UOX3 Script Engine

Functions, Methods, Properties and Event handling

Character Properties

Property Purpose
name The name of the character.
title The title of the character.
x The x-coordinate of the character.
y The y-coordinate of the character.
z The z-coordinate of the character.
id The id of the character.
colour The colour of the character.
owner The character that owns this character.
visible Characters visible status:
    0 = Visible
    1 = Temporary Hidden (Skill, Item visible to owner)
    2 = Invisible (Magic Invis)
    3 = Permanent Hidden (GM Hide)
serial The serial of the character (unique identifying number).
health The characters' current health.
scripttrigger The JavaScript-ID assigned to this item.
worldnumber The number of the world this character is currently in.
target The characters' current target.
dexterity The dexterity attribute of the character.
intelligence The intelligence attribute of the character.
strength The strength attribute of the character.
baseskills Used to get and set the baseskill value of the characters' selected skill (IE myChar.baseskills.alchemy = 1000).
skills Used to set and return a specific skill value of a character.
mana The characters' current mana.
stamina The characters' current stamina.
charpack Returns the root pack (backpack) of the character as a JS-object.
fame The fame reputation of a character.
karma The karma reputation of a character.
attack The characters' current attack value (damage).
hunger The hunger level of a character. (1 - 6, Extremely hungry - Not hungry)
hungerWildChance Get/set chance for a hungry pet to go wild
tamedHungerRate Get/set the rate at which a pet hungers
frozen Toggles whether or not a character is frozen to the ground.
commandlevel The characters command level:
    0 = Player
    1 = Counsellor
    2 = GM
    3 = Admin
race Returns the character's race as a JS-object.
criminal The characters' status as a criminal. (true/false)
murderer The characters' status as a murderer. (true/false)
innocent The characters' status as an innocent. (true/false)
murdercount Total number of players this character has killed.
gender The gender of a character. (0 = male, 1 = female, 2 = unknown)
dead Returns true if character is dead, false if character is alive.
npc Used to determine if a character is an NPC or PC. Returns true if character is an NPC.
online Is the player online. (true/false)
direction The direction the character is facing. (1-8)
region Returns the region this character is currently in, as a JS-object.
town Returns the town this character is currently in, as a JS-object.
guild Returns the guild this character is a member of, as a JS-object.
socket Returns the socket attached to this player as a JS-object.
isChar Returns true, as this object is a character.
isItem Returns false, as this object is not an item.
isSpawner Returns false, as this object is not a spawner.
raceID Returns the Race ID (from races.dfn) of the character.
maxhp The maximum health of this character.
maxstamina The maximum stamina of this character.
maxmana The maximum mana of this character.
wandertype The wander type of this npc:
    0 = No movement
    1 = Following the ftarg
    2 = Wander Freely
    3 = Wander inside a box
    4 = Wander inside a circle
    5 = Flee
    6 = Pathfinding
isonhorse Character is mounted on a horse/other mount, true or false.
poison Set/Get the poison-level of the character (0 if not poisoned).
poisonStrength Get/set the poison strength of the character (useful for monsters with native poison attacks, for instance)
lightlevel The fixed light level of the character.
vulnerable Sets character to either vulnerable (true) or invulnerable (false).
hungerstatus Enables (true) or disables (false) the "hunger-mode" of this character.
lodamage The minimum amount of damage an npc will do.
hidamage The maximum amount of damage an npc will do.
atWar Toggles whether or not a character is at war.
spellCast The spell this character is casting.
isCasting Character is casting a spell, true or false.
townPriv The privledges this character has with his town.
guildTitle The guild title of this character.
fontType The font type of this character (for speech).
sayColour The color of the speech of this character.
emoteColour The color of the emote speech of this character.
attacker The character attacking this character.
raceGate Character has used a race gate, true or false.
deaths How many times has this character died.
nextAct The next action this character is going to do.
petCount The total number of pets this character owns.
ownedItemsCount The total number of items this character owns.
cell The jail cell this character is jailed in.
allmove Toggles whether or not this charracter can move any items in the world.
houseicons Toggles whether or not this character views the "deed item" instead of houses.
spattack The NPCs' spattack setting.
spdelay The delay between spellcasts with NPC spattack.
aitype The NPCs' ai type.
split The amount of NPCs' to split in to when hit.
splitchance The chance for this NPC to split when hit.
trainer Toggles whether or not this NPC can train players.
weight The total weight of this character.
squelch The squelched status of this character. (0 = not squelched - can talk, 1 = squelched - can't talk)
isJailed True if character is jailed, false if not.
magicReflect Does this character have permanent magic reflection?
tamed Is the character tamed?
isUsingPotion True if potion-use-timer hasn't elapsed since last potion was used, false if it has.
stealth Determines wheather or not character is stealthing.
skillToTame The skill-value required to tame this character.
isPolymorphed Character is polymorphed (true/false)
isIncognito Character is under influence of the Incognito spell (true/false)
canRun Character can run in combat mode (NPCs only, true/false)
isMeditating Character is meditating(?) (true/false)
isGM Character is a GM (true/false)
canBroadcast Character can broadcast messages to all other players (true/false)
singClickSer When character single clicks an item/other character, the serial of said object is displayed (true/false)
noSkillTitles No skilltitles will be displayed on the character's paperdoll (true/false)
isGMPageable Character can read & react to GM Pages? (true/false)
canSnoop Character can snoop other characters' backpacks without skillcheck against snooping skill (true/false)
isCounselor Character is a counselor (true/false)
noNeedMana Character doesn't use any mana when casting spells (true/false)
noNeedReags Character doesn't need any reagents to cast spells (true/false)
isDispellable Character is dispellable using the Dispelling-spells (true/false)
orgID Get/Set the original skin ID of a character (the one it reverts back to after polymorph, for instance)
orgSkin Get/Set the original skin colour of a character
isAnimal Returns true/false depending on if character is an animal
isHuman Returns true/false depending on if character is a human/elf/ghost/gm
isShop Get/set whether character is a shopkeeper or not
attackFirst Get/set whether character attacked first or not
canAttack Get/set whether character can attack others or not (affected by peacemaking)
singClickSer Get/set whether single clicks shows object serial of clicked on object.
stabled Get/set the 'stabled' status of a pet.
foodList Get/set list of food that a pet is willing to eat
party Return object for party character is in (or null if not in a party). Available properties for party object: leader, memberCount (read only), isNPC
partyLootable Is character lootable by party members when dead?
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