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[play server list]
[network server list]
[skill & stats]
[message boards]
[start locations]
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SERVERNAME Servername used to support UOG Info Request.
PORT Port number that server listens on for connections.
NETRCVTIMEOUT The time it takes for a connection to be dropped if no packets are received.
NETRETRYCOUNT The number of times a network recieve will be attempted before it throws an error.
CONSOLELOG Allows various levels of logging; 0 = none, 1 = errors/warnings, 2 = errors/warnings + all speech
CRASHPROTECTION Number of crash restart attempts before stopping - Not in use.
COMMANDPREFIX Character that acts as the command prefix.
ANNOUNCEWORLDSAVES Determines if world-saves are announced.
JOINPARTMSGS Determines if player join/part messages are enabled.
MULCACHING Determines if the MULs are cached in memory.
BACKUPSENABLED Determines if backups are enabled.
BACKUPSAVERATIO Number of saves before a backup occurs.
SAVESTIMER Number of seconds between world saves.
UOGENABLED Determines if support for the UOGateway Info Request Service is enabled.
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[play server list]
SERVERLIST Series of server entries for shard list.
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[network server list]
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[skill & stats]
SKILLLEVEL Global difficulty level for crafting items. 1=Easiest, 5=Default, 10=Difficult.
SKILLCAP Total number of skillpoints available for each player.
SKILLDELAY Number of seconds that must pass after a skill is used, before another skill can be used.
STATCAP Total number of statpoints available for each player.
MAXSTEALTHMOVEMENT Max number of steps allowed with stealth skill at 100.0
MAXSTAMINAMOVEMENTS Max number of steps allowed while running before stamina is reduced.
SNOOPISCRIME Determines if snooping is a crime or not.
ARMORAFFECTMANAREGEN Toggles whether or not armor affects mana regeneration rate
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CORPSEDECAYTIMER Amount of time for a corpse to decay.
WEATHERTIMER Amount of time between changing light levels (day cycles).
SHOPSPAWNTIMER Amount of time between shopkeeper restocks.
DECAYTIMER AMount of time a decayable item will remain on the ground before disappearing.
INVISIBILITYTIMER Duration of the invisibility spell.
OBJECTUSETIMER Amount of time a player must wait between using objects.
GATETIMER Duration of a summoned moongate.
POISONTIMER Duration of the poison effect on a character.
LOGINTIMEOUT Amount of time for an idle connection to time out.
HITPOINTREGENTIMER Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of health.
STAMINAREGENTIMER Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of stamina.
MANAREGENTIMER Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of mana.
BASEFISHINGTIMER Base time for fishing skill to complete an attempt at fishing.
SPIRITSPEAKTIMER Duration of the spirit speak skill.
PETOFFLINECHECKTIMER Sets the interval in seconds between checks for the player offline time.
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DIRECTORY Root UOX3 directory
DATADIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for the UO .MUL files.
DEFSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for the DFN-files.
BOOKSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 saves the .bok files for books.
ACTSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for/saves account files.
SCRIPTSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for Javascripts
BACKUPDIRECTORY Where UOX3 backs up worldsaves.
MSGBOARDDIRECTORY Where UOX3 stores bulletin-board messages.
SHAREDDIRECTORY Where UOX3 stores the worldfiles.
ACCESSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for/saves account files.
HTMLDIRECTORY Where UOX3 generates serverstatus-HTML-files
LOGSDIRECTORY Where UOX3 saves server logs.
DICTIONARYDIRECTORY Where UOX3 looks for dictionary-files.
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LOOTDECAYSWITHCORPSE Determines if loot decays along with corpses or not.
GUARDSACTIVE Determines if guards are enabled globally or not.
DEATHANIMATION Determines if the Deathanimation is played when a player dies.
AMBIENTSOUNDS Ambient sounds, from 1 - 10. Higher value means ambient sounds are played less often.
AMBIENTFOOTSTEPS Determines if the footstep-sounds hardcoded in UOX3 are used or not (different sounds on different tiles).
INTERNALACCOUNTCREATION If enabled, new accounts are created automatically when someone logs in with an unknown username.
SHOWHIDDENNPCS If enabled, hidden NPCs will be viewable by GMs.
ROGUESENABLED If 1, then the stealing skill is enabled.
PLAYERPERSECUTION If enabled, dead players can attack living ones, and thus drain their mana.
ACCOUNTFLUSH How often (in minutes) online accounts are checked to see if they really ARE online.
HTMLSTATUSENABLED If > 0 then UOX3 generates server-status pages in the HTML directory.
SELLBYNAME Determines if items are sold by their name, not just ID/Colour.
SELLMAXITEMS Maximum number of items that can be sold to a vendor at a time.
TRADESYSTEM Determines if the Tradesystem is enabled or not. (fluctuation of vendor prices depending on availability - check tradesystem documentation.)
RANKSYSTEM If 1, item creation allows for variable quality of items.
CUTSCROLLREQUIREMENTS If 1, there is no skill requirements for casting spells from scrolls.
NPCTRAININGENABLED If 1, NPCs can train player-characters.
HIDEWILEMOUNTED If 1, a character can hide/stealth while mounted.
WEIGHTPERSTR How much weight per point of STR a character can hold.
POLYDURATION Duration of the polymorph spell.
OVERLOADPACKETS Toggles whether or not JS can handle incoming/outgoing network packets
ADVANCEDPATHFINDING Enables/disables the A* Pathfinding routine
LOOTINGISCRIME Toggles whether looting corpses is a crime or not
BASICTOOLTIPSONLY If set to 1, tooltips will only show name and weight of items
GLOBALITEMDECAY Toggles decay on/off on a global scale. Does not remove decay flag from items, only stops them from decaying
SCRIPTITEMSDECAYABLE Toggles default decay status of DFN items. Can be overriden by DECAY tag in item-DFNs
BASEITEMSDECAYABLE Toggles default decay status of base items. Can be overriden by DECAY tag in harditems.dfn
ITEMDECAYINHOUSES Toggles default decay status of non-locked down items in multis (houses and boats). Defaults to off.
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CHECKITEMS How often (in seconds) items are checked for decay and other things.
CHECKBOATS How often (in seconds) boats are checked for motion and so forth.
CHECKNPCACI How often (in seconds) NPCs can execute an AI routine.
CHECKSPAWNREGIONS How often (in seconds) spawn regions are checked for new spawns.
NPCMOVEMENTSPEED Allows customization of NPC movement speed. Can be overridden by WALKINGSPEED tag in NPC-DFNs
NPCRUNNINGSPEED Allows customization of NPC running speed. Can be overridden by RUNNINGSPEED tag in NPC-DFNs
NPCFLEEINGSPEED Allows customization of NPC fleeing speed. Can be overridden by FLEEINGSPEED tag in NPC-DFNs
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[message boards]
POSTINGLEVEL If 0, only GMs can post on Bulletin Boards, otherwise free for all.
REMOVALLEVEL If 0, only GMs can remove posts on Bulletin Boards, otherwise free for all.
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ESCORTENABLED If 1, NPC escorting is enabled.
ESCORTINITEXPIRE Amount of time until an escort-NPC will vanish while waiting for someone to start escorting it.
ESCORTACTIVEEXPIRE Amount of time until an escort NPC will vanish while a player is escorting it.
ESCORTDONEEXPIRE Amount of time until an escort NPC will vanish when it has reached it's destination.
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DUNGEONLEVEL Specifies the light-level of Dungeon-areas.
BRIGHTLEVEL Specifies the brightest light-level in the day/night cycles.
DARKLEVEL Specifies the darkest light-level in the day/night cycles.
SECONDSPERUOMINUTE Number of real seconds per UOX3 minute.
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BASERANGE Minimum range even a novice can track from.
BASETIMER Tracking timer - maximum time a GrandMaster can track someone.
MAXTARGETS Maximum number of targets that can be tracked.
MSGREDISPLAYTIME How often (in seconds) the tracking message is redisplayed.
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MURDERDECAYTIMER Amount of time before a permanent murder count will decay.
MAXKILLS Maximum number of kills before turning red.
CRIMINALTIMER Amount of time a character remains criminal after committing a criminal act.
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MINECHECK Type of mining check performed - 0=anywhere, 1=mountains/cavefloors, 2=region based(not working)
OREPERAREA Maximum number of ores in a given resource area.
ORERESPAWNTIMER Amount of time it takes for 1 single ore to respawn in a resource area.
ORERESPAWNAREA Number of ore-areas to split the world into.
LOGSPERAREA Maximum number of logs in a given resource area.
LOGSRESPAWNTIMER Amount of time it takes for 1 single log to respawn in a resource area.
LOGRESPAWNAREA Number of log-areas to split the world into.
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HUNGERRATE Amount of time a player has before his hunger level decreases.
HUNGERDMGVAL Amount of damage applied if hungry and below threshold.
PETHUNGEROFFLINE Toggles whether pets should hunger while the player (owner) is offline or not.
PETOFFLINETIMEOUT Sets the time in days for when an offline player's pet becomes wild again.
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MAXRANGE Maximum range (in tiles) at which combat can occur.
ARCHERRANGE The range at which NPC archers stop charging their target in combat (default 7).
SPELLMAXRANGE Maximum range (in tiles) at which spells can be cast.
DISPLAYHITMSG If 1, hit messages are displayed in combat.
MONSTERSVSANIMALS If 1, monsters can attack animals.
ANIMALATTACKCHANCE The chance of animals being attacked by monsters (0-100)
ANIMALSGUARDED If 1, animals are under the protection of town guards.
NPCDAMAGERATE NPC Damage divisor - PCs sustain less than NPCs. If a PC, damage is 1/value.
NPCBASEFLEEAT % of HP where an NPC will flee from combat, if it's not defined for it already in the DFNs.
NPCBASEREATTACKAT % of HP where an NPC will resume attacking, if it's not defined for it already in the DFNs.
ATTACKSTAMINA Amount of stamina lost when hitting an opponent.
SHOOTONANIMALBACK If 1, archery from horseback is possible.
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[start locations]
LOCATION Startlocations used by the character-creation process in the client. Fixed amount of locations, using the following format: LOCATION=TOWN,BUILDING,X,Y,Z,WORLD,CLILOCMSG (description of town)
Default setup:
        LOCATION=Britain,Sweet Dreams Inn,1495,1629,10,0,1075074
        LOCATION=Trinsic,West Gate,1832,2779,0,0,1075076
        LOCATION=Skara Brae,Docks,639,2236,0,0,1075079
        LOCATION=Vesper,Ironwood Inn,2771,977,0,0,1075080
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STARTGOLD Amount of gold a new PC starts with.
STARTPRIVS Starting privileges of new characters.
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TITLECOLOUR Default text colour for titles in gumps.
LEFTTEXTCOLOUR Default text colour for left text in gumps (2 column ones).
RIGHTTEXTCOLOUR Default text colour for right text in gumps (2 column ones).
BUTTONCANCEL Default Button ID for cancel button in gumps.
BUTTONLEFT Default Button ID for left button (navigation) in gumps.
BUTTONRIGHT Default Button ID for right button (navigation) in gumps.
BACKGROUNDPIC Default Gump ID for background gump.
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POLLTIME Time (in seconds) for which a town voting poll is open.
MAYORTIME Time (in seconds) that a PC would be a mayor.
TAXPERIOD Time (in seconds) between periods of taxes for PCs.
GUARDSPAID Time (in seconds) between payments for guards.
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