-Set the current light level in the UOX world:
        'LIGHT # (0 - 20, 0 brightest, 20 darkest. -1 enables day and night cycles)

    -Set the light level to either nighttime or daytime or dungeon standard:
        'DARKLIGHT (the darkest lightlevel to be used when using day/night cycles)
        'BRIGHTLIGHT (the brightest light level to be used when using day/night cycles)
        'DUNGEONLIGHT (dungeon standard)
    'RAIN (makes it rain)
    'SNOW (makes it snow)
    'DRY (stops rain or snow)
3.2 - TIME
    'SETTIME ## ## (Set the time in your UOX world, f.example to set time to 8 in the
    morning, use 'SETTIME 08 00)
    'TIME (Show what the time is)
    'SECONDSPERUOMINUTE # (sets the number of real seconds in a UO minute. default
    is 5. this is used to slow down or increase day cycles)
3.3 - GUARDS
        Here are two global commands that either enable or disable guards.
        'GUARDSON         (Guards)
        'GUARDSOFF         (No guards)
3.4 - MINING
    There are several settings for mining in UOX. You can make it available at ANY spot
    in the world, even in the middle of towns, or restrict it to certain areas or regions.
    These are the settings you can use:
        'MINECHECK 0 = Players can mine everywhere
        'MINECHECK 1 = Players can mine in caves and mountainsides
        'MINECHECK 2 = Players can mine in specified regions(Regions.scp)
3.5 - SAVING
    It's not always wise to just rely on remembering to do the 'SAVE command regulary to save all your
   hard work to file after a long day.
   It's then preferable to set up the server to auto-save at certain intervals.
   To do that, open the file UOX3.INI in a text editor and scroll to the bottom of the file.
   The first number underneath the filepaths in there is the time in seconds between
   each automatic worldsave.
   Set this number to something you feel comfortable with.
   Remember that the bigger your world is the longer it takes to save.. so if you have a real big world
   the players won't appreciate it if you save every 5 minutes :) Find a time that works fine for you.