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February 8, 2005

UOX3 0.98-2.7 Now Available
As usual, you'll find the various downloads (exe, source, scripts) for the new UOX3 version (as well as the detailed changelog) in the Latest UOX3 Version-thread in the forums.

Another critical bug been fixed for this version; It should now once again be possible to edit the JavaScripts and reload them while the server is running, without having to suffer a server-crash! But there's more. Check out the complete changelog at the above mentioned thread.

Xuri's UOX3 Guide Updated
I have finally updated my UOX3 Guide for the most recent versions of UOX3. Many years have passed since I last touched this guide, so there was plenty of contents that was in desperate need of an update. Some of it was redundant alltogether, while other stuff only needed slight tweaks to be correct.

I will be attempting to continously keeping the Guide up to date from now on though, so hopefully it'll never get this outdated again =) There's still a few things I need to work on, like the Creature-list and the SoundFX-list, but I'll get to it eventually.

Check it out at here!

Xuri Dabur

January 8, 2005

UOX3 0.98-2.6a Now Available
As usual, you'll find the various downloads (exe, source, scripts) for the new UOX3 version (as well as the detailed changelog) in the Latest UOX3 Version-thread in the forums.

An important fix in this version is the 3D clients no longer crashing when trying to display the ADD-menu (thanks Evil!), which removes another hinder for using the 3D client. Of course, the ugly human character models in said clients are a completely different issue, one that OSI will have to take care of...

Also, the Healing-skill is now JS-based instead of hardcoded, thanks to giwo! This is hopefully just the first (well technically Cooking is already partly in JS, though it's not "complete" in any way.) of many skills moved completely out of the source and into the hands of the users.

For the rest of the details on this version, check the changelog in the forum.

Xuri Dabur

January 1, 2005

Happy Newyear! New UOX3 Version out
UOX3 version 0.98-2.5d is up for grabs from the Latest UOX3 Version-thread in the forums, where you'll also find the complete changelog for UOX3 (source-wise) from June this year up until today.

UOX3 has seen a burst of increased developer-activity this past week(huzzah!), and of the bugs fixed I should perhaps mention especially the shopkeeper menus (which now display correctly in both the 2D and 3D clients), as well as a server-crash (on character login) and a bug which allowed multiple people to login using the same account (and worse, the same character!) at the same time.

And although adding support for features in the most recent UO clients isn't really top-priority at the moment, count "working SE doors" and "usable SE weapons" as new features in this version. :P

Xuri Dabur

December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to wish the few stragglers that might arrive here a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear :) Hopefully the new year will turn out better for UOX3 than the previous ones have.

With luck, something will happen that will cause potential developers to flock hither, and make UOX3 soar back upwards on the UO Emu status-ranking, returning to the land of the living from it's current state of being more or less "on lifesupport". ;P

Note to anyone who feels that the above mention of potential developers might apply to them: Feel free to flock hither even if nothing miraculous happens, any assistance is appreciated!

Xuri Dabur

August 6, 2004

Here we go again
Yet another test-version up in the forum - and some more updates to this web-page. InsideUO has gotten itself a new homepage on stratics, so I've removed the download from the files page and added a link to to the site itself instead. I've also added some JavaScript resources to the Docs-page, and added a link to my Timeline of UO Emus (seemed to have neglected actually adding a permanent link to it before, somehow) in the History-page.

Xuri Dabur

August 4, 2004

Another Test Version
The Anonymous CVS probably hasn't been updated yet, but the Latest Test Version of UOX3-thread has! What's new: A few fixes, more commands moved out to JS.

Various Site Updates
Updated the Links-page, Added InsideUO to the Files-page, since the InsideUO homepage no longer exists, updated the "Downloading, Installing and Configuring UOX3"-sections of the Docs-page.

Xuri Dabur

August 1, 2004

New Test Version
The latest test-version should now compile without problems on Linux, and I believe work has also been done on the source to make it compile successfully on Solaris. Other than that there are a number of fixes and improvements, so hop on over to the forum and check out the changelog.

Documentation Updated
Both the Javascript Docs and the Command List has received some thorough updates, thanks to giwo :)

Xuri Dabur

July 28, 2004

Web-Based IRC Chat
In a spur of not-having-anything-else-to-do moment, I setup a web-based (CGI, actually) IRC Client, so those people who are either too lazy to setup/use a proper IRC client or simply don't have access to IRC in other ways may still participate in our IRC-channel.

You can check out the CGI-IRC Client by clicking here. In the future you can reach it through the link called IRC-Chat(well, duh) in the menu.

Xuri Dabur

July 26, 2004

UOX3 Test-Versions
It may seem awfully quiet around here, but during the past month there has been a nice amount of work done on UOX3. A lot of bugs have been fixed, chunks of the source-code have been made easier to do maintenance on, scriptability has been expanded.

For instance; 71 commands have now been ported to the JS Engine, so they can be customized/edited/maintained much easier now (I've also added 17 custom commands myself to supplement these. ). Also, the magic-system is now entirely customizable through JS - though for the moment no parts of that have been ported over from source code. But the possibility to do so is definitely there.

There's more though - hop on over to the forum and check out the Latest Test-Version of UOX3-thread, where you'll find a complete update-log on what has changed recently, as well as links to the latest copies of UOX3, the source and the scripts at any given time.

Note that these are only test-versions of UOX3, so please don't blame me if your house burns down or earth explodes while using them. ;P

Xuri Dabur

June 27, 2004

UOX3Dev.net + IRC Server down
Both http://www.uox3dev.net and the UOX3 IRC server (irc.ipdn.org) are currently unavailable for unknown reasons. Will get back to you when more information arises.

UPDATE (July 7th): The IRC server is accessible at the following IP: Port: 6667. UOX3Dev.net is still down, as there appears to be some problems with it's Nameservers.
Xuri Dabur

June 23, 2004

UOX3 CVS Update
The UOX3 CVS at Sourceforge.net has been updated. Note that the date listed below (and in the changelog) refers to the date it was actually fixed, not the date it was uploaded to the CVS. Also note that when browsing the anonymous CVS (the one you see when clicking the above link) lags behind the real one with up to 24 hours.

19 June 2004
  • Fixed several issues with boats, should function normally again.
  • Fixed an issue causing "bad multi setting" error message.
  • Fixed create menus coming up as blank gumps (note they seem to have other issues though).
  • Removed deques from SubRegions, as they seemed to be causing some crashes.
  • Upped the limit on a characters Name and Name2 attribute to 50 characters.
  • Fixed items with a SpawnObjList setting in the DFN's, should now properly spawn NPC's.
  • Fixed 'wipe and 'iwipe commands, should now properly wipe all items in(or out of) selection.

Xuri Dabur

June 17, 2004

UOX3 CVS Update
I'm lagging a few days behind here, but still - the UOX3 CVS at Sourceforge.net has been updated again.

13 June 2004
  • Fixed an issue causing characters without fame/karma titles to display as "The Name".
  • Fixed an issue where characters with Grandmaster status would not have a prowess title.
  • Fixed a flagging problem causing offline characters not to appear "greyed" out.
12 June 2004
  • Corrected some small logic errors with the new account slot. Should work well now.
  • Modified command handling so strings of text would not be converted to all caps.
  • Added missing "Name" entry into 'set (IE 'set name blah).
  • Fixed an issue causing JS gumps not to respond when a button was pressed.
  • Fixed an issue causing 'set movable # not to work.
  • Updated allmove and houseicons commands to automatically update the client.

Misc Custom Commands
I've added another script to The Script Vault as well; Miscellaneous Custom Commands - which is a (so far) small collection of custom-scripted commands. It currently contains a few commands which I rewrote in JS after they were removed in the command re-organization in the UOX3 source code, such as:

'RENAME [string] - Rename targeted object to [string]. (Standard command for this in UOX3 now is 'SET NAME [string] )
'FREEZE - Either freezes target if character, or locks down if object.
'UNFREEZE - The opposite of FREEZE.
'INVUL [true/false] - Makes a target character either invulnerable (true) or vulnerable (false).
'REFRESH - Refreshes the screen, useful for players and GMs alike.
'BROWSE [url] - Opens [url] in the default browser of the user who runs the command.

Xuri Dabur

June 11, 2004

UOX3 CVS Update
The UOX3 CVS at Sourceforge.net has been updated recently(anonymous cvs browsing is lagging though, so might take some time before you see the updates if doing that!) , and so has the default DFN/Script-package which is available from the files page (It contains some necessary files to run the CVS version of UOX3 properly!). The CVS-updates include the changes I listed as "unofficial UOX3 updates" back in March, as well as some other more recent stuff. I'll list the most recent changes here, while the rest can be found in the CVS Changelog(local version of file at uox3.org, due to "lag" with anonymous cvs browsing at SF.net).

11 June 2004
  • Fixed a small bug with the offline html output overwriting the online file.
  • Added server side support for 6 character slots. (Currently disabled still)
  • Adder server side support to allow player to select palidin, or necromancer at char creation
  • More support for cBoatObj made it into this commit to the cvs as well.
7 June 2004
  • Made use of deques in place of vectors in SubRegions to allow faster memory recovery.
  • Fixed an issue where an object in a multi was not being removed from the multi container.
  • Modified CreateItem() routines so items created directly by ID are not decayable by default.
  • Fixed 'add to pull directly from .mul files, not the scripts.

6 June 2004

  • Many changes have been made. Specifically dealing with structure, and STL conformity. Other changes include dynamic gm menu item fetching, a very large bug preventing valid world files from being saved to disk correctly or at all. A more detailed change log is being compiled.

5 June 2004

  • Fixed a crash caused by placing a house.
  • Fixed certain entries in the Help gump not functioning.
  • Fixed a crash caused by invalid objects in the tempeffects queue.
  • Fixed a crash caused by 'dupe ing items on the ground
  • Changed 'add tile to 'add
  • Documented Weight.cpp
  • Documented ai.cpp

Repeating-Commands JScript
In other, but somewhat related news, I've added another script to The Script Vault; Repeating-Commands - which work by constantly sending you a new target-cursor for the command you're using when you've targeted something with the old cursor.

For example: Using my 'RADD 0x04a9 command (R added to ADD), you will add a wooden floor tile at the targeted location. Then instead of, like with the normal ADD command, doing nothing more - it will give you another target cursor, allowing you to add another item of same ID at another location - without having to enter the command again. You can add as many items as you want using this method, and can at any time cancel the RADD command by using another command or cancelling the targeting cursor (press Escape).

The commands I've made for this script so far: I guess this script is mostly useful for potential WorldBuilders.

'RINCX [value] - Increases the X value of multiple targets by [value].
'RINCY [value] - Increases the Y value of multiple targets by [value].
'RINCZ [value] - Increases the Z value of multiple targets by [value].
'RTYPE [type] - Sets the TYPE of multiple targets to [type].
'RDYE [hex-id] - Dyes multiple targets with colour [hex-id]
'RADD [hex-id] - Adds item with specified [hex-id[ at multiple target locations.
'RREMOVE - Removes targeted item(s).

Xuri Dabur

March 26, 2004

WorldForge Revisited!!
Punt has conjured up a completely new version (written from scratch) of WorldForge which allows for the editing of both land and statics, the result of which can be saved either directly to the .mul files or as .dif files! It retains many of the features that made the old WorldForge the uncontested map-editor for detail work, while at the same time offering plenty new ones! It offers three view-modes while editing; Flat map, Isometric and full 3D! You can zoom, rotate and even tilt (3D only) the "camera", mark & edit several areas/tiles at once, place/remove/move statics, and much more. Even allows for capturing screenshots directly in the program - it's as good for viewing & showing off your map as it is for editing it :P

Punt's WorldForge has just recently entered Public Beta-testing, and as a new member of the Orbsydia tool-developer community he should receive plenty of feedback from both other developers and users! But your input is as valuable as theirs - so go try out of WorldForge today! :)

Xuri Dabur

March 23, 2004

*Gasp* A Site Update!
First, the Bad News(to me it is, anyway):
After struggling to keep the spammers (automatic spam-bots?) off the ancient WWWboard I ran for nostalgy-purposes for more than 1 1/2 year, I've finally given up - a fresh new phpBB board has taken it's place. And since it's a joke to run a phpBB board with only ONE forum, I've divided it into 5 seperate ones. Perhaps too much for a website this small, but nevertheless.

Now, for the Other Bad News: There have been no official updates for UOX3 on the CVS since 28th of September 2003 :/. A more recent version of UOX3 can still be found though, with unofficial patches, fixes and improvements. No, it's not called RunUO ;) At the other end of this link (Source) you'll find the latest version of UOX3( that I've compiled myself, along with all necessary scripts and other files needed to run the server. All you need to do before starting it is correct the file-paths in the uox.ini file, then setup an account in newaccounts.adm. Note that there are also a few script-changes included, which is why I'm posting the whole package as one.

The changes (not done by me, btw) include but aren't limited to:

  • Optimizations to checkauto(), checkNPC(), checkPC, and genericCheck()
  • Scriptable commands through JS Engine
  • Partial rewrite of combat-code
  • Cleanup of command table - better structure now
  • Functionality, speed and all-around usability of SpawnRegions improved
  • Corpses are clothed again
  • Optimizations & cleanup in walking-code
  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • Lots of other small bugfixes & code-optimizations
    (A longer, more detailed list is available in the .ZIP itself.)

Xuri Dabur

January 8, 2004

Happy Newyear
Hope you all have a great time in 2004! :)

Xuri Dabur

October 4, 2003

CVS Updates, 21st --> 28th September
It has been over two weeks since my last update (due to real-life buisness) - I'll try to grab myself by the scruff of the neck and be more frequent from now on :)

As usual, updated downloads available either from the files page or from the bottom of this news-post.

28 Sep 2003

    Modification of some of Zane's changes
  • Removed CItem::FirstItem() and NextItem() as they were no longer used.
  • Renamed CItem::FirstItemObj() and NextItemObj() to FirstItem() and NextItem().
  • Simplified setting and evaluating default values for cSocket, CChar, CItem, CMultiObj, and CBoatObj classes.
  • Made wider usage of COLOUR typedef.
  • Changed GENDER typedef to a UI08.
  • Updated function documentation in quantityfuncs.cpp.

  • Some of Zane's other changes are being evaluated. They will be accepted, just in a modified form, as we try and tighten the class structuring up. The issue is that some of these changes may break objects that already exist (eg boats), and are a small step to a wider object hierarchy.
    The changes being worked on:
  • Added basic CBoatObj derivative class to simplify boat handling and reduce usage of CItem generic containers
  • (this will cause any currently-existing boats to stop functioning properly).
  • Moved most all player timervals to cSocket due to their temporary nature and to save wasted memory.

27 Sep 2003

  • Removed some uox.ini options that don't have code backing
    Note that these INI options have been removed from all code, except they will still be parsed (just ignored)
  • Heavily documented each option in cServerData
  • onCreate wasn't executing for PCs if HTML status was disabled
  • Simplified some function naming within CServerData, as the lines were getting very long when using them
  • Removed parsing of unused tags ripped out earlier

26 Sep 2003

  • Changed CChar's trackingtargets from a fixed size to a std::vector and used the maximum number of tracking targets specified in the INI
  • Collapsed the CChar's timers to use an array based on the timer enums
  • Removed some unused functions from CChar
  • Fixed bug where CChar's PoisonStrength attribute was not being saved/loaded
  • Note: Character's FlySteps property is saved/loaded, but never used - removed

25 Sep 2003

  • cServerData renamed to CServerData, in a beginning attempt to get a consistent class naming scheme
  • Removed an excess print message at startup
  • Consolidation of some CServerData members into arrays, reducing number of get/set functions required

24 Sep 2003

  • Fixed resurrecting not logged in PC character, we were making a bad assumption about NPCs and sockets
  • Updated console code to get the width/height properly under windows
  • Added help/commands directory to data directory, and put an ACTION.txt in there
  • Fix to ScriptSection::MoveTo

22 Sep 2003

  • Killed some warnings
  • Couple of linux compilation fixes

21 Sep 2003

  • Fixed crash bug with CPBookPage
  • Modification of these submissions from giwo
    • Moved statwindow() into the cSocket class
    • Removed sendItem(), sendPackItem(), and openCorpse()
    • Replaced the aforementioned functions with an improved cItem::Refresh(), cItem::SendToSocket(), and cItem::SendPackItemToSocket().
    • Added cItem::RemoveFromSight() to better handle usage of the CPRemoveItem() packet class
    • Added cPlayerAction.cpp and cPlayerAction.h to move many functions out of global scope.
    • Removed cClick.cpp as the aforementioned file holds its functions now.
    • Moved updateskill() into the cSocket class
      The modifications:
    • No cPlayerAction.h
    • Many of the functions moved into cPlayerAction are put into Handle() routines of the right packets

UOX3 0.97.06(9r) Release Version
UOX3 0.97.06(9r) Debug Version
UOX3 0.97.06(9r) Sourcecode
Latest DFN/Script-package(Updated 19/9/03)

Xuri Dabur

September 19, 2003

CVS Updated - UOX3 0.97.06(8g)
Whee! Fixes include the infamous single-click client crash for 3D clients, some recent problems with adding items/npcs properly due to script-parsing errors, and a lot of code maintenance/cleanups. Also note that there have been some updates to the scripts for this version.

Make sure to re-download the DFN/Script-package, and extract(at the very least) the following files to overwrite your old ones: All dictionary files, jse_file&objectassociation.scp files, teleport.scp and banlist.ini.

As usual, updated downloads available either from the files page or from the bottom of this news-post.

19 Sep 2003

  • Crash fixes
  • Fixes to getTileName to work better with strings and plurality
  • banlist.ini/firewall.ini now structured much like a DFN. It expects all entries to be in the form of:

  • The [BANNED] is non-specific, it will search through all the sections in that file
  • Template banlist.ini is updated as well
  • teleport.scp has been reengineered to be like a DFN style. See example in the CVS, as it has been updated
  • Updated jse_fileassociations.scp to a DFN style syntax
  • Updated jse_objectassociations.scp to a DFN style syntax
  • CVS versions of jse_*.scp have been updated to new style
  • Reduced number of fopen() calls required by using FileIO->FileExists more
  • cVersionClass converted so that most of it's methods are now static, as we don't adjust versioning at runtime
  • It also means we don't actually have to create a cVersionClass object
  • Console and Magic log routines now take strings instead of char *
  • Dictionaries updated to use DFN style syntaxing

18 Sep 2003

  • As a guess... more strings!
  • Fixed a few minor issues here and there
  • cStringTools used even less
  • Contemplating replaced cMagic::Log and Command::Log with a templated log function
  • Considering use of XML type of output for server logs

17 Sep 2003

  • More strings!
  • Fixed a bug with telltime
  • Updated dictionaries
  • More functions take strings than char * now
  • Fixes to tellmessage
  • Fixed bug in DictionarySpeech

16 Sep 2003

  • More char * stuff replaced with std::string and UString
  • Few minor cleanups to code, increasing readability
  • Replaced CapIt and CapColour with a templated Capped function, which takes a min/max value
  • Removed BuildFilePath from mapstuff.h and used UString in its place, to fix some path issues

15 Sep 2003

  • More internal class members are now either UStrings or std::strings
  • More functions updated to use std::string
  • Updated HTML template stuff to use UString more
  • Almost completely removed all instances of cStringTools::makeString in favour of UString functionality
  • Fixed some parsing problems introduced in recent updates
  • Fixed single clicking with 3D clients
  • Stripped out more unnecessary / unused code
  • CharBySerial behaves the same as ItemBySerial in lookups (JS funcs)
  • Area commands now use UStrings, need testing
  • Use of cStringTools down to less than 100 references

UOX3 0.97.06(8g) Release Version
UOX3 0.97.06(8g) Debug Version
UOX3 0.97.06(8g) Sourcecode
Latest DFN/Script-package(Updated 19/9/03)

Xuri Dabur

September 14, 2003

CVS Updated - UOX3 0.97.06(5f)
The CVS updates from this week seems to have been aimed at making sourcecode maintenance and cross-platform compability easier, with some occasional actual bugfixes ;) Updated downloads available either from the files page or from the bottom of this news-post.

14 Sep 2003

  • UString classed used in many more places
  • Script/ScriptSection updated to use an ifstream rather than a FILE *
  • Code reduction through use of UString and ifstreams
  • Reordered some logic in functions
  • Fixed a bug where PARENTRACE wouldn't work
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with polymorph script reading
  • Due to VC6 issues, the strToDFN table in ssection.cpp is now a series of assignments instead. Functionally the same, just something VC6 will handle
  • Binary saves ripped out in it's entirety, as there were bugs dealing with it, and a future implementation is planned
  • cPBuffer renamed to CPBaseBuffer
  • cPUOXBuffer and cPXGMBuffer subclassed from cPBaseBuffer - cPBaseBuffer's old Pack() routine now belongs in cPUOXBuffer
  • Enables possible future encryption of xGM seperate from normal UOX packing

12 Sep 2003

  • cStringTools is no longer created and instantiated. It's methods are now static, as it makes clearer sense that way
  • Stripped out some functions that weren't called but were transitionary from 0.7x
  • Removed cAccountClass::atol as cStringTools offers methods to do that
  • Fixed up logic dealing with std::string and the find method
  • Few more error checks
  • More warning fixes
  • Unified timer code, presenting a consistent interface across both Windows and Linux
  • Updates to use std::string instead of char *, to make the logic look simpler
  • Added a UString class that supports stripping of whitespace, comments and other commonly used functions on strings
  • Implemented some use of UString already, simplifying some of our string parsing
  • VALIDATESOCKET macro added into targeting.cpp to help with the validation of socket pointers in most functions
  • Added operator overloading for basic UI/SI 08,16,32 bit and std::string types for cPBuffer, to allow in future for serialisation potentials

11 Sep 2003

  • Few more warning fixes
  • Many, many, many changes to try and fix the size comparison issues that VC7.1 pops up with. This should also make it more portable from 32/64 bit.
  • The command 'cachestats now has a basic implementation
  • Identified a problem with privileges and binary saves
  • Made RandomNum a templated function
  • Fixed possible bug with converting strings to dice, wasn't working correctly

10 Sep 2003

  • Improved VC compatability with std::min/max
  • Cleaned up quite a few warnings and size issues, as revealed by VC7.1
  • This means a lot of changes to using size_t where possible

8 Sep 2003

  • Some sign issues fixed
  • Used std::min / std::max better. VC6 issue, unsure about higher versions. VC6 doesn't define min/max in std:: space, but _MIN/_MAX instead.
  • Consequently, non VC compilers have std::min/std::max remapped to std::_MIN and std::_MAX. Not nice, but it works
  • Dead functions removed, cleanup of some logic, removed instances where comparisons were always true
  • Fixed warnings associated with the running changes implemented last night
  • Removed some files that aren't actually used

UOX3 0.97.06(5f) Release Version
UOX3 0.97.06(5f) Debug Version
UOX3 0.97.06(5f) Sourcecode
Latest DFN/Script-package(Updated 7/9/03)

Xuri Dabur

September 7, 2003

CVS Updated - UOX3 0.97.06(3d)
It's been some time since the UOX3 downloads here were updated, but you'll now find version 0.97.06(3d) on the files page(and at the bottom of this news post). It comes straight from the CVS, which has the following recent changes:

September 7

  • Fixed an issue with WalkTo/RunTo, it was aborting incorrectly with wrong number of arguments
  • WalkTo/RunTo also flush the existing walk path before calling PathFind, to ensure that the new walk path is executed
  • Fixed a lack of type with a const value in cScript module
  • Fixed some iterator problems, increasing compatability
  • Changed a #ifdef compare to __unix__ to a !defined _MSC_VER, helping out mingw compatability
  • Fixed some non-msvc compile issues
  • Updated some places that were doing a Refresh, which should have done a Dirty
  • Slight tweaks to picking up/dropping
  • Updated packet logging to help with more useful dumps
  • Updated some more x++ to ++x type of code
  • CMapChange renamed to CPMapChange, to reflect better naming style
  • cPCharLocBody renamed to CPCharLocBody, to reflect better naming style
  • Debug message in WalkTo/RunTo when in debug compile
  • Fixed a MethodError problem with WalkTo/RunTo occurring when it shouldn't
  • Following packets now have log routines:
    • CPMapChange
    • CPCharAndStartLoc
    • CPCharLocBody
  • Updated CPOpenGump so that it's no longer a fragmented packet class, requiring FlushBuffer
  • Removed a dead function (itemmenu) that's never used
  • Removed dead SE function RunTo, as it's now a character method
  • Fixed WalkTo/RunTo as methods - the pathfinding was never doing anything. Used new npc wander mode of 6, which will purely follow the path
  • Those NPCs that are supposed to be running really will be now

September 6

  • The bounce routine flags the bouncing object as dirty
  • ---- After preprune tag
  • Removed heartbeat and wilderness tags from uox.ini
  • Removed partmsg from uox.ini as joinmsg sets the same value
  • Removed uoxbot from uox.ini
  • Removed lagfix from uox.ini
  • Removed checkmem from uox.ini
  • Removed combatallowcriticals from uox.ini
  • Removed fixedlightlevel from uox.ini as it is unused (also removing the 'light command, as it was the only thing that used it. Set, but never read)
  • Removed scriptsectionheader from uox.ini - it was transitionary only, if you haven't changed over by now, you never will
  • Removed an extra startgold entry from uox.ini code
  • No longer parse old 0.7x server.scp types
  • Fixed Bug: Seconds per UO minute used, but never actually read from the INI file. Now read/written from/to file.
  • Added Console support to dump ini file lookup offsets without running the server.
  • Updated console 'V' command to reflect the upcomming pruning of the unused INI tags.
  • Fixed a crash bug with onDropItemOnNPC, stupid typo problem
  • Updated some setcont code to deal better with layer 0 items, should help with secure trade better
  • Change to onAISliver JS event - if js returns true, then server doesn't do normal AI check. if js returns false, server goes through it's normal routine
  • Added some more #ifdef code for some basic boost use - trouble with filesystem currently
  • Lots of whitespace updates
  • Allowed scripts to be attached to regions, not just items/characters - use SCRIPT tag in the DFN for the region. Currently supports onEnterRegion and onLeaveRegion (same params as the character version)
  • Minor rework of some of the logic in trade code, may or may not help
  • Playervendor deed altered to spawn [playervendor] rather than [2117]
  • Removed excess PathFix function in cServerDefinitions
  • Should be able to browse player vendor packs without a snooping check
  • Minor issue with loading multis, was erroneously reporting DeedName as an unknown tag
  • Removed some unused dead code dealing with gumps
  • Added atWar property to JS characters
  • Hid most of cSocket's members
  • Added BytesSent/BytesReceived methods to cSocket
  • Implemented WalkTo and RunTo as character methods. Takes 2 (object + maxsteps) or 3 (x, y and maxsteps) parameters
  • Included the js32.h, and js32.lib files to the source tree. TO help ease *nix users

UOX3 0.97.06(3d) Release Version
UOX3 0.97.06(3d) Debug Version
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