	Updated orcs and ratmen in dfndata/npc/humanoids.dfn with race IDs 22 and 23 respectively
	Added items in dfndata/items/skills/tools/cooking.dfn to item menu under Skills > Tools > Cooking
	Added HP DFN tag to guard NPCs to prevent them from spawning with half health
	Fixed invalid ID for items [0x0174] and [0x0175] in dfndata/items/building/walls/stone_walls.dfn
	Fixed some missing icons in dfndata/creatures/creatures.dfn
	Updated server status HTML template page (dfndata/html/online.htf) to match other templates
	Added layer=1 to spellbooks in dfndata/items/magic/misc_magic.dfn to allow NPCs to equip them (dragon slayer)
	Some minor fixes to regions.dfn - Name of Covetous dungeon, a set of coordinates for Ice Dungeon
	Updated dfndata/house/house.dfn to include default MAXITEMS (125 items) and WEIGHTMAX (400 stones) values for boats
	Fixed some missing/incorrect brackets in the following DFN files (thanks, punt!):
	Added decay=0 tag to bulletin boards
	Some minor cleanup in a few DFN files. Affected files:
	Added in missing default [COMBAT MODS] section to dfndata/race/races.dfn. Each MOD# entry in this section represents a percentage modifier applied to skill checks for members of a race that subscribes to that MOD entry via skill tags like [SKILLNAME]G=# (bonus) or [SKILLNAME]L=# (penalty). These modifiers are also applied to base damage in combat, before other damage modifiers.
		Example1: SWORDSMANSHIPG=3 would apply a 20% bonus to swordsmanship skill checks for race the tag was added to, as well as a 20% bonus to base damage dealt in combat
		Example2: MACEFIGHTINGL=3 would apply a 20% penalty to macefighting skill checks for race the tag was added to, as well as a 20% penalty to base damage dealt in combat
	The colour of blood effects for characters and creatures hit in combat can be defined in dfndata/race/races.dfn using the BLOODCOLOUR tag and a colour ID. If the value 0xffff is provided, the colour of the blood will be inherited from the character's colour, if any
	Added SCRIPT=3203 tag to [slime]/[jwilson] NPCs (dfndata/npc/miscmonsters.dfn)
	Added new race for slime-related creatures (RACE 24 in dfndata/race/races.dfn), with a BLOODCOLOUR tag set to 0xffff to let blood effects inherit the colour of each individual slime
	Updated RACE tag for [slime]/[jwilson] NPCs to use the new slime-race (dfndata/npc/miscmonsters.dfn)
	Added [interiordecorator] tool (dfndata/items/misc/uor_misc.dfn) that can be used to raise, lower or rotate locked down items in houses
	Added interior decorator tool to Architect shoplists (Xuri)
	Added [hairrestyledeed] item that lets (human) players restyle their hair
	Re-added NPC AI 8 to banker NPCs (dfndata/npc/male_vendors.dfn and female_vendors.dfn) so code can check for presence of this AI when handling context menus
	Added HIRELING tag and SCRIPT=3204 to and updated stats of various NPCs that will be hireable:
		m_fighter, f_fighter, m_beggar, f_beggar, m_peasant, f_peasant, m_sailor, f_sailor, m_pirate, f_pirate
	Added new hireling NPC:
		m_paladin, f_paladin
	Added new OMNIVORE food list and assigned it to [basehuman] DFN section
	Updated NPC DFNs with default CONTROLSLOT=# tags
	Updated equipment itemlists (dfndata/items/itemlists/itemlists.dfn) with blank entries to introduce some more variety in the type of clothes NPCs wear in general
	Added new NPCs to DFNs (dfndata/npc/undead.dfn) and added them to undead npclist:
		[skeletalmage]		// variation of [bonemage]
		[skeletalknight]  	// variation of [boneknight]
	Updated Titles (dfndata/titles/titles.dfn) with up-to-date titles for skills around Pub 15, and added titles for skills added after that. Also added "Elder" and "Legendary" titles for 110 and 120 skillpoints
	Updated EQUIPITEM tag in newbie.dfn (dfndata/newbie/newbie.dfn) to support an optional hue parameter (EQUIPITEM=id,hue)
	Updated starting equipment for new characters (dfndata/newbie/newbie.dfn), with commented out practice weapons. Uncomment to use
	Added item definitions for practice weapons (dfndata/items/gear/weapons/practice_weapons.dfn):
	Updated mount statues DFN (dfndata/items/misc/mount-statues.dfn) and JS (js/npc/pets/*.js) files to include pet control slot related stuff
	Inscription skill can now be used to craft Runebooks. In addition to the skill requirement (min 45.0 Inscription), it requires 8 blank scrolls, 1 blank recall rune, 1 Recall scroll and 1 Gate Travel spell.
	Added new item definition for Runebook ([runebook]) to dfndata/items/magic/misc_magic.dfn
	Added missing NPCs to DFN (thanks, Dragon Slayer)
		f_warrior, f_ranger, f_gambler, f_judge, f_mayor, f_prisoner, f_sculptor
		f_weaver, f_mapmaker, f_furtrader, f_tanner, f_waitress, f_miller, f_rancher
		m_warrior, m_ranger, m_gambler, m_judge, m_mayor, m_prisoner, m_sculptor
		m_weaver, m_mapmaker, m_furtrader, m_tanner, m_waiter, m_miller, m_rancher
	Added the new NPCs to npclists (dfndata/npc/npclists.dfn), spawners (dfndata/items/gmmenu/spawners.dfn), add-menu (dfndata/items/ItemMenu.bulk.dfn and dfndata/items/npcmenu.bulk.dfn) and added some new shopping lists (dnfdata/items/shoplist.dfn)
	Added some new item definitions:
		blank_map (0x14ec), wheat sheaf (0x1ebd)
	Updated fishinglist.dfn (dfndata/items/itemlists/fishinglist.dfn) with list objects that can be referenced by in-game ADD command or scripts to add random items from the fishing itemlists
	All direct damage spells by default have a 1.0s delay before damage (and VFX) is applied, except Explosion which has a 2.5s delay
	All spells by default have a cast recovery duration of 1.0s; from the moment a spellcast is completed/moment targeting cursor appears, the player will be unable to cast any other spell for the duration of the cast recovery
	Spell cast times now follow this formula, though values set per spell and can be modified: 0.25 + ( spellCircle * 0.25 )
	Overhauled spell sound FX and VFX for for all spells
	Updated skills and stats of all implemented human NPCs (including vendors) to better match the state of those NPCs around the time of Pub15
	Fixed SPATTACK values for a couple of NPCs that were still using values based on spell bitmask instead of spell circle value
	Updated stats of Jukan and Meer NPCs (dfndata/npc/lbrraces.dfn) to match stats from official LBR guide
	Updated fishinglist.dfn, itemlist.dfn and lootlist.dfn to support new fishing updates
	Updated movable state of various items that can be fished up (pillows, some pieces of furniture) to ensure players can move them!
	Updated Item DFN entry for sextants to include script=5033 tag
	Updated DFN entries for various sea creatures (dfndata/npc/seacreatures.dfn) to adjust color of NPCs, loot and NPC AI
	Update stats, skills and loot for all currently implemented NPCs
	Updated words of power for Meteor Swarm spell to follow the same logic as other spells using Kal (Summon): Kal Des Flam Ylem
	Updated entry for Wisp in creatures.dfn to mark them as animals to stop monsters from attacking them (and dying)
	Fixed bug where reagents could not be dropped directly from ground and into newbie reagents bag, as the bag didn't have the proper setup for a container. Now inherits its setup from a regular bag (dfndata/items/magic/reagents.dfn)
	Split food2.dfn into new dfn files: cooking.dfn, vegetables.dfn, meats.dfn, fruits.dfn
	Added a bunch of additional door IDs to js/item/doors.js and dfndata/harditems/harditems.dfn
	Added an [ADMIN] section to dfndata/commands/commands.dfn to make it easier to give shard admins (via 'make admin) a different default look than other GMs
	Fixed incorrect non-combat music entry [MUSICLIST COMBAT] section of dfndata/regions/regions.dfn
	Added new music section to dfndata/regions/regions.dfn
		[MUSICLIST DEATH]	// Plays music from this list for players who are in the realm of the dead
	Assigned different MOREZ value to each explosion potion (dfndata/item/magic/potions.dfn) to make distinguishing between them easier
	Fixed issue where some iron ore in GM add menu was showing up and being added as a brazier instead
	Added some new house addons to house.dfn, and in the 'add menu, under Deeds > Houseaddon Deeds:
		loom (south)
		small forge
		anvil (south/east)
		spinning wheel (north/south/east/west)
		small bed 1 (south/east)
		small bed 2 (south/east)
		large bed 1 (south/east)
		large bed 2 (south/east)
		training dummy (south/east)
		pickpocket dip 1 (east)
		pickpocket dip 2 (east)
		dresser (south/east) // Disabled, doesn't work as container after being turned into addon
		abattoir (stone pentagram)
		flour mill (south/east)
		sandstone oven (south/east)
		brick oven (south/east)
		large forge (north/south/east/west)
	Updated some house addons (bear rugs, pentagram) to be added from top-left to bottom right, for more consistency when placing items
	Uncommented the dresser house-addon from 'add menu, as it now works as intended
	Added house-addons to ArchitectShopping SHOPLIST so they can be bought from Architect shopkeepers for roughly the cost of the material it would have taken to craft them. This is a temporary solution until crafting these have been implemented.
	Updated default region spawn file to evict the beekeeper from Skara Brae bank to make room for some actual bankers! The beekeeper is now tending to the bees outside the bank instead.
	Fixed issue where NPC vendors would not restock more than 1 leather tunic and/or leather gloves, because of a missing restock tag in the DFN entries for those items
	Removed kindling from the shoplist of Armourer vendors
	Bananas are now edible
	Bowyer shopkeepers will now restock more than 1 shaft and/or feather
	Provisioner shopkeepers will now restock more than 1 candle, lantern, various masks, kindling, flour
	Jeweler shopkeepers will now buy some gems (star sapphire and tourmaline) they were previously not so interested in
	Bowyer shopkeepers now sell fletching tools
	Added fletcher's tools as newbie item for players starting with Bowcraft/Fletching skill
	Animals that belong in the Arctic (polar bears, snow leopards, walrus) will no longer spawn in forests and jungles
	Hellhounds will no longer spawn in forest and jungles; they can now only be found in dungeons
	Silver Serpents have been removed from the "weakforestlist" NPCLIST, because they are anything but
	Added dungeon traps to 'add menu, under Buildings > Decs > Dungeon Traps
	Fixed incorrect IDs for secret doors in Item DFNs (they were off by 1, so would not work properly)
	Updated name of all secret doors in dfndata/items/building/doors.dfn to inherit name from tiledata instead
	Added secret door IDs to dfndata/harditems/harditems.dfn
	Fixed MORE values of "hard scripted" books in dfndata/items/misc/books.dfn
	Added Ice and Fire dungeon locations (dfndata/location/location.dfn) and added these to the GM travel menu (dfndata/item/travelmenu.dfn/travelmenu.bulk.dfn)
	Fixed body ID for ancient wyrm NPCs, which also fixes their name (dfndata/npc/dragons.dfn)
	Added more pre-defined books to dfndata/misc/books.dfn (and dfndata/items/misc/books.dfn):
		Quest of the Virtues – Volume 1 	// [quest_of_the_virtues_vol1]
		Fropoz's Journal 					// [fropoz_journal]
		Translated Gargoyle Journal 		// [translated_gargoyle_journal]
		Kabur's Journal 					// [kaburs_journal]
	Added 4 levels of dungeon treasure chests that can be placed out as spawn objects in dungeons, with items and valuables spawning inside on a regular interval. These can be found in dfndata/items/gmmenu/dungeon_treasure_spawners.dfn, with associated itemlists being found in dfndata/items/itemlists/itemlists.dfn (dungeontreasureloot1, dungeontreasureloot2, dungeontreasureloot3 and dungeontreasureloot4). They can also be located in the 'add menu under GM Menu > Dungeon Treasures
	Added spawn regions for dungeon treasure chests in the following areas:
		Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Fire, Hythloth, Ice, Shame, Wrong, Yew Crypts, Daemon Temple, Trinsic Passage, Cove Orc Fort, Terathan Keep, Vesper Bank, Trinsic Bank
	Cleaned up door-section of add-menu so only doors in their closed state remain (dfndata/items/building/doors.dfn)
	Updated scripts to make use of .usesLeft property instead of custom "UsesLeft" tag
		Updated DFNs to include usesleft and maxuses tags and uses_left_tooltip script for all tools with limited use
	Added new crafting menu and create DFN entries for Cooking skill
	Updated item stats like def, hp and value for all armors to match Pub15 era
	Added item definitions for weapons added in AoS to ToL UO expansions, but with stats balanced against existing weapons from Pub15 era
	Added armor definitions for armors added in AoS to ToL UO expansions, but with stats balanced against existing armors from Pub15 era
	Added named "alias entries" for all existing item definitions of weapon, armor and clothes, which enables adding those via their names as an alternative to their IDs. Items added via the named aliases will randomize between variations (north/south vs east/west) of the items if there are any. Syntax:
		'add item [nameOfItemWithoutSpaces] (example: 'add item vikingsword)
	Removed redundant files dfndata/items/gear/weapons/aos_weapons.dfn, dfndata/items/gear/weapons/se_weapons.dfn and dfndata/npc/spawntags.dfn
	Split out ranged weapon projectiles into a separate DFN (dfndata/items/gear/weapons/projectiles.dfn)

Misc Changes/Fixes:
	Updated dictionary files with additional messages used in relation to banning/unbanning players
	Reorganized teleport.scp file with logical groupings by map and area for easier maintenance
	Added additional teleport locations in teleport.scp for Dragon Turtle Spawn area, Khaldun, Terathan Keep, Valley of Eodon, Minax Fortress, Stygian Abyss, Underworld
	Updated JS docs with updated return value details for events
	Updated UOX3 docs to latest version
	Updated default DATADIRECTORY path in uox.ini to match current day default installation path of UO (thanks, dragonslayer!)
	Updated UOX3 documentation to reflect recent changes to IP handling/config, addition of 'decorate command and world templates, updated instructions for building from source
	Added system messages to dictionary files (Xuri)
	Updated JS docs with some missing Functions/Methods
	Added default dictionaries for the following languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech (note that translations have been provided by automatic services and will contain inaccuracies!)
	Updated documentation with most recent changes to UOX.INI settings
	Updated dictionaries with cooking-specific messages (Xuri)
	Fixed a few issues with various dictionary files
	Updated JS Docs
	The community-based spawn file now comes bundled with UOX3, and shard admins can choose whether to activate the spawns from this file during the welcome gump that pops up first time they log in
	Updated main UOX3 docs to add a simple filter feature, to make it easier to find stuff in the docs
	Updated dictionary files
	Added some missing dictionary entries
	Updated UOX3 documentation
	Included new and revamped JS docs, and removed old, out-of-date legacy JS docs
01/07/2023 - Xuri (0.99.6-RC6)
	Removed arbitrary and hidden restrictions on refreshing list of online players shown with 'wholist command
	Fixed an issue where player ghosts that get teleported would not see themselves get updated to new location
	Fixed a server crash from clients disconnecting while running server in debug mode
	Improved how container updates are sent to players; now only sends to clients that have actually opened the container, and who are still within range
	Added more information about UO data files being loaded during server startup
	Enhanced the GM 'add menu to allow clicking directly on images of items/npcs to add them, and adjusted size of menus to accommodate this
	Fixed an issue with fleeing NPCs that could cause them to attempt to flee across time and space, regardless of distance to target/attacker in combat
	Added NPC AI that runs away from players if they get too close (even outside combat). Applied to hind, rabbits, squirrels, ferrets and various birds by default:
		AI_ANIMAL_SCARED (aitype 12)
	Fixed issues with NPCs fleeing forever, or getting stuck in flee/don't flee loop, by introducing max fleeing distance (50 tiles) and cooldown (30 sec) on fleeing
	Updated onNameRequest JS Event to include third parameter with origin of name request, so script responses can be tailored appropriately:
		onNameRequest( myObj, requestedBy, requestSource )
			Potential values for requestSource:
				0 - Speech/System Messages
				1 - Guild Menus
				2 - Stat Window (self)
				3 - Stat Window (other)
				4 - Tooltip
				5 - Paperdoll Journal
				6 - Paperdoll
				7 - Single Click / All-Names
				8 - System
				9 - Secure Trade Window
	Added Adaptive Performance System (APS) that dynamically adjust how often NPC AI/movement is checked based on overall shard performance. If performance drops below defined threshold, UOX3 gradually slows down checks for NPC AI/movement to prioritize player movement/speech/command responsiveness. If performance climbs back up above threshold, slowdowns are gradually removed. The following UOX.INI options have been added under [system] category to support this system:
		APSPERFTHRESHOLD=50 	// Performance threshold (measured in simulation cycles/sec) below which the APS kicks in
		APSINTERVAL=100 		// How often (in milliseconds) the APS checks performance and makes adjustments (if needed) to balance out shard performance
		APSDELAYSTEP=50 		// How much the delay timer is modified by (in milliseconds) each time APS makes adjustments
		APSDELAYMAXCAP=2000 	// Max amount of of delay APS can introduce for NPC AI/movement handling when attempting to restore shard performance
	Added new JS script with packet hook for packet 0xA4 as sent by CUOWeb client, which includes information about CUOWeb user and potentially secret key required for connecting to shard
	Added new UOX.INI setting where a secret shard key can be defined, which can be used as a way to restrict which clients can connect to the shard:
		SECRETSHARDKEY=None // None by default
	Added new JS Methods for Region objects:
		.GetOrePrefs( oreType )	// Get ore preference data for ore type found in town region. Returned as an array containing the following data:
			orePrefData -> [
				oreName,	// name of ore
				color,		// color of ore
				minskill,	// min skill to mine ore
				ingotName,	// name of ingot created from ore
				makemenu,	// makemenu entry for crafting something from ingot
				oreChance,	// default global chance of finding this ore type
				scriptID 	// script attached to mined ore
			orePrefChance 	// Chance of finding this ore type in given town region
		.GetOreChance() 	// Get base chance of finding any ore in town region
	Moved Mining skill plus gravedigging feature from hard code to scripts (js/skill/mining.js) to make it easier to maintain and/or customize, and removed hard coded variants
	Gravedigging now relies on the ore resource system behind the scenes to restrict how often graves in a given area can be dug up
	Fixed some incorrect references to .worldNumber Character property in misc scripts (should be .worldnumber)
	Made some "hard-scripted" system messages in misc scripts use dictionary system instead
	Added spawn region for banker NPCs in Serpent's Hold (dfndata/spawn/felucca/spawn_town_serpents_hold.dfn, dfndata/spawn/trammel/spawn_town_serpents_hold.dfn)
	Fixed region definition of Ocllo to actually cover the entire town (dfndata/regions/regions.dfn)
	Added numerous additional locations accessible with 'goplace # command, for key locations in Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno Islands and Ter Mur (dfndata/location/location.dfn)
	Revised travel-menu portion of GM menu (shortcut: 'travel) to include more travel options based on new locations (dfndata/items/travelmenu.dfn and travelmenu.bulk.dfn)
	Fixed an issue where NPCs could attempt to attack targets in other worlds/instances
	Added new JS Event that triggers for characters who are about to deal damage in combat. Complimentary to onDamage, which triggers for chars receiving damage:
		onDamageDeal( dmgDealer, dmgReceiver, damageValue, damageType )
	Added new JS Event that can trigger in global script upon creation of new player chars. Note that this will trigger in place of onCreateDFN event for player characters:
		onCreatePlayer( pChar )
	Added new JS Event that triggers for characters selecting a target with a spell. Complimentary to onSpellTarget, which triggers for targets selected with a spell:
		onSpellTargetSelect( caster, target, spellNum )
	Updated onCombatStart and onCombatEnd JS Events to also trigger for the other party in combat
	Updated onPickup JS Event to include a third parameter - the potential container item was picked up from. Event now also triggers event in scripts attached to said containers:
		onPickup( iPickedUp, pChar, iCont )
	Added tracking of total playtime per individual character, and per account across all characters, and exposed these properties to JS engine:
		.totalPlayTime		// Account property, total playtime across all chars
		.playTime 			// Character property, total playtime on given character only
	Added new player-accessible command ('playtime) to spit out the playtime of current character/account as a whole (js/commands/playtime.js)
	Implemented first version of Young Player System:
		Replaced the UNUSED9 account flag with YOUNG, to be used by Young/New Player System
		Added new JS Account property that gets/sets whether player account is considered Young:
		Added new Char timers:
			TIMER_YOUNGHEAL		// Restricts how often Young players are healed by NPC healers
			TIMER_YOUNGMESSAGE	// Restricts how often Young players are warned about dangerous looking monsters in overworld
		Updated GM commands 'get and 'set to get/set .isYoung property of player's account (js/commands/targeting/get.js and set.js)
		Added new UOX.INI setting to enable/disable Young Player System (enabled by default):
		If Young Player System is enabled, all newly created player accounts are automatically marked with Young flag
		Added new script to handle various restrictions and functions related to Young characters (js/player/young_player.js):
			Young characters will have [Young] displayed over their head
			Young characters will have their Young status checked and verified on every login + every stat/skill gain, to revoke the Young status if any of the following is true:
				Account has a total playtime of more than 40 hours
				Any character has more than 350 total (base) skill points
				Any character has more than 70 skill points in a single skill
				Any character has more than 150 total stat points
				Any character has more than 80 stat points in a single stat
			Young characters can renounce their Young status manually by saying the words "I renounce my young player status"
			Young characters get an additional item upon creation:
				a new player ticket, which can be combined with any other players new player ticket for both players to get a reward:
					a sextant (shows Young players directions to nearest moongate/bank regardless of where they are, as long as outdoors)
					a hair restyling deed
					a ranger armor set (if coreShardEra is T2A or lower)
					a spellbook with 1st to 4th circle spells (if CoreShardEra is UOR or higher)
					a fireworks wand
					a spyglass
					a dye tub and dyes
			Young characters cannot target other player characters with hostile spells or skills
			Young characters cannot be the target of other player characters' hostile spells or skills
			Young characters can only cast beneficial spells upon themselves or other Young characters
			Young characters can only be the target of beneficial spells from other Young players
			Young players (and their pets/followers) cannot attack or harm any other players (or their pets/followers), nor themselves be attacked or harmed by any other players (or their pets/followers), whether from combat, spells, skills or items
			Young players don't lose any of their items on death, and are teleported to the nearest healer upon death with all their items intact
			Young players receive a warning upon entering dungeons that monsters there will be hostile
		Updated global script (js/server/global.js) to:
			Check/Verify Young status of players upon login
			Attach young player script on login/creation for players on Young accounts
			Give specific items to Young players upon creation
		Added new script (js/item/corpse.js) that is assigned to all freshly created corpses. This script handles restrictions related to Young players interactions with corpses, and the interactions of other players with corpses of Young players
		Updated JS Method .Carve() to return true/false depending on whether carving a corpse was successful
		Updated Healer AI in code to heal nearby injured Young players
		Updated Evil AI and Evil Caster AI in code to avoid selecting Young players as targets in combat outside of dungeons
		Added a new section to UOX.INI - [young start locations] - that can be used to define starting locations for Young players. If only one such location is provided, all players start there. Otherwise, it matches the same starting location setup as the regular one - with one entry per town in Britannia.
		Restricted transferring and/or friending of pets (code) and hirelings (hirelings.js) between Young and non-Young players
		Restricted Young players from recalling or gating to Felucca facet
		Young players can instantly logout from anywhere, at any time
	Added new Item DFN tag - SPELLS - which specifies which spells a spellbook starts with, using the following syntax: SPELLS=0x00000000,0x00000000,0x00000000
		The existence of a spell from within each circle have specific values (0x1, 0x2, 0x4, 0x8, 0x10, 0x20, 0x40, 0x80), and a combined value of 0xff if all spells in said  circle are present.
		The first comma-separated value in the SPELLS tag represents spell values for circles 1 to 4, while the second comma-separated value represents the spell values for circles 5 to 8. The third comma-separated value is currently unused.
		The last two digits (0x000000##) of the first value in the SPELLS tag represent the combined value of spells from the first circle, the 5th and 6th digits (0x0000##00) spells from second circle, the 3rd and 4th from third circle (0x00##0000), and the 1st and 2nd from fourth circle (0x##000000). Repeat for the second value in the tag, with fifth (last two digits) to eight (first two digits) circle spells.
			spellbook with only 1st circle spells: SPELLS=0x000000ff,0x0,0x0
			spellbook with only 2nd circle spells: SPELLS=0x0000ff00,0x0,0x0
			spellbook with 1st - 2nd circle spells: SPELLS=0x0000ffff,0x0,0x0
			spellbook with only 2nd and 5th circle spells: SPELLS=0x0000ff00,0x000000ff,0x0
			spellbook with only 4th and 8th circle spells: SPELLS=0xff000000,0xff000000,0x0
			spellbook with all spells, from all eight circles: SPELLS=0xffffffff,0xffffffff,0x0
	Added Item DFN entries for spellbook pre-filled with circles 1 to 4, and for spellbook pre-filled with all spells, and added these to GM 'add menu (dfndata/items/magic/misc_magic.dfn)
	Fixed an incorrect character reference in Spyglass script (js/item/spyglass.js)
	Added Item DFN entry for a fireworks wand with 50 charges (dfndata/items/gear/magic_items.dfn)
	Added script for new player ticket (js/item/consumables/new_player_ticket.js)

27/06/2023 - Xuri
	Updated guildmaster script to properly check and set timestamp for when a player joins an NPC guild (js/npc/ai/guildmaster.js)
	Updated GM command 'get to show values of .npcGuildJoined player property
	Updated GM command 'set to also accept true/false to set boolean flags, not just 1/0 (js/commands/targeting/set.js)

20/06/2023 - Xuri (0.99.6-RC5)
	Added script for NPC guildmasters (js/npc/ai/guildmaster.js). Only one NPC guild has been setup in the script so far (more can be easily added) - the Thieves Guild - which if joined grants players the ability to steal from other players and to buy disguise kits
	Added two new UOX.INI settings for NPC Guilds, which will give players discounts when buying or premium prices when selling items from/to NPCs that are members of the same NPC guilds as the player:
	Added two new NPCs, which there will now spawn one of in a random location in each city in Britannia (felucca facet):
		m_thief_guildmaster (dfndata/npc/male_human.dfn)
		f_thief_guildmaster (dfndata/npc/female_Human.dfn)
	Added two new character properties to keep track of which NPC guild a player (or NPC) belongs to. These properties have been exposed as the following Character JS properties:
		.npcGuild 		// ID of NPC guild, as defined in script
		.npcGuildJoined // Timestamp for when player joined NPC guild
	Added script for Disguise Kits (js/item/disguisekit.js). These allow members of the Thieves Guild to disguise themselves from the prying eyes of other players.
	Added two new character properties:
		.isDisguised 	// true/false flag for character being disguised
		.origName 		// used to store character's original name before disguise went into effect
	Moved implementation of Stealing skill from code to script (js/skill/stealing.js) and revamped it completely in the process. Changes include:
		New features:
			Town rare stealing - any item marked as "special stealable" with new item property .stealable can be stolen, even if it's locked down by a GM on the ground, or inside a container
			When stealing from item piles, thief can potentially steal the amount of items that makes up the max weight limit for what they can steal, from those piles
			Chance to successfully steal is now affected by whether there are any characters (NPCs or Players) that witness the attempt. Depends on distance to character, and direction character is facing
			Players now become "permagrey" when successfully stealing from another player, regardless of whether it's witnessed
			Players now receive a "stealing" flag when stealing from another player, regardless of whether it's witnessed
			Stolen items cannot be removed from thief's backpack for 30 seconds following the theft of the item (AoS core shard era and above)
			Optional AoS feature to steal special consumable items from monsters
		Updated default stealing rules:
			Updated calculations to determine chance of success when stealing
			Players cannot steal while engaged in combat
			Players are revealed if hidden as soon as they use the stealing skill
			Players can no longer steal items in the secure trade window
			Players can no longer steal items from NPC shopkeepers
			Both hands must be free to steal
			Stealing now checks line of sight to target player/object
			Only members of Thieves Guild (NPC guild) can now steal from other players, unless they are guild enemies
			Players can no longer steal from NPC guards by default
			Players can no longer steal from the same NPC monster more than once
			Only gold and gems can be stolen from innocent players in dungeon/ll areas of Felucca, if core shard era is set to AoS or higher
			Players can no longer steal items held on cursor by other players
			Orcish masks now eplode if player steals from orcs while wearing it
			If core shard era is set to LBR or lower, player is marked as an aggressor if they steal from another player
			Guards can only be called on players that are flagged as criminals within the first 10 seconds of them being flagged
		Stealing script options:
			Allow stealing entire containers (off by default pre-AoS)
			Return stolen items on thief death (off by default)
			Temporarily make stolen items immovable in thief's backpack (on by default post-AoS)
			Temporarily protect traded items (on by default)
			Let dexterity affect chance for successful theft (off by default)
			Let light level affect chance for successful theft (off by default)
			Allow stealing from NPC Guards (off by default)
			Allow stealing special loot from monsters (on by default post-ml)
	Moved implementation of Snooping skill from code to script (js/skill/snooping.js), with some changes:
		Players cannot snoop pack animals from inside a house, if the animal is outside
		The deeper inside main backpack a container sits, the harder it becomes to snoop inside it
		Included an optional feature that lets targets of snooping gradually become more aware, increasing the difficulty of succeeding. This awareness fades over time.
		Players have a chance to stay hidden while snooping, based on their Hiding skill
		Karma is now lowered by snooping regardless of success or failure
	Added tracking system for "aggressors" in combat. A player attacking someone (regardless of flag status) will be marked as aggressor to that someone for 2 minutes
	Added tracking system for "permagrey" flags - these are stored on a per-target basis, so a player can be flagged visibly as permagrey to multiple other players. Persists until player dies.
	Player combat targets and war mode are now cleared on logout
	Players will now be unable to hide if within visual distance and in line of sight of their attacker or current target in combat
	Server leave-announcement now only happens after the logout timer has expired, instead of the exact moment the player presses the logout button
	Fixed an issue that could cause swimming NPCs to swim on land
	NPCs now have the ability to temporarily ignore unreachable targets in combat. If attacked by someone they are ignoring, they will enter evade state and try to move away from that someone.
	SpawnRegions now support NPCLISTS with weighted entries. Example of an NPCLIST with 75% chance of spawning some kind of orc, and 25% chance of spawning a ratman archer:
		[NPCLIST example]
	Added 3 additional "all purpose" item properties (.more0, .more1 and .more2) and exposed those to JS engine. These work the same as more/morex/morey/morez
	Mark spell now stores a 4th property on recall runes - instanceID. This is stored in the rune's .more0 property.
	Recall and Gate spells now check the recall rune (or runebook)'s 4th location property - instanceID - to determine where the player ends up
	Fixed a server crash related to equipment being automatically unequipped if character is no longer strong enough to have it equipped
	Added new JS Function to check if any characters at specified location potentially block movement:
		DoesCharacterBlock( x, y, z, worldNum, instanceID )	// returns true if a character exists at given coordinate (within z +/- 4)

11/06/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue with the Clumsy spell script (js/magic/clumsy.js) where an attempt could be made to send a system message to the non-existent sockets of NPCs casting the spell
	Fixed an issue where [golem] NPCs were trying to GET crafted_golem instead of craftedgolem (dfndata/npc/clockwork.dfn)
	Fixed an issue where [golem] and [craftedgolem] NPCs were setup to use colossal blow special ability, but ability script didn't allow for it (js/ai/special/colossal_blow.js)
	Removed some debug messages from gate opener script (js/item/gate_opener.js)
	Added some comments to musiclists in regions.dfn, and added a few missing music entries to a few regions (dfndata/regions/regions.dfn)
	Added function _restorecontext_() {} to another bunch of scripts:

09/06/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed client freeze after login for sub-7.x clients, caused by sending an unsupported animation packet; FORCENEWANIMATIONPACKET will now not be enabled if support for client versions below 7.x is enabled
	Added function _restorecontext_() {} to a couple more scripts:
	Fixed an issue with 'xgo command that would prevent it from working properly (js/commands/targeting/x.js)
	Fixed an issue with teleport function in help gump which prevented pets from teleporting with player (js/server/misc/helpgump.js)
	Fixed an issue with players in some cases getting toggled out of combat mode visually on other clients even though they were still in combat mode (when target dies, resurrection of ghost in combat mode, etc)
	Players no longer see a message above their character's head about their own character attacking other characters

05/06/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue with patrolling-portion of hireling script - was incorrectly using Z coordinate as a parameter of WalkTo - should be maxSteps (js/npc/ai/hireling.js)
	Added error checking to .WalkTo() and .RunTo() JS Methods that cancels pathfinding attempt if maxSteps provided is zero
	Swapped around order of arguments in ScriptError() function in cScript.cpp, so the const char used by va_start() is now the last named argument (thanks ldilley!)
	Fixed a socket error with 'move command alias in js/commands/targeting/tele.js (thanks Dragon Slayer!)
	Fixed a server crash caused by an attempt to fetch the serial of a nullptr!

02/06/2023 - Xuri
	Added new protected property for CChar class to track a player's currently controlled pets/followers/summons, and renamed the on tracking all pets owned:
		GenericList activeFollowers
		GenericList petsControlled -> petsOwned
	Added new JS Character Methods to view/manipulate follower list:
		AddFollower( npcObject )
		RemoveFollower( npcObject )
	Added new JS Character Property to fetch current count of followers character has:
	Added new GM commands for spitting out information on all pets/followers a player has, in the following format: Name: %s | ID: %i | Serial: %i | x: %i | y: %i | z: %i | world: %i | instanceID: %i
	Replaced most instances of GetPetList in code and scripts with GetFollowerList, as that's what we actually care about for the most part
	Updated code and relevant scripts to make use of AddFollower and RemoveFollower functions where appropriate
	Modified code for restoring pet loyalty upon feeding pet; by default it now restores 10/100 loyalty per time pet is fed, while if CoreShardEra setting in UOX.INI is set to AoS expansion or higher, loyalty is instantly restored to max when pet is fed (regardless of amount)
	Updated AreaCharacterFunction and AreaItemFunction JS Functions to still work if third parameter (socket) is provided as null
	Modified code and relevant scripts that teleport pets/followers along with player to only do so for pets/followers using the "follow" wandermode with player as follow target
	Updated some instances of code and script that checked for both controlSlot AND maxFollowers requirements - now only checks maxFollowers if controlSlots is set to 0 in ini
	Added function _restorecontext_() {} to a couple more scripts:
	Updated error message shown when attempts are made to add deleted objects to refreshQueue, to include name, ID and serial of the object in question

30/05/2023 - Xuri (0.99.6-RC4)
	Fixed an issue that prevented onBuyFromVendor() and onBoughtFromVendor() JS Events from triggering when attached to NPC shopkeepers
	Fixed an issue with help gump that prevented password management section from working as intended (js/server/misc/helpgump.js)
	Fixed an issue where UOX3 would fail to load pre-HS multi.mul files
	Added chess board to Misc->Games add menu (dfndata/items/ItemMenu.bulk.dfn)
	Fixed an issue with 'move (alias for 'telestuff) command that referenced the wrong variable name (js/commands/targeting/tele.js)
	When a player is teleported via the GM 'wholist menu, any pets within range are now also brought along for the ride
	Consolidated error-reporting for JS Functions, Object Methods and Object Properties to provide more context (scriptID, filename, line number) when something goes wrong
	Added some missing shield IDs (0xA649, 0xA64A, 0xA831, 0xA832) to IsShieldType() function
	MAXRANGE item property previously only worked for ranged weapons; now it works for melee weapons too, and potentially allows melee weapons with combat range longer than 1 tile
	MAXRANGE item property can now be used to define max combat range for melee weapons
	Fixed an issue (non-critical) with .PlaceInPack() JS Method that would cause UOX3 to try adding items marked for deletion to refreshQueue and spam console with errors
	Added missing AI scripts to summoned Blade Spirits and Energy Vortexes (dfndata/npc/magicsummon.dfn)
	Fixed an issue with weight calculation for hireling backpacks (js/npc/ai/hireling.js)
	Fixed an issue with the 'fix command, which would in most cases set character's Z to -1 regardless of location, but now adheres to map elevation instead
	Fixed an issue with Pack AI (js/npc/ai/pack_ai.js) that prevented pack members from attacking target correctly (thanks Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed an issue with DoesMapBlock JS Function that incorrectly checked for 6 function arguments, when it actually requires 8
	Fixed an issue with DoesDynamicBlock JS Function that incorrectly checked for 8 function arguments, when it actually requires 9
	Fixed an issue with runebook script (js/item/runebook.js) that prevented players from being able to use recall charges without having spellbook with spell in inventory
	Fixed issues with placement of tall items on ground/floor, and with stacking of items in houses
	Fixed incorrect alias for woodland armor (dfndata/items/gear/armor/other/armor/wood.dfn - thanks Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed a critical issue with script context sometimes changing while executing a script, because of events in other scripts being triggered. Affected scripts can be safeguarded against this by the addition of a dummy callback function anywhere in the script: function _restorecontext_() {}
	Fixed an issue with non-animal pets not gaining loyalty when being fed (thanks Dragon Slayer)
	Added new JS Object Methods for Chars/Items/Multis to fetch list of custom tags associated with object:
		.GetTagMap()		// Gets list of persistent custom tags associated with object
		.GetTempTagMap()	// Gets list of temporary custom tags associated with object
	Added new JS commands ('GETTAGMAP and 'GETTEMPTAGMAP) that spits out details of custom tags associated with targeted object (js/commands/custom/misc-cmd.js)
	Added new JS command ('USEITEM) that acts as a short-cut for double-clicking on targeted item (js/commands/custom/misc-cmd.js)
	Updated 'ADD # and 'ADD ITEM # JS commands to support targeting a container directly and adding the new item inside (js/commands/targeting/add.js)
	Updated axe script to only perform lumberjacking skill-check when there's still wood available in a given area, and to play appropriate animations for Gargoyle players (js/item/axe.js)
	Updated script for gameboards to make generated pieces newbiefied so they won't appear on ground if board decays (js/item/gameboards.js)
	Updated script for stablemasters to avoid relying on global variables (js/npc/ai/stablemaster.js)
	Updated names of items crafted with runic hammers to include the material name of the hammers used to craft them (js/skill/craft/crafting_complete.js)
	Fixed a small issue with Detect Hidden skill that would return the wrong message if players found anyone hiding nearby (js/skill/detecthidden.js)
	Fixed an issue that prevented tile overrides in dfndata/maps/tiles.dfn from loading properly
	Added entries for a couple of walls with missing no-shoot flags to tile overrides in dfndata/maps/tiles.dfn
	Updated JS Method .SoundEffect() to support optional third argument (creatureSoundNum) to play creature-defined sounds from dfndata/creatures/creatures.dfn. New syntax:
		.SoundEffect( soundID, allHear[, creatureSoundNum] ) // 0=SOUND_STARTATTACK, 1=SOUND_IDLE, 2=SOUND_ATTACK, 3=SOUND_DEFEND, 4=SOUND_DIE
	Added new Character JS Methods:
		.SetRandomName( nameListID ) 	// apply a random name from specified namelist to character
		.FindItemSection( sectionID ) 	// find item in player's backpack with specified sectionID
	Added new Socket JS Method:
		.OpenContainer()	// Opens specified container for socket
	Fixed status window sex flag not being correctly sent for player characters of a Gargoyle nature (Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed some issues with static pet scripts (js/npc/pets/*) that would allow players to exceed max number of followers and/or controlslots when buying animals from animal trainer
	Updated OnBuyFromVendor, onBoughtFromVendor, onSellToVendor and onSoldToVendor JS Events to include a fourth parameter - iAmount - the number of items bought/sold
	Fixed some issues with stabling and claiming pets from animal trainer NPCs (js/npc/ai/stablemaster.js)
	Fixed an issue with 'remove and 'rremove commands where they would not reduce petCount/controlSlotsUsed for owners of characters removed (js/commands/targeting/remove.js and js/commands/custom/repeatingcmds.js)

21/05/2023 - Dragon Slayer, Xuri
	Added initial pass for supporting Trammel PvP ruleset, which can be applied to and/or customized per facet and optionally overridden per region via js/server/misc/facetRulset.js (Dragon Slayer)
	Misc script cleanup and extension of pvp ruleset script to include target handling for Blade Spirits/Energy Vortex, as well as the Provoke barding skill (Xuri)
	Added custom AI scripts for summoned Blade Spirits (js/npc/ai/summon/blade_spirit.js) and Energy Vortexes (js/npc/ai/summon/energy_vortex.js) with updated target selection rules (based on target stats) and checks for active pvp ruleset (Xuri)
	Added JS Function to check for existence of a JS event in another file (Xuri):
		DoesEventExist( scriptID, eventToCheck )
	Updated scripted magic spells to check for facet ruleset before allowing casting hostile and/or beneficial spells on other players (Xuri)
	Added new JS Method for Guilds to check if they are "at peace", i.e. NOT at war with any other guilds (Xuri):
		.IsAtPeace()	// Returns true if guild is at peace, and not at war with any other guilds
	Added support for triggering onPickup JS event for Characters, and not just items (Xuri)

17/03/2023 - Dragon Slayer, Xuri
	Created framework, gumps, initial system for Bulk Order Deeds (Dragon Slayer)
	Expanded BOD system to include gold, fame and special item rewards (Xuri)
	Added optional support for triggering BOD offers from shopkeepers via context menus (Xuri)
	Added new UOX.INI section with settings for Bulk Order System: (Xuri)
		OFFERBODSFROMITEMSALES=1 	// If enabled, shopkeepers might offer BODs when players sell items to them
		OFFERBODSFROMCONTEXTMENU=0 	// If enabled, shopkeepers might offer BODs via context menu option
		BODSFROMCRAFTEDITEMSONLY=0 	// If enabled, only selling of crafted items will trigger BOD offers
		BODGOLDREWARDMULTIPLIER=1 	// Reward multiplier for Gold given for completing a BODs - defaults to 1.0
		BODFAMEREWARDMULTIPLIER=1 	// Reward multiplier for Fame given for completing a BOD - defaults to 1.0
	Updated smithing-related create DFNs (dfndata/create/*) with proper names for entries (Xuri)
	Added special BOD item rewards: (Xuri)
		Sturdy Pickaxe - More uses than normal pickaxes
		Sturdy Shovel - More uses than normal shovels
		Mining Gloves +1/+3/+5 - Boosts mining skill when equipped
		Runic Hammers - Adds bonuses to crafted weapons and armors, applied after crafting the items (js/skill/craft/crafting_complete.js)
		Colored Anvils - No unique property other than color, but can be added to houses as decoration/functional anvils
		Ancient Smithy Hammers +10/+15/+30/+60 - Boosts blacksmithy skill when equipped
		(Not fully implemented, AoS feature) Gargoyle's Pickaxe
		(Not fully implemented, AoS feature) Prospector's Tool
		(Not fully implemented, AoS feature) Powder of Temperament
		(Not fully implemented, AoS feature) Blacksmith Power Scrolls +5/+10/+15/+20
	Updated onMakeItem() JS event to always include the create entry ID as a parameter, even when crafting an item failed (Xuri)

17/03/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue where casting Wall of Stone inside a multi would lead to the wall of stone never expiring, because it was not correctly marked as a field spell
	Reduced combat message spam; attacking messages now only appear when attacking targets who are not already fighting the attacker
	Added a new character state - "passive combat mode" - primarily used by players when they tab out of combat. Tabbing out of combat will prevent the character from retaliating in combat if they're already fighting someone
	Fixed several issues with dropping items through floors, tables and generally not being placed correctly when dropped inside multis
	Hard-defined the Z-level at which some jewellers in Britain spawn to deny them rooftop access (spawn_felucca_town_britain.dfn and spawn_trammel_town_britain.dfn)
	Added system messages informing shard staff with elevated command privileges why they are getting 100% skill check success, and no spellcast delay

10/03/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue where EraStringToNum JS Function would return incorrect values and lead to unexpected behaviour
	Added some safeguards against server crashes in onNameRequest() and onTooltip() JS Events

08/03/2023 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue where houses could lose track of locked down items on server restart
	Fixed an issue where items could be accidentally dropped through the floor of houses/boats

04/03/2023 - Xuri (0.99.6-RC3)
	Updated Item DFNs with ORIGIN and SECTIONID tags for relevant items
	Added JS Function to make comparing eras (based on object origin or server settings) easier:
		EraStringToNum( eraString )	// Takes an era string (uo, t2a, uor, td, lbr, aos, etc) and returns an int
	Updated some JS scripts to use EraStringToNum() for era comparisons (potionkeg.js)
	Default CORESHARDERA setting is now LBR
	Removed PUB15 as a separate "era" - it's identical to late stage LBR anyway:
		Removed support for GETPUB15 tag
	Added support for GETUO tag for items/NPCs:
		GETUO=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Ultima Online (original release, before T2A)
	Rewrote portions of MsgBoardQuestEscortCreate() function in msgboard.cpp to ensure only escort regions within same world as NPC can be selected as destinations
	Increased maximum number of possible escort regions that can exist from 255 to 65535
	Added region definitions for all shrines in Britannia (Fel & Trammel), and marked them as valid destinations for NPC escorts (uox3/regions/regions.dfn)
	Moved bankers from vendor to human DFN files, and made them inherit basehuman instead of basevendor - since they are not vendors
	To address an issue with escorted NPCs not timing out and vanishing if they are left in a "dormant" area of the world with no player activity, the NPCs are marked as "always awake" the moment they arrive at their destination. Note that the uox.ini setting ALLOWAWAKENPCS needs to be enabled for this to work.
	Fixed an issue where spawnsection of spawners did not show up correctly in tweak menu
	Fixed an issue where the generic Orc AI script didn't have a return true at end of onDamage() event, which prevented all orcs from taking damage in combat (js/npc/ai/monster/orc.js)
	Moved Anatomy skill-check in healing script (js/skill/healing.js) from onCallback1() function to onTimer() to prevent the skill-check from being spammable
	Added mount ID for Frost Mite in creatures.dfn, allowing it to be used as mount
	Exposed the following character properties to JS engine, which can be used to view/adjust the permanent hair/beard options for a character:
	Updated 'kill hair, 'shavehair, 'shavebeard and 'remove commands to clear permanent hair/beard colour and style properties in addition to removing the item itself
	Added a GM override to let GMs place as many houses as they want (js/server/house/houseDeed.js)
	Fixed an issue where attempting to sell items to NPC shopkeepers could result in client crashing
	Added a new JS Event:
		onMultiLogout( iMulti, cPlayer ) 	// Handles players logging out while inside multis
	Updated house script (js/server/house/house.js) with onMultiLogout event, which allows owners (always) and co-owners/friends/guests (if option enabled in uox.ini) to safely log out inside the house (without getting booted).
	Added a "keyless" option for interacting with locked doors (js/item/doors.js) of player-owned houses, which lets owners/co-owners/friends/guests of a house use locked doors in the house without requiring a key in their backpack, if the options for that are enabled in UOX.INI. Enabled for owners/co-owners and friends by default (but not for guests)
		Note that if option to safely log out is enabled, but keyless option is NOT enabled, then the server will check if the player has a key to the house in their backpack, and eject them from the house upon logging out if not. This is to make sure players don't get stuck inside a house they can't get out of because they lack the rights to open doors etc.
	Added new UOX.INI options, under the [houses] section:
		SAFECOOWNERLOGOUT=1 	// Allow co-owners to safely and instantly log out inside house
		SAFEFRIENDLOGOUT=1 		// Allow friends to safely and instantly log out inside house
		SAFEGUESTLOGOUT=1 		// Allow guests to safely and instantly log out inside house
		KEYLESSOWNERACCESS=1 	// Allow owner of house to use locked doors in house without key in pack
		KEYLESSCOOWNERACCESS=1 	// Allow co-owners of house to use locked doors in house without key in pack
		KEYLESSFRIENDACCESS=1 	// Allow friends of house to use locked doors in house without key in pack
		KEYLESSGUESTACCESS=0 	// Allow guests of house to use locked doors in house without key in pack
	Fixed NOHAIR tag from races.dfn not being loaded correctly

31/12/2022 - Xuri
	Extended GetSpawnRegion JS Function to fetch spawn region reference based on a set of coordinates. Supported syntax are now:
		GetSpawnRegion( spawnRegionID )
		GetSpawnRegion( x, y, worldNum, instanceID )
	Added new DFN tags for Items and NPC:
		SECTIONID	// Override which [sectionID] is stored for an object
		ORIGIN		// Store reference to which expansion/era of UO an item/NPC originated in
	Added new Item/Character JS property:
		.origin 	// Get reference to expansion/era of UO an item/NPC originated in
	Fixed an issue with IsInBuilding JS Function which could only handled a limited subset of instance ID values
	Corrected name of tag used to attach scripts to ore types - from SCRIPTID to SCRIPT

24/12/2022 - Xuri, punt, ldilley (0.99.6-RC2)
	CMake is now default build system on Linux/FreeBSD, and an alternative for Windows/macOS-users instead of VS/XCode, though the old GCC/Make build process is still intact (for now)
	Resource files (uox3.rc and uox3.ico) have been moved from UOX3/source to UOX3/assets
	Build/project-related files have been moved to /make/[buildsystem] sub-directories, for both UOX3 and sub-projects:
	CMake, VS2022 and XCode will compile sub-projects automatically when UOX3 is compiled, while VS2017 requires compiling sub-projects prior to UOX3 script (still in root of repository) now uses CMake instead of GCC/Make, and supports optional arguments for creating debug/clean builds
	Updated instructions on compiling UOX3 can be found on GitHub and/or in the UOX3 documentation
	Some redundant files have been deleted from the repository (like DLL folder and file)
	Code style guide added to UOX3/docs directory (styleguide.html)
	Updated GitHub workflows to use cmake for Linux and to ignore changes to .txt/.html/.sln/.vcxproj files for both Linux & Windows workflows

17/12/2022 - Xuri
	When a player says "vendor buy" or "vendor sell", NPC shopkeepers (and related JS events) will now respond in priority of distance to the player

11/12/2022 - Xuri
	Added support for a SCRIPT tag in ore definitions in dfndata/skills/skills.dfn, which will be applied to any ore of that type that's mined

08/12/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	Replaced orc Spawns with Savages in T2A orc fort. this would bring the spawns up to date with LBR.

03/12/2022 - Xuri
	Updated .ResourceCount() and .UseResource() JS Object Methods to include optional parameter for sectionId. New supported syntax:
		int ResourceCount( realId, colour )
		int ResourceCount( realId, colour, moreVal )
		int ResourceCount( realId, colour, moreVal, sectionId )
		int UseResource( amount, realItemId )
		int UseResource( amount, realItemId, colour )
		int UseResource( amount, realItemId, colour, moreVal )
		int UseResource( amount, realItemId, colour, moreVal, sectionId )
	Fixed an issue where the bit flag for the HirelingCombatTraining setting was not set properly
	Fixed an issue in SpiderMonkey VS project that prevented compiling a x64 debug build (thanks, punt!)
	Some minor cleanup

03/12/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	GM and Counselors can now go though the wind teleporter

03/12/2022 - ldilley
	Comment line in that attempts to cat a non-existent Version file. This causes an error otherwise during the SpiderMonkey build.
	Initialize totalPlayerGold in vendor.cpp.
	Flag unused variable in gumps.cpp.
	Update to include references to FreeBSD and also alter the command (libtool instead of ar) used to generate the JavaScript library on macOS.

29/11/2022 - Xuri
	Added some validation checks for attacker object in onDamage JS event in several scripts
	Enabled onSellToVendor, onSoldToVendor, onBuyFromVendor and onBoughtFromVendor JS events to also run if attached to NPCs
	Disabled location check for 'addmulti command

29/11/2022 - ldilley
	Fixed many compile-time warnings (closes Fix compile warnings #131).
		Clang and GCC builds were both successful and completely clean using -Wall, -Wextra, and -Werror. The following various problems were corrected:
		Fix reasonable warnings reported by MSVC using /W4 /W3 /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS.
		Returning final without virtual
		Comparison of values with differing signedness
		Assignment order
		memset() expecting a multiple of a data type
		A plethora of unused variables (commented or voided)
		Comparisons always resulting in true
		Failure to initialize missing members
		Static methods (inlined)
		Instances of case fallthrough (denoted)
		Incompatible casts
		Mismatching macros/methods requiring variable number of arguments
		Bit shifting in bool contexts
		Inappropriate pointer use
		Potentially incorrect initialization of class/struct instances using memcpy()/memset()
	Removed some instances of extraneous spaces/tabs.

27/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer, Xuri
	Implemented potion kegs; these can be crafted by carpenters/tinkerers, and can be used to store potions at a fraction of their original weight (Dragon Slayer)
	Only the owner (if locked down), the current holder (if in backpack) or someone who have previously taste identified a potion keg may add additional potions to it (Xuri)
	Potions dropped from monsters and bought from stores are unidentified by default, but can be identified by players using the taste identification skill. (Xuri)
	Potions crafted by players are identified by default for all to see (Xuri)
	Releasing locked down items in houses now set the items as movable (1) instead of client default (0) (Xuri)
	Added socket as another parameter to the onToolTip JS event

15/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	Added special hair dyes
	Updated item menu in dfndata/items/ItemMenu.bulk.dfn with dyes (Xuri)
	Added hairstylist NPC alias to dfndata/npc/vendors.dfn (Xuri)

13/11/2022 - Xuri
	When buying items from NPC shopkeepers where the total cost is higher than the buy threshold set in uox.ini, UOX3 will now check the player's bankbox for gold first, then their backpack second, instead of just failing outright if bank didn't have the required amount
	Minor cleanup of some UO era-specific code for better maintainability
	Adjusted default light-settings in UOX.INI:
		DUNGEONLEVEL changed from 3 to 15
		DARKLEVEL changed from 5 to 12

12/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	Added hair-only and beard-only variants of hair dyes
	Added hair stylist vendors that sell all types of dye

09/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer/ldilley
	Added item definition (in misc/consumables.dfn), JS script (item/bearddye.js) and dictionary entries for hair dye
	Combined hair and beard dye scripts into one, since they shared most code (Xuri)
	Added dyes to alchemist shoplist (items/shoplist.dfn) (Xuri)
	Removed old hair dye menu from legacy gump DFN (dfndata/misc/gumps.dfn) (Xuri)
	Selling items to NPC shopkeepers now relies on sectionID of items instead of their ID/Type/Morex values (Xuri)
	Tinkerers can now craft Fletching Tools (Dragon Slayer)

08/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer/ldilley
	Added item definition (misc/consumables.dfn), JS script (item/hairdye.js) and dictionary entries for hair dye
	Added hair dyes (and tribal paint) to new consumables menu in add-menu (Xuri)
	Cleaned up hair dye script based on style guidelines, addressed a few issues (Xuri)
	Removed hard-coded hairdye functionality (Xuri)

06/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer/Xuri
	Implemented Taxidermy Kits for creating trophy house addons (Dragon Slayer)
	Fixed an issue related to open doors in houses that would prevent the placement of house-addons because of an incorrect distance check (Xuri)
	Fixed an issue with placement of house addons that would allow them to be placed in locations blocked either by other items or by parts of the multi itself (such as walls) (Xuri)

1/11/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	Updated spawn regions in Yew with NPCs for Empath Abbey

1/11/2022 - Xuri
	Base multis created with CreateBaseMulti() JS function or BuildBaseMulti() C++ function no longer require valid 'house/boat' locations to spawn
	Fixed an issue where no reagents were consumed when casting recall/gate spells via spell icons in runebooks (js/item/runebook.js)
	Spawn Regions will now more accurately spawn objects near desired heights supplied via PREFZ tags. Using PREFZ=20 will attempt to spawn NPCs on the second floor of a building with ground level at Z 0, for instance.
	Added a new DFN tag usable in Spawn Regions to define a definite Z level at which to attempt to spawn objects (skips some steps in the process and assumes the defined Z is a valid Z):
		DEFZ=# 	// Defines a definite Z level to attempt to spawn an object at
	Updated banker AI script (js/npc/ai/banker.js) with some extra validation checks, system messages and to take max weight capacity of bankbox into account
	The sectionID property of NPCs are now transferred to their corpses upon death, to make it easier to identify in scripts from which NPC a corpse really originated

30/10/2022 - Xuri
	Player vendors in existing houses no longer teleport to new houses placed by owner nearby
	Fixed script issue with demolishing house with player vendors in them
	Fixed an issue where setting prices for items on player vendors would permanently overwrite the buy-value of the item. Player vendor prices are now stored as a separate property (but saved as part of the VALUE tag), also accessible by the following JS Item property:
	Item description and vendor price are now cleared from items bought from player vendors
	Tooltips for items with new descriptions or vendor prices in player vendor backpacks are now correctly updated
	Only books, keyrings and unlocked containers can now be marked 'Not for Sale' in a player vendor's main/root backpack
	Any items on player vendors can now be marked as 'Not for Sale' if placed within a container that has a price tag
	Added additional feedback messages to players for various interactions with player vendors
	Fixed a bug where player vendors would lose loyalty and 'go wild' like pets when not fed regularly
	Split up some of the longer item lists in the 'add menu to prevent freezes on original 2D client

27/10/2022 - Xuri
	Added some code to assist with preventing/debugging houses potentially decaying
	Fixed an issue with freeshard server poll script, which attempted to fetch wrong ini setting
	Fixed a server crash related to applying invalid prices for player vendor items
	Neglecting to give item in player vendor pack a description now defaults to item name
	Items in player vendor packs are now refreshed properly when players update price and name
	Players can no longer issue pet control commands to player vendors via context menus

27/10/2022 - DragonSlayer
	Added aliases in item definitions for containers
	Consolidated all light item scripts into one, with options for auto-lights (lampposts) based on environment brightness level and more
	Removed old light scripts (Xuri)
	Updated consolidated lights.js script to handle custom dir values on lights, modified source of sound effects when turning lights on/off and made a few other minor adjustments (Xuri)
	Revamped region spawn system

27/10/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue with onDyeTarget event where the dyetub and target object parameters were not set properly
	Fixed some incorrect casting animation-related variable assignments for AI_HEALER and AI_EVIL_HEALER
	Fixed an issue with pets not going wild from lack of loyalty to their owners when at zero loyalty
	Addressed issues with idle/fidget animation setup that could cause NPCs to blink out of existence
	Removed stray semicolon behind control statement related to triggering of OnFacetChange JS event
	Fixed an issue with Bless spell when cast from item
	Some minor code cleanup

24/10/2022 - Xuri (0.99.6-RC1)
	Misc cleanup and standardization of style and naming conventions in code and scripts
	Added comments for all dictionary-based system messages in code for maintainability reasons
	Fixed an issue where line of sight checks for dynamic items would fail
	Fixed an issue where items being picked up by a player would not be added to the correct mapregion if bouncing back to its original location when dropped
	Fixed an issue where NPC spellcasters would damage/kill themselves by attempting to cast Mind Blast at their target. Now they'll only cast this if they're actually smarter than their target
	Fixed an issue where NPC spellcasters would damage and kill members of their own species/ai/race via AoE spells
	Fixed an issue where the max spellcast range defined in UOX.INI was off for NPCs by 1 tile
	Added spoken words of power for spells cast by human NPCs
	Fixed an exploit with the Dispel Field spell
	Admins and GMs are no longer dispellable...
	Fixed a bug where spell effects would get stuck on caster if they cast a spell with a moving effect at themselves
	Added two new NPC AI types that can be used for NPCs that are primarily casters:
		AI_CASTER (10)			// Same as AI_FIGHTER (5), but will try to stay at casting range
		AI_EVIL_CASTER (11)		// Same as AI_EVIL (2), but will try to stay at casting range
	Changed the NPCAI tags of some NPCs from 5 to 10 and from 2 to 11
	Added some visual flair to let NPCs play idle/fidget animations from time to time
	Added some visual flair to let NPCs play casting animations when using magic spells
	Added support for new tags in creatures.dfn to define some animation behaviour for non-player creatures in combat (ANTIBLINK tag no longer needed):
		ANIM_CASTAREA=#,frameCount		// Animation to use when casting area-targeted spells
		ANIM_CASTTARGET=#,frameCount 	// Animation to use when casting target-based spells
		ANIM_ATTACK1=#,frameCount 		// First attack animation
		ANIM_ATTACK2=#,frameCount 		// (optional) Second attack animation
		ANIM_ATTACK3=#,frameCount 		// (optional) Third attack animation
	Updated creatures.dfn with entries for all known creatures in the UO client, as well as icons, sounds and combat/casting animations for all of those.
	Fixed an issue with creature DFN setup for Elf ghosts which prevented paperdoll context menu from working
	Added new JS Events:
		onCarveCorpse( pUser, iCorpse )				// Triggers for iCorpse when being carved by pUser
		onFacetChange( mChar, oldFacet, newFacet ) 	// Triggers for character when moving between facets
		onDyeTarget( pUser, dyeTub, targItem ) 		// Triggers for dyeTub when player tries dying an item
	Added new JS Functions to create houses (from house.dfn) and base multis (using raw multi IDs):
		CreateHouse( houseID, x, y, z, worldNum, instanceID );
		CreateBaseMulti( multiID, x, y, z, worldNum, instanceID );
	Added new JS Character/Item Method:
		.HasScriptTrigger( scriptID )	// Returns true if script with scriptID is present on object
	Added new JS commands for GMs in js/commands/custom/misc-cmd.js
		'addhouse houseID 	// Add house from house.dfn at target location
		'addmulti multiID 	// Add base multi from client multi files at target location
	Added new INI settings:
		SHOWRACEWITHNAME=1 				// If enabled, shows a character's race along with their name. Defaults to 1
		SHOWITEMRESISTSTATS=0/1 		// If enabled, shows item resistance stats in item tooltip. Defaults to 0
		SHOWWEAPONDAMAGETYPES=1/0 		// If enabled, shows weapon damage types in item tooltip. Defaults to 1
		CASTSPELLSWHILEMOVING=0/1 		// If enabled, players can cast spells while moving, without having to stop
		SHOWREPUTATIONTITLEINTOOLTIP=1/0 // If enabled, shows player's reputation title in tooltip. Defaults to 1
		SHOWGUILDINFOINTOOLTIP=1/0 		// If enabled, shows player's guild info in tooltip. Defaults to 1
		SHOWRACEINPAPERDOLL=1/0 		// If enabled, shows a character's race in the paperdoll. Defaults to 1
		SHOWNPCTITLESINTOOLTIPS=1/0 	// If enabled, shows NPC titles in tooltip. Defaults to 1
	Renamed 0xf1_connectUOServerPoll.js to 0xf1_freeshardServerPoll.js, and updated script to respond to the "standard" freeshard server poll request rather than the more specific (and now dead) ConnectUO one.
	Added new INI settings under [expansion settings] section to help shard admins customize some key behaviours of their shard, based on their preferred "era" of UO. Note that a value of "core" means the setting inherits the chosen era from the CORESHARDERA setting:
				Defines the "core" era of the shard. Defaults to pub15 (Publish 15).
					any 				- determines which Item/NPC DFNs gets loaded, based on tags like GETT2A, GETPUB15
					uor or later 		- enables bonus hit chance for archery via ARCHERYHITBONUS setting
					lbr or earlier		- final combat damage value reduced by half
				Defines era to base armor calculations on
					lbr or earlier 		- different armor pieces contribute different percentage of the total Armor Rating
					aos or later 		- each armor piece contribute to sum total of Physical Resistance, and other elemental resistance stats
				Defines era to base strength damage bonus on
					uor or earlier 		- 20% damage bonus based on strength, capped at 200 strength
					td or later 		- 35% damage bonus based on strength if 100 strength or more, otherwise 30% damage bonus
				Defines era to base tactics damage bonus on
					lbr or earlier 		- bonus = Tactics skill + 50
					aos or later 		- 68.75% damage bonus if GM Tactics, 62.5% bonus if below
				Defines era to base anatomy damage bonus on
					uor or earlier 		- bonus = Anatomy / 5 vs NPCs, Anatomy / 2.5 vs Players
					td or later 		- 30% damage bonus at GM anatomy, up to 20% below GM
					ml or later 		- 50% + 5 damage bonus at GM anatomy, up to 50% below GM
				Defines era to base lumberjacking damage bonus on
					uor or earlier 		- 35% damage bonus at GM skill, up to 25% below GM
					td or later 		- 30% damage bonus at GM skill, up to 20% below GM
					hs or later 		- 10% chance of 100% damage bonus
				Defines era to base racial damage bonus on
					sa or later 		- Gargoyles gain +15% damage bonus per each 20 HP lost
				Defines era to base damage bonus cap on
					lbr or earlier 		- No cap on damage bonus multiplier
					aos or later 		- Total damage bonus multiplier capped at 300% higher than base damage
				Defines era to base shield parry calculations on
					t2a 				- chance to block is parryskill / 2. shield absorbs damage equivalent of AR/2 for melee, or equivalent of AR for archery
					uor to lbr 			- higher AR equals lower block chance, but more damage absorbed.
					aos or later 		- chance to block dependent on parry skill vs bushido skill, with dex modifier
				Defines era to base weapon parry calculations on
					aos or later 		- chance to parry with weapon based on parry skill and bushido skill, with a dex modifier, 16.6% chance weapon will take damage from parrying
					ml or later 		- chance to parry with weapon based on parry skill and bushido skill, with a dex modifier, 5% chance weapon will take damage from parrying, or 75% if opponent has mace
				Defines era to base wrestling parry calculations on
					tol or later 		- From 12.5% chance (at GM wrestling, increases with higher skill) that an NPC will parry an attack
				Defines era to base combat hit chance calculations on
					t2a to lbr 			- hit chance based on attacker's skill vs defender's skill. No minimum chance to hit
					uor to lbr 			- Additional bonus hit chance for archery
					aos to tol 			- hit chance based on attacker's skill (and hit chance increase) vs defender's skill (and defense chance increase). Minimum 2% chance to hit
		Supported era values:
			uo, t2a, uor, td, lbr, aos, se, ml, sa, hs, tol and core (inherits era defined in CORESHARDERA)
	Added (optional) new Item/NPC DFN tags to help determine which variants of Items/NPCs to load from DFNs, based on chosen era in CORESHARDERA setting:
		GETUO=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Ultima Online (original release, before T2A)
		GETT2A=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is The Second Age
		GETTD=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Third Dawn
		GETUOR=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is UO Renaissance
		GETLBR=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
		GETAOS=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Age of Shadows
		GETSE=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Samurai Empire
		GETML=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Mondain's Legacy
		GETSA=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Stygian Abyss
		GETTOL=		// Inherit DFN section if core shard era is Time of Legends
	Added new Item/Character DFN tags that provide defensive bonuses on top of existing DEF/ELEMENTALRESIST values:
		DEFBONUS=minVal [maxVal] 			// Def/Physical resistance bonus (maxVal optional)
		ERBONUS=heat cold energy poison 	// Elemental resistance bonus
	Crafted armor made from coloured ingots now provide additional defensive bonuses based on color of ingots (for AoS/ToL variant of items)
	Fixed a bug where players not a member of a guild could still interact with the guildstone of said guild
	Guild masters can no longer dismiss themselves from their own guild; if they want to leave they'll have to resign
	Fixed a bug where cancelling text input for various guild functions could blank out the guild name, abbreviation, guildmaster title, charter or website
	Fixed a bug where guild abbreviations (and titles) would show when turned off, and would not show when turned on
	Added guild master ability to grant guild titles to targeted guild members
	Added system message feedback various guild interactions, including: inviting players to join, swearing fealty, declaring war, entering alliances, granting titles
	Added support for showing guild titles and guild names in character tooltips
	Guild titles, names and abbreviations are now hidden for players who are incognito
	Players invited to join a guild by the Guild Master directly will now automatically be accepted into the guild
	Fixed a potential null-reference exception related to moving Townstones
	Fixed a bug where adding or removing friends for a pet would not properly inform the involved players
	Traps in dungeons will now only trigger for player characters, and will ignore all NPCs
	Tweaked HTML templates for server status pages; shard name shown more prominently, names of GMs/Counselors hidden from regular player list, information on UOX3 build version hidden in player-facing pages, and a few other small adjustments
	Fixed an issue with archery butte script (js/item/archerybutte.js) where chance of hitting a bullseye was not calculated correctly
	UOX3 now responds correctly to logout requests from the client
	Fixed reagent requirements for inscribing Explosion spell (thanks, Azzerhoden Razeri)
	Removed redundant VALUE tags from JewlerShopping shoplist (thanks, Azzerhoden Razeri)
	Reduced combat hit message spam by increasing the lower damage threshold for when they can show up
	Added NPC definitions for savage shaman, savage warrior (male and female) and savage rider in dfndata/npc/savages.dfn.
	Added special AI scripts for savages and savage shamans, to handle their special abilities
	Added tribal paint consumable item (dfndata/items/misc/consumables.dfn)
	Added ability to cook tribal paint via flour and tribal berries (js/skill/cooking/flour.js)
	Added some helper scripts for magic:
		js/magic/helper/check_resist.js (6000)				// Test target's resist versus caster and spell circle
		js/magic/helper/calc_final_spell_damage.js (6001)	// Calculate spell damage from provided base damage
	Added a timer-related script that can be used to keep track of long-term timers (up to 49 days) on objects, and which will remove itself from the object when there are no more active timers left. Currently used to keep track of tribal paint applied to players:
		js/server/timer/long_term_timers.js (3)
	Fixed an issue where player backpacks did not have a max weight set, which could cause issues for scripts that relied on checking max weight of backpack to work
	Added new UOX.INI settings to let shard admins control the maximum weight that player backpacks and bankboxes can hold:
		MAXPLAYERPACKWEIGHT=40000	// 400.00 stones by default
		MAXPLAYERBANKWEIGHT=160000	// 1600.00 stones by default
	Fixed an issue where spells setup in JS did not correctly consume reagents when cast (thanks, Azzerhoden Razeri)
	Fixed a bug where casting spells would sometimes leave the player in a "frozen" state client-side
	Fixed a bug where RECALL=1 was missing from town of Vesper in regions.dfn
	Fixed an issue where runebooks did not keep correct count of runes added/dropped (thanks, Azzerhoden Razeri, Dragon Slayer
	Fixed an issue where the runebook script would crash because of a misspelled object variable (thanks, Azzerhoden Razeri)
	Added missing spell scrolls to the MageShopping shoplist
	Added new property for Items and NPCs loaded from DFNs (also available as a JS object property):
		sectionID 	// Keeps track of the [sectionID] an item or NPC originated from
	Added support for getting/setting new sectionID property via 'get and 'set commands
	Exposed Character properties to JS engine:
		.fleeAt 		// Percentage health threshold for NPC fleeing in combat
		.reAttackAt		// Percentage health threshold for NPC re-attacking in combat if fleeing
	Added new character timer (also available in JS engine) for time between each time a character plays an idle animation
	Added 'move as an alias command for 'telestuff (js/commands/targeting/tele.js)
	Fixed missing socket reference in bankcheck.js
	Added missing tribal paint (js/item/tribal_paint.js), spear (js/item/tribal_spear.js) and bola (js/npc/special/bola_ability.js) scripts
	Updated js/item/oilcloth.js to support wiping away tribal paint from the player
	Updated js/npc/ai/monster/orc.js AI script to make sure owners of pets attacking the orc will get their orcish kin masks destroyed
	Players can no longer use Polymorph spell while incognitoed, or while under effect of tribal paint
	Players can no longer use Incognito spell while polymorphed, or while under effect of tribal paint
	Facial hair is now removed from players who are under the effects of Incognito spell that changes their gender for female
	Expanded the amount of possible house entries in dfndata/house/house.dfn from 255 to 65535

24/10/2022 - ldilley
	Fixed cPlayerAction.cpp case in source/CMakeLists.txt (was cplayeraction.cpp).
	Added FreeBSD build support for SpiderMonkey, zlib, and UOX3.
	Updated with FreeBSD build instructions.
	Fixed a compile error due to NULL being defined as nullptr (non-int type) and not 0 (zero)

26/08/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-7)
	Fixed a missing definition for GetStartTime JS function which would cause an error in the help menu script
	Tweaked some messages output to the UOX3 console during startup for improved clarity

25/08/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-6)
	Increased world load speed by almost 20% by reducing how often loading progress is written to the console
	Increased world save speed by almost 50% through the use of binary mode and buffer tweaks for ofstream combined with a cached newline char and std::to_string instead of static_cast
	Fixed a server crash involving killing NPCs of a specific spawn region using the 'spawnkill # command
	Fixed a server crash involving moving items from decaying corpses to the ground
	Fixed a server crash involving carving up human corpses
	Fixed a server crash related to AreaCharacterFunction JS function, which could trigger for any script that potentially kills any NPC this function iterates over (like explosion potions)
	Fixed a server crash related to GMs attempting to add items from add-menu while having no backpack
	Fixed a client crash issue caused by attempting to sell house deeds back to architect NPCs
	Fixed an issue where players would get incorrect amounts of gold for selling house deeds back to architect NPCs
	Fixed an issue with characters dying onboard boats which prevented players from packing up the boats later
	Added new item property in code (via bools bitset) that can be used to enable/disable maker's mark on crafted items. This property can be set to true for items crafted at exceptional quality by GM craftsmen
	Exposed the new item property to JS engine:
		.isMarkedByMaker	 	// If true, maker's mark will be displayed
	Updated default item tooltip to display " of exceptional quality" for items crafted with exceptional quality
	Updated default item tooltip to display "[Crafted] by [Crafter's Name]" for exceptional quality items crafted by GM craftsmen. The [Crafted] text comes from the MADEWORD defined in dfndata/skills/skills.dfn for the primary skill used to craft the item
	Updated old-school single-click names for items (when AoS bit is disabled in client/server features) to display exceptional status and/or maker's mark for appropriate items
	Fixed an issue with the display of titles for NPCs that used dictionary lookups for their title
	Added new UOX.INI settings under the [settings] section:
		DISPLAYMAKERSMARK=1/0			// Controls if maker's marks on crafted items are shown on a global level
		SHOWNPCTITLESOVERHEAD=1/0 		// Controls whether NPC titles are shown over their heads
		SHOWINVULNERABLETAGOVERHEAD=0/1 // Controls whether invulnerable tags are shown overhead
		GLOBALRESTOCKMULTIPLIER=1.0 	// Global multiplier applied to RESTOCK property of items when loaded from DFNs
	Added new UOX.INI settings under the [combat] section:
		PETCOMBATTRAINING=1/0 			// Controls whether pets can gain skills/stats from combat
		HIRELINGCOMBATTRAINING=1/0 		// Controls whether hirelings can gain skills/stats from combat
		NPCCOMBATTRAINING=0/1 			// Controls whether NPCs in general can gain skills/stats from combat
	Fixed an issue where a player meeting the exact minimum requirements for crafting an item would always fail
	Fixed a bug with teleporting off boats to valid nearby locations when double-clicking boat planks while standing on it
	Updated behaviour of planks on boats:
		Boat key can unlock plank, but won't automatically open it
		Boat key used on an open, unlocked plank will lock and automatically close the plank
		Boat key used on an open, locked plank will unlock the plank and leave it open
		Player using an unlocked plank now opens it
		Player using an open plank will disembark (if onboard) or embark (if not) the boat
		Player can always open a locked plank if they're on the boat, even with no key, to allow disembarking the boat.
		Planks that are open, but locked cannot be accessed from outside the boat, and will close automatically after five of seconds
	Updated behaviour of Magic Lock/Unlock spells:
		Magic Lock cannot be used on objects inside a multi
		Magic Lock applies difficulty to lock based on caster's Magery skill
		Magic Lock effect will last between 7 to 50 seconds (depending on caster's Magery skill)
		Any object that can be locked via Magic Lock spell can also be unlocked via Magic Unlock spell, if caster has high enough Magery skill
	Fixed a bug where certain JS Functions, Methods and Properties would occasionally pass incorrect values to scripts that called upon them. Scripts that rely on the GetCurrentClock() Function, the .GetTimer() Method, .decayTime, .logTime, .oreTime and .fishTime Properties might need to be updated to account for the fix, which causes larger values to be passed in than before.
	Fixed a bug related to GetCurrentClock() that caused decay and respawning of dungeon chests from working properly
	Fixed a bug related to GetCurrentClock() and .logTime/.fishTime that prevented consumption and regeneration of log/fish resources from working properly
	Added a new JS Function:
		GetStartTime()	// Returns a timestamp for when server started up
	Fixed a bug related to GetCurrentClock() where server uptime stats in help menu was showing up incorrectly
	Fixed a bug related to GetCurrentClock() and purging of registrations of visitors in public houses so their visits can be counted again later
	Fixed a bug related to GetCurrentClock() that caused monster speech to not work properly
	Fixed a Z-related issue that sometimes prevented players from fishing when standing on the shoreline next to the sea
	Fixed an issue with Animal Lore skill that would always return a pet's loyalty level as "Wild"
	Increased max range pets can be from their owner in order to still be included in moongate/teleporter travel from 12 to 24 tiles
	Fixed an issue where the alchemy bonus damage for explosion potions was off by an order of magnitude
	Fixed an issue where food IDs from foodlists referenced by other foodlists was not detected as valid food for tamed pets or NPCs
	Fixed an issue where Alchemy crafting skill did not properly check for the existence of the crafting tool before proceeding with the crafting process
	Fixed an issue that prevented the Teleport spell from working as intended
	Fixed an issue where players would still get 1 gold even if STARTGOLD in uox.ini was set to 0
	Fixed an issue with mount restrictions script that prevented players from mounting Unicorns, Ki-rins and Cu Sidhes
	Fixed an issue where aggressive creatures wouldn't stop attacking player after being tamed (js/skill/taming.js)
	Added a system message to inform the player when they've dropped out of stealth due to taking too many steps
	Fixed an issue where hunger level of NPCs instantly dropped upon spawning because hunger timer was not active yet
	Fixed a bug where character corpses would appear with a [unidentified] tag attached
	Fixed an issue where the [unidentified] tag did not show up for unidentified magic items
	Added ANIMAL tag to a small bunch of creature definitions (dfndata/creatures/creatures.dfn)
	Fixed an issue with Bowcraft skill where player could not gain enough skill from crafting bows to reach min requirement for crossbows, and similiarly could not reach min requirement for heavy crossbows from crossbows
	Updated default value of MURDERDECAYTIMER INI setting from 60 seconds to 28800 seconds (8 hours), to match the amount of time it would take for one (short term) murder count to decay on LBR-era OSI shards.

10/08/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-5)
	Fixed an issue involving player deaths and moving items from backpacks to corpses
	Fixed NPC Carpenters not selling carpentry tools
	Fixed an issue with trashbarrel script (js/server/house/trashbarrel.js) that prevented it from working on stand-alone containers not in a house
	Fixed a logic issue that resulted in some crafted items not having full item details show up in tooltips
	Fixed an issue where reloading ini file would keep loading in the same starting locations over and over without ever clearing the list, making it grow in size with every reload

15/07/2022 - Xuri
	Added new JS Methods for Characters and Items, for getting/setting expiry time for a specific timer belonging to a specific script attached to an object, or to kill said timer completely:
		.GetJSTimer( timerID, scriptID )
		.SetJSTimer( timerID, timeInMilliseconds, scriptID )
		.KillJSTimer( timerID, scriptID )
	Added new JS commands:
		'getjstimer timerID,scriptID 	// Spits out remaining time before timer expires
		'setjstimer timerID,timeInMilliseconds,scriptID // Updates expiry time for specified timer
		'killjstimer timerID,scriptID 	// Kills specific timer completely
	Updated JS Docs with info on the new JS timer-related methods
	Updated dictionaries with new lines used by new JS timer-related commands

11/07/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-4)
	Fixed an issue with incorrect sized Stat Window Info packet (0x11) being sent for clients when only T2A client/server features are enabled, which could cause client to freeze on login

05/07/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-3)
	Fixed an issue where multis could vanish because multi data was not always correctly saved out to house.wsc; now multi data is saved to the same wsc files as other items instead. UOX3 still reads house.wsc content on world load, but will delete the file on the first world save, as it's no longer needed.

05/07/2022 - punt
	Fix for invalid uo directory causing crash
	Address an error in the using the error prone generic list (push/pop). Had an additional push, without a corresponding pop

05/07/2022 - Xuri
	Wrapped some debug messages related to sockets in debug defines
	Adjusted fix for mining to be more flexible with name of tiles
	Fixed an issue that caused double saves on shutdown, with second shutdown wiping out some objects because they'd already been unloaded from system after first save

04/07/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue with mining that allowed mining on non-valid static tiles
	Fixed an issue that prevented boats from moving
	Fixed an issue that prevented boats from being blocked by blocking tiles
	Fixed an issue where salute and bow emotes got reversed

12/06/2022 (on or about) - punt
	Modernized and replaced all mul handling
	Changed dynamic allocation of basic classes to static
	Perhaps speed improvement

03/06/2022 - punt
	Modernized ObjectFactory and replaced external hash with use of unordered_map

31/05/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue with the provocation skill (skill/js/provocation.js) that prevented successfully provoked creatures from attacking one another

28/05/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed issue in js/server/house/houseCommands.js that caused any attempts to create secure containers in houses to fail (thanks Hughesbuddy!)

23/05/2022 - Xuri
	Fix for logic error that prevented stamina loss when shoving past other characters

22/05/2022 - Xuri
	Exposed the NPC wander properties FX1, FY1, FX2, FY2 and FZ to the JS engine, and updated get, set and tweak JS commands to handle these
	Updated dictionary files with tweak-menu specific messages for NPC wander properties
	Fixed an issue with weight calculation when picking up partial piles of items - now uses weight of the specific amount of items picked up on cursor, and not the weight of the full pile
	Fixed an issue with weight calculation of bank box contents, which didn't take into account the amount of items in item piles

21/05/2022 - Xuri
	The TOOLUSELIMIT and TOOLUSEBREAK ini settings now also properly affect mining tools when enabled

12/05/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue where slips counted while using the Healing skill (js/skill/healing_slip.js) would never be reset (thanks Hughesbuddy!)
	Adjusted fishing script (js/skill/fishing.js) to reduce the chance of fishing up sea serpents on failure in shallow and deep waters, and also added a chance for players to fish up deep sea serpents while in deep waters
	Adjusted scissors script (js/skill/tailoring/scissors.js) to stop preventing use of scissors while the system thinks the player is running, but just show the associated message without any other impact

08/05/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed an issue where non-mounted NPCs didn't get proper default values set for mounted walking, running and fleeing speeds

03/04/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed a bug with skill check code that resulted in much lower than expected success rate at using skills (non-crafting ones in particular)
	Updated code for how the minimum 50% success-rate is calculated for crafters who meet all minimum skill requirements for crafting an item, which previously incorrectly gave crafters a much higher chance of success!
	Tweaked how rank is calculated for crafted items to modify the final rank based on base chance of success at crafting item. This brings the chance of crafting exceptional (10/10 rank) items more in line with how difficult this was in LBR era on official shards
	Adjusted how estimated chance for crafting exceptional items is calculated in crafting script (js/skill/craft/itemdetailgump.js) to be more in line with what actually takes place in code

22/03/2022 - Xuri
	Reverted from using strncpy_s to strncpy due to some unforeseen side effects that could cause script errors and crashes. Additional work might be required in order to safely convert to strncpy_s
	Updated 'radd command to provide better feedback when using incorrect syntax. Also added redirects to 'radditem and 'raddnpc commands when "item" or "npc" is detected as a parameter of this command

07/03/2022 - punt
	Added all-in-one solution and project files for VS2022 that compiles both UOX3, Spidermonkey and zlib at the same time
	Updated cmake project to compile static version of Spidermonkey library
	Various source changes made to address warnings
	Updated project files and filters to be more consistent between VS2017 and VS2022 solutions (Xuri)

02/03/2022 - Xuri (0.99.5b-2)
	Added a new feature that allows shard admins/scripters to mark specific NPCs as "permanently awake", in order to keep UOX3 running scripts, timers and updates for these NPCs even if they are in regions that are "asleep" because of no nearby online players.
		A new UOX.INI setting has been added which can turn this feature on/off:
			ALLOWAWAKENPCS=0/1 	// If disabled, NPCs marked as awake are treated as regular NPCs
		New NPC DFN tag added to mark an NPC as awake or not:
			AWAKE=0/1 		// 0 = disabled (default), 1 = enabled
		New Character JS Property added to toggle an NPC's awake state via JS:
			.isAwake 		// 0 = disabled (default), 1 = enabled
		'get and 'set commands updated with the new awake property:
			'get awake
			'set awake 0/1
	IP of shard in shard list is now sent to client in little endian instead of big endian, which should correct the ping displayed in shard list, which previously showed a timeout (punt)

28/02/2022 - Xuri
	Updated UOX.INI setting NETWORKLOG to actually control logging of network traffic for all connected clients, without needing each socket to have logging enabled via the manual console command 'Z'. This console command can still be used, however, to override a disabled INI setting and enable network traffic logging for connected clients.
	Updated 'get and 'set commands to support getting/setting a range of socket properties for a targeted (online) player:
		tempInt 			// int (temporary value)
		tempInt2 			// int (temporary value)
		xText 				// string (temporary string)
		clickX 				// int (x coordinate of where player clicked with targeting cursor)
		clickY 				// int (y coordinate of where player clicked with targeting cursor)
		clickZ 				// int (z coordinate of where player clicked with targeting cursor)
		walkSequence 		// int (movement sequence number, between 0 and 255)
		currentSpellType 	// int (current spell being cast by a player)
		logging 			// bool (enable to override disabled NETWORKLOG setting)
		pickupX 			// int (x coordinate of where player picked up an item from)
		pickupY 			// int (y coordinate of where player picked up an item from)
		pickupZ 			// int (z coordinate of where player picked up an item from)
		pickupSpot 			// int (0 = nowhere, 1 = ground, 2 = ownpack, 3 = otherpack, 4 = paperdoll, 5 = bank)
		language 			// string (language code)
	Fixed an issue where CUSTOMINTTAG in NPC DFNs would not get read properly, but would instead print an (incorrect) warning about how the tag was formatted

27/02/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed a server crash related to attempting to play music for non-existent sockets

26/02/2022 - Xuri
	Fixed a server crash caused by a couple of items in "stone walls 4" section of add-menu that were missing their ID in ItemMenu.bulk.dfn (thanks, Humility)
	Fixed an issue where items added to house (multi) definition would not be attached to the house if their coordinates were not within the boundaries of the house. This prevented the usage of house foundation multis with custom stairs, for instance.

26/02/2022 - Dragon Slayer
	Added JS-based help menu accessible via character paperdoll, with modernized style and UI, ability for players to change their password
	Minor cleanup and addition of a few extra features to help menu, like a safe teleport option for players who are potentially stuck, updated server info details and integration with UOX3's existing GM paging system as support options (Xuri)
	Added new JS functions to retrieve server data used for server stats in help menu:
		GetItemCount()				// Gets number of items on server
		GetMultiCount() 			// Gets number of multis on server
		GetCharacterCount()			// Gets number of characters on server
		GetServerVersionString() 	// Gets server version as a string
	Added new UOX.INI settings to control safe teleport for stuck players via the Help menu in Paperdoll:
		MAXSAFETELEPORTSPERDAY=1 		// Max teleports per day, defaults to 1
		TELEPORTNEARESTSAFELOC=1 		// Teleport player to nearest safe location (1) or random safe location (0)
	Added 'res as an alias of 'resurrect command
	Added alias names for items in misc_magic.dfn, potions.dfn, reagents.dfn and scrolls.dfn, to allow adding these items using 'add item bloodmoss, or 'add item lesserexplosionpotion

26/02/2022 - punt
	Added some error checking for sockets

25/02/2022 - punt
	Timing instrumentation added to allow obtaining information to aid in analyzing performance issues
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