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How to create a mutiUO client with encryption removed

by Lord Binary

here's a more detailed instruction how to create a client that has multiuo enabled and encryption disabled. (multiuo client for wp,lonewolf,nox,... servers)

scenario: unchanged OSI client.
run Ya_muU2 first to create a multi uo client. after Ya_muu2, start UO_RICE
now you have client.exe (resp uotd.exe for 3D client) this is a multi_uo client but only work on OSI servers because it has encryption still enabled.
and nocrypt_client.exe this one is multi uo and works on lonewolf servers. (but not on OSI servers).
if you want - you can UNDO multiuo again for OSI client. (if you dont need it there and/or fear that OSI might be able to detect multiuo clients ) just restart Ya_muU2 and undo it. no_crypt client will NOT be effected - still a multiuo client even if you undo.
what if you already run UO_RICE before Ya_muu ?
scenario: unchanged OSI client, but nocrypt_client already existing. (=UO_RICE already startet before wanting to add multi uo)
it's the same procedure as above.
* start Ya_muU2
* start UO_RICE AGAIN(!!!)
scenario: Ya_muu'd OSI client (multi UO) but no UO_RICE !
just start UO_RICE the resuling nocrypt_client will be a muliuo client.
what if you done it in wrong direction ? (first UO_RICE, then Ya_muU2 ?)
well, this gives a multi uo client for OSI, non multi uo no_crypt client. just re-run UO_RICE to ifx this. (multi-uo for no_crypt client)