The History of Xuri's WorldBuilder Tool

(20/7/08) WorldBuilder Ver 0.23
  • ADDED: New sections in the "Nature" Menu:
      - Coastlines: Will let you add the various coastline water/plant-tiles quickly either by point & click, single item or by coordinates.
      - Caves: For all cave-related items such as cavefloors, walls, stalgamites etc.
  • ADDED: AutoGet-Coordinate-Buttons added to the Wipe-menu.
  • ADDED: Movable added to Areacommands Menu(0.9x only).
  • ADDED: NPCs Spawning moved to the now better-organized NPC Tab (NPC spawning for both UOX3 0.70.x and 0.9x)
  • ADDED: Forest menu now lets you choose Solid as amount of items to add - will fill up every tile.
  • ADDED: A second type of cedar-tree, apple tree, pear tree and peach tree - as well as new SE trees. :P
  • ADDED: 11 new slanted roof-types
  • ADDED: Standard lantern and SE's paper-lanterns to Other -> Items -> Lightsources.
  • ADDED: Anvil and small forge to Other -> Items -> Other 1
  • ADDED: Table with tablecloth to Other -> Items -> Tables
  • ADDED: +/- buttons to increase/decrease the values in Item Positioning menu.
  • ADDED: Support for UOX3 0.9x's Repeating Commands-script in Items-menu, Stairs-menu, Caves-menu
  • ADDED: Several buttons to GM Commands for reloading various UOX3-scripts.
  • ADDED: 12 Customizable (can be saved) buttons to GM Commands for sending text to the UO client.
  • ADDED: A way to set skillvalues from the Character Edit-menu in GM Commands.
  • ADDED: WB can now startup any version of UOX, including Lonewolf
  • ADDED: WB can now startup UOGateway or no-encryption clients
  • ADDED: A missing wooden sign to the Items-menu
  • ADDED: All templates now reside in a sub-folder, avoiding clutter in the root WB folder
  • ADDED: New setup program, complete with uninstall feature that also removes any registry keys made while using WB
  • ADDED: Basic support for installation and usage on Windows Vista (might not work optimally)
  • FIXED: Random placement of items from the Forest menu should no longer put two items in the exact same spot.
  • FIXED: Western & Eastern edges of light wooden floor were reversed.
  • FIXED: Northern part of N/S Stone Fireplace is now a proper fireplace piece, instead of part of a chimney.
  • FIXED: Unoptimized house templates(like the christmas tree) should now work fine! Yay!
  • FIXED: WB should now work properly with UOX3 0.98.x and above.
  • FIXED: Roofs! Should now add correct roofs for any sized areas.
  • FIXED: 'Streamlined' the various worldbuilding sections a bit, removing the need for many of the dialogue boxes that popped up to inform you of options you hadn't selected yet.

(10/1/02) WorldBuilder Ver 0.22
  • ADDED: Support for UOX3 0.95 and above - except for CREATION of House-Templates, which still has to be done in UOX3 0.70.
  • ADDED: All dungeon-levels added to the Travel-tab in GM Commands.
  • ADDED: New buttons in the GM Commands:
    • DELETECHAR (Which will delete any player character.)
    • RELOADDEFINITIONS (For 0.95 versions of UOX3, to reload the .DFN files.)
    • AREACOMMAND (To dye/settype/newbiefie/move large areas of items in one go; will let you select the effect from a menu, also for 0.95 )
    • GET CURRENT TEMPERATURE (Get the current temperature in the region you are in, also for 0.95)
  • ADDED: Moved the privileges-tab and the MAKE-commands into their own menu, reachable from a button called Character Privileges in the Character Edit-tab.
  • ADDED: Buttons for auto-retrieval of coordinates in the House-Extraction menu.
  • ADDED: Custom Vendors-tab renamed to Custom NPCs.
  • ADDED: All the main forms(except Main-menu & GM Commands) will now open in exactly the top left corner of the screen. The reason why I don't save & load the last position of these forms is because it's simply too much work.
  • ADDED: Now packaged with WorldBuilder is a program which helps you optimize your House Templates. Unoptimized house-templates are slow to build because WB has to send one TILE command to the UO Client PER ITEM in the template. Optimized ones are much faster, however, as then WB can send the TILEW command to add many items of one type (if they're positioned next to eachother) instead of one command per item. Thus the speed can be boosted quite a lot. (The Template-Optimizing program is named TTK.EXE, and it comes with a small tutorial named TTK.TXT.)
  • ADDED: New Wall-Types: Thick Castle Walls, Thin Castle Walls, Desert Stonewalls.
  • ADDED: More items to the Other2-tab in Items-menu: Water trough, Standing Harp.
  • ADDED: More benches to the Benches-tab in Items-menu: Fancy wood, Light wood, Stone.
  • ADDED: A new house-template:
    • Boxing Ring/Arena (by Justin Watson)
  • FIXED: The Main-menu will now open in the area of the screen where it was positioned the last time you closed it.

(17/08/01) WorldBuilder Ver 0.21
  • ADDED: Support for UO:Third Dawn! WB should now work with Third Dawn provided you check the checkbox in configuration menu that says "Using Third Dawn" first.
  • ADDED: You can now make the auto-retrieval of coordinates work with new client versions yourself, by inputting your current ingame coordinates into the configuration menu, and pressing the "Calibrate" button. This process might take a minute or two, but once it's done it'll save the information to windows registry and load it automaticly once you start WB. (NOTE - don't move ingame while WB is calibrating, or it won't work!!) Whenever you start using a new client version, whether older or newer - you need to do the calibration to get the auto-retrieval of coordinates to work. That includes switching between standard client and Third Dawn.
  • ADDED: A new layout to the Main Menu - giving me some more space for any future additions.
  • ADDED: An indicator in the House Template menu which tells you whether WB is doing something or not =)
  • ADDED: New button to the Server-tab in GM Commands: Wholist Offline (to display offline characters)
  • ADDED: A SPAWNER section to the GM Commands menu. It can read the NPC.SCP script if you've got the path for it defined in the Configuration menu, and you can choose from the list of NPCs it extracts to quickly get the NPC numbers you want.

  • FIXED: Wipemenu-button in the Stairs-menu.
  • FIXED: Wiping OUTSIDE the specified coordinates only, from the WIPE-menu.
  • FIXED: A small runtime error that occured when pressing the ABOUT button from the WIPE menu :P
  • FIXED: The Northwest corners of carpets.
  • FIXED: IDs being displayed wrongly for carpets and rugs in the FLOOR menu, and for beds in the ITEMS menu.
  • FIXED: Entered coordinates didn't "travel" correctly from one menu to another. (For instance from Items->Walls menu)

(10/01/01) WorldBuilder Ver 0.20
-ADDED: More advanced Travel menu on the GM Commands. Lots of locations to choose from; Towns, Dungeons, Shrines, Moongates and some Special Locations (126 locations totally).
-ADDED: On every Menu where you can select an item from a list, the HexID for that items will be displayed after it has been selected.
-ADDED: A new option in the FOREST Menu, where you can choose between adding an item from the list of items, or from an HexID the user can enter him/herself.
-ADDED: Corner tiles(Both NW and SE corners) and Window tiles to the WALLS menu
-ADDED: Carpets + Dark/Light Wooden floor tiles now get proper edges when added with coordinates!
-ADDED: An INCZ Command button to the Item Positioning menu.
-ADDED: A shortcut to the WIPE menu in these forms: FLOORS, WALLS, ROOFS, SPECIAL, LANDSCAPE, ITEMS, FOREST.
-ADDED: Automatic Text-highlighting when selecting a text box, easier to enter coordinates and numbers and whatnot.
-ADDED: Additional House Templates:
  • Bandit HQ (by Ryandor)
  • Christmas Tree! (by TWIG - a bit late to give this out NOW but heh)
  • Gypsy Wagon(N/S) (by Lady Eternity)
  • Provisioner/Cobbler Shoppe (Stonehand)
  • Bank (Stonehand)
  • Deluxe 2-Story Villa (Stonehand)
  • Medium Dual-Shoppe (Stonehand)
  • Wooden Dual-Shoppe (Stonehand)
  • Large Shop (Stonehand)
  • Deluxe Marble Patio Home (Stonehand)

-FIXED: The automatic "grabbing" of coordinates. Need a one-time(hopefully) update of the UOXYDll.DLL file that comes with WB for this to work.
-FIXED: The leaves did not fit with the trees in the FOREST menu(was messed up in code).
-FIXED: Most errors in the WALLS menu (wrong IDs, wrong heights, errors)
-FIXED: Large Bench didn't work in directions North and West.
-FIXED: Ankh (N/S), Ankh of Sacrifice, Wall Carving 5(E/W), PolarbearSkin(E/W), Honesty(E/W) in SPECIALS menu.

(28/9/00) WorldBuilder Ver 0.19
-ADDED: Furniture menu RENAMED to ITEMS menu.
This will start to hold more items from now than just
furniture & the occasional other items.
For a starters, it now also holds DOORS(including Secret ones) and all available
SIGNS(incl. roadsigns) and BROKEN FURNITURE in UO.
-ADDED: Support for IGNITION. The "Start UO" button in GM Commands now relies on path
to Ignition directory. Enter it in Configurations & Save.
-ADDED: The "Load World" button on the main menu now also starts the House Extraction menu
after loading the worldfile. After this button has been pushed once (in one session),
you can also access the House Extraction menu from the House Templates menu.
-ADDED: You can now take coordinates from UO and put them into WB automaticly.
Just push the buttons next to the X, Y and Z fields and it gets done.
Thanks goes to RoMmM for the .dll for this!
-ADDED: A confirm-dialogue for the "Show Available Selection" button in Walls menu.
-ADDED: Changed the look of the "Clothes & Hairs" sub-menu in GM Commands.
-ADDED: Wall Corners will automaticly be put in when you use the "BOX" method of building, in the
WALLS menu.
-ADDED: Most forms _should_ open just a tad faster now. (perhaps not noticable on most computers heh)
-ADDED: Base Floor house template now gets built quicker, without the cobblestone tiles next to it.
-ADDED: 15 Additional House Templates:
  • Sea Dwelling with Dock
  • SnowCabin
  • Small House with Porch
  • Small Fishing Boat(can't be USED)
  • Small Tower(from UO)
  • All the Small Houses you can place through house deeds, from UO
  • 2 Tents (blue & green) from UO
  • Large Brickhouse House from UO
  • Two story Wood & Plaster House from UO
  • Two story Stone House from UO

-FIXED: The Dye Menu should work correctly now.
No longer will it resend the dye command to the UO client window when you click outside of
the "Hue window", and it should also dye the correct colors now.
-FIXED: Runtime Error 6 when Loading WorldFile.
-FIXED: Pictures get autoupdated upon selecting a new direction, in all forms where this is an issue.
-FIXED: You can now only make ... valid.. stairs :>
-FIXED: A bug in the Custom Vendors part of GM Commands menu where "Open Buy Pack" and
"Open Bought Goods Pack" were mixed...the buttons open the correct packs now.
-FIXED: The Roofs should be built a bit better now...was a bit messed up earlier due to some hmm
problems with dividing a coordinate by 2 and getting .5 behind the result...
-FIXED: The DIRT tiles in Landscape menu should now work.
-FIXED: Redid House Template form so entire names of the templates show, and form takes less space.
-FIXED: Writing Table can now be added in all 4 directions.
-FIXED: The MOVABLE settings in the GM Commands menu should now set the correct values.
-FIXED: Landscape menu now has "error catching". So no more errors there because you were
stup*AHEM*...because you forgot to enter some information before clicking ADD button.
-FIXED: You can now close the forms using the 'X' or Alt-F4 AS WELL as clicking the EXIT button...
you could do that earlier too, but the forms wouldn't get unloaded & the "parent" forms
wouldn't show up.

(20/8/00) WorldBuilder Ver 0.18b
-FIXED: The messed up Stairs menu should now show the correct tiles for the coorect names..
-FIXED: The stairs should now be built as high as they should be and not 5 Z too high.
-FIXED: Choosing BOX as build method in the Walls menu should now enable the Current Height textbox.
-FIXED: Apparently the Troll & Polar bear wall decorations were mixed up. They're not any longer.
-FIXED: Saving the paths in configuration will now a needed \ behind the path if the user doesn't enter one.
-FIXED: The DYE Menu will now not open if you haven't entered a path to the UO client
in the configurations yet, thus no more "white" palette of colors.

(17/8/00) WorldBuilder Ver 0.18
-NOTE!!:If you get any "Runtime Error 430"s while running WorldBuilder 0.18, you must goto and download the file at the bottom of that page(read the page first). That is Windows Script 5.5 and WorldBuilder 0.18 won't work properly if you don't have it! Go download it now!

-ADDED: House Template creation and reading(By Abaddon). You can now make a House Template yourself, distribute it to your friends, build up an archive of 'em or just simply ignore them.
(Been promising this feature since like..0.08 or something...I TOLD you it would get in sooner or later didn't I? *winks*)
-ADDED: A new way of DYING items(and characters)! Choose from a GIGANTIC palette of colors!
-ADDED: A feature that somehow got lost...Coordinates now transfer from form to form, where appropriate. And this time, they don't vanish when you start clicking on "point'n click" or "coordinates" as building method.
-ADDED: Slightly New design!
-ADDED: Stay-On-Top feature for all forms.
-ADDED: Custom SendKey-Latency. If you're having problems with text not appearing in the client the first time you click a button (but it does the second or third time), raise the SendKey-Latency a little. Default is 200ms. This is the "lag" that is put in between changing focus to the UO client and actually sending the text.
-ADDED: 7 display cases added to the SPECIAL menu.
-ADDED: Pictureboxes on each form instead of independent picbox. Also a little faster drawing of the pictures(i think).
-ADDED: Almost entire rewrite of the code(by Abaddon)
-ADDED: New method of building stairs (a ton faster, should've done this years ago heh.)
-ADDED: New Item-Positioning feature in the GM Menu (Item Edit tab)
-ADDED: New Icon in top left corner of the forms :P
-ADDED: Renamed SHOPS tab in GM Commands to CUSTOM VENDORS.
-FIXED: Disabled NPC AIs in GM Commands that were not valid/working.
-FIXED: A lot more bugs ;)

(6/4/00) WorldBuilder Ver 0.17
-ADDED: The Main Menu as well as the GM Commands menu will now save their position on the screen when you exit them, and start up in those positions next time you run WorldBuilder.
-ADDED: NPC AI & NPC Wander Methods in the GM Commands.
-ADDED: Opening the GM Commands will now minimize the Main WorldBuilder menu. Exiting GM Commands will return focus to the Main WorldBuilder menu.
-ADDED: Hairs, Beards, Clothes & Footware added to the Shops menu, to aid in creating custom shopkeepers. Can view pictures of the clothes/footwear if you have entered the path to the UO client in the configuration (main menu).
-ADDED: GM Commands will now show up in the Taskbar. If you want to run ONLY the GM Commands menu, and not the WorldBuilder main menu as well, right click WorldBuilder in taskbar and close it.
-FIXED: The Dye list should now work for everyone.(hopefully)
-FIXED: Setting the price for an item (shops) will no longer decrease the entered value by one.
-FIXED: The "Set Restockrate for Shops(mins)" Button should now send the correct command to the UO Client.
-FIXED: Some Runtime Errors.

(2/4/00) WorldBuilder Ver 0.16
-ADDED: New houses, the Fisherhut, and a Orc Fort to the House Templates.
-ADDED: A new submenu to the GM commands menu, called "Shops", where you can create custom shopkeepers/modify old ones.
-ADDED: A Stay On Top button to each form, so you can make the menus stay on top of all other windows.
-ADDED: Colorlist to dye from in GM Commands.
-ADDED: Enter your own custom GM commands! :P They don't save yet though.
-ADDED: Setting Stats, Fame & Karma in the GM Commands.

19/3/00 WorldBuilder Ver 0.15b
-ADDED: Now compatible with the new UO Client/UOX version, by giving you the option (under configuration on main menu) to choose the prefix for the commands yourself...
-FIXED: Something or the other.

11/3/00 WorldBuilder Ver 0.15a
-FIXED: Adding the Cedar tree now works..
-FIXED: Coordinates will not disappear when building roofs any longer..
-FIXED: In the Stairs menu, "Ascending to" has been corrected to "Descending to"
-FIXED: You can no longer choose direction before wallform in the Walls menu..thus avoiding a runtime error.
-FIXED: Made the main menu resizable so people who encounter the "can't see all buttons" bug
can fix it themselves heh...

9/3/00 WorldBuilder Ver 0.15
-ADDED: A few more options to the GM Commands.
-ADDED: Ankhs, Bearskins, Jungletrees, ChoppingBlocks, Pillories, Boulders, Statues, Scaffolds, VirtueTiles, Empty Vats, Vats with Grapes and Vats with Water to the Special Menu.
-ADDED: When switching between the different forms, they keep the former form's position on screen.
-ADDED: More Benches, More Walldecor, More Tables, More Floortiles to Furniture menu.
-ADDED: More Plants to the Forest Menu.
-ADDED: Small buttons named ! next to all items in the Floors, Walls, Landscape and Forest Menus, which will let you add ONE item of that type directly without entering any coordinates or such.
-FIXED: A bug where building walls in Lines would create Type mismatch 13 error.
-FIXED: Building a east/west wall will no longer put the text "Text5" or something into X2.
-FIXED: Building a roof will no longer blank out the Y1 box.
-FIXED: The small ! buttons next to the floors and landscape items will now send BOTH text and carriage return(enter).
-FIXED: Some small runtime errors.
-FIXED: A bug where trying to add the same plant/tree a second time without first selecting another plant, wouldn't work.
-FIXED: The pictures should now show the correct plants in the Forest menu.
-FIXED: Adding stuff through the Forest menu will now be less "crash prone", as your character will no longer teleport around when adding the items. Easy way of seeing if it's done, try talking.

15/11/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.14
-ADDED: You can now start the UOX server, UO Client or InsideUO from the GM Menu.
-ADDED: Another house to the house templates. It's a warehouse, a 10x20 wood building, empty. Basic stuff.
-ADDED: GM Menu has recieved quite a few updates, priviledges button has now been enabled.
-ADDED: Main menu has a new look :P
-ADDED: New items added: Palisade Walls, 2 new flat roof types, 1 new tiled roof type, lots of new stuff to furniture section including large beds & fireplaces/ovens.
-ADDED: Option to show pictures of items as you select them
-FIXED: Your character does no longer teleport around from coordinate to coordinate when adding multi- item objects from the SPECIAL form, thus decreasing the "freeze" crashes.
-FIXED: Advanced Lightsource menu should now show all the options/buttons....
-FIXED: Several bugs in the walls section where when you changed between one way of building to another (for instance change from point'n click to box and back again)
-FIXED: A bug where you couldn't build things by using coordinates with certain combinations of coordinates.
-FIXED: A few bugs in the STAIRS form. It should work properly now =)
-FIXED: A lot of other small bugs hehe Don't remember them all :P
-MOVED: Moved all update logs to the bottom of this file, except for "current" history.

14/8/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.13
-NEW: Xuri's UOX Guide will now be "shipped" in the worldbuilder zip file as a text file. Feel free to send in errors, flames, suggestions, ideas, money or anything else...
-ADDED: The first HOUSE TEMPLATE is in...It's the Farm building from one of the screenshots on my homepage :) Choose building: Farm, enter coordinates and click add, and the house pops(ehe :P) up.
-ADDED: A new selection to the FURNITURE menu: Lightsources(with all the different lighttypes).
-ADDED: Wallcarvings, Racks, added to the SPECIAL Menu.
-FIXED: A bug in the LANDSCAPE Menu...:P Sorry, my fault.(who else's)
-FIXED: Choosing "Unmade bed" will now add a unmade bed, and choosing "Unmade bed w/pillow" will now add an unmade bed with pillow...heh..they were vice versa earlier ;)

12/7/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.12
-INFO: This version of WorldBuilder will ONLY work with versions of UOX that have the new /TILEW command!!! Trying to use WB 0.12 on another version of UOX will and can result in....well...nothing. Also: The priviledge section of the GM commands menu has been disabled in this version, as the "supermerge" version of UOX has a new and VERY complex system of setting priviledges.
-ADDED: BIIG Internal Speed change in WorldBuilder! Building roofs, walls, floors, and landscapes should now go ALOT faster than before. I also expect this change of code to set the client lockups to a minimum, or even take them away alltogether. I had to remove the doors from being built together with the walls, as I had to choose between a very much faster way of building walls, and the old slow way. Adding doors ain't that hard to do manually anyway....:P
-FIXED: I took out ALL those idiotic "Start UO Client first!:)" popups....I mean...if someone really are so..stupid that they try to build something without having the UO client started...well....though luck :)

4/7/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.11a
-REMOVED: The LINK button and all the "links" that didn't work...a silly thing to have really :P
-FIXED: The GM commands are now visible without having to widen the GM commands window...

29/6/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.11
-ADDED: Small buttons next to every item in the FOREST section. Click to add a single item(point&click). NOTE: Next to the trees are TWO buttons instead of one. Click the first button to add the trunk of the tree, the second button to add the leaves(add these ON the trunk).
-ADDED: Lighthouse, Catapults and Blood Pentagram to the SPECIAL section.(Thanks again to Dragonmaster for the lighthouse and catapults.)
-ADDED: Warnings to the Wipe ALL and Wipe Outside options
-ADDED: Point and Click-mode for the walls. These walls MUST be built in a straight line. (To build a single wall piece, use point and click mode and just select the same spot on ground twice.)
-ADDED: LOTS!!! of new commands to the GM Commands form, including a easy privilege editor.
-ADDED: A brand new "ABOUT" FORM!!!! (gasp!)
-ADDED: A LINK Button on the main menu....just a few URL's that may be useful...
-FIXED: Reorganized a little to make the forms easier to use.

21/5/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.10
-ADDED: 11 new plants to the FOREST section.
-ADDED: Other Items to FURNITURE section. (scarecrow, stump, cauldron, bulletin board etc)
-ADDED: Paintings,portraits and the Serpent Crest to the FURNITURE section, under Wall Decor.
-ADDED: New floor tiles (grey logs, wooden logs, wooden planks, blue tile, red tile)
-ADDED: A new form that contains global GM commands (I.e. GM commands with no specific target, such as guardson/off)
-ADDED: The coordinates you enter in the various forms will not disappear from the coordinate boxes when you change between FLOORS/WALLS/ROOFS sections.
-ADDED: Carpets/Rugs to the FLOORS Section.
-ADDED: Pentagram, Altar and Telescope to the SPECIAL section (thanks Ralf Krause, for sending me the telescope as wsc :)
-FIXED: Building trees and plants in BOX form now works as it should(I hope).
-FIXED: Building trees and plants in SINGLE form now works.

13/3/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.09

-ADDED: Serpent Pillar to the SPECIAL section(T2A users only).
-ADDED: You will now get a popup message telling you what's wrong, when there is something wrong :T.
-ADDED: Short walls of every type. You must now specify if you want a TALL wall or a SHORT wall before building. (These can also be used to fill in the gap between Wall and Roof if built at the proper height.)
-ADDED: SET AS DOOR button to the WALLS section. Use this on the doors to make them work as a door should.
-ADDED: Hedges to the FOREST Section. Build in lines E/W or N/S, with HEAVY number.
-ADDED: You can now choose to place only one of a certain item in the Forest section. Just choose type of item, then the option ONE, enter coordinates, and press ADD :P
-ADDED: One color for the X1 and Y1 labels, and another color for the X2 and Y2 labels. This will make it easier to see what coordinates go where (hopefully).
FIXED: Choosing a wooden bench facing E/W will now add a wooden bench facing E/W instead of one facing N/S :)
-FIXED: Some bugs in the Roofbuilding code.
-FIXED: Some bugs in the Stairbuilding code.
-UPDATED: The Readme.txt file

23/2/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.08

-You now get a "Start UO Client first" message if you try to build without UO client running. :)
-NEW Section: SPECIAL. Build complexed items such as: Yew Tree, Big Treasure piles, Fountain.
-NEW Section: STAIRS. Choose from 10 types of stair material, choose starting height of stair and ending height, and in which direction the stairs go.
-Added DOORS to the WALLS Section. Build doors on north/south/east/west walls.
-Added FLAT ROOFS to the ROOFS Section. Only 4 to choose from yet. Build the same way as Floors.
-Added a new option to FLOORS/WALLS/ROOFS/MISC sections: CURRENT HEIGHT. Enter the height value of where you are, and the "1st Floor/2nd Floor" options will operate with numbers starting from this height, unlike earlier, when they operated with numbers starting from ground level no matter where you stood.
-Added a new selection to the FOREST section: Choosing FEW on the number-option will build even fewer items than the SPARSE selection.
-Trophies added to the furniture section, under WALL DECOR.

3/2/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.07

-TREES renamed to FORESTS, a more fitting name, as i've added various forest growths.
-BEDS added to furniture section. Only small beds + bedroll, no big beds yet :/
-Added a Remove Item button to each section :
-Fixed a bug where the floors and landscapes would stop building before reaching the entered coordinates.
-Fixed a bug in landscapes where you after building with coordinates got target cursor for point'n click build.
-Fixed a bug in chairs part of furniture section where trying to build a stool or a footstool would crash the worldbuilder program.
-Fixed a bug in furniture where pressing the ADD button at certain times when no option was chosen would crash the worldbuilder program.

23/1/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.06

-New section added for house building, FURNITURE. Build chairs, tables, plants, containers.
-WIPE section added. Inside each section there's a new button; WIPE MENU. Click this and a menu will pop up, allowing you to choose between lots of different methods of wiping; Wipe ALL, wipe inside or outside a box of coordinates, wipe inside or outside a point'n click box.
-/TILE command added as option when building Floors and Landscapes. Either enter the coordinates manually(slow, but allows for variable Z value(height), or use point'n click(Instant build but can't define height), just click northwestern point of a box, then southeastern.
-Easier access to the different sections. Arrows added at the top of each section, click left or right to browse through the sections.

14/1/99 WorldBuilder Ver 0.05

-NAME CHANGE!!!!! WorldBuilder is the new name for my util.
-Added a new section, TREES. Choose from 35 types of trees, and build your own forests! Places sparse, dense or heavy amount of trees inside a box of coordinates, at random places. Need a row of trees next to a road? Choose to place the trees in a line, and up they come.
-You no longer need to add 1 to x2 and y2 when building roofs. Use the same coordinates for floor, wall and roof to get a house that looks right :)
-MISC section changed name to LANDSCAPES.
-SPECIAL section button added, nothing in it yet ;)
-Fixed some bugs, like floor not building correct size, and the add 1 to roof-coordinates "bug".

7/1/99 Version 0.04

-Added the Misc section to the main form.
Choose from many outdoor tiles like lava, snow, grass, swamp etc.
Works the same way as Floors.
-Added more walltypes to the Wall section.
-Fixed some minor bugs in code.

28/12/98 Version 0.03

-Added the Wall section to the main form.
Choose from 7 (more coming in next release) differnet wall types, and choose if you
want to build a box or just a wall that goes in one direction (line).
-Fixed some minor bugs...such as version 0.02 appearing as version 0.01... :P

19/12/98 Version 0.02

-Added support for people who do NOT have norwegian keyboards(i'm a fool indeed...)

17/12/98 Version 0.01

-Added the Floor section to the main form.
Choose from 12 different floor types, what direction you want the tiles to point in,
height of floor.
-Added the Roof section to the main form.
Choose from 6 different roof types, what direction you want the roof in, height of the
-Added my email adress to the About section :)