-= NEWS ARCHIVE - From January to April 2003 =-
 April 28, 2003

    Shardlist + Links Updated
    Added a new(old) shard to the shard-list, Realms of Valor.

    If anyone else are running(or constructing) UOX3 shards, feel free to forward links to their webpages to me so I can add them to my shard-list =)

    Also, added a link to a new site - The UOX3 FAQ. It's a documentation site for UOX3, and anyone can submit entries in either of three sections; Main, DFNs and Javascript Engine. This will be a great site if it gets any users =)

    Xuri Dabur

 April 12, 2003

    Shardlist Updated
    Added a new shard to the shard-list, Nimrasdale.

    If anyone else are running(or constructing) UOX3 shards, feel free to forward links to their webpages to me so I can add them to my shard-list =)

    Xuri Dabur

 April 1, 2003

    Added cluox (Cloak-UOX) to Downloads
    This is a remnant from the old days (january 2001, to be more specific), which still does the job it was created for. I was unable to find it up for download on any other webpages, and since I saw there was still considerable interest in this program I've added both cluox 1.02 and it's sourcecode to my downloads here at UOX3.org.

    You'll find it at the bottom of the Files-page.

    I've also removed Jediman's shard - Realms of Valor - from the shard-list, as further work on it has been terminated and the webpage changed to something else. If anyone else have any UOX3 shards up and running, or even under construction - and you have a webpage for it - forward the URL to me and I'll put up a link.

    Xuri Dabur

 March 29, 2003

    Shardlist Updated
    Added a new shard to the shard-list, Ephermon.org UOX Server.

    If anyone else are running(or constructing) UOX3 shards, feel free to forward links to their webpages to me so I can add them to my shard-list =)

    Xuri Dabur

 March 23, 2003 on the CVS
    The UOX3 CVS has been updated with the following changes:

    • -JS Get/Set "vulnerable" handlers for character properties (Abaddon)[/*]
    • -willHunger with Get/Set HungerStatus() wrappers to CChar class (can now selectively stop a character/creature from continuing to hunger)[/*]
    • -JS Get/Set "willhunger" handlers for character properties[/*] Changed:
    • Linux compile fixes (thanks Malketh)[/*]
    • Hash.h warning fixed (thanks Philantrop)[/*]
    • Fixes to getRootPack() and getPackOwner()[/*]
    • Removed many #includes from the global scope, including them in the specific files that need them This should greatly reduce compile time and filesize, along with the need to recompile after altering most headers[/*]
    • Removed the linux ifdefs around typedefd function declarations, this should work with gcc 3.2[/*]
    • Moved global loading functions into a new cFileIO() class to take them out of global scope[/*]
    • Fixed an issue causing items to not be sent to the client (thanks Malketh)[/*]
    • Moved some global structs into the CWorldMain class[/*]
    • Fixed a bug causing a crash on character / item creation[/*]
    • Moved all effects stuff into its own class to take it out of global scope[/*]
    • Changed the variable CChar::region to CChar::regionNum to avoid conflicts with the cTownRegion region[] indexes[/*]
    • Moved getbestskill(), isHuman(), and inDungeon() into the CChar class to remove them from global scope[/*]
    • Took npcSimpleAttackTarget() out of global scope[/*]
    • Rewrote restock() to make use of restockNPC()[/*]
    • Changed the typedef'd iterator in hash.h to HASHITERATOR to kill a Linux warning[/*]
    • Renamed cEffects::soundeffect() to PlaySound() and removed unneeded overloads[/*]
    • Fixed a bug causing executebatch to be set with locationcount data[/*]
    • Rewrote cEffects::bgsound()[/*]
    • Documented sounds.cpp[/*]
    • Misc minor cleanups / fixes[/*] Removed:
    • sendItemsInRange() (CChar::Teleport() does the same thing)
    • Many #includes that were not being used
    • deathMenu()
    • respawnnow() and moved all of its code into command_respawn()
    • one instance of cEffects::scpSoundEffect() and renamed the other to PlaySound()

    For those of you who want to get the updated source-code without having to connect to the cvs, a snapshot of the changed source is available either here - uox3_v0_97_4_1a_src.zip - or over at UOX3Dev.net.

    Xuri Dabur

 March 15, 2003 on the CVS
    The changes:

    • Fixed an issue allowing the server to not have a dictionary.ZRO (which would cause a crash when a dictionary entry was called with no language)
    • Fixed an issue causing the server to puke when it attempted a restart
    • Moved SpawnRandomItem() into cItem class
    • Moved SpawnRandomMonster() into cCharHandle class
    • Broke necro.dfn into fishing.dfn and digging.dfn
      NOTE: This means the removal of the NECRO folder & .dfn file, and the addition of two new folders - DFNDATA/FISHING and DFNDATA/DIGGING, with the respective .dfn files in each. Splitting the necro.dfn file should be relatively easy, the top contains fishing and the bottom contains gravedigging stuff.
    • Made better use of SpawnRandomItem() and SpawnRandomMonster()
    • Moved many global vars into the CWorldMain() class
    • Cleaned ResetVars() in uox3.cpp as ResetDefaults() in CWorldMain() now handles much of that
    • Added a check to ensure text wasn't sent twice in talking(), should fix double-speech
    • Cleaned up cmdtable.cpp removing a couple duplicate entries, etc
    • Changed target() to only require 4 values (as the first two were always 0 and 1)
    • Removed many unneeded typedefs and globals
    • Went through cServerData() and noted unused server.ini entries
    • Moved title1(), title2(), and title3() to cClick.cpp since that is their only usage, made use of MAX_TITLE to ensure we wouldn't overrun the buffers, and renamed them matching what title they were
    • CPOpenGump and CPSpeech packet class to remove some global vars (Note these are pretty basic classes and someone with a better understanding of how we handle sending/recieving packets could probably expand these to make better use of them)

    For those of you who want to get the updated source-code without having to connect to the cvs, a snapshot of the changed source: uox3_v0_97_3_1h_src.zip.

    Xuri Dabur

 March 14, 2003

    More CVS changes - whee!
    We're up to now :P No new CVS snapshot yet though...It's hard to summarize this update - but I count 2 fixes for shard-crashes (one of them a world-save), and there are numerous changes to....ah....heck just read for yourself:

    • -Fixed a potentially very serious bugs with how containers were being set upon loading the world
    • -Fixed possible re-adding of weight to containers and characters at load
    • -Fixed a bug causing equipped items that were not weapons to take damage in combat
    • -Minor cleanups / warning fixes / Linux compatability issues (punt)
    • -Changed CItem::Get/SetLayer() to a UI08
    • -Fixed a bug in speech causing you to see your own text twice
    • -Fixed a nasty crash bug caused by changing an items layer
    • -Fixed a bug causing NPC's to always be the first attacker
    • -Armor DEF system overhauled to match OSI system
    • -Updated Hash Table Remove() calls to remove unrefrenced parameter "index"
    • -Changed cSocket::Get/SetDWord() to a UI32 to fix problems checking it against INVALIDSERIAL and storing large serial numbers
    • -Changed cSocket::AddID() to a UI32 for the same reason as above
    • -Changed cSocket:::Get/SetWord() to a UI16 to fix possible problems storing ID's
    • -Fixed up calcStealDiff() to match new weight system
    • -Minor updates to CPStatsWindow to match the new Armor DEF system and Weight system
    • -Fixed calls to getTileName() so the names container was set with MAX_NAME
    • -Fixed up getFieldDir() using direction typedefs
    • -Changed Get/SetMagic() to Get/SetMovable()
    • -Cleaned up some unrefrenced params
    • -Changed some int's to UI16's in books.cpp
    • -WorldSave Changes:
    • -XYZ and worldnum to Location=x,y,z,worldnum
    • -HiDamage and LoDamage into Damage=hidamage,lodamage
    • -Strength,st2,Dexterity,dx2,Intelligence,in2 changed to Strength=str,st2, Intelligence=int,in2, Dexterity=dex,dx2
    • -DWord0-3 changed to DWords=0,1,2,3
    • -FX1,FY1,FX2,FY2,FZ1 changed to WanderArea=FX1,FY1,FX2,FY2,FZ1
    • -MoreX,MoreY,MoreZ changed to MoreXYZ=morex,morey,morez
    • -More,More2 changed to More=more,more2
    • -Type,Type2 changed to Type=type,type2
    • -Light,Rain,Heat,Cold,Snow,Lightning changed to RaceDamage=Light,Rain,Heat,Cold,Snow,Lightning
    • -Fame,Karma,Kills changed to Reputation=fame,karma,kills
    • -Complete rewrite to the Weight system
    • -Weight is more permanent, removed need to recalc it constantly
    • -Packs now show the weight of themselves and all their contents
    • -Packs now have a weight limit (currently hardcapped to 400, should make it based on type of container and possibly scriptable)
    • -All items use the weight value given to them in the scripts unless the entry is 0 in which case they pull weight from the MUL's
    • -Better handling of overloaded for teleport / recall / walking
    • -Weight will max out at 65535 stones and can not go lower than 0 stones
    • -Items container is now set as a cBaseObject
    • -Fixed up itemsfx() and renamed it to itemSound(), now better handles Gold sfx and where an item was dropped (ie in a pack or on the ground)
    • -Cleaned up goldsfx() and renamed it to goldSound()
    • -Many fixes to get/drop/wear/packItem functions
    • -Minor fixes/cleanups in movement.cpp
    • -Fixed a worldsave crash with tamed creatures
    • -Pressing 0 in console reloads items as well as everything else
    • -Made dagger usable for carve again
    • -Fixed a horse mounting distance check
    • -Noted (and in some cases fixed) unrefrenced variables throughout the code
    • -Converted inscribe.gmp to inscribe.dfn and used NewMakeMenu() in favor of the old make menu system
    • -Updated GetMagic() == 3 calls to IsLockedDown() calls (as that is all it should be used for)
    • -Fixed up all IsLockedDown() calls, resources that are LockedDown can NOT be used, even by GM, until released
    • -Also note, items that should be usable if locked: Skill items (looms, training dummies, etc, Recall runes)
    • -Moved the two functions from newbie.cpp to pcmanage.cpp and removed newbie.cpp from the project
    • -Moved action() and impaction() to effects.cpp
    • -Moved isHuman() to npcs.cpp
    • -Where possible made functions that were part of classes private
    • -Made use of cCombat::getWeaponTyp

    Xuri Dabur

 March 11, 2003

 March 7, 2003

    DFNs Updated
    The UOX3 DFNs (more specifically, the ITEMS-part of the DFNs) have been received several changes and updates - including extensive use of the GET= tag which have reduced the size of the touched DFNs quite a lot. You can access them over at Kirre's Site. Other additions include AoS Weapons and Third Dawn clothes. The itemmenu has also been changed.

    NOTE: These new item-DFNs will only work correctly with a version of UOX3 which has been updated to read sub-directories correctly.

    UOX3 CVS Finally Updated Again
    Over the last few days the CVS has been updated with fixes and additions that various coders have done recently. The update-log can be found here, but here follows a summary of some of the most important changes(as well as some not included in the update-log):

    • Accounts Fixed (for good?)
    • Weight-System completely rewritten
    • NPC Movement issues addressed (pets/attackers follow quicker, npc movement speed overall slowed down)
    • Locking down items in a house now increases the lockdown-counter (fixes releasing locked down items?)
    • 2 WorldSave-crashes fixed (involving tamed creatures, and tempeffects)
    • Fix for Object Delays
    • New JS Methods added:
        AreaCharacterFunction, NoMove, NoDispose, NoResize, AddCheckerTrans, AddCroppedText, AddGroup, AddHTMLGump, AddXMFHTMLGump, AddXMFHTMLGumpColor, AddTiledGump, YellMessage, WhisperMessage
    • Fix for Reloading JS-files, should no longer crash server
    • Updated the SE function CalcCharFromSer so that it returns a character object, not index
    • Fixed a bug with timer delays and envoke'd items, the timers would never actually elapse
    • GCC 3.2 compatability fixes in cSpawnRegion.cpp
    • Fixed a crash when a person pressed the z key in the console
    • movingeffect() (includes JS method DoMovingEffect) now supports hued graphical effects

    For those of you who want to get the updated source-code without having to connect to the cvs, a snapshot of the changed source: http://www.uox3.org/files/uox3_v0_97_3_1_src.zip. Just remember to remove these two files from your project, as they're no longer used: newbie.cpp and im.cpp.

    Xuri Dabur

 February 2, 2003

 January 26, 2003

    UOX3 CVS Updated Again
    The UOX3 CVS has been updated again:

    • Fixed some issues converting 97.0 accounts/access into v3 format
    • Fixed legacy to v3 accounts import
    • Some fixes for compiling under Linux

    Links Updated
    The following links have been removed, since the websites that the links were added for no longer exist:

    • The Smithy's Anvil
    • Paigelore

    Xuri Dabur

 January 23, 2003

    UOX3 CVS Updated
    The UOX3 CVS has been updated with the following stuff over the last few days:

    • Small fix hopefully for some pre-gcc3 issues - EviLDeD
    • Added support for setting owner property of items/chars to null through JS - Xuri
    • Added support for setting owner property of items through JS - Xuri
    • Added SEGumpData support - UOX3 "Unofficial"

    Xuri Dabur

 January 21, 2003

    WorldForge Fix for 2k/XP
    I've added a new download link for WorldForge 6.4; an .EXE that works in Win2k & XP for those that can't get the original executable working.

    Xuri Dabur

 January 20, 2003

    UOX3 CVS Updated
    The UOX3 CVS has just been updated, here follows a list of the changes:

    • Removed namespace dependance on std
    • Fix for Items vanisishin when dragged to the paperdoll (xuri)
    • Fix for multiple Item equip (xuri)
    • Fix for linux complie issues under gcc3.2+ (maarc)
    • Fix for performance dump/Logs (Dreoth)
    • Fix for npcSpawn (maarc)
    • Fix VC precompiler issues, For some resons warnings were not surprsesed
    • Added onCommand, and GetCommandSize meathods (Brakhtus)
    • Added some additional logging information for an effect and its ID (maarc)
    • Replaced previous account system with new re-write(DB Support soon)

    Xuri Dabur

 January 4, 2003

    Happy Newyear, everyone!
    Hopefully the new year will bring us lots of nice updates for UOX3 ;) As a starter, the JS Docs have been updated with the following information:

      Added: onTalk event. Updated: onCreate, onDelete, onCollide, onSteal, onDispel, onSkill, onSkillGain, onSkillLoss
      Currently Broken-comment added to: inRange(event), onAttack, onDefense

    Starting with the above update, I'll be crawling through the JS Docs in the next few days (and weeks?:) on a mission to update the information for all Events and Functions/Methods that I possibly can, which will hopefully make it easier for all the would-be UOX3JS-Scripters.

    On a side note, I have added a link to UOX3 "Unofficial", a new (unofficial;) project to rewrite UOX3. Perhaps parts of this UOX3-branch can be merged into the official UOX3 source(homepage at http://www.uox3dev.net) in the future. :)

    Xuri Dabur

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