UOX3 Script Engine

Functions, Methods, Properties and Event handling

Item Properties

Property Purpose
name The name of this item.
title The title of this item.
x The x coordinate of this item.
y The y coordinate of this item.
z The z coordinate of this item.
id The id of this item.
colour The color of this item.
owner The character who owns this item.
visible The visibility status of this item:
    0 = Visible
    1 = Temporary Hidden (Skill, Item visible to owner)
    2 = Invisible (Magic Invis)
    3 = Permanent Hidden (GM Hide)
serial The unique identifying number of this item.
health The actual health of this item.
scripttrigger The JavaScript-ID assigned to this item.
worldnumber The world in which this item is.
amount The amount of the item (for pileables).
container The container this item is in.
type The type of the item.
more Temporary value for this item.
morex Temporary value for this item.
morey Temporary value for this item.
morez Temporary value for this item.
movable Toggles the "movable" status for this item.
0=default movable status for this item
2=not movable
3=locked down
att The damage property of this item.
layer The layer this item is on when equipped.
itemsinside The number of items this item contains.
decayable Toggles this items' ability to decay over time. (true/false or 1/0)
decaytime The amount of time it takes for this item to decay.
lodamage The minimum damage this item will do.
hidamage The maximum damage this item will do.
name2 The second name property of this item (for item ID).
isChar Returns true if this object is a character.
isItem Returns true if this object is an item.
isSpawner Returns true if this object is a spawn item.
raceID Returns the race-id of this item.
race Returns the race of this item as a JS object.
maxhp the maximum hitpoints of this item (for damage and repair).
rank The quality-rank of this item (used in item-creation, for instance). From 1-10.
dir The direction in which this item is facing. For lightsources, this determines the light radius instead.
wipable Toggles whether or not this item will be removed by the 'wipe commands.
buyvalue The amount of money it costs to buy this item from a vendor.
sellvalue The amount of money one can receive by selling this item to a vendor.
restock The amount of this item a vendor will restock in his shop.
devinelock The devinelock status of this item.
weight The total weight of this item. 1000 = 10.00 stones, 100 = 1.00 stones, 10 = 0.1 stones, 1 = 0.01 stones
strength The amount of strength it takes to weild this item.
corpse Returns true if item is a corpse.
desc Description of item (For instance used on player vendors.)
isNewbie Item is "blessed"/has newbie status (true/false)
isDispellable Item can be disspelled (true/false)
isPileable Item is pileable (true/false)
isDyable Item is dyable (true/false)
isWipeable Item is wipable with the 'WIPE command (true/false)
isGuarded Item is guarded (true/false)
isDoorOpen Item is an open door (true/false)
isFieldSpell (readonly) item is part of a field-spell? (true/false)
isLockedDown (readonly) item is locked down (true/false)
isShieldType (readonly) ??
isMetalType (readonly) ??
isLeatherType (readonly) ??
canBeLockedDown (readonly) item can be locked down (true/false)
isContType (readonly) ??
madeWith ??
entryMadeFrom ??
carveSection Get/Set the carvesection of a corpse from carve.dfn
tempTimer ??

Item Spawner Properties

Property Purpose
spawnsection The script section for this item to spawn from.
sectionalist Toggles whether or not the section this item spawns from is a list.
mininterval The minimum amount of time for this item to respawn.
maxinterval The maximum amount of time for this item to respawn.
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