First, go to the where you want the moongate to bring the player.
    Now add a moongate:     'ADDITEM 2523 (Blue MoonGate)
                    'ADDITEM 2526 (Red MoonGate)
                    'ADDITEM 2527 (Black Moongate)
    Then type 'SETTYPE 50 (and click on the moongate.)
    Type 'MARK (and click on the moongate).
    Then go place the moongate where you want it.
    Type 'SETTYPE 60 (and click on moongate).
    Type 'SETMOVABLE 2 to make players unable to pick up the Moongate.
    Done! :)
    If you want to make it a two ways Moongate, follow the above steps, but mark the      moongate at where the previous
    moongate brought the player (one step away from it to avoid a looping moongate).
    To make a teleporter, follow the above steps, but exchange the moongate with
    the object you wish to function as a teleporter.
    To make a key/lock-pair, first make a blank key and set its Type to 7('SETTYPE 7).
    Then set the More value of the item to lock and the key to the same value.
    To make sure the lock is unique, it is suggested to set the More of the
    lock to the same value as its serial number. There, you are done!                                

    To make a Master Key which can lock/unlock all locks,simply create a key,
    set its Type to 7('SETTYPE 7) and its More to FF FF FF FF('SETMORE FF FF FF FF).
    It will then be able to lock/unlock anything.(even if it doesn't have a lock!!)
    To make a lightsource, 'ADD any object.
    Use 'SETDIR #(Look chapter 4.2) to set the object's lighteffect.
    Then set it's ID to 16 47 ('SETID 16 47)
   '/First thing to do, is to add a Townstone with either "/ADD 0e dd" or "/ADD 0e de".
    '/Then rename the Townstone to "Townstone of XXXX"(where XXXX is the name of the town
    '/where the townstone is positioned) by using 'RENAME.
    '/Now, set the morey of the townstone to zero('setmorey 0).
    '/Then you set the morez of the townstone to the current weekday number:
    ///SETMOREX 0 Sunday
        1 (Monday)
        2 (Tuesday)
        3 (Wednesday)
        4 (Thursday)
        5 (Friday)
        6 (Saturday)
  To make a player house(small houses, two stories, towers etc) you can enter 'ADD and
    click on the GM menu.
    Now click on HOUSE DEEDS, and scroll along to find the house you want to place.
    Remember that the spot where you are going to place the house MUST be free of
    trees, rocks, bushes etc or else these will stick up through the floor...
    Ok when you have found the type of house you want to place, double click on the
    deed with it's name and place it on    the ground. Now double click it again and you
    should get a ghost-image of the house. Move this ghost-image around,
    and when you want to set up the house, just click again. If everything works as it
    should you will either stand outside of the house or inside. If you are inside
    the house you will probably be stuck, so write 'TELE and click on the ground
    in front of the house.
    If you don't see any house when you've placed it, but only the deed, try using
    'HIDEHS. This will show the house and hide the house deed. Be careful though,
    this command is known to have caused many crashes...(Type 'SHOWHS to see the house
    icons again.)

    To make a house of your own desire, you must manually place each section of the
    house. Each section is the size of one UO square. A great tool to find the sections
    you need with, is InsideUO. This is a great program. With this you can     browse
    through all of UO's graphics and sounds and animation, and add them on your server
    by entering ('ADD XX XX) where XX XX is the hex-number you get when you doubleclick
    on an item within InsideUO.
    Go here to find InsideUO : http://dkbush.cablenet-va.com/alazane
2.05 - VENDORS
   A vendor is a NPC who sells/buys things from players. To make a vendor, either
    add one from the NPC menu ('ADD), or follow these steps to make your own.

    1. Create a basic npc
    2. Type 'MAKESHOP and click on the NPC. This will give him vendor status
    and buy/sell packs.
    3. Type 'GMOPEN 1a and click on the NPC. This will open the vendor sell pack.
    In this sell pack you place all the items you wish the vendor to sell.
    F.example: You want the vendor to sell loafs of bread, so you add a loaf of
    bread('ADD 10 3b) and place it on the ground. Now set it's type to 14, so people
    can actually eat it('SETTYPE 14).
    Place the loaf of bread inside the vendor sell pack.
    4. Now set how many loafs of bread you want the NPC to sell each time he restocks
    ('SETRESTOCK #, and click on loaf).
    5. Ok now you must set the price that players must pay to get a loaf of bread.
    Type 'SETVALUE $$ (insert price here), and click on the loaf of bread.
    6. Now set the restockrate of the vendor. This is the time it takes for the vendor
    to restock when someone has bought something. Type 'SETSHOP RESTOCKRATE #
    (insert time in minutes here) and click on the vendor.
    Ok now you have a vendor who will sell things to people if they say "vendor buy".
    But you also want to make a vendor who buy things from players, you say? No          problem,
    all you have to do, is open the vendor's BUY pack, with 'GMOPEN 1c. Place all items
    you want the npc to buy inside here, and set the price he
    will give for those items ('SETPRICE $$ on each item).
    So the NPC vendor has three packs...the Sell pack('GMOPEN 1a) the buy pack
    ('GMOPEN 1c) and another pack where all the items the players have sold to the vendor
    lies ('GMOPEN 1b)

    The only thing remaining now, is to put some clothing on your vendor so as he/she
    will not freeze hehe...Go to 2.6 - CUSTOM NPCs, and look
    under "Putting Clothes On Yer NPC".
2.06 - CUSTOM NPCs
  To make your own custom NPC, follow the steps below:

    -First you must add a basic npc. write 'ADDNPC 01 90 to add a male npc, or
    'ADDNPC 01 91 to add a female.
    -If you want, you can set your npc to be one of the following:
        a healer - type 'SETNPCAI 1
        a monster - type 'SETNPCAI 2
        a guard - type /SETNPCAI 4
        a banker - type 'SETNPCAI 8
        a monster that attacks the strongst
    (If your npc is neither of these, ignore the 'setnpcai command)

    **Putting Clothes On Yer NPC**
    Ok now to put some clothing/equipment on yer NPC.
    First you have to do, is to add whatever clothes you wish the NPC to wear. Go to
    the CLOTHES menu by typing 'ADD and clicking on the backpack icon until you see
    a fancy shirt icon.
    Place all the items on the ground, NOT on the npc directly when creating them.
    Open up the NPC's paperdoll, and drag the clothes on it.
    Do the same with any weapons/armor you wish the NPC to wear.

    **Letting your NPC wander around**
    To let the npc walk around, use one of the following lines:
    NPC don't move anywhere:     'NPCWANDER 0
    NPC follows specified target set with 'npctarget : 'NPCWANDER 1
    NPC follows this target:    'NPCTARGET
    NPC wanders around freely:    'NPCWANDER 2
    NPC wanders in a boxed area:    'NPCWANDER 3 (Box is set with 'NPCRECT, don't      use yet)
    NPC wanders in a circle radius: 'NPCCIRCLE x y r (x=x-coordinate, y=y-coordinate,
    r=radius distance in UO tiles)
    (To get the x and y-coordinates, type 'WHERE. The first number is X-coordinate, the
    second is Y-coordinate, and the third is the Z coordinate(height).
      To spawn NPCs, Monsters or Items, either use Chaos' CGMT Tool(Look the
        LINKS-section of this file), or follow these steps:

    1. Create a tile of which the npc/monster/item shall spawn from. This can be any
    2. Rename the spawn tile to something like "Orc spawn" or something. This will be
    useful if you want to find the spawn in the world file(uox3.wsc) either to
    modify it or to delete it.('RENAME spawnname)
    3. Now to tell the spawn tile what NPC/ITEM to spawn. All the NPC's and Items are
    listed in NPC.SCP and ITEMS.SCP.
    Look up the NPC/ITEM you want to spawn, and type 'SETMOREX # (insert NPC/ITEM
    number from the script file here)
    4. Now to set the type of spawner.
        NPC spawner: 'SETTYPE 62 (click tile)
        ITEM spawner: 'SETTYPE 61 (click tile)
    5. If your spawner is a NPC spawner, set the amount of NPCs you want the spawner
    to spawn, by using 'SETAMOUNT #(insert number of npcs here)

    If your spawning NPC/monster is in wander mode, then take care that they are properly
    setup in your NPC.SCP file. If your using NPCWANDER 2     in the NPC.SCP file, then you
    don't need to do anything special, but if your using NPCWANDER 3 or 4, then make
    sure FX1, FY1, FZ1 are all set to -1. That will tell them to use their spawn
    location coordinates as their center point.
    Example: (in NPC.SCP file)

    FX1 -1
    FY1 -1
    FZ1 -1
    FX2 20

    (tells the NPC to wander in a radius, set the center point for where they are
    spawned, and they may wander up to 20 tiles in any direction)

    Also, for ITEMS, if you drag the spawned item directly off the spawner and onto your
    character, the item will not respawn again. Don't drag items from     spawners onto your
    character. It appear okay to drag them onto the ground, your pack or your paperdoll
    (thanks to Dragonbytes homepage for this litte thingy about spawning, a bit edited by
    me though :)
    To make a magic weapon, wand or other item, either use Chaos' CGMT Tool, or follow
    the steps below:

    -First of all, add the weapon, wand or any other object that you want to be magic,
    by using the 'ADD menu or 'ADD ## ##(where ## ## is the hex code of the object you
    want to add)
    -Then set the item's type to 15 ('SETTYPE 15)
    -Then set the spell circle of the spell the item will cast: 'SETMOREX # (1-8)
    -Ok now set the spell number within the spell circle you chose, by
    using 'SETMOREY # (1-8)
    -Then set the number of charges the item is to have ('SETMOREZ #)
    Or you could set all three at once with 'SETMOREXYZ # # #
  1) Add a gate. For a blue moongate use: 'ADD 0f 6c For a red moongate use: 'add 0d da
    2) You can dye the gate a different color if you wish with 'DYE.
    3) Use 'SETTYPE 80 for single use advancement gate. Once a character walks through any advancement gate he
    can't use any gate of this type after that.
    Use 'SETTYPE 81 for multiple use advancement. This kind of gate will let a character use it over and over again.
    4) Use 'SETMOREX xxx to set what type of gate it is where xxx is the section advancement number from the
    advance.scp file
    5) Make it permanent:
    6) Make it unmovable:
    7) Use 'TWEAK to name the gate to whatever kind it is now.
    To make new types of Advancement Gates:
    Only advanced users should attempt this.
    Open up the advance.scp file with notepad. Go down just above EOF and press enter. Now enter your new
    advancement gate definition. Make sure to choose a number that is not already in the file for it.
    Make sure to keep the EOF at the end of the file. Below is a commented example of an advancement gate definition.
    '/ Master Smith <---Label to tell you what kind of gate it is when you read the file.
    SECTION ADVANCEMENT 1 <---This is gate type #1, You must give your gate type a new number not already in the file.
    { <---This starts the definition of the advancement gate
    STR 95 <---Set STR to 95
    DEX 80 <---Set DEX to 80
    INT 60 <---Set INT to 60
    BLACKSMITHING 940 <---Set BLACKSMITHING to 94.0, that's why its 940
    MINING 940 <---Set MINING to 94.0, that's why its 940
    TINKERING 940 <---Set TINKERING to 94.0, that's why its 940
    ITEM 15010 <---Give him a magic smith's hammer of ruin
    ITEM 609 <---Give him tongs
    ITEM 10080 <---Give him 50 ingots
    ITEM 87 <---Give him a PickAxe
    ITEM 7038 <---Give him Tinker Tools
    } <---This says that is it for this definition
    <---Place a empty space after it to make it easier to read
    the item numbers are section item numbers from the items.scp file. You can also you SKIN
    x x to change the player's skin color where x x is the shade you want.
    When used, an advancement object gives the user an amount of stats/skills
    that are written in ADVANCE.SCP.
    To make one, add an object and type:
        'SETTYPE 80    (players can use only once)
    81    (players can use as many times as they want)
    Then set the type of advance the player will gain when using this object
    by using 'SETMOREX #
    (Look in ADVANCE.SCP and choose the # after what type of advance
    you wish the object to have...Like, to set the advance SECTION ADVANCEMENT 1,
    write 'SETMOREX 1)
        (Sounds objects user type 86)
        To make an object that plays sounds when people walk over that object, first
        add an object that can be walked over :) Then set it's type to 86('SETTYPE 86).
        Then type 'SETHEXMOREXYZ #1 #2 #3 where #1 and #2 is the hex code of the sound,
        while #3 is the percentage chance of the sound being played when someone walks
        on the item.
        Example: Item type 86, MoreXYZ: 01 9c 80, there is a chance of %80 that the
        sound of a lich laughing will be played when the player walks over this
        Also: See chapter 4.3 for a list of sounds availible.
        To make an object that hurts people each time they walk over it(populary called
        damage objects), first add an item that people can walk over.
        Then set it's type to 85 ('SETTYPE 85).
        Now set the base damage that's being done(x), and random damage on top of that
        between (y) and (z) ('SETMOREXYZ x y z)
        Example: Place a flamestrike animation object on ground, 'SETTYPE 85 on it and
        'SETMOREXYZ 10 10 25.
        This will make 20-35 damage every time a character walks thru it.
        To make an object that will transform a player into a monster/animal,
        first create a moongate:
                            'ADDITEM 2523 (Blue MoonGate)
                            'ADDITEM 2526 (Red MoonGate)
                            'ADDITEM 2527 (Black Moongate)
        Alright. Now set the moongate's TYPE to 82 ('SETTYPE 82).
        Then set it's MOREX to the number of the npc you wish the player to transform
        into (look in npc.scp) by using 'SETMOREX #
    There is no additional setup for message boards other than you have to ADD them :)
    'ADD 1E 5E (board that fit on E/W wall)
    'ADD 1E 5F (board that fit on N/S wall)
    First add a Guildstone deed with 'ADD 14 f0 then do 'SETTYPE 202 on the deed to make it turn
    into a Guildstone when someone clicks on it twice.
2.15 - BOOKS
    Books use a certain file (the so called bok-file) to store its texts.
Each(!) new book has a corresponding bok-file !
They are stored in the UOX root directory.
There are two kinds of books.
Writeable books and read-only books.

1) How to use books
1.1) Creation
1.1.1) Writeable book:
Add a book('ADD f f1), set its type to 11, set its morex value to 666('SETMOREX 666).
You can set the maximum number of pages via 'SET MOREY #.
If the morey is omitted its set to the default value of 16 pages, but it's recommended to set it explicitly anyway.
The absolute maximum (client side limitation) is 255 pages.
On the first OPENING of a writeable book the corresponding bok file is created, and AFTER the CREATION of the bok
file it is absolutely NOT POSSIBLE TO ALTER the MAXIMUM number of PAGES.
(changing the morey value after its creation does NOT change the maximum number of pages)
If the book gets too small there's (currently) painfully, no other way than deleting the book and creating a new one with a higher maximum number of pages.
Dropping that nasty limitation would imply : much slower execution time and a lot of development time. In other words: It's not likely that this limitation will ever fall. The current implementation does not allow copying of books.
Example of how to make a writable book with 32 pages:
'ADD f f1

1.1.2) Read-only books
The same procedure as for writeable books, just the morex value has to be 999.
Remark: Of course it is NOT useful to CREATE a read-only-book.
You'll get an empty book you cant change. Hmmm.
So usually it will be useful to create it as writeable book, "fill it with text" and "lock" it (make it read-only) via change of morex value from 666 to 999.

3) Important remarks:
NEVER EVER edit a bok file "manually". (for example via text editor)
Though it's paretically "human" readable" - It looks as though it would be so easy, but it will very likely lead to file corruption.
File corruption can (paretically) destroy the book contents and in worst case it can lead to client crashes.
Performance ' lag issues:
You might ask - why not always setting the maximum number of pages to the absolute max of 255 ?
Well, there's a bad client side limitation/issue I cant do anything about with writeable books ( not read-only and old (read-only) book).
The ENTIRE text has to be send on EACH opening of a writeable book.
Even if its empty - the send-page number-overhead is negligible
. For a 255 pages book its about 2k (again per opening). A full 255 pages book is about 65k.
I have tested such a beast (255 pages FULL with text) and it lead to 3 seconds of lag per opening.
Once more: Read-only new books DON'T have that bad property. If you make a full 255 page new book and after filling it turn it to a read-only new book ( type 999) it's lag contribution is near zero.
So be careful with big writeable books.

2.16 - NPC AI
    The command 'SETNPCAI # sets the "artificial intelligence" of the npcs, or the way they
    react to certain things. Such as the banker opening your bank box when saying BANK
    or the guards attacking monsters in town.
    Below is a list of numbers that can be used with the 'SETNPCAI # command.

        01=Sets NPC to a healer. Will ressurrect ghosts.
        02=Sets NPC to evil monster. Will attack all good monsters/animals and players.
        04=Sets NPC to guard. Will attack all evil monsters(02) and all players that attack
        within town limits.
        08=Sets NPC to banker(can be used on player too). Will open bank box if someone
        says BANK near him/her.
        10=Same as AI 02, but will attack weakest first.
        20=Same as AI 02, but will attack strongest first.
        40=Same as AI 08, but the guards will teleport instead of walking.
To make a GM(or another character ) glow in the dark:   
Take a piece of clothing like a sash. I would recommend giving the sash a name you can
    easily find in the world file in case you need to remove it in the future. Put it on
    your GM character. Use 'setid 16 47 on the sash. If you want a small circle of light,
    use 'setdir 1 on the sash. If you want a bigger circle of light, use 'setdir 2 instead.
    Now pick it off of your paperdoll and then drop it back onto your paperdoll. It will
    disappear and you will now glow.

To make an item glow in the dark(any item, including equipped ones), simply add an invisible lantern to the item with 'glow command. To remove the invisible lantern, use 'unglow.
    Make a normal dye tub then do 'dye 00 01 on it.
    Secret doors are doors that look like walls. These work just as the other doors(except for looking different)
    Add a wallpiece from InsideUO which says "a secret door" and set it to type 12. There! :)
    Add a deed('add 14 f0) and set it to type 217('SETTYPE 217) and you have a player vendor deed.
    It has the same commands as the OSI vendors so i'll just refer you all to uo.stratics.com for all the commands..
2.21 - SPELLCASTING MONSTERS (by Tal Strake)
    This is a brief guide on how to set up monsters for using magic.
    In order for your monsters to use spells you must include the SPATTACK and
    SPADELAY settings under the Monsters section in the npc.scp/uox3.scp file. The value
    SPATTACK is set to is a combination of bits represented decimally, and the
    value SPADELAY is the delay between each time the monster uses a spell. There is
    an example below if you are confused. The first 13 bits represents spells
    and the last 3 Fireballs.

    Spell Table:-
    Bit dec Spell
    1 1 MagicArrow
    2 2 Harm
    3 4 Clumsy
    4 8 FeebleMind
    5 16 Weaken
    6 32 Fireball
    7 64 Curse
    8 128 Lighting
    9 256 Paralyze
    10 512 MindBlast
    11 1024 Engerybolt
    12 2048 Explosion
    13 4096 FlameStrike
    14 8192 Dragon Breath - 20 % of source health
    15 16384 Dragon Breath - 40 % of source health
    16 32768 Dragon Breath - 60 % of source health
    A monster using lighting, fireball and explosion:
    SPATTACK = 2198
    The value is calculated as so:-
    2198 = 128(lighting) + 32 (fireball) + 2048 (Explosion)

    The damage your monster will do with a spell cast is set using the MAGERY
    SKILL setting, again in the monsters section of the ncp.scp/uox3.scp. The
    level of magery will effect the damage in the same way fit does for player
    characters. The exception to the rule is damage the last 3 Fireballs which
    is set by the level of hits points of the monsters.
    Setting the magery level:
    SKILL 25 700
    SKILL is the setting name
    25 is the magery id in the skill table
    700 is 70 magery (level/10)

    Example Monsters
    NAME a lich
    ID 0018
    SKIN 0000
    GOLD 120 230
    PACKITEM 104
    ATT 80
    DEF 70
    STR 200
    INT 150
    DEX 35
    FX1 -1
    FX2 20
    FY1 -1
    FZ1 -1
    FAME 4000
    KARMA -5000
    NPCAI 2
    LOOT 10
    SPATTACK 8191 All spells
    SKILL 25 700 70 magery
    NAME an ancient wyrm
    ID 003b
    SKIN 07de
    ATT 350
    DEF 150
    STR 1500
    DEX 50
    INT 600
    NPCAI 0
    LOOT 1
    GOLD 800 2000
    FX1 -1
    FY1 -1
    FZ1 -1
    FX2 20
    FAME 10000
    KARMA 500
    LOOT 10
    SPATTACK 32768 60 % hit dammage fireball only
2.22 - PLAYER RACES(by Abaddon)
This is only a first and prelimenary implementation of player races. You will find that there has been another script added to the build, races.scp. Inside races, you will find the definitions for 11 existing races (not completely fleshed out). Basically, here is the layout for the player races.

NAME Dwarf // Name of race
STRCAP 100 // Cap on strength
DEXCAP 100 // Cap on dexterity
INTCAP 100 // intelligence cap
REQUIREBEARD // Males must have beards, will add if needed
NOBEARD // Must have no beard, will delete if they have it
GENDER MALE // Only males can be this race, acceptable values MALE, and FEMALE
BEARDMIN 0440 // Min beard colour, must have max also, if 0, then disabled
BEARDMAX 0480 // Max beard colour, must have min also, if 0, then disabled
SKINMIN 0480 // Skin min colour, must have max also, if 0, then disabled
SKINMAX 0520 // Skin max colour, must have min also, if 0, then disabled
HAIRMIN 0440 // Hair min colour, must have max also, if 0, then disabled
HAIRMAX 0520 // Hair max colour, must have min also, if 0, then disabled
SKILLNAMEG 2 // Skill name gain and how much (SKILLNAME = MAGERY or whatever skill you want)
SKILLNAMEL 2 // skill name loss and how much
RACIALENEMY 1 // Racial enemy number... can be more than one entry
RACIALAID 2 // Racial aid number... can be more than one entry
LIGHTDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from light
LIGHTAFFECT // if here, take damage from light
LIGHTSECS 5 '/ take damage from light every 5 secs
HEATDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from heat
HEATAFFECT // if here, take damage from heat
HEATSECS 5 // take damage from heat every 5 secs
COLDDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from cold
COLDAFFECT // if here, take damage from cold
COLDSECS 5 // take damage from cold every 5 secs
LIGHTNINGDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from lightning
LIGHTNINGAFFECT // if here, take damage from lightning
LIGHTNINGSECS 5 // take damage from lightning every 5 secs
RAINDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from rain
RAINAFFECT // if here, take damage from rain
RAINSECS 5 // take damage from rain every 5 secs
SNOWDAMAGE 5 // take 5 damage from snow
SNOWAFFECT // if here, take damage from snow
SNOWSECS 5 // take damage from snow every 5 secs
NIGHTVIS 3 // night vision bonus... the number is the light level bonus you get at ANY time
PLAYERRACE 0 // 0 is nonplayer race, 1 is player race
LANGUAGEMIN 500 // skill value needed to interpret that races speech

Skill gain/loss information can be adjusted dynamically now, though it still can default to:
For skill gain

0 None
1 Slight
2 Moderate
3 Significant

and for skill loss

0 None
1 Slight
2 Moderate
3 Significant

Basically, add a SECTION COMBAT MODS like this:

MOD0 0 // % bonus for mod 0
MOD1 5
MOD2 10
MOD3 25
MOD4 50

If you don't have at least 4 entries, the defaults are used.

Any racial aid is flagged green, and an enemy is flagged orange. Murderers still take precedence
over everything though. Race name will show up in paperdoll, as well as above their char when
you click on them, as long as it is not the default race. Skill bonuses and losses are in as well
(I believe), but haven't really tested this all too well. I have allowed for the creation of race gates
as well, which are one time only uses (type 83, examples in file). So you will start out as a human,
but can only switch races once. So be warned! There is a way to make them reusable, but that is VERY
fantasy shattering, being able to switch constantly.

I realize it's not that flash an implementation (only really useful if we could have newer art, and
different object IDs... ah well, perhaps one day). But I hope you like it, nonetheless. Either way,
it should be a simple thing to do.

It's easy enough to modify the Skills.mul and skills.idx file. Already done that and added entries.
Plus I plan on adding a newer better weather system, to complement some of the features in here.

Adding a race gate:
Adding a race gate is actually quite simple. Just follow the layout I put below, for items.scp

NAME Elf // name of the gate
ID 0dda // moongate type... I only use this because it is easily visible
COLOR 0015 // color of moongate
DIR 1 // direction facing... who knows?
TYPE 83 // MUST be type 83, otherwise it won't work
MOREX 1 // Race to convert to
MOREY 0 // 0 means it's not reusable, 1 means it is

Also, I have modified the script for existing weapons... only useful for weapons anyway :)
If you add what's following, it will work as a racial weapon. I have been thinking about racial armour,
but who knows?

RACE 0 // Racial weapon against race 0

Add this to the item you want to modify, and it does double damage on that race.

These gates work like those at Lord British & Lord Blackthorn's castles on UO. You use a key or a switch/lever,
and the gates raise or lower.
This is how you set them up:

First you add the gates themselves, called the "portcullis", either in north/south direction('add 06 f6) or in
east/west direction ('add06 f5). Then you set the gates to type 3(Order) or 5(Chaos), before doing 'setmorez # on them, where # is 1 for Order gates and 3 for Chaos gates.

Now after doing that, you add a key, switch, lever or anything else you want to use as "gate opener", and set it to type 2(Order) or 4(Chaos). The gates should now raise and lower after you use the gate opener.


To make a sound object that plays a sound whenever someone comes near, make the object and then set it to type 88('SETTYPE 88)
The options you can define:
morex: soundeffect# ('SETMOREX #)
morey: radius within it is hearable('SETMOREY #)
morez: probability ('SETMOREZ %)

2.25 - SMOKING

To add an item that can be..er..smoked, set that item to type 185 ('SETTYPE 185).
Use 'setmorex # to determine the duration of the smoking object.


If USESPECIALBANK 1 is activated the new banking system is active.
There is a common bank and a regional bank.

common bank -> you get your command-bank-box it if you say "bank" near a banker (bank-npc)
regional bank -> you get your reginal-bank-box if you say a trigger-word you can specify
via server.scp entry SPECIALBANKTRIGGER triggerword
for example SPECIALBANKTRIGGER WARE. --> the triggerword for regional bank is ware
so if you want to get you regional bank box in that case you have to say ware near a banker

so whats the differnce between those two bank-types ?
common bank, like the old system ...
you get all items you've placed in the bank EVERYWHERE.
So if you place 2 items in the bank of britain you see those same 2 items
if you open your bank box in the bank of vesper.
This principle only applies to the common bank.
The regional bank does NOT have it.
Regional banks work ... regional
So if you put items in the bank of britain you only get those items if you open a regional
bank box in britain.
If you goto the bank of vesper you WILL NOT see that items.
You see only that ones you placed in the vesper-regional box.
If you didnt place anything in vesper-regional bank it will be empty.
though you placed 2 items in britain bank.
Common-bank -> not regional, all items you place in a comman bank box can be fetched at any other bank.


This is new and non-UO, select inscribe skill and target a piece of armor. It will then ask you for circle and spell to engrave.
If successful, you will place the spell on the item with 5 charges on it.
This checks the magery skill, the tinkering skill and the inscription skill, it is rather hard to master. Again this may need tweaking later.
A player may engrave any item that has att or def greater than zero, thus shirts, armor, weapons, hats may all be engraved.
Food and pets may NOT.


You can set the skills and stats on ANY NPC or Player.
For example, to set the ARCHERY skill to 80 on an NPC, you would type the following... 'SET ARCHERY 800
You set 800 as the number instead of 80 because the system sees the last number as the 'decimal'. For instance, 809 would set archery to 80.9.

To set the stats, you do one of the following:
Where # is a number between 0 - 100


This commands foremost function is to set an owner to an item/npc.
Lets say you want a horse you can ride on, well when you create them they are wild, and you dont want to run around and tame them.
Then use the 'SETOWNER command.
Lets say you as a GM has an Serial Number of 00 00 00 01 (you can find out your Serial by using the 'CSTATS command on your self), and you want a horse of your own. Then type... 'SETOWNER 00 00 00 01 and target the horse

You can also use 'SETOWNER on items. I think setting 'SETOWNER on an item will only allow the owner to use the item. But it only restricts the USE of the item. Not picking it up etc.


First, set the potion to type 19. Then set the morey('SETMOREY #) from the list below, to define what effect it should have.
1 = agility
2 = cure
3 = eplosion
4 = heal
5 = night sight
6 = poison
7 = refresh
8 = strength
9 = mana
10 = LSD

To define how 'strong' a potion should be, set the morez value ('SETMOREZ #) from the list below:
1 = lesser
2 = normal
3 = greater


Set any item to type 181, then set the number of firework charges with 'SETMOREX #.


To customize the weight of Ore and Logs(and any other item as well for that matter),
what you have to do is edit HARDITEMS.SCP, as the values of an item in here will overide
all other settings, hardcoded or scripted in other scripts such as ITEMS.SCP.
Here's an example of how you can give Ore custom weight in HARDITEMS.SCP:

//Iron Ore



//End of Iron Ore

There are 4 different ores possible to get when mining, so I made one SECTION for each of
those four, and assigned a WEIGHT value to each of them, the smallest ore lightest, the largest
or heaviest.
As to the values used, 1600 may seem like a lot but does in fact only mean 16 stones, or 16.00 stones
if you want.
Also, 400 stands for 4.00 stones.

This method of assigning custom weight can be used for any item at all, but is most useful for
hardcoded resources such as ore, logs & more.


2.33 - CONTAINER SPAWNER (Spawning Containers 101 By Iain) 1. Create a container 2. Set Type 65 for unlocked, 64 for locked 3. Set morex equal to the item to spawn 4. Set morey equal to minimum time to spawn 5. Set morez equal to maximum time to spawn 6. Set amount for amount to spawn


This is an improved version of Chaos & Order gates.
Now you aren't limited to only two gates in your world, but can have as many gates as you want!
Here's how it works, pasted from the man who wrote the code ;)

"Openable Gates - by WIG based on Order&Chaos Gates code

Ok, i found Order&Chaos gates stuff really great, but i noticed something:
With order&chaos gates, you can only have 2 gates in your world, for example
double-clicking on a Order Gate Switch will open ALL Order Gates in your world.
But what will happen if you want to use these gate stuff in your castles, etc.?
So i copied Chaos&Order Gates code, and modified it, so now you give the same
morey to both gate&switch, and switch works for only gates with its morey.

The gates use item type 205, and "gate openers" use item type 206.

Here's what you should do to set up a gate (copied and modified from Xuri's UOX3 Guide):
First you add the gates themselves, called the "portcullis", either in
north/south direction('add 06 f6) or in east/west direction ('add06 f5).
Then set the gates to type 205, and 'setmorey 1 on them.
After that, give all parts of your gate the same unique number using 'setmorey #

Now after doing that, you add a key, switch, lever or anything else you
want to use as "gate opener", and set it to type 206. Then, set the "gate
opener"s morey to the same number you used for gates.
The gates should now raise and lower after you use the gate opener."


This has to be done through the scripts, more to the point ITEMS.SCP.
Open it up, find the item you wish to choose which hand to equip it in,
and enter one of the following on a empty line within that item's SECTION: ITEMHAND 1 (for 1-handed item)
ITEMHAND 2 (for 2-handed item)
ITEMHAND 3 (for shields)

NOTE: If you use one of the above ITEMHAND values for items, it will override the LAYER for that item..


There are two ways of making NPCs appear on horseback.
One, the easiest, is to simply do 'SETOWNER ## ## ## ## on the horse where ## ## ## ##
is the serial number (do 'CSTATS on NPC) of the NPC.
Then just 'POSSESS the NPC and mount the horse before using the command again to repossess
your GM-body.
The other, more "advanced" method of doing it - through the scripts - allows you to
make them appear on the horses all by themselves the instant they are added to the world.
And here is an example how you do that:

First you need to make a "horse" item in ITEMS.SCP, as characters need to carry those items
in layer 0x19 of their character (LAYER 25 in items.scp):

NAME a horse

Note that ITEM 60000 might be in use in your ITEMS.SCP file, check that out before you add it.
Now, open NPC.SCP and add ITEM 60000 just below the BACKPACK entry of the NPC you wish to be on
Now he will appear on horseback when he is spawned/added ingame, and the NEWBIE tag ensures that your
players won't get hold of the "horseitem" which actually appears as part of a boat. Here's a list of the various IDs you can use(change the one in the example or make a new item if
you wish to use a different horse or a llama/ostard):

  • 3E9F // horse
  • 3EA0 // horse
  • 3EA1 // horse
  • 3EA2 // horse
  • 3EA3 // desert ostard
  • 3EA4 // ostard
  • 3EA5 // ostard
  • 3EA6 // llama


Making wrist-watches is actually pretty simple.
You do the following easy steps:
First do 'ADD 10 86
Then 'TWEAK the new item and set it's MAGIC value to '3'.
And finally 'RENAME the item to 'a wrist watch'.