Section III


The light levels in UOX3 can be controlled either globally, or locally on a region-per-region basis. The global lightlevel commands are as follows:

'DARKLIGHT # - The darkest light-level that is used in the day/night cycle.
'BRIGHTLIGHT # - The brightest light-level that is used in the day/night cycle.
'DUNGEONLIGHT # - The default light-level in dungeon-areas (The right-most area on the map, where all the dungeons are located).

However, you can override these global light-levels on a regional basis. For instance, if you have a specific region on your map (Regions are defined in UOX3/DFNDATA/REGIONS/regions.dfn) that you want to be generally darker than the rest of the world, you must first define a new weather-zone in UOX3/DFNDATA/WEATHER/weatherab.dfn.

These weather-zone are mainly used for controlling the weather (which is covered by the next section in this guide, 3.1 - Climate), but we'll create a zone here which covers light-levels only. Here's our example zone:


The important part of the first line is '6', which is the unique identifier-number for our new weather-zone. Simple really. Just take the number of the (previously) last region in the file, and add one.

Next up is LIGHTMIN=20 and LIGHTMAX=10. These indicate the minimum and maximum lightlevels of the weather-zone. LIGHTMIN is the setting for the darkest light-level in the zone, while LIGHTMAX is the brightest light-level in the zone. So by setting those values to 20 and 10 respectively, we make our weather-zone a pretty dark zone, which never gets brighter than '10' and never darker than '20' - which is the darkest possible light-level.

Now, to assign this weather-zone to a region in our world, we must open regions.dfn, locate the region we wish to modify, and add a line in it's section like this: ABWEATH=6

NAME=the town of Serpent's Hold
<-- There's our weather-zone definition!

Now this region, in this case the town of Serpent's Hold, will have light-levels independent from that of the rest of our world!


The climate/weather in UOX3 is controlled through UOX3/DFNDATA/WEATHER/weatherab.dfn, and the file should include an example of how to set up a weather-section/zone and assign it to a region in UOX3/DFNDATA/REGIONS/regions.dfn.

More to come on this later!

3.2 - TIME

The internal clock in your server controls the day/night-cycles in your world, and if you run a roleplaying shard, is also useful for letting the players know what time of day it is for their characters=)

'SETTIME ## ## - Set the time in your UOX3 world, f.example to set time to 8 in the morning, use 'SETTIME 08 00.

'TIME - Shows what the current servertime time is.

'SECONDSPERUOMINUTE # - Sets the number of real seconds in a UO minute. default is 5. The faster your internal clock goes, the faster your world cycles between day and night.

3.3 - GUARDS

There are two commands that either enable or disable guards on a global level:

'GUARDS ON (Guards! Guards!)
'GUARDS OFF (No guards!)

3.4 - MINING

There are several settings for mining in UOX3. You can make it available at ANY spot in the world, even in the middle of towns, or restrict it to certain areas or regions.
These are the settings you can use:

'MINECHECK 0 = Players can mine everywhere
'MINECHECK 1 = Players can mine in caves and on mountainsides
'MINECHECK 2 = Players can mine in specified regions(Specified through Regions.dfn)