UOX3 Script Engine

Functions, Methods, Properties and Event handling

Region Properties

Property Purpose
name Returns/Sets the name of the region.
mayor Currently unused.
race Returns/Sets the race this region belongs to.
tax Returns/Sets the taxvalue for this region.
taxResource Returns/Sets the tax-resource for this region.
canMark If true, the Mark spell can be used in this region.
canRecall If true, the Recall spell can be used in this region.
canGate If true, the Gate spell can be used in this region.
isGuarded If true, the region is guarded. If false, it's not.
canCastAggressive If true, it's possible to cast "aggressive" spells in this region.
isDungeon If true, this region will count as a dungeon-region, and will be unaffected by the day/night cycles.
chanceBigOre Returns/Sets the chance to find big ores in this region.
chanceColourOre Returns/Sets the chance of finding coloured ore in this region.
population Returns the population of this region.
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