UOX3 Script Engine

API and Event handling

Effect Related Functions

void StaticEffect( short Effect, UCHAR speed, UCHAR loop ); //Chars
void StaticEffect( short Effect, UCHAR speed, UCHAR loop, UCHAR explode ); //Items
PurposeDoes a static effect for a char (first prototype) or for an item (second prototype)
Example of Usage
srcChar.StaticEffect( 0x376A, 9, 0 );
srcItem.DoStaticEffect( 0x36B0, 9, 0, false );


DoMovingEffect( srcObject, trgObject, effect, speed, loop, explode, [hue], [renderMode] );
DoMovingEffect( srcObject, targX, targY, targZ, effect, speed, loop, explode, [hue], [renderMode] );
PurposeDoes a moving effect (eg fireball) from srcObject to trgObject, or srcObject to targ location
effect is the ID of the moving effect
explode == 0 no explosion
explode == 1 explodes
hue = the colour of the effect
rendermode = how to render the effect. Available options: 0 - normal, 1 - transparent, 2 - additive, 3 - dark colors transparent, 4 - bright colors transparent, 5 - semi transparent, 6 - subtractive/negative colors, 7 - inverted colors?
hue and renderMode are OPTIONAL, none, one or both can be left out, but if setting renderMode, hue MUST be specified
Example of Usage
function onUseChecked( pUser, iUsed )  
	DoMovingEffect( pUser, pUser, 0x36D5, 0x07, 0x00, true, 0x1EC ); 


DoTempEffect( iType, src, trg, targNum, more1, more2, more3, [itemPtr] );
PurposeDoes a temporary effect (things like protection, night sight, and what not) frm src to trg. If iType = 0, then it's a character, otherwise it's an item.
Example of Usage
DoTempEffect( 0, pTalking, pTalkingTo, 3, GetSkill( pTalking, 0 ) / 100, 0, 0 );
Does a clumsy on who the person is talking to, intensity based upon skill 0 of talking player (Alchemy)


void SoundEffect( soundID, bAllHear );
PurposePlays a sound effect. SoundID is the full ID of the sound to play. If bAllHear is TRUE, then everyone nearby hears it. If it's false, then only the object it plays for will hear it..
Example of Usage
myChar.SoundEffect( 568, FALSE );
Plays a miss target sound based on person talking


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