-= NEWS ARCHIVE - From September to December 2002 =-
 December 18, 2002

    Commandlist Updated
    As promised, the most up-to-date UOX3 commandlist in existance can now be found in the Docs section :) Oh, and the Server Settings doc has received some more updates as well.

    Xuri Dabur

 December 11, 2002

    Freeze, UOX3-JS! This is the WorldEditor!
    A fully functional version of punt's WorldEditor (version 1.0) has been released (some time ago, sorry for delay), and it now includes support for freezing items AND multis to the static files....and even better - that includes items in the UOX3 0.9x worldfiles =)

    It's primary function is, however, editing the worldfiles. It lets you view, edit and save worldfiles in both versions of UOX3(UOX-JS and UOX-Classic), Wolfpack and LoneWolf. Also includes a pretty nifty find/replace feature.

    Note that users of UOX-C, WP & LW should look to v2.0; UOX3-JS users need to stick with 1.0 for the time being though.

    Xuri Dabur

 December 1, 2002

    New Documentation-files
    Five new documents have been added to the Docs page, four of which are related to installation/configuring of UOX3, and one piece about how Regional Banks work. I've also made some "sections" on the page, so it's easier to see what exactly a specific document is for. This is the first in a series of updates to that part of UOX3.org, and next to come is an updated Command list and possibly an update of my UOX3 Guide..

    Xuri Dabur

 November 28, 2002

    Maintenance Builds Released
    A new download section over at UOX3-Sourceforge has been added. It contains Maintenance Builds, versions of UOX3 meant to reflect the current or near-latest status of the UOX3 CVS. These are EXPERIMENTAL versions only - and there are no guarantees that they'll work correctly ;P

    The currently latest released Maintenance Build is

    Also note that source-downloads for these Maintenance Builds also exist, so if you're looking for a quick and simple way of getting the latest version of the UOX3 sourcecode without having to wade through all the CVS difficulties - download this!

    On a seperate note, the shard-link to Rivenedell has been removed, as this shard is no longer an UOX3 shard. If you run a website for an UOX3 shard, or know anyone who does but are not on the shard list here, please send me an e-mail and notify me =)

    Xuri Dabur

 November 17, 2002

 November 14, 2002

    UOX3Dev.net Temporarily Down
    The main site for UOX3, http://www.uox3dev.net is (and have been for a few days now) currently unavailable, apparently due to a power supply & motherboard malfunction. The site and forums will hopefully be back up soon - and I'll inform you all when it is.

    In the mean time, feel free to make use of the old-fashioned forums here at UOX3.org for your posting needs. :)

    Xuri Dabur

 November 4, 2002

    UOX3 CVS Updated
    Here's a list of the latest changes to the UOX3 CVS (note that these changes are in the branch of the CVS called "UOX3", not the one called "UOX3_NEW"):

    • FIX: Vendor training bug will no longer crash the server when you pay them.[/*]
    • FIX: Corrected some file handle issues, as well 2 memory holes. Thanks Thyme for pointing it out[/*]
    • FIX: Changed the allowed speech length to 255 from 96. Should fix a number of potential crashes - TeHb[/*]
    • FIX: Skill gain was broken. Should increase normally now - TeHb[/*]
    • FIX: When calling to make arrows, you will get the fletching menu now instead of the bowcraft menu - TeHb[/*]
    • FIX: Correct npc will now respond to training - TeHb[/*]
    • FIX: Updated the makefile.ln to include the 2 new files - Thyme[/*]
    • ADD: Swords will now cut up fish - TeHb[/*]

    Eval. version of Worldfile Editor
    Punt has been working on a new program lately, one which can load worldfiles from many different UO emulators and let you edit attributes/properties of items/characters, do search & replace, and save in a different worldfile format! Support for UOX3 has not been fully implemented as of yet, but an evaluation version can be downloaded from here which will let you do everything but "Save" your changes. Send your comments/bugreports/feedback to Punt!

    Xuri Dabur

 October 24, 2002

    UOX3 CVS Updated
    Things are still progressing, and below is listed the fruits of some more work done on UOX3:
    (No new release yet, though you can get these updates yourself by downloading the updated source from the CVS and compiling it...advanced users only ;)

    • FIX: Corrected autoaccount(INTERNALACCOUNTCREATION 1) creation to now check for duplicate accounts.[/*]
    • FIX: Corrected some small spelling mistakes.[/*]
    • FIX: Small memory delete[] could have been placed badly so was moved to a more appropriate location.(Brakhtus)[/*]
    • FIX: OnDropItemOnNPC event should work again.[/*]
    • FIX: EndOfFile has been fixed.[/*]
    • FIX: Quick fix for Sowrd targeting, should be able to sheer sheep now.[/*]
    • FIX: Cleaned up some loose file handles. Possible fix for 512 saves bug[/*]
    • ADD: Ingame GM command "'addaccount user pass privs". To add new accounts.[/*]

    Xuri Dabur

 October 18, 2002

    Long Time No News
    Things aren't quite as quiet as they seem, people - I have just neglected updating this site lately. :) I've added another shard to the shard-list(a russian one), woho! If you want your UOX3 shard (running version 0.9x or later) on the list, send me an e-mail where you include the URL to your shard's webpage as well as a small description of the shard.

    Stuff posted at http://www.uox3dev.net since my last update:

      6. October:
    • ADD: Added the much requested OnLogout, and OnClick events(Brakhtus).[/*]
    • ADD: Added(but commented) the openURL meathod as well(Brakhtus).[/*]
    • FIX: Some more memory corruption errors stemming from the HTMLTemplates code.[/*]

      28. September:
    • FIX: Wrappered a couple very bad memory leaks on HTMLTemplates, and Character memory allocations, and invalid pointer access.[/*]

      26. September:
    • FIX: EXTERNALACCOUNTS accounts fix is now completed. Once again shard ops will be able to add accounts to the accounts.adm file, as well as use any of the webpage accounts processors out there that rely on the accounts.adm file.[/*]

    Xuri Dabur

 September 28, 2002

    Another CVS Update + UO Emu Timeline
    Some additional stuff was added to the UOX3 CVS on the 25th (as listed on http://www.uox3dev.net.):

    • 25. September:[/*]
    • FIX: Weight issues corrected. Some issues still visible but were working on them[/*]
    • FIX: (Partial) Accounts now once again use the EXTERNALACCOUNTS tag in the uox.ini. This fix is incomplete and will not effect normal operations, however when finished shard ops will once again be able to add accounts to the accounts.adm file, as well as use any of the webpage accounts processors out there that rely on the accounts.adm file.[/*]

    I've also created a small Timeline of all UO emulators I have been able to remember/dig up information about... it's the first version so far, very basic stuff - and the error-rate is probably high at the moment, so bear with me. Check out the UO Emulator Timeline, and respond to the new thread on the forums with any errors/thoughts concerning the timeline.

    Xuri Dabur

 September 25, 2002

    UOX3 CVS Updated
    The UOX3 CVS has received some updates during the last few days, and a small "maintenance" release of UOX3 is being prepared. http://www.uox3dev.net lists the following CVS changes:

    • 24. September:[/*]
    • FIX: Resources used to craft items now delete the resources used[/*]
    • FIX: Fake clients can no longer select server 0, thus crashing the server[/*]
    • FIX: jse_fileassociation.scp now relies on the path set in uox.ini to start looking for files, and directories. NOTE: You must modify your jse_fileassociations.scp and remove the data/js portion if you wish to use this new exe.[/*]
    • FIX: Now the HIDEWHILEMOUNTED flag added to uox.ini is fully functional[/*]
    • ADD: Inserted the new TAGS for NPCS (id1/skin2/stamina/mana/poisonchance/poisonstrength/nomove)[/*]
    • 23. September:[/*]
    • FIX: Offline/Shutdown html page fixed. Server will not write out the shutdown html[/*]
    • FIX: Removed the wave file that playes 1/16 of the time UOX3 starts up![/*]
    • FIX: NPC Resurrection now only give 10% of max health instead of full health[/*]
    • FIX: Characters no longer make ribs from cooking raw fish[/*]
    • FIX: Characters no longer can mark locked down runes[/*]
    • FIX: Fixed range check to 2 tiles from 5 when chopping wood[/*]
    • FIX: Taming message now indicates "You are not close enough" when target is out of range[/*]
    • FIX: Small console key modification to reflect proper key stroke commands[/*]
    • FIX: Carving erroneous names, and orientation has been corrected (human corpses)[/*]
    • FIX: NPC Fleeing now works correctly[/*]
    • FIX: Character can now no longer mount rides when stealthed, or hidden[/*]
    • ADD: Ability for ShardOP to set if character CAN hide/stealth while mounted[/*]

    Xuri Dabur

 September 20, 2002

    Internet Time? Beat it!
    Some of you may have noticed a little counter of some sort ticking away just underneath the News heading at top of this page... well - for your sanity's sake I'll inform you that it's actually a global/universal clock. Might be an idea to use something like this for setting up schedules for dev-meetings, HoC-chats, etc :) If your curiousity has been roused yet, click on the question mark next to the clock for additional detailed info...

    In other "news" - Two additional small docs can be found on the (gasp) Docs page - concerning NPC Wandering-setup in DFNs as well as spellcasting NPCs...

    Oh, and site just rounded 1000 hits :P

    UPDATE: Please let me know if the clock applet crashes your browser or causes any other problems - if it proves to be a hazzard to people's browsers I'll remove it. Oh, and desktop version of clock available from the page hiding underneath the questionmark...

    Xuri Dabur

 September 14, 2002

    UOX3 Devteam-meeting held
    The first of what will be a series of devteam-meetings held every saturday has just ended, and to summarize the meeting, here's a few keywords:

    • Additional NPC-DFN tags being added.
      (If you have any suggestions yourself, head over to DFN forums at http://www.uox3dev.net and post your thoughts!)[/*]
    • NPCAI to be removed from code & instead setup through JS-system.[/*]
    • Skills to be made as scriptable as possible.[/*]
    • Rewrites of Item/NPC-dfns well under way.[/*]
    • Status-reports from members of the dev-team given, concerning what they're currently working on.[/*]

    Xuri Dabur

 September 8, 2002

    UOX3 Mini-meeting on DFNs Held
    A spontaneous mini-meeting between staff members & other people was held in #uox today (on irc.ipdn.org 6667), discussing the future of the DFN system & it's layout. While I was present in the IRC channel throughout the entire meeting, I was, unfortunately - asleep on my keyboard - so I missed most of the discussions =)

    In any case, the the meeting produced some results; A slightly new direction for the DFN system was discussed and approved of. A log of the meeting can be found here.

    Xuri Dabur

 September 5, 2002

    WorldForge 6.4 Released!
    After Ridcully open-sourced WorldForge, a few people have released newer "unofficial" versions of WorldForge (including yours truly) - giving the mapeditor additional features & enchanced speed etc. Now yet another such version of WorldForge, version 6.4 (includes the updates from unofficial releases 6.0 - 6.3 as well) has been released by Welf.
    (Source can be gotten from the Files page)

    And the tool is really starting to shine now =) Here's a little list of improvements in versions 6.3 and 6.4, which coupled with the existing improvements to WF should make any map-maker cry in ecstasy:
    (Click here for a list of earlier changes(incl. 6.0 - 6.2)

    • Random Altitude option[/*]
    • Select Texture ID by rightclicking[/*]
    • Find Texture by ID[/*]
    • Map overview with "fast travel"[/*]
    • No-Altitude-changing draw-mode[/*]
    • More brushsizes (9 totally now!)[/*]
    • Ability to set up custom brushes[/*]
    • Ability to set up custom random-draw modes[/*]
    • Special brushes for making dungeonentries[/*]
    • Color-map for altitudes[/*]
    • Shows all textures in texture list (including swamps - whee)[/*]
    • More![/*]

    Xuri Dabur

 September 5, 2002

    Fixit releases UOGateway Lite!
    Mr Fixit, creator of UOGateway and long-time updater of Ignition.cfg, has released a new program which he has named UOGateway Lite - a "light" version of UOGateway.

    It works in a similar fashion to Ignition - starting up the UO client directly without any fuss while removing the client-encryption in memory - but without the hassle of having to keep downloading an updated ignition.cfg for each new UO client update!

    It also starts the UO client faster than Ignition, and - perhaps being the most interesting feature - allows you to start more than one UO client at a time simply by running UOGLite a second time! :) Comes with two executables, one for the 2D client and one for the 3D client.

    Xuri Dabur

 September 4, 2002

    Some small updates
    Ok the forum is now up and running, and will hopefully stay that way for awhile :) I ask that you all keep a friendly tone and positive attitude when posting. :)

    I've also added some more general UOX-related links, a document about UOX3's advanced trading system, and two new downloads on the files page; WorldForge 6.2 and UO3D Map-Viewer/Editor (Both with sourcecode available). Someone really ought to check out the 3D-mapeditor, as it has some real potential to rock...so...someone please pick up the source & do some much needed bugfixing/additions in it ;)

    Oh, and thanks goes out to Mr Fixit for once again updating Ignition.cfg! A version of the file that works with UO client 3.0.8o is available from the files page ;)

    Xuri Dabur

 August 29, 2002

    What! Not ANOTHER UOX3 site!? Doh!
    Oh yes it is! And what makes it different from all the other sites that have been up, you ask? Well, for one thing - the only news ever posted on this site will be concerning UOX3 itself, and any tools related.
    No rants, no flames, no nonsense.

    Moreover, this site is also intended as a "tribute" to UOX3's long & troublesome history :) The design of the page is greatly inspired by the old UOX3 homepage at stratics.com (and before that warlords.com), and also features (once I finally manage to set it up) the same forum-type, Matt's WWW-Boards :) Hurrah for nostalgia! There's more though:

    You'll find UOX3's update-logs, tricks & treats & documentation for UOX3 that you've never seen before/thought to be long lost, UOX3's FICTION(Any other emus out there have their own background story?:), and of course - some obligatory links to shards & other related websites. And pretty soon an extensive TIMELINE of UOX3's progress throughout the years :)

    Oh - and this is the only site featuring the original UOX3 logo(though SLIGHTLY modified) ;)

    If you're looking for the UOX3 developers, though - either for joining them or because you need their support - head over to http://www.uox3dev.net :) That is the current official homepage of UOX3, and the site where you'll find all new updates to UOX3 first, as well as the best user-support.

    Xuri Dabur

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