Information about Xuri's WorldBuilder

For all you who don't have a clue what Xuri's WorldBuilder is:

Xuri's worldbuilder is a tool that allows you to create custom houses, forests, and add decoration with a few clicks of a mouse button(+ entering some coordinates every now and then). It is easy and simple to use and has tons of choices for walls, floors, roofs, furniture, landscape and other decor to choose from.

Some of the features:

-Makes building floors, walls, roofs, stairs and placing of furniture easier.
-Put up pre-made houses: enter coordinates and push a button to build one of the custom houses available in the tool.
-Make your own templates, build them anywhere, distribute them to your friends! -Makes forest-creation easier, as you can put up trees, plants, rocks and other "forest" items randomly over a large area, or place them one by one.
-See pictures of every item in the tool, for easier choosing which items to build.
-Build special multi-tile objects, such as the Lighthouse, Telescope, Blood Pentagram, Catapults, Yew Tree, Jungle Trees and more.
-Has a GM Commands form where you have easier access to a lot of important GM commands; Priviledges, TYPEs, and more.

Check the Screen Shots for a sneakpeak at what the tool looks like.