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d Decimal number
h Hexdecimal number, in the form of 0x####
s String
text Text to send with the command
target A target is the only requirement.
on / off Used to toggle settings
nothing Command that accepts params but can function without them
ACTION (h / d) Character using the command performs the specified animated action. (Also see: NPCACTION)

ITEM (s)
NPC (s)

No parameters opens GM Add-menu. Just hex-id adds raw item, ITEM adds specified item from item-dfns. NPC adds specified NPC from npc-dfns. SPAWNER adds a specified item from the item-dfns, to function as a spawner.

ADDACCOUNT (s s h) Adds an account. First string is username, seconds is password, hex parameter is privs (if any).
ADDPACK (nothing)
HEX (h)
With no parameters, it adds a backpack (if missing) to any targeted character. Using either string or HEX hexid will add the specified item (string = from dfns, hex = from tiledata) to targetted player's backpack.
ADDX (h) Adds a new raw item to your current location.
ADMINYELL (text) Broadcasts text to all players online with command level of 3 and above.
ALLMOVE (on / off) Enables or disables a GMs ability to pick up all objects.
ANNOUNCE (on / off) Enables or disables global announcement of worldsaves.
INCX (d)
INCY (d)
INCZ (d)
SETX (d)
SETY (d)
SETZ (d)
Used to perform other commands on all items within a targeted area.
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BOLT (Target) Animates a harmless lightning bolt on target.
BROWSE (s) Opens a specified website in user's default browser.
BRIGHTLIGHT (d / h) Sets the brightest lightlevel in the day/night-cycles.
BUY (Target) Opens the "buy"-gump for specified vendor.
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CLEANUP (nothing) Deletes all corpses and temporary moongates in the world.
CNSYELL (text) Counselor Yell - Announces a message to all with counselor privileges or above.
COMMAND (s) Executes a trigger scripting command(?)
CONSOLETEST (nothing) Just displays some colourful stuff in the UOX3 console, just a test command =)

(s / nothing)

Perform various tasks relating to the Counselor Queue; Go to next call in the queue, clear the current call, go to current call, transfer current call to GM queue.

If nothing is specified, the Counselor Queue will be displayed.

CSTATS (Target) Opens a gump displaying the stats of the targeted character.
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DARKLIGHT (d / h) Sets the darkest lightlevel in the day/night cycles.
DECAY (Target) Enables decay for the targeted item.
DELETECHAR (Target) Deletes the targeted player-character.
DELID (h) Deletes all items in the world with specified ID.
DISCONNECT (d) Disconnects player connected to the specified socket.
DUNGEONLIGHT (d / h) Sets the default lightlevel for dungeon areas.
DUPE (d / nothing) Duplicates a targeted item d times
DYE (h) Dyes an item or character the specified colour, or brings up the dye menu if no colour is specified.
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FIX (d) Attempts to fix incorrect Z coordinates, or teleports character to specified Z.
FOLLOW (Target x 2) Used to specify which player (target 1) an NPC (target 2) should follow when in NPCWANDER-mode 1.
FORCEWHO (nothing) Brings up an interactive list of online users.
FREEZE (Target) Freezes the specified character to the ground so it cannot move/be moved. (Also see: UNFREEZE)
FULLSTATS (Target) Sets all temporary stats (hp, mana, stamina) on targeted character to full.
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GATE (Target) Creates a moongate using the location set on targeted rune.
GCOLLECT (nothing) Forces "Garbage Collection" routine to delete objects in the deletion que.
GETLIGHT (nothing) Displays the current ingame lightlevel.
GETTAG (s) Retrieves and displays value of the specified tagname from a target.
GLOW (Target) Gives glowing property to a targeted object.
GMMENU (d) Opens the specified "Help" menu from menus.dfn.
GMS (nothing) Displays a list of all online GMs.
GMYELL (text) Broadcasts message to all online GMs.
GO (d d d)
(s h h h h)
(s d)
Teleports you to specified coordinates(d d d), character(CHAR h h h h) or location from locations.dfn(PLACE d).
GQ (s / nothing) Opens GM Queue if no parameters are used. NEXT goes to next call in the queue, CLEAR clears the call you are currently on, CURR goes to the call you are currently on.
GUARDS (on / off) Enables/Disables town guards globally.
GUMPMENU (d) Opens the specified Gump menu from gumps.dfn.
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HEAL (Target) Fully heals targeted character.
HIDE (Target) Permanently hides targeted character.
HOUSEICONS (on / off) Enables or disables the display of houses as houseicons (deeds) instead of multis.
HOWTO (nothing) Opens a list of commands, with explanations of how to use each specific command.
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INCX (d) Increments the X value of target by specified amount.
INCY (d) Increments the Y value of target by specified amount.
INCZ (d) Increments the Z value of target by specified amount.
info (Target) Displays info about the targeted maptile.
ISTATS (Target) Displays a gump with information on the targeted item.
ITEMMENU (d) Opens specified item-menu.
IWIPE (d d d d)
Deletes all items NOT inside the specified (coordinates or target area if no coordinates specified) area.
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JAIL (Target) Jails the targeted character.
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KICK (Target) Kicks targeted player off the server.
Kills character, or removes specified item from character.
KILLALL (d text) Kills specified percentage of ALL characters in the world, and broadcasts text.
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LOADDEFAULTS (nothing) Resets the default uox.ini settings.
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make (s)
Changes privileges of targeted character to either GM, COUNSELOR or PLAYER.
makeshop (target)  
MANA (nothing) Refills mana of targeted character.
MARK (target) Marks
MEMSTATS (nothing) Opens a gump displaying useful information on UOX3's memory usage.
MIDI (d / d d) Plays the specified midi file.
MINECHECK (d) Set the server minecheck status to either 0 (everywhere), 1 (only on mountainsides and cave floors) or 2 (miningregions only).
MOVETOBAG (target) Moves targeted item into your backpack.
MUTE (d / nothing) Squelches/mutes targeted player for specific amount of time, if any. If character is already muted, unmutes.
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NACCT (s / nothing)
Account Management. No parameters will open a list of all accounts. Or would, rather, if it was fully implemented. :P
NODECAY (target) Disables decay for targeted item.
NPCACTION (d / h) Makes targeted character perform specified animation.
NPCCIRCLE (d d d) Sets bounding circle( x, y, radius) for targeted NPC.
NPCRECT (d d d d) Sets bounding box (x1 y1 x2 y2) for targeted NPC.
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OPENBANK (target) Opens targeted player's bank box.
OPENLAYER (h / nothing) Opens specified layer on character, or the backpack if none specified.
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PDUMP (nothing) Displays some information about UOX3's performance.
POLY (h / d) Polymorph yourself into specified creature body.
POST (nothing) Displays the current bulletin board posting mode for the players.
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RADD (h) Adds item of specific hex-id at multiple targeted locations.
RADDITEM (s) Adds item of specified item-id from DFNs at multiple targeted locations.
RADDNPC (s) Adds npc of specified npc-id from DFNs at multiple targeted locations.
RDYE (h) Dyes multiple targeted objects with specified color.
RECALL (target) Teleports your character to the location marked on a targeted rune.
Forces either ALL or specified spawnregions to spawn new objects.
RELEASE (target) Releases targeted character from jail.
REMOVE (target) Deletes targeted item/NPC.
REMOVESHOP (target) Turns the targeted shopkeeper back into a normal character.
RENAME (text) Renames targeted object to specified text.
REPORTBUG (text) Writes out a bugreport to a file.
RESEND (nothing) Updates all items and characters on your screen.
RESPAWN (nothing) Forces all spawners in the world to spawn new objects.
RESTOCK (nothing)
Forces a manual vendor restock. if ALL is specified, restocks all to maximum. If not, does normal restock.
RESURRECT (target) Resurrects targeted character from the dead.
RINCX (d) Increases X value of multiple targets by specified value.
RINCY (d) Increases Y value of multiple targets by specified value.
RINCZ (d) Increases Z value of multiple targets by specified value.
RNDTILE (d/h d/h d d text)

Tiles a random item from <startID> to <endID> of the specified <hue> at the (optional) specified Z, with an (optional) movable status of true/false.

Syntax: 'RNDTILE <startID> <endID> <hue> <z>(optional> <movable true/false>(optional)

RREMOVE (nothing) Removes multiple targeted items.
RTELE (target) Lets the player teleport to multiple targeted locations in a row
RTYPE (d) Sets multiple targeted objects to specified type.
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SAVE (nothing) Forces a worldsave.
SECONDSPERUOMINUTE (d) Sets the number of real-world minutes that pass for each UO minute.
SELL (target) Opens the sell-menu of targeted shopkeeper.

Base objects:
COLOR/COLOUR (h) - Sets the hue of the object.
DEX (d) - Same as above, for dexterity.
FAME (d) - Sets the fame of the object.
ID (h) - Sets the ID (art) of the object.
INT (d) - Same as above, for intelligence.
KARMA (d) - Sets the karma of the object.
KILLS (d) - Sets the number of kills of the object.
NAME (s) - Sets the name of the object.
OWNER (target x 2) - Sets the owner of the object.
STR (d) - Sets strength of targeted character, strength-requirement for wielding targeted item.
TEMPDEX (d) - Debug command to fix erroneous dexterity bonus on a character
TEMPINT (d) - Debug command to fix erroneous intelligence bonus on a character
TEMPSTR (d) - Debug command to fix erroneous strength bonus on a character
VISIBLE (d) - Sets the visibility level of the object (0=Visible, 1=Hidden, 2=Magically Invisible, 3=Visible to GMs only).
X (d) - Sets the X coordinate of the object.
Y (d) - Sets the Y coordinate of the object.
Z (d) - Sets the Z coordinate of the object.

ADVOBJ (d) - Sets the advancement type the character has used.
ALLSKILLS (d) - Sets all of the character's skills to specified value.
ARMOR/ARMOUR (d) - Set the armour level of the character.
DIR (d) -  Sets the direction of a character, or lightradius of a lightsource-item.
CANTRAIN (d) - Toggle NPC's ability to train PCs (0 = false, 1 = true)
COMMANDLEVEL (d) - Sets the commandlevel of the targeted player.
FONT (d) - Sets the speech font type of the character.
FROZEN (d) - Toggles characters ability to move (0 = not frozen, 1 = frozen)
INVULNERABLE (d) - Toggles the character's invulnerability (0 = false, 1 = true)
MAXHP (d) - Sets the maximum HP of the character.
MAXMANA (d) - Sets the maximum MANA of the character.
MAXSTAMINA (d) - Sets the maximum STAMINA of the character.
NPCAI (d) - Sets the NPCAI type of the character
NPCWANDER (d) - Sets the NPCWander mode of the character (0 = none, 1 = follow, 2 = free, 3 = box, 4 = circle)
ORGSKIN (h) - Sets the original skin of the character.
POISON (d) - Sets the poison strength of the character.
<SKILLNAME> (d) - Sets the specified skillpoints for specified skillname.

SPATTACK (d) - Sets the SPAttack value of the character.
SPDELAY (d) - Sets the SPDelay value of the character.
SPLIT (d) - Amount of creatures an NPC can split into.
SPLITCHANCE (d) - Chance of NPC splitting when hit.
TITLE (s) - Sets the title of the character.
TOTAME (d) - Sets the skill required to tame a creature.
TOPROV (d) - Sets the skill required to provoce a creature.
TOPEACE (d) - Sets the skill required to peacemaking a creature.
VULNERABLE (d) - Makes a creature vulnerable or not (0=invulnerable, 1=vulnerable).

AMOUNT (d) - Sets the amount in a pile of items.
BUYVALUE (d) - Sets item buy value.
DECAYABLE (d) - Toggles item's decay status (0 = not decayable, 1 = decayable)

DESC (d) - Sets the item description (as displayed on tooltips, on player vendors)
DEF (d) - Sets the item's armorvalue.
DEVINELOCK (d) - Toggles item's devine lock status (0 = not locked, 1 = locked)
HIDAMAGE (d) - Sets the maximum amount of damage done with a weapon.
LAYER (d) - Sets the layer this item will be equipped at.
LODAMAGE (d) - Sets the minimum amount of damage done with a weapon.
MORE (h) - Sets item's "more" value.
MOREX (h) - Sets item's "morex" value.
MOREY (h) - Sets item's "morey" value.
MOREZ (h) - Sets item's "morez" value.
MOREXYZ (h h h) - Sets item's morex, morey and morez values.
MOVABLE (d) - Toggles items ability to be moved (0 = default, 1 = movable, 2 = not movable, 3 = locked down)
NAME2 (s) - Sets items name2 value (for use with Item-ID).
NEWBIE (target) - Makes targeted item a newbie/blessed item.
RESTOCK (d) - Sets amount of a targeted item to restock on a shopkeeper.
SELLVALUE (d) - Sets item sell value
TYPE (d) - Sets item's TYPE.
WEIGHT (d) - Sets an item's weight in stones (100 = 1.00 stone)
WIPABLE (d) - Toggles items wipeable status (0 = false, 1 = true)

SPAWNSECTION (s) - Sets the script section for spawner to pull data from.
MININTERVAL (d) - Sets the minimum spawn interval.
MAXINTERVAL (d) - Sets the maximum spawn interval.

SETPOISONED (d) Sets the level of poison a character is infected with.

Sets your bulletin board posting type.

GLOBAL - makes your next post appear in all bulletin boards.
makes your next post appear in all bulletin boards in your current region.
- makes your next post appear only on the next bulletin board you use.

SETRACE (d) Sets your character's race to specified raceid.
SETSCPTRIG (d) Assigns specified scriptID to targeted object.
SETSHOPRESTOCKRATE (d) Sets the restock rate of all shops in the world (in minutes?)
SETTAG (s d) Used to assign a value to a specified tag on a targeted object.
SETTIME (d d) Sets the current UO time in hours and minutes.
SFX (h) Plays the specified sound effect.
SHOWDETAIL (target) Displays map info for targeted maptile.
SHOWIDS (nothing) Display the serial number of every character on screen.

Opens a gump displaying the skills of targeted character.

If Parameter is 0, will use base skill and display only those skills greater than 0.
If 1, will use base skill and display all skills.
If 2, will use actual skill and display only those skills greater than 0.
If 3, will use actual skill and display all skills.

SHOWTIME (nothing) Displays the current UO time.
SHUTDOWN (d) Initiates server shutdown sequence in d minutes.
SKIN (h) Changes the hue of your character's skin to specified color.
SPAWNKILL (d) Kills all characters spawned by specified spawnregion.
SQUELCH (d) Same as MUTE.
STAMINA (target) Rejuvinates targeted character's stamina to full.
STATUS (nothing) Opens the HTML status information gump.
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TELE (target) Teleports you to the targeted location.
TELESTUFF (target x 2) Moves targeted object to targeted location.
TELL (d text) Sends a message to the user logged into the specified socket slot.
TEMP (nothing) Displays the current temperature.
TILE (h d d d d)
Tiles the specified item over a targeted area. If coordinates are specified(x1 x2 y1 y2), will tile the item inside those coordinates.
TIME (nothing) Displays the current in-game time.
TRAVEL (nothing) Shortcut for opening ITEMMENU 6000 - which is the GM Travel-menu.
TWEAK (target) Opens the 'tweak' menu allowing you to modify many settings on the targeted object.
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UNFREEZE (target) Allows targeted object to move/be moved.
UNGLOW (target) Removes the glowing attribute from an object which has it.
UNHIDE (target) Shows a player who has previously been permanently hidden.
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VALIDCMD (nothing) Displays all valid commands for your character.
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WHERE (nothing) Displays your current x, y, z coordinates as well as world number.
WHO (nothing) Displays a list of all online players, what slot they're connected to, and their serial number.


Displays a gump of all online (if no parameter) or offline (if OFF) players on your shard.

(s / d d d d)
ITEMS - Wipes all items that are on the ground
NPCS - Wipes all NPCs.
ALL - Wipes all items on the groundd, and all NPCs.

If coordinates are specified, will wipe everything inside those coordinates.

WSTATS (target) Displays information on an NPC's wander mode.
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(h h h h)
If you specify a single number, teleports player logged into that slot to you.
If you specify nothing, brings up targeting cursor to target player to tele to you.
If you specify a serial number, teleports player wih that serial to you.
XGATE (d) Opens a gate to a specified location from locations.dfn
XGO (d d d) Sends targeted player to specified coordinates.
XSAY (text) Makes targeted character/item say specified text.
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ZEROKILLS (nothing) Resets all players' kills back to 0.
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