Sunday, November 8, 2020

UOX3 v0.99.4 Released!

UOX3 v0.99.4 is here, and brings with it some changes that have been a long time coming. Read the highlights below, or jump straight into the full changelog for all the details!

Housing Revamp

The previous, hard coded and outdated implementation that had not been touched for a good ~15 years, has now been ripped out from the source and reimplemented in the JS engine with all the features, bells and whistles one would expect from the classic (pre-customizable houses) Ultima Online housing experience - and almost every rule and setting is customizable.

Mining System Revamp (lite)

On a smaller scale, but still worth mentioning, is a revamp-lite of the mining system. Chance to find different types of ore can now be specified per region, and functionality for merging ore piles together has finally been added.

Extended JS Engine Functionality

Another small focus for this release has been to expose more hard-coded functionality to the JS engine, in particular functions that have to do with various aspects of maps, statics and multis - so there's a bunch of those as well!

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary follows below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.4:

Grab your copy of UOX3 0.99.4 for your preferred platform - Windows, Linux or macOS - while it's still hot!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

UOX3 0.99.3a Released!

The previous release contained an unfortunate bug that could cause shards to crash when players initiated combat with NPCs. That is fixed for UOX3 v0.99.3a, which also comes with a small list of other fixes and improvements! As with the previous release, all-in-one packages are available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary follows below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.3a:

Grab your copy of UOX3 0.99.3a for your preferred platform - Windows, Linux or macOS - before we run out of stock! Wait... we can never run out of stock, but grab a copy anyway!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

UOX3 0.99.3 Released!

This is a big one! Nearly 6 months worth of updates on GitHub compiled into one big, fat, juicy release! The list further down this post highlights some of the most notable changes in this update, but some of those changes are so important and carry so much weight they deserve a special mention on their own:

Improved Cross-Platform Support - and 64-bits!

For the first time in nearly two decades, UOX3 now has feature and stability parity across Windows, Linux and MacOS. The codebase has gone through a small upheaval and revamp to make sure UOX3 both compiles and runs in a stable manner on all these platforms... including 64-bit ones. The future is now! Big kudos to punt, who was the driving force (and programmer) behind both this and the next change:

Proper Support for UOP Maps

Previous versions of UOX3 had some rudimentary support for reading map files wrapped in the very earliest version of the UOP format, but with 0.99.3 UOX3 can finally load the latest version of these files directly, without any kind of conversion to MUL being needed!

Improved Client Support

UOX3 should now work reasonably well with clients all the way up to the most recent one - - while still maintaining backwards compatibility with client versions down to 4.0.0p!

New Feature - Instances

The first iteration of a new feature that allows game objects (and regions/spawn regions) to exist on the same map, at the same coordinates - but in different "dimensions" where they cannot interact with or be affected by each other. Controlled by fifth coordinate - instanceID - which can be set via JS scripts, 'set command, start locations in uox.ini, spawnregion DFNs

Revamped Documentation

The documentation for UOX3 has been completely revamped, and can be viewed in a convenient HTML document available both in UOX3's docs folder as well as right here at uox3.org! The new docs also include a setup guide, crash-course in GMing, details on specific features, brand new UOX3 history section with details and fun facts about UOX3 versions stretching all the way back to the original public release of UOX3. Last, but not least - an updated and up-to-date UOX3 Hall of Fame, that lists over two hundred (200) names and nicknames of the people who have contributed to UOX3 in one way or another over the last two decades!

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary follows below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.3:

Grab UOX3 0.99.3 while it's still hot!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

UOX3 0.99.2h Released!

New release that includes a number of updates that have been pushed to the git repository, but never made it into an actual build until now. You'll find this release on the Downloads-page. Mostly minor code fixes and tweaks.

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary follows below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.2h:

Click here to get your hands on UOX3 0.99.2h!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

UOX3 on GitHub

UOX3 has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century! The source code for UOX3 and various tools have been migrated to GitHub, with the commit history of both the old SF repositories (UOX3 and OpenUO) merged into one, brand new shiny looking git repository.

UOX3 on Discord

In a similar vein, a presence has been established for UOX3 on Discord! Join #uox3 on Discord today and idle afk forever for a good time!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

UOX3 v0.99.2b Released!

Two releases in two days! Let's pretend the reason for this is NOT that the previous version had a critical bug that would wipe out all character skills on server restarts....

As always, the Downloads-page contains the good stuff.

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary will follow below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 v0.99.2b:

Point your mouse over this link and left-click to be rewarded with the downloads-page for UOX3 0.99.2b!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

UOX3 0.99.2 Released!

Time for another version! This one, just like the previous one, is available from the Downloads-page. As with the previous version, UOX3 v0.99.2 is a relatively small release, though it contains some nice fixes related to item-weight, LoS and - for linux - server crashes, so upgrading is highly recommended.

The complete changelog is available here, while a shorter summary will follow below.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99.2:

Click here to get your hands on UOX3 0.99.2!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UOX3 v0.99.1 Released!

This smaller release includes fixes for a couple of issues that were overlooked in the release on monday, plus a few other bits and bobs. You can download UOX3 v0.99.1 from the Downloads-page.

Changelog for UOX3 v0.99.1:

Grab it from the Downloads-page!

Monday, March 19, 2012

UOX3 0.99 Released!

The year 2012 - say hello to UOX3 0.99! Fresh off the compiler, UOX3 0.99 is now available from a Downloads-page near you.

Now, how does one go about writing release notes for a new version of a program that has not had a proper version released in over three years? The CVS has received some updates, and we did put up some "experimental builds", but the version on the Downloads-page has been stuck on the same version for over three years. This is not ideal.

However, this does mean we've got a changelog chuck full of good stuff for this version! The full changelog of changes done since the last proper release amounts to ~320 lines of text, a little less than half of which were done in 2012. This list includes both changes that have already been available through CVS and experimental builds, as well as a whole bunch of never before seen changes, fixes and additions that will hopefully be of some interest to people.

The entire changelog is available here, however a summary of the most important changes will follow.

Summary of improvements in UOX3 0.99:

Why are you still reading this? Go grab UOX3 0.99 already!

Friday, March 3, 2012

New UOX3 release coming soon - supports SA and HS clients

A new version of UOX3 will be released in the not distant future, which will drag UOX3 kicking and screaming into the 211th decade by including support (login, character-creation, tiledata, multis, items and maps) for UO clients all the way up to, by breaking through various packet and data-related barriers in versions,, and - while keeping backwards compability with older clients back to the 4.0.x versions.

That's not everything, though; below follows a short overview of the major improvements in this version. For more details on each point listed, check the linked forum thread at the bottom of the list.

Short overview of improvements:

We've also added a very important new section to the forums dedicated as a place where anyone and everyone can post fixes, additions and improvements they would like to see included in UOX3 - the Submissions - Fixes & Improvements-forum! JS, DFNs, Code, Documentation-updates - anything posted in this forum will be considered (though not everything will be approved) for inclusion in the default UOX3 package.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Forum update plus note on Experimental Builds

As explained in a recent post on the forums, we're in the process of upgrading our forums from phpBB2 to phpBB3, and as such the front-page link will be changing from the old forum to the new in one of the coming days, once some kinks have been ironed out and we're certain the new forum is behaving as it should.

This means that the two forums will co-exist for a short period of time, which also means that posts on the old made after December 24th, 05:30am (GMT) will not automatically be brought over to the new forum. Feel free to start using the new forum right now, though!

Note on Experimental Builds

It has been a while since the latest proper UOX3 release - 0.98-4.0, but there have still been various updates done since then. The source-code for these updates is of course available on the CVS, which is hosted on the OpenUO SourceForge-page. From time to time we also post Experimental Builds in the forums, which are compiled based on the CVS source-code.

Some highlights from updates that have been made since the last official release, which are available in the form of these Experimental Builds right now:

You can grab the latest Experimental Build from this forum thread. Alternatively, grab the source-code from the CVS and compile it yourself!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

UOX3 0.98-4.0

Though it is now 2 1/2 years since the last version of UOX3 was "officially released" (which must be a new record of some sort!), there have been updates made to the CVS every now and then throughout this period, and experimental versions of these changes have been released on the forums to users who've wanted them.

Now the time has finally come to do a new full release of UOX3, however, and as a result, UOX3 0.98-4.0 is now available from the Downloads-page (or alternatively, from the OpenUO SourceForge-page).

Read below for a summary of this version's updates, or check out the detailed changelog.

Get it from the Downloads-page now!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Xuri's WorldBuilder 0.23

The first official version of Xuri's WorldBuilder in over six and a half years has now been released. Rumors has it that this version includes basic support for Vista as well as a brand spanking new installer, which drags the tool kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

For those of you who have no idea what WorldBuilder is, it's a combined ingame worldbuilding utility (constructing houses, decorating your world, etc) and GM Tool (similar to CGMT/ShardAce of old, easy access to most commands and many features of UOX3). Download it and give it a try!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

(April Fools) UOX4 Released, now supported by EA

The release-version of UOX3 v1.0, known as UOX4, is now available from the downloads page. UOX4 includes full support for the most recent UO clients, both the standard 2D client and the UOKR client, and all features currently implemented on the official UO servers are supported, either fully or partially.

UOX4 is now officially supported by EA, after we've struck a deal with them that makes the continued development and optimization of UOX4 easier than ever. No longer will sudden changes to the UO client cause incompability or a breakdown of features - we'll be informed of any changes to client <-> server protocols beforehand so we can easily keep UOX4 compatible with new client releases.

Summary of UOX4 features:

Get it from the Downloads-page now, or discuss the release of UOX4 with other users!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

About UO Client v6.0.1.7

As of version of the UO client, problems have started occuring when connected to emulated UO servers such as UOX3. Client lockups and freezes are very frequent, and some reports indicate a change in the packet system that could have other gameplay-affecting consequences as well.

For now, we advice you to hold those client updates for the time being, until more information/a fix to UOX3 is available.

Discuss here

Sunday, February 25, 2007

UOX3 INI Editor

The resident coding wizard - giwo - has conjured up a much needed and long awaited utility with which shard admins easily can modify the general UOX3 settings stored in the UOX.INI file without having to trudge through the file manually in a text-editor. Instead, you can now navigate through a tabbed GUI (img) with all the options laid out in an orderly fashion.

You can download and/or stay up to date on the latest versions of the UOX3 Ini Editor by browsing to this thread in the forums.

WorldForge - grimson Edition

Another version of WorldForge has been added to the Downloads-page; a modified version (by grimson) of the one already there, it includes support for maps sized 7168x4096 as well as some smaller fixes to the overview map.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

(Happy Newyear!) New UOX3.org Webserver

UOX3.org has been unavailable during the last few days due to a change of webserver host. The changeover is now more or less complete and the page should be showing normally, though some details yet remain to get up and running (such as the forum).

If you encounter any new errors on the page, don't hesitate to let us know so we can fix it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

It has been pretty quiet around here for a while now, but we're still around, and we hope you'll all have a very Merry Christmas, whether you celebrate the day(s) or not.

Forum registration de-activated

It must also be mentioned that for the time being any and all new forum accounts must be activated by an administrator before they can be used. Manual activation has been disabled due to the huge amount of spambots that keep registering.

Until a solution can be found (either through upgrades to the forum software or by add-ons), it might take a day or two for new forum accounts to be activated.

Sorry about that.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Forum Registration Fixed... Again

Just received an e-mail mentioning that authorization e-mails for newly registered users on the forums weren't being sent - the problem has now been fixed, and new users since 25th of July have all been manually activated.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

UOX3 Newsfeeds and Opera Widgets

RSS newsfeeds for UOX3 have been added for both the UOX3.org news-page RSS icon (in the front-page menu) and the forums RSS icon(in the forum header), along with Opera Widget-versions of said newsfeeds (screenshot).

Note that version 9.0 or newer of the Internet Browser Opera is required to use the Widgets.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

UOX3 0.98-3.7

Three months have passed since the previous UOX3 version was released (though any changes and updates are always available directly from the CVS at any time after they've actually been made), but now we're back on the release track with UOX3 0.98-3.7, which is available from the Downloads-page.

Read below for a summary of this version's updates, or check out the detailed changelog.

Get it from the Downloads-page now!