Installing and Configuring UOX3

Step 1 - Install and Configure UOX3

Step-by-step instructions for setting up an UOX3 shard.

Step 2 - Configure the UO Client

Instructions for configuring the UO client for usage with UOX3.

Step 3 - Additional Server Settings

Describes the various settings from UOX.INI in detail.

UOX3 Administration

Command List

The complete list of UOX3 commands, including syntax and description for each command.

UOX3 JavaScript Documentation

The documentation for UOX3's JavaScripting Engine, which can be a powerful shard-customization tool, and allows the shard admins to create new functionality without having to know C++.

UOX3 DFN tag-list

List of all DFN tags in UOX3 for characters, items, regions, weather-regions, create-scripts, creatures and houses. Comes in the form of a spreadsheet, saved in four formats: ods, xls, html and xml.

Xuri's UOX3 Guide ¤

Xuri's UOX3 Guide offers step-by-step guidance to setting up, running and administering an UOX3 shard. It contains a myriad of tips, tricks and advice for shard admins and GMs, as well as lists of various data such as IDs, light-settings, etc. Recommended read for both novices and veterans.

Feature Specific Documentation

Advanced Trade System

UOX3's advanced trading system explained by it's creator, Magiu§. Deals with stuff like varying resource prices depending on demand/availability.

NPCWander through DFN-settings

Detailed description of how the wander-system for NPCs works through the DFNs, by Crwth.

Legacy xGM protocol specifications

(Note: THIS IS OUTDATED! Only listed for historical reasons.)

Proposed specifications/layout for UOX3's "xGM"-protocols; UOX3-specific protocols designed to support GM-Tool -> UOX3 communication without going via the UO Client.

Additional JavaScript Resources

Developer forum for Mozilla's JavaScript engines ¤

This forum is for discussions about Mozilla's JavaScript Engines. Might be a useful resource if code-level questions about SpiderMonkey need answering.

SpiderMonkey JS Engine Docs ¤

The official documentation for Mozilla's JavaScript engine written in C, which is what UOX3 uses as it's event-based scripting engine.

Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide ¤

This guide provides information about the core JavaScript language and it's objects.

Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference ¤

These pages provide reference material for the core JavaScript language, very useful stuff.

Paj's Home: Cryptography: Javascript MD5 ¤

Examples of JavaScript-implementations for MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms.

Survey of the JS Programming Language ¤

An introduction to the JavaScript Programming Language. This is a good place to start if you've never touched JavaScripts before.

Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript Part 1 ¤

An article discussing the object-oriented features of JavaScript.

Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript Part 2 ¤

The second part of this article talks about inheritance and class hierarchy.