Monday, May 1, 2006

Registration Fixed

The registration of new forum-users should now be working again. It unfortunately stopped working when I updated the forums to the latest version; a tiny issue was neglected which made it impossible to actually complete the registration of new users.

I was made aware of this error recently, and it should now be fixed.

Friday, April 7, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.6b Released

Due to a worldfile corrupting bug in 3.6 causing characters not to be saved correctly, we're releasing 3.6b immediately (relatively immediately anyway). Read the changelog here

Get v0.98-3.6b from the Downloads-page.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.6 Released

Yep, it's that time of the month again; UOX3 0.98-3.6 is out and about. It seems as though it has become a habit for us to make a new UOX3 release every month, and hopefully we'll continue doing that in the future. That does of course depend on the coders having available time in their (very often busy) schedules to work on UOX3, so cross your fingers and hope for the best! ;)

Anyway, some of the changes in this new release include:

Version 0.98-3.6 can, as usual, be downloaded from the Downloads-page.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.5 Released

UOX3 0.98-3.5 is out! That makes it the fourth big UOX3 release of 2006, but we haven't run out of steam quite yet. Exciting things are in the works for the next version as well ;)

Here are the highlights from the changelog for UOX3 0.98-3.5:

Version 0.98-3.5 can be downloaded from the Downloads-page.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Maarc is working on a .NET library that makes life easier for tool developers, though currently only for the ones coding in C#. Backporting of the library to C++ and perhaps other languages is a future goal of the project.

The library allows tool developers to use existing code for reading/parsing UOX3 files like DFNs or worldfiles instead of having to re-invent the wheel by themselves each time. The ToolAPI is available on the OpenUO CVS, under projects/ToolAPI.


The first tool to use the new ToolAPI (for which the ToolAPI was created in the first place) is Maarc's own PkgInstaller utility, which is a program to make it easier to both share and install new JS scripts and any script packages related. An indepth description can be read in this forum thread, but here's a break-down of the features:

It is available for download from the OpenUO SF project.

UOX3 Character Viewer

The second tool to use these APIs has already seen the light of day; giwo has created a new utility for UOX3 called UOX3 Character Viewer. It's written in C#, utilizes Maarc's new ToolAPI library, and boasts the following features (so far):

Basically, it's a character exporter/importer for UOX3 which allows you to extract characters and their items (equipped and kept in backpack) to an external file, which can then later be imported to a different set of worldfiles. This allows shard admins to keep their player or NPC characters intact even if swapping out their entire worldfiles with a different set altogether.

Note that this utility requires .Net Framework 2.0 to run.

Monday, February 20, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.4 Released

Well - it's been 8 days since the previous UOX3 release, and here we are with the next one! What can I do, other than give giwo, Grimson and Maarc a loud and resounding "GREAT WORK!"? Amazing work guys.

The usual suspect contains the detailed information on updates in this version, but here follows a short summary:

Version 0.98-3.4 can be downloaded from the Downloads-page.

Default UOX3 Worldfiles 0.10

Version 0.10 of the default UOX3 worldfiles, which include decorations for all towns in Britannia except Jhelom, Ocllo and Wind, is now available.

Also check out the community-made spawn.dfn, which spawns most of the NPC vendors, some random townfolk and pets in Britain, farmers and farm animals in farmlands, many different creatures in the outside world and in dungeons, as well as reagents all over the world.

An alternative would be Stranf's Worldfile, which includes both of the above plus additional customizations and several add-ons from the Script Vault.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.3 Released

It's been a busy two weeks since the previous UOX3 release, with lots of bugtesting, bugfixing and general forum activity, and thanks to hardworking individuals (both coders and users) we can present version 0.98-3.3 of UOX3 already!

The changelog contains the all the info about the latest and greatest for your perusal, but here are some highlights for this version:

Version 0.98-3.3 is, as always, available from the Downloads-page.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

UOX3 v0.98-3.2 Released

Version 0.98-3.2 of UOX3 has now officially been released, and though it has taken a long time getting here, the changelog will show that the time spent has not all been in vain ;)

Some highlights of the changes in this version are as follows:

You can grab version 0.98-3.2 from the Downloads-page.

Saturday, Dec 24 - 2005

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Alternatively, you can go with "Happy Holidays" if you prefer that. There has been no new UOX3 release as of yet, but it's not far off. The changelog for the next version will easily equal the previous one, which was pretty big, so it's looking good - looking good... :)

Wednesday, Nov 30 - 2005

Website receives a facelift

I decided to give this webpage a small facelift, both to make it easier to read and to give it all a cleaner, nicer look - which, of course, is one and the same thing.

Interesting times

Time doesn't stand still for any of us, and it's now been more than a month since the last news-update, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening in the UOX3 universe!

You can preview the changes being done for the next UOX3 version in the forums, both codewise and scriptwise, and if you've got a mind for it, download these updates directly from the CVS yourself as they become available. Note that no guarantees will be given that everything will work as it should if you do this instead of wait for a proper release - which we incidentally are preparing for the near future...

Saturday, Oct 22 - 2005

UOX3 v0.98-3.1

The newest version of UOX3 has been released by giwo over at the OpenUO SF page, and since version 0.98-3.1 has a very big changelog I'll only mention some of the highlights:

You can get the All-In-One package of the new version from the Downloads-page!

Sunday, Aug 14, 2005

UOX3 v0.98-3.0g

Some of the changes in this version include more updates to bulletin boards, fixes to NPC guards, possible crash-fix related to speech-code, doors closing even if player/ghost has been blocking the entrance, and some crafting additions. (View the complete changelog)

You can grab version 0.98-3.0g from the Downloads-page.

Sunday, Aug 7, 2005

UOX3 v0.98-3.0f

A relatively small update has been made which mainly fixes some more issues with bulletin boards. They are still not 100% perfect, replying to a thread as a GM in the 3D client will for instance delete the entire thread, minus the new reply you're making. But for all 2D client users (GM or not), this shouldn't be an issue.

Version 0.98-3.0f (changelog) can be gotten from the Downloads-page. Note: If you have previously downloaded the all-in-one for 0.98-3.0e, you'll only need to download the new uox3.exe now.

Friday, Aug 5, 2005

UOX3 v0.98-3.0e

Version 0.98-3.0e of UOX3 is now available from the Downloads-page. Changes include fixes to bulletin boards, falling through floors in houses, automatic IP-updating feature for servers with dynamic IPs, and more.

View the changelog for the full details!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

cluox v1.4

ShadowBranch has updated cluox to version 1.4 (through version 1.3), basically reviving this old gui-wrapper for the UOX3 console while at the same time adding some new features to it.

Both the sourcecode and Windows-executables are available from the Downloads-page.


-Added a the ability to autostart UOX3 or not
-Added a menu item: Start - used to start server when autostart is off
-Added a menu item: Exit - used to exit the program, Shutdown now only shuts down the server
-Added menus for the console commands

-Added a new dialog box: Options
-Added logging enabled and a log directory
-Added the ability to run cluox.exe in a separate directory from uox