UOX3 Script Engine

Functions, Methods, Properties and Event handling

Revision History - Last Update: 29 September 2018

Version Change
0.48 Character Properties Added: canAttack, singClickSer, poisonStrength, stabled, hungerWildChance, tamedHungerRate, party, partyLootable
0.47 Events Added: onVirtueGumpPress, onDropItemOnItem, onWeatherChange, onTempChange, onCallback#, onGumpInput, onEnterRegion, onLeaveRegion, onSpellGain, onSpellLoss, onCommand, onPacketReceive, onBuy, onBuyFromVendor, onBoughtFromVendor, onSell, onSellToVendor, onSoldToVendor
Events Updated: onDeathBlow
Events Removed: onPortal (unused), onXYZEvent (unused)
Character Methods Updated: AddSpell, SpellFail, SpellMoveEffect, SpellStaticEffect, BreakConcentration, FindItemType, InitWanderArea, ReactOnDamage, Damage, Heal
Item Methods Added: Refresh
Race Functions Added: CanWearArmor
Socket Methods Added: SendAddMenu
Common Methods Updated: ApplySection, CanSee
Packet Methods Added: RegisterPacket, ReserveSize, WriteByte, WriteShort, WriteLong, WriteString, Send, Free
Misc Methods Added: GetTimer, SetTimer, Moon, CreateParty, GetSocketFromIndex, AreaItemFunction
0.46 Updated: All references to onUse() changed to onUseChecked()
0.45 Added: ODBC object
ODBC Methods Added: BeginTransaction, FinaliseTransaction, ExecuteQuery, QueryRelease, FetchRow, GetColumn, LastOK
ODBC Properties Added: lastOK
Updated: CSS of this documentation. Updated DOCTYPE of the pages. Updated contact on FAQ to point to uox3.org forums.
0.44 Events Added: onCombatDamageCalc, onDamage, onDeathBlow
Functions Added: ApplyDefenseModifiers, ApplyDamageBonuses, ValidateObject, ResourceRegion, ResourceTime, ResourceAmount, ResourceArea, ReloadJSFile
Character Methods Added: Defense
Item Methods Added: Carve
Common Methods Added: Resist
Socket Methods Added: DisplayDamage
Console Methods Added: Print, Log, Error, Warning, PrintSectionBegin, TurnYellow, TurnRed, TurnGreen, TurnBlue, TurnNormal, TurnBrightWhite, PrintDone, PrintFailed, PrintPassed, ClearScreen, PrintBasedOnVal, MoveTo, PrintSpecial, BeginShutdown, Reload Resource Functions Added: ResourceRegion, ResourceTime, ResourceArea, ResourceAmount
Console Properties Added: mode, logEcho
Character Properties Added: orgID, orgSkin, isAnimal, isHuman, isShop, attackFirst
Item Properties Added: carveSection, tempTimer
Resource Properties Added: logAmount, logTime, oreAmount, oreTime
0.43 Events Added: onCharDoubleClick, onSkillGump, onCombatStart, onCombatEnd
0.42 Item Methods Added: LockDown
Item Properties Added: isNewbie, isDispellable, isPileable, isDyeable, isWipeable, isGuarded, isDoorOpen, isFieldSpell, isLockedDown, isShieldType, isMetalType, isLeatherType, canBeLockedDown, isContType, madeWith, entryMadeFrom
Character Properties Updated: isPolymorphed, isIncognito, canRun, isMeditating, isGM, canBroadcast, singClickSer, noSkillTitles, isGMPageable, canSnoop, isCounselor, noNeedMana, isDispellable, noNeedReags
0.41 Events Changed: onCreateDFN & onCreateTile instead of onCreate, onDrop
Socket Properties Updated: wasIdleWarned, firstPacket, cryptClient, walkSequence, currentSpellType, pickupX, pickupY, pickupZ, pickupSpot, language, target
Item Properties Updated: scripttrigger, worldnumber, movable, raceID, race, rank, desc,
Character Properties Updated: scripttrigger, worldnumber, charpack, hunger, race, criminal, murderer, innocent, gender, region, town, guild, socket, raceID, magicReflect, tamed, isUsingPotion, stealth, skillToTame
Guild Properties Updated: name, type, numMembers, numRecruits, charter, abbreviation, webpage
Race Properties Added: id, name, weakToWeather, requiresBeard, requiresNoBeard, isPlayerRace, genderRestrict, armourClass, languageSkillMin, skillAdjustment, poisonReistance, magicResistance, visibleDistance, nightVision
Region Properties Added: name, mayor, race, tax, taxResource, canMark, canRecall, canGate, isGuarded, canCastAggressive, health, isDungeon, chanceBigOre, chanceColourOre, numOrePrefs, orePrefs, population, members
Spell Properties Added: id, action, delay, health, stamina, mana, mantra, strToSay, scrollLow, scrollHigh, circle, loSkill, highSkill, ginseng, moss, drake, pearl, silk, ash, shade, garlic, requireTarget, requireItem, requireLocation, requireChar, travelSpell, fieldSpell, reflectable, agressiveSpell, resistable, soundEffect, enabled
Account Properties Added: username, password, flags, path, comment, character1, character2, character3, character4, character5, character6
0.40 Events Added: onIterate
Functions Added: GetDictionaryEntry, NumToString, NumToHexString, StringToNum, Yell, RaceGate, SendStaticStats, GetTileHeight, IterateOver, WorldBrightLevel, WorldDarkLevel, WorldDungeonLevel
Functions Updated: SetSecondsPerUOMinute renamed to SecondsPerUOMinute
Gump Methods Added: AddPageButton
Socket Methods Added: BuyFrom, SellTo, WhoList, Midi, GetTimer, SetTimer
Character Methods Added: DistanceTo, OpenLayer, BoltEffect, Gate, Recall, Mark, SetSkillByName, Kill, Resurrect, Jail, Release
Item Methods Added: DistanceTo, Glow, UnGlow, PlaceInPack, Dupe
Methods Updated: (Character)WanderBox renamed to Wander
Character Properties: isSpawner, willhunger, lodamage, hidamage, atWar, spellCast, isCasting, townPriv, guildTitle, fontType, sayColour, emoteColour, attacker, raceGate, skillLock, deaths, nextAct, petCount, ownedItemsCount, cell, allmove, houseicons, spattack, spdelay, aitype, split, splitchance, trainer, weight, squelch, isJailed
Item Properties: isSpawner, dir, wipable, buyvalue, sellvalue, restock, devinelock, weight, strength, corpse, spawnsection, sectionalist, mininterval, maxinterval
0.37 Events Added: onSpeechInput, onGumpPress
Methods Added: AddHTMLGump
Methods Updated: AddTextEntry, CreateDFNItem, CreateBlankItem
0.37 Events Updated: onDropItemOnNpc
0.36 Methods Added: ExecuteCommand
Methods Updated: WalkTo, RunTo
0.35 Methods Updated: DoStaticEffect is now StaticEffect, FirstIteminCont->FirstItem, NextItemInCont->NextItem, FinishedItemInCont->FinishedItems, BuyFrom, SellTo
Events Updated: onUsage has been merged into onUse, onDropItemOnNpc
0.34 Events Added: onScrollCast, onSkillCheck, onSpellCast, onSpellTarget, onSpellSuccess
Methods Added: (Gumps)AddCheckerTrans, AddCroppedText, AddGroup, AddTiledGump, AddXMFHTMLGump, AddXMFHTMLGumpColor, NoDispose, NoResize
Updated: Sorted Events alphabetically
0.33 Added: Gump-Example, Method/Function/Property Index
Methods Added: CreateDFNItem, CreateBlankItem (these two replace SpawnItem)
Methods Updated: SpawnNPC File-Object Methods: Open, Close, Write, Read, ReadUntil, Free
File-Object Properties: pos, length, eof
Removed: SpawnItem method, many obsolote Race-related functions
0.32 Added: AreaCharacterFunction to function-index...forgot in last upate.
Methods Updated: DoMovingEffect
0.31 Methods Added: TriggerEvent, AreaCharacterFunction, NoMove(Gumps)
Methods Updated: CustomTarget, PopUpTarget, SpeechInput, MagicEffect, SetPoisoned, SetPoison, ExplodeItem, SetInvisible, GetTag & SetTag(for Items)
Methods Removed: SetLocation (See Teleport)
Events Updated: onStatGain, onStatLoss, onStatChange, onLeaving, onEntrance, onEquip, onUnequip, onUse, onClick, onLogin, onAISliver
Currently Broken-comment added to: onDecay, onFall, onSwing, onTransfer, onDeath, onResurrect
0.30 Added: onTalk event.
Updated Events: onCreate, onDelete, onCollide, onSteal, onDispel, onSkill, onSkillGain, onSkillLoss
Currently Broken-comment added to: inRange(event), onAttack, onDefense
0.29 Updated UseResource
0.28 Added onLogout event, onClick event, OpenUrl function
0.27 !!Beta-Version!!
Added: A few methods and properties list, but still a lot of missing.
Updated: A lot of examples.
Removed: Old functions.
NOTE: In this version are a lot of bugs, missing things etc. I've just released it in the hope, that the already existing stuff will help you.
before 0.27 See old news here
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