UOX3-specific Downloads

NB! Remember to read the UOX3 Documentation found in the UOX3\DOCS\ folder or on these pages!

The source and data files can also be found in the UOX3 GitHub repository.

Full UOX3 Package for Windows

dl-icon2All-In-One (mirror) (13/09/2018) - UOX3 v0.99.2d

Separate UOX3 Packages

dl-iconUOX3 Exe Only (mirror) (13/09/2018) - UOX3.EXE v0.99.2d (for Windows)

dl-iconBasic UOX3 files (mirror) (13/09/2018) - Basic UOX3 files(ini-files, html-files, documentation, etc.) v0.99.2d

dl-iconDFNs Only (mirror) (13/09/2018) - Only the DFN-files, v0.99.2d

dl-iconJavaScripts Only (mirror) (13/09/2018) - Only the Javascript-files, v0.99.2d

dl-iconUOX3 Sourcecode (mirror) (13/09/2018) - The UOX3 source-code v0.99.2d

UOX3 for Linux

dl-iconUOX3 Scripts for Linux (mirror) (11/03/2012) - The UOX3 scripts v0.99.2, all Dos2Unix'ed. No binary included.

dl-iconUOX3 binary for Ubuntu (mirror) (11/04/2012) - The UOX3 binary executable v0.99.2b, compiled on Ubuntu.

Changelog for latest UOX3 version: UOX3 Changelog (11/04/2012)

UOX3 Worldfiles / Spawns
Community-made Spawn.dfn

Community-made Spawn.dfn

This community-made spawn.dfn file was originally created by Grimson, and was then based on Ripper's World for Lonewolf. Since then it has received several updates from both Grimson and other people, and now offers a world filled with all kinds of NPCs (monsters, animals, shopkeepers, townfolk) as well as reagent spawns.

Note that you can also find this in the UOX3 Resources GitHub repository!

Default UOX3 Worldfiles

dl-iconDefault UOX3 Worldfiles v0.16 (11/03/2012)

Currently contains basic decorations, doors and signs for all mainland Britannia towns, plus Nujel'm, Moonglow, Serpents Hold, Magincia, Ocllo, Jhelom, Papua, Delucia and Buccaneers Den. To use, download and unzip to the UOX3/SHARED/ folder, overwriting any existing files there.

Note that this will also overwrite any existing worldfiles you may have, including characters and any items placed in your world either manually or by a spawner.

Note that you can also find this in the UOX3 Resources GitHub repository!

UOX3 Related Utilities
cluox 1.4

dl-iconcluox 1.4

dl-iconcluox 1.4 Sourcecode

This is a Windows-GUI Wrapper for UOX3 originally created by knoxos. It lets you minimize UOX3 to the sys-tray, and gives Win9x users a scrollbar in the console (Win2k/XP has this by default). It also contains a "watchdog"-feature, which can check at specified intervals to see if the UOX3 server is still running properly, and will automatically restart the UOX3 server if not. By default it looks for "uox3.exe", so if you're using UOX-Classic or a version with a different filename, either rename the EXE-file or change the default filename in the cluox-sourcecode yourself.

Updates in versions 1.3 & 1.4 were done by ShadowBranch.


v0.02 - March 12th, 2006

PkgInstaller is a utility created to make it easier to share and/or install custom script packages (JS, DFN or both).

NOTE: PkgInstaller requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

UOX3 Account Manager

UOX3 Account Manager
v0.4 - May 6th, 2007

Account Manager is a utility built specifically for UOX3 to help shard admins easily add, remove, and manipulate Accounts entries from Accounts.adm.

NOTE: UOX3 Account Manager requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

UOX3 Character Viewer

UOX3 Character Viewer
v0.7 - Aug 1st, 2006

UOX3 Character Viewer is a .NET utility that lets you load UOX3 worldfiles, view all Characters in those worldfiles, and then export said characters (and their belongings) to an external file, which can later be imported back into a different set of worldfiles (for instance). Features include:

NOTE: UOX3 Character Viewer requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

UOX3 INI Editor

UOX3 INI Editor
v0.3 - May 4th, 2007

INI Editor is a utility built specifically for UOX3 to help shard admins do the following:

NOTE: UOX3 INI Editor requires .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

Xuri's WorldBuilder

Xuri's WorldBuilder
v0.23 - July 20th, 2008

Xuri's WorldBuilder is a combined GM-Tool and worldbuilding utility for both UOX3 and UOXClassic, with limited functionality for Lonewolf.

Other Downloads
UOX3 GumpStudio Plugin

dl-iconUOX3 GumpStudio plugin

This is a plugin (.dll) for GumpStudio which enables the exporting of gumps from this tool to UOX3's javascript format. It's not included in the default download of GumpStudio.

WorldForge (POL Build)

(v6.4r4 - Aeon Edition/Pol Build)

WorldForge is a tool originally written by Ridcully(Jan Luëbbe), and it's main purpose is to help you edit the three UO Client files MAP0.MUL, STATICS0.MUL and STAIDX0.MUL. Through a map-editor and some other useful tools you can change every aspect of how the UO client's mapfiles appear ingame.

After Ridcully put the WF source on the shelf, he open-sourced it resulting in a number of improvements through additional releases from various people (6.0 Xuri/Kasreyn, 6.1-6.2 Infymus, 6.3-6.4 Welf, 6.4r4 Shinigami/Birdy), and even some other custom versions. The mapeditor now features extras like... zooming, different "brush"-sizes (+ ability to set up your own brushes; there are for instance some helpful brushes for cave entrances!), tons of random draw modes(+ ability to set up own random draw modes), can use ALL texture ids(including swamps!) copy parts of one map-file from/to locations within the same map-file or to a different map-file, overview-map for speedily moving about, selecting texture id from map by right-clicking, random-altitude option, altitude-color-map, generate OSI-Diff-files, and more! (View update-log)

You can find a tutorial (a bit old, but still) for this tool here. This tutorial is also included in the download.

WorldForge (grimson Edition)

(v6.4r4 - Aeon Edition/grimson Edition)

Same as above, except grimson has added support for map-sizes of 7168x4096, and has also included some small fixes to the overview map.

UO3D Map-Viewer/Editor v6.0

dl-iconUO3D MVE 6.0


A mapeditor in full 3D! View and edit your landscapes (and to a limited extent, your statics) from a 3D perspective! Though it can be slightly buggy if you're unlucky - it's a damn impressive program nevertheless. The sourcecode is fully available, and it's in C++ - so there's no reason why someone couldn't pick it up & continue the work of the original author... A good mapeditor that has a lot of potential if someone dedicate themselves to improving it...